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One of the most inspiring, beautiful and thought-provoking Dreamlands ever recorded. Mike Clelland joins Whitley to discuss his ongoing research into the relationship between owls and the close encounter experience.

Mike proceeds to tell a series of wonderful, mind-bending stories about how owls fit into the very complex picture that is close encounter.

If ever there has been a Dreamland that advances consciousness, it’s this one. We are truly at the edge of an unknown country here, and stepping forth into a new vision of reality.

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  1. I believe there is also a
    I believe there is also a relationship between unusual swarms of fireflies and the subject of UFOs. I base this upon my own experience and also from one other account that I had heard of on “The Experience” podcast. It would be interesting to see research done into the firefly phenomenon as I don’t believe this has been documented anywhere before.

  2. As I was listening to the
    As I was listening to the show, I was thinking about the symbolism that was mentioned. I knew I owned a couple of owl figures, so I looked around to see if I could spot one…my eyes landed on a pottery group of owls on the fire surround. Directly behind it was a single Easter card, that for some reason I hadn’t removed…interesting, seeing as there were mentions in the interview of Christ and his death / rebirth. On the front of the card was, not unsurprisingly, a chick breaking out of an egg..the egg being related to birth, new life and fertility (also mentioned in one of the stories during the interview). As I looked around the room, I saw a brick sized tin, covered in owls…that just so happened to be part of a ‘Christ’mas present from the same person that sent me the Easter card. In the tin were some notelets, with a cover of birds and eggs and on each note page corner was a single egg. Just as I was thinking about posting this on Dreamland, the audio abrubtly stopped….so here it is! Also my real name is one of those mentioned at the beginning of the show, that seems to show up quite a lot in connection with this stuff. Hmm, interesting. Oh yeah, and talking about the playful nature of this phenomenon, the two words on the Easter card, either side of the head of the largest of the pottery owls, were “Have fun”!…

    What’ll bake my noodle later on, is wondering whether I spotted all those related symbols just because I was looking for them…or had I subconsiously lined them up, waiting for me to spot them just now, or were they just coincidences?

  3. After some thought I feel
    After some thought I feel these experiences should be shared. They were not dreams but were significant enough that I wanted to document them so as to share with my dream group.

    01/24/2018 (might have been a few days before or after)?

    I am outside on my deck watching and observing the birds. They were vocal and busy so they too must have been enjoying the break in cold weather. I was deep in thought (lots of things had been happening) and I said a little prayer ending it by asking this question, “If there is someone standing next to me at this very moment, sharing the same space, then would you send an OWL as a messenger?” I picked an OWL because I thought it unlikely to have one appear during the day. I waited, NO OWL CAME.

    I am back inside the house and a few hours later I hear the postman putting mail inside the mailbox. My MISSOURI CONSERVATIONIST MAGAZINE has come with a red-morph eastern screech-owl on the cover.{“issue_id”:469700,”page”:0}

    On Tuesday, March 6th, my kids ask if I would stay with my daughter-in-law’s mom while they attended a funeral. Her mom has Alzheimer and cannot be left alone. I was glad to do this. Before I left my house I ask for the OWL to appear again, feeling like there is a lot of unfinished business. When I ask for this the last time it seemed to open up so many pathways/doors. Well again, nothing came right away.

    Marian was looking at the daily paper but really only looking at the pictures. She finally puts the paper down and we go into the living room and talk as best she could. Later when she laid down to rest for a while, I went back into the kitchen and picked up the comics. Glancing over them I see

    Cartoonist, Hilary Price

    I was almost blown away. This tells me, although I ask for the OWL again, I was gifted with so much more. (Alien Greys). The thing that mystifies me is the timing. The carton was already sitting on the kitchen table before I even ask the question concerning the appearance of an OWL???????

    We are NEVER alone. There is always someone/unseen entities with us and hearing our thoughts and prayers.

    1. Carollee,
      Fantastic post.


      Fantastic post. Thanks so much. Clicking on that link had me in deep belly laughs…. Ah, that felt good. Thank you! 🙂


  4. Thought provoking, indeed!
    Thought provoking, indeed! There was much to ‘digest’ here…

    I’ve had experiences with owls twice in the last few months, and most recently on May 11th. I went to bed as usual, but woke up about 2 hours later, around 3 AM. I had a pillow over my head in an attempt to drown out a roaring sound. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I noticed that the sound diminished when I removed the pillow, which made no sense to me. I also got the creepy feeling of being watched. I keep my bedroom very dark at night, and the shutters were closed, so no light was coming in the windows. I removed the pillow again and opened my eyes. Dancing around below the ceiling was a white ball of light. Honestly, I have so many experiences, and rarely get frightened, but this was different. I often see orbs, but this was nothing like that. It seemed to be ‘flat’ or 2-dimensional, and had a mechanical feel about it, and it scared me. I reached over to the night-stand and turned on the light. Of course, I saw nothing there! I went downstairs and turned on the TV, but saw nothing of interest other than regular late-night TV shows. I still felt watched as I headed back upstairs and turned on my computer to check on the news, and saw nothing of importance on-line either. However, just as I was about to turn off my computer, I heard a screech owl outside. Well, ok…
    I headed back to bed, with the cold-chill-in-the-spine feeling, asking out loud, “What the heck is going on?”. I got no response, but the fear did subside and I went back to bed. For the past week I have wondered about the experience, and this week Mike Clelland was back on ‘Dreamland’ with his owl stories!

  5. all under the umbrella of
    all under the umbrella of entertainment

  6. Mike, Whitley & listeners:
    Mike, Whitley & listeners:

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Wonderful show.

    “All under the umbrella of entertainment”

    Right? Hilarious!

    Humor is arguably the best vehicle for truth (when an orb isn’t available, that is…). 🙂

    Good to hear the name Credo Mutwa, again. He’s a giant.

    There’s so much here… wow.

    Thanks, all.


  7. This book is AMAZING. Is the
    This book is AMAZING. Is the show just a retelling of the book though? Worth a listen if I’ve already read the book?

  8. I remember when I learned
    I remember when I learned that Anne had died, I had awakened in the middle of the night to discover the news on your website. I believe it had already been a full day that she had been gone. I purchased and started the Miraculous Journey ebook and during this time I heard the screech of an owl outside my window. I am fairly certain I wrote you an email about the incident. It was so striking that I went to the website for my state conservation department to listen to the sounds of owls found in this area…none of the screeches matched. I’ll never forget this.

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