Nick Redfern returns for his 13th episode on Dreamland and it’s a blockbuster! He has two red hot books out, one on the depths of the Slenderman story that has caused so much fear and violence. Nick asks the question, “Since Slenderman is definitely the creation of a human imagination, why did so many people come to think it had some sort of reality?” And he answers this question in a very well informed and completely surprising way.

Then we explore a huge new book: Control: MK Ultra, Chemtrails, and the Conspiracy to Suppress the Masses.

Ted Turner famously offer the opinion that Earth could sustain only a few hundred million people long term. A population of seven billion is clearly not going to work for long. So, are there sinister presences, human and/or otherwise, that seek to hasten the breakdown of life on Earth?

Then he and Whitley go on to talk about the mysterious deaths of Marilyn Monroe and famed columnist Dorothy Kilgallen and how they might have related to the UFO phenomenon. 

For the first time ever, they explain the secret that might be sensitive enough to kill for! What a show!!

Nick Redfern’s website: NickRedfernFortean 

Get the Slenderman Mysteries. Click here!Get Control: MK-Ultra, Chemtrails and the Conspiracy to Suppress the Masses. Click here!

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