In this fantastic show, we explore such topics as whether or not we are cycling back and forth between this universe and another, and is THIS the world of the dead? But there’s much, much more: what is the truth about hybrids, are the visitors the dead or us from the future, are the abductions really about matching souls with the bodies they will later inhabit, or adding souls to bodies?

This is just plain wild and boy, is it ever a fun, creative, speculative bigthink! Savor every moment, there’s never been one like this.

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  1. Subscriber YouTube link isn’t working it only shows that the video is private.

    1. Author

      I just had this checked out and it is set up and working normally. It could be that your firewall or something else in your system is causing the problem. Try clearing your browser history and clicking on the link again.

    2. Was able to get it working but now it only the free-dreamlanders version that’s only 1hr 8 minutes

  2. I am logged on and I am getting free dreamland not subscribers edition?

  3. yeah, confirmed on three browsers with cleared cache ~ subscriber video link goes to the free show.

    1. I’ve just logged out of UC and back in again and can confirm the video link is correct now. Thanks.

  4. Dear Whitley,
    This is an exceptionally good show. Great conversation! I heard many ideas and discussions that I have not previously encountered or considered. Very thought-provoking, full of intriguing concepts. Thank you both for producing and sharing it.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion. I appreciate Joshua’s ability to bring ideas to light, without them sounding like dogma. None of that, “This is the way it is, because I say so.”, nonsense.

    Much of the discussion’s focus on the dead’s involvement with the visitor/abduction experience triggered recollections of other accounts. Whitley’s and many more. I never paid them much mind, but now there seems something consistent to the tales of the dead’s part in all of this.

    Which of course leads to the question, what is “dead”?

  6. great show as always, you’re so fascinating to hear speak.

    Do you think the impending Russian assault is going to succeed? I know it’s off-topic, but it’s important.

    1. I’m more concerned about national leaders all working together in secret agreements to reduce the World’s population than I am about individual nations.

  7. This show snapped me out of a semi-exhausted and dulled mind into a sharp attention.

    The questions, the discussion, the open book on peripheral subjects was just what I needed to snap me awake on working day six of what has been a long week.

    Thank you, much appreciated.


  8. What a great discussion!! Need a couple more go-rounds with Mr. Cutchin!!

  9. I totally loved this show. Joshua was easy listening. He did not try to force us to his side but left his ideas as possibilities.
    I think it is our natural state of being when we pass over.
    Again thanks for expanding our minds!

  10. Thank you for having Joshua on the show again. By far he is one of the best guests and so brilliantly conversant on a range of topics. Coincidentally I am about a third way through his volume one of Ecology of Souls. Now I am anxious to get to volume two.

  11. Regarding the idea that ghosts are time slips:

    My friend Andrea Perron, whose family’s true story inspired the first Conjuring film, talks about one incident among the countless they had during the ten years they lived at the Rhode Island farmhouse from 1970-80, this one seeming to support the theory of time travel:

    Andrea’s mother Carolyn was standing at the hearthstone one evening and looked across the parlor, down the hallway, into the kitchen. There she saw not her family but a family from another century in the past sitting at a long solid table hand-hewn out of live wood. The men sat with puter mugs, the woman served them and her children. As Carolyn watched, one of the men looked up, locked eyes with her, and nudged the guy next to him. Together they stared right back at her, and at that moment Carolyn realized SHE was the ghost to THEM. They both had crossed timelines.

  12. Thank you once again Whitley for a great discussion. I appreciate Joshua’s research and search for Meaning.

  13. Recently finished Joshua’s Ecology of Souls volumes 1 and 2 on Kindle. A most thorough, comprehensive and well researched book at over 800 pages. Grant Cameron’s book, Contact Modalities is along a similar theme of connecting all alternate reality experiences. Some good questions are asked but there are no certain answers. Having read extensively on the nature of consciousness, I can only conclude; consciousness exists, it is independent of the brain and body and the reality we normally perceive through our 5 senses is just a small part of a larger reality. Thanks Whitney for continuing to ask “a few good questions”.

  14. Thank you for such a GREAT interview…….


    “Regarding the idea that ghosts are time slips:
    My friend Andrea Perron, whose family’s true story inspired the first Conjuring film, talks about one incident among the countless they had during the ten years they lived at the Rhode Island farmhouse from 1970-80, this one seeming to support the theory of time travel:”

    The movie below might be what you are talking about?

    The Others (2001) Official Trailer 1 – Nicole Kidman Movie

    The Others (2001) Official Trailer 1 – Nicole Kidman Movie – YouTube

  15. fantastic show. it made me join up finally…love everything about dreamland..

    1. Hey Donna and welcome! I just joined not too long ago as well and am loving it and the podcasts when I can which is today. lol, am just getting to this one and am loving this show so far….dreamland is awesome and it’s a nice and cordial oasis imho 🙂 have a great week

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