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In this show, Linda shares her thoughts on what might happen if the ongoing official release of UFO videos causes the media to become curious about the abductions. Will they take the sensationalistic route and cause panic, or will a more measured approach be preferred? And SHOULD a more measured approach be taken, given the intensity of some of the reports?

As always, Linda and Whitley range across a variety of terrific topics, from the hidden dangers of Artificial Intelligence to the possibility of a long ago Earth-Mars war to the legendary lost book Ancient Greek Gods and Lore Revisited, and it’s significance.

At one point, the question is asked “What if AI gets into contact with ET before we do?” Yes, it’s that kind of a show, so fasten your seatbelts!

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This show marks the beginning of the 20th year of Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland, with the last 15 years of those shows in the Unknowncountry archive. We are proud of our uninterrupted record of continuity and the high quality of our podcast.

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  1. So glad this Linda is here
    So glad this Linda is here and I don’t have to listen to her on C2C. Thank you all!

  2. Linda’s back! Yay!!! Welcome
    Linda’s back! Yay!!! Welcome Home, Linda and thanks Whitley/UC.

  3. Wow! LMH twice a month on
    Wow! LMH twice a month on Dreamland? Fantastic : )

  4. Happy Anniversary Whitely! I
    Happy Anniversary Whitely! I truly Thank God for you, for your beloved Anne and for Dreamland! So happy Linda is back here!

  5. Great show and great that
    Great show and great that Linda is back!

  6. Can’t download. Gives 404
    Can’t download. Gives 404 error.

  7. I’ve missed Linda and
    I’ve missed Linda and Whitley’s interactions on ‘Dreamland’, and I’m glad to see her back into the fold. For those that are interested she also has a YouTube channel, and co-hosts ‘Phenomenon Radio’ with John Burroughs. She’s everywhere! 🙂

    As for the AI robots, it is a serious issue and has been in the news. But, of course, everyone is distracted by of LOT of other things right now. So…glad this topic was discussed!

  8. Thanks for the program as
    Thanks for the program as always.
    In my perspective, there is nothing that is going to stop the advent of real AI. I think initially as a collective we need to nurture it as one would a child as opposed to feeding into fear and projecting that into the AI in what ever form. Certainly we should have concern/care for how we go about this, but if we let our undeveloped fear of the unknown or the other, well one good look at our international affairs shows the outcome of conflict and distortions of our loving side. Let it be our child in light and love so that it may walk with us into the future. Who knows in the future when we drop the soul blindness, we may even have a way to program a soul with the AI. “I’m a real boy!”

  9. Some troll got in and changed
    Some troll got in and changed the file names. The gummint does not like Linda! It’s fixed. If it breaks again, let me know and I’ll fix it again.

  10. Linda, so glad you are back
    Linda, so glad you are back and I am looking forward to the ongoing interviews……..

  11. I could listen to Whitley and
    I could listen to Whitley and Linda chat for hours upon hours. Wonderful to hear them talking to one another again, not to mention the fascinating subject matter.

    I am very concerned that there is nothing to stop a catastrophic situation with A.I. The vast majority of the public has no idea how far black research has gone with A.I. At best they get vague hints from people like Musk. But it’s not enough information for the public to sound the alarm and start pushing back. Especially when the public is already pushing back against so much already.

  12. Thanks Whitley for having
    Thanks Whitley for having Linda back! I agree with Finchy…you guys have a great rapport.
    Now for the kookie pants part.
    Ive been asking that question ever since Whitley reported the story of a woman who was told by a rebel blue stocky “soul mechanic” that this is a “dead” planet because we blasted Mars..or some such. I have heard for years that we do school and ascend in vibration. Maybe thats what its all about, as you guys said, the way out.
    Next, the hostiles: they arent much for the human race… the question was why? Hybrids? Ok if they are more ethereal than physical… that begs another turn in the road. Wouldnt all souls be generally the same energy? MAYBE this “soul factory” makes em different? MAYBE they cant regenerate/recycle? just guessing. I dont know.
    Ive heard the “dead planet” biz and Im kinda at a cross roads on it. (personal note: what I believe doesnt make it true) I dont believe the planet is dead. I do believe we have some ability here to alter our reality within this sphere. Maybe thats what they want? I can only guess at it.
    Anyway, thanks for bringing it up. Again, i enjoyed the show alot.

    1. HG…I don’t know what to
      HG…I don’t know what to make of the ‘dead planet’ thing either. About 30 years ago I remembered another life here that tied into the destruction of Mars. I question its ‘reality’ too, but it did not end well for me or for The Red Planet…And I agree with you that we do have the ability to alter things, and that ‘memory’ may be a key, if not the reality? Hard to explain…

      1. Hey CL,
        I recall a dream from

        Hey CL,
        I recall a dream from many years ago. I was walking in my yard with my back to the sun. It began to grow brighter. Soon, it was almost overwhelming. The air rushed passed me into the light. The draw became so powerful, I was dragged across the ground. I was panic-stricken as I dug my fingers into the dirt to hold my position. In a moment, i was gone and woke up.
        Note: I wonder if any of the “dead planet” incident was tied with Dr Goldberg’s “electric wars” he noted from regressions. Maybe the planet is the jail and the jailer?
        The questions that seem knowable, but the answer is just out of strained finger touch; but we must strive to know.
        how about this: are our souls/spirits that much different than on other planets? Maybe from one planar existance to another. *shrug.

        and M. Ninja. I see your point. Dont bring that virus out here.

        Say, sorry for the ramble,but i had another passing thought. Gobekli Tepe. You have structure that you bury in the sand. Why? Because you might not want someone else to find out you were there. Reference to, in simple terms, turf wars or skirmishes and bugging out when the current owners are rolling in.

        Thanks for the “nod” CL. You always rock.

  13. Think of manifest destiny,
    Think of manifest destiny, how we wiped out the Native American’s food source, took their land, sterilized them, stole their children and more…it is not so hard to imagine someone seeing us as savages.

  14. I don’t know if you are free
    I don’t know if you are free to answer this, Whitley and Linda, but how do you know, or how have you verified, about demons and hostile aliens? Do you simply know it from your experiences with these entities, Whitley? Or are you surmising this from various messages you have read?

    Thanks for the reminder about Dr Brandenburg. That is so very sobering, that Mars was wiped out by hydrogen explosions. I thought Brandenburg himself thought that an unknown hostile species did this, destroying a Bronze Age Martian culture; but who knows? Maybe Earthlings were involved. What a sad possibility. I prefer to hope that either we were not responsible, or, that we are here doing penance in hopes of forgiveness and restoration.

    1. Michael,
      “I thought


      “I thought Brandenburg himself thought that an unknown hostile species did this, destroying a Bronze Age Martian culture; but who knows? Maybe Earthlings were involved. What a sad possibility.”

      That’s my ‘memory’. The’hostile species’ may not have been ‘us’ as we are now as homo sapiens, but the destruction originated from Earth and was directed at enemies here and on Mars…Not sure it is real, but that’s my memory.

  15. Thanks! Can’t wait for
    Thanks! Can’t wait for Contact in the Desert!

  16. Is Humanity the child race of
    Is Humanity the child race of the race that went to war on Mars?

  17. I like hearing the Olander
    I like hearing the Olander discussions. Thank you for making them available to us.

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