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Linda Moulton Howe brings us an electrifying interview with a lawyer who had one of the most extraordinary close encounter of all time. Then Whitley and Linda engage in a brain-bending discussion of good and evil visitors that will enlighten and inspire you and leave you with deep insights into the whole nature of the complex experience that we call close encounter.

Whitley’s contact experience has intensified in recent months, bringing him new levels of insight and understanding and Linda, of course, brings her years of experience as one of the field’s premiere researchers to this unforgettable conversation.

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  1. I appreciated the attorney’s
    I appreciated the attorney’s attention to detail.

    As to the NSA letter and good vs evil ETs, keep in mind that agents are often recruited from Mormon or right-wing Catholic candidates, which could color their worldview.

    Your interviews with Ardy Sixkiller Clarke suggest to me that there are different species of ETs — some benevolent, some malevolent, some neutral. Extraordinary caution is required.

    1. Right with you, Michael E: We
      Right with you, Michael E: We must remember the source of those reporting “evil” ETs. While it’s almost always better to err on the side of caution in the face of the unknown, you make a valid point as to the backgrounds of the military, the NSA and other agents who deal with the visitors. Their backgrounds are often hawkish and conservative in their world view, and that could so easily color their opinions. Forgive me, but seeing the world through “brown shirt” tinted glasses.
      Not saying that there’s no danger out there, but to automatically assume hostility
      about the visitors isn’t right either. And 10 points for mentioning Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s chronicles of First Nations people and the incredible variety of visitors they’ve encountered.

  2. Very fascinating and
    Very fascinating and insightful discussion. As always, the original subject was just the introduction to a free form conversation.

    I concur with Whitley’s thoughts regarding the “why” of “mean” or even “evil” entities. Why bother? Yet, they exist.

    It is my experience that advanced beings exist – beings who can walk through a wall, read my mind, insert thoughts into my mind, etc. – yet some of them are downright petty in their personality. It’s almost as if they acquired siddhi abilities without acquiring wisdom – a conundrum that even Patanjali warned us about and implored us to avoid as a needless diversion from true spiritual growth.

    As Whitley stated, it somehow seems to be linked – all of it. Some beings are just extremely helpful, and others simply need to go away. As much as I want to learn, the manipulation is not welcome at this stage of my life. Had enough of it, frankly.

  3. I meant to say above and
    I meant to say above and forgot: Thank You So Much to you both for the years of deeply insightful conversation. Blessings to you both, Whitley and Linda. Blessings and gratitude for your work.

  4. “If I see one from 20 feet,
    “If I see one from 20 feet, I’ll believe it.” This is a quote from the interview with the attorney. It sounds to me like he got exactly that.

    “They knew we were there.” So, one has to wonder if this one encounter had been carefully planned with the specific purpose of opening up consciousness and the minds of the man and his wife. It may mean little now, but be an important key for this man down the road, and possibly after death or in another lifetime.

    Linda’s mentioning of the yin/yang symbol dovetails (ha, ha) with my own feelings. At some point, we must move past judgment, something that humans are VERY good at feeling and expressing. I have sensed both great feelings, and a couple of what I might describe as ‘evil’ feelings from other entities, but then I am peering through a human lens. I am also one of those people with a deep need to challenge what I perceive as evil, but on some other level, I do not feel that is my place to do so…

    If you just look at planet Earth, and all that has transpired over millions of years, man’s time here is barely a blip on the radar. I feel certain in saying that we are the only creature on the planet that indulges in judgment. That being said, if one takes into consideration the things that we have done to other species, the planet, and to one another, we are not in a position to be throwing stones at anyone or anything that we may perceive as evil, because some of us appear to be experts at evil (…and could some of these other beings or entities be learning from us? If some of them exist outside of the time stream, they could certainly pick and choose the people, eras, and situations they decide to live in and learn from within the time stream)

    The bottom line is that we must get past fear and judgment and be kind and compassionate at all times, and that is our challenge.

    I saw ‘The Arrival’, and it was a multi-layered story way beyond aliens and UFOs. It started out on a positive note, but I think we would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t acknowledge that our military would be a strong presence in such a situation. Look at our current (and incoming) government and think about it. (And we are headed towards a new cabinet loaded with ex-military leaders)

    My favorite scene about ‘aliens’ and contact is from ‘Start Trek: First Contact’. Every time I see that Vulcan ship land and greet humans in peace, followed by a rollicking party with lots of merrymaking as we introduce ourselves and our culture to beings with pointed ears and total logic, I cry like a baby, because that is my ideal scenario. And so I ask: What are the odds of that happening?

  5. When you think of the cats
    When you think of the cats and cows that are mutilated you might want to first consider the torture and inhumane treatment that goes on everyday to millions of animals to produce your ‘food’.

  6. These craft and especially
    These craft and especially these ‘windows’, I saw one of these some years back. My encounter was put up on the Insight section of UC and I recall it as yesterday.

    You know, those windows… could they be eyes?

  7. Whitley, I thank you so much
    Whitley, I thank you so much for “simply” being willing to discuss your own life, your contemplations, your doubts, your experiences. I expect you feel unappreciated, to say the least, by most of humanity; however, you are simply too far advanced for them to take in. Those in the avant garde, by the nature of things, are mostly misunderstood. But those of us who appreciate you are most, most grateful for your willingness to reveal your truth. Hurrah for you!

    You & Linda are a fascinating pair to listen to. Wish you two could do a record a conversation every single day.

    Thank you again so much.

  8. I spent a lot of the early
    I spent a lot of the early 70’s as a child in the presence of the grays, I was taught a lot about our history and science related topics, most of which I struggled with and shrugged off at the time as nightmares. I note in this conversation the topic of whether the grays are benevolent or here on a more ominous mission. I was scared out of my wits, what the hell was going on? I asked my parents, they too said it was nightmares, I would sleep between my parents only to have the grays enter through a black void in the window or wall and I would float right out through that window or wall to their floating lair. If they were here to take over or world, I have no doubt that would have happened a long time ago, why would they show interest in millions of individuals?, imparting knowledge and a new approach on how to live a full and soul enriched life? I am sure there is a dark side to them, as I am sure there is with all species, a positive, negative and balancing force which Whitley has talked about before. This a a complex question and I am sure there are more than one species visiting our planet, however my view with respect to the grays is they are here to waken us from our slumber and whilst doing so, may take advantage of us or our earthly resources, however I am sure in the long run these will balance themselves out and we as a species will be all the better for it.

  9. Great Show. I have always
    Great Show. I have always appreciated Linda’s work on the cat mutilations. I’ve done some looking of my own into it and I’ve found news stories all over the US, Britain, and I think Canada too. Yet Linda is the only one who talks about it for what it is- a disturbing pattern. It’s something very bizarre. Thank you.

  10. Positively lovely show;
    Positively lovely show; Whitley you were extraordinarily lyrical at times; wonderful.
    Agree with the others who recognize that Whitley, Linda, et al are pioneers, veritable voices-in-the-wilderness. Few others do what they do, and how they do it. For me personally, they are guides and mentors, and I deeply appreciate all they do. -SD

  11. Thanks to all responsible for
    Thanks to all responsible for the “Living Mystery Symposium”. It was easily the most interesting weekend I have ever been a part of. I am an experiencer of close encounters of the “second hand” kind and have the highest regard for the work done by and through the Unknown Country team. Due to my lack of direct experience I am afraid what I consider to be extraordinary may be merely pedestrian to many on this site.

    I had been tracking the symposium date since it was first announced and made arrangements to attend only the day before I was to leave. Due to the unusual nature of my abrupt departure and exotic destination, I had some explaining to do when I returned. Those explanations lead to extraordinary stories being shared with me over the holidays by people whose integrity I do not doubt or I would not bother repeating. The one I want to share made me think of the tail end of Whitley’s most recent conversation with Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley’s observation of humanity’s violent, wild animal nature, and the visitor’s self-defensive protocol for interacting with humanity.

    Valerie had a sighting at the age of 10 in the early 1960’s along the southwest coast of Washington state. In broad daylight she saw a flying saucer craft with a jet in pursuit. The jet was shooting at the saucer. The aircrafts passed by her and continued over the horizon to the east. The two craft passed within a half mile of her based on the geometry of the Willapa River valley where the sighting took place.

    At that time, academics considered other life in the universe ridiculous, so it is not hard to imagine a scenario where average joe fighter pilot would think he was shooting at Russian technology. Now most academics are willing to admit there is probably life out there somewhere, but still hold to the idea it would be impossible for them to interact with us here. The arrogance it takes to think, in the 13.5 billion year old universe we are aware of, that we are the pinnacle of evolution and intelligence. It is mind boggling and goes a long way toward explaining the position we have gotten ourselves into as a species. Not hard to imagine why the visitors would want to keep us at a distance in general.

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