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Is disclosure finally coming? We know what Hillary Clinton has said and John Podesta has tweeted, that an effort will be made to find out what’s going on behind the scenes. But Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected and Donald Trump hasn’t mentioned the issue. Is that because it’s unimportant to him, or is it, perhaps, a condition of getting elected that one not disclose?

But we’ve been here before. Jimmy Carter entered the White House saying that he was going to tell all. He didn’t, and now refuses to discuss the subject when asked about it privately.

Make no mistake: the media ignores it, government pretends it’s a nonissue, but the truth is that disclosure is not only an issue, it is THE issue of our age.

This week on Dreamland, one of the best reporters on the subject of UFOs and the paranormal in the world, Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post, gives us the inside scoop about what he thinks is likely to happen. He also tells of his own close encounter experience that set him on a lifetime search toward understanding, and the inside story of one of the seminal events in the whole history of disclosure, the conference organized by him at the UN in 1978 under the auspices of the Premiere Eric Gairy of Grenada.

And, as always on Dreamland, you can expect great questions from our two resident experts, Whitley and Anne Strieber.

Lee’s website is

You can find the story of Lee’s UN conference here.

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  1. What a fun and delightful
    What a fun and delightful interview! I needed this today. Thank you Whitley and Lee!

  2. I loved this one too. I have
    I loved this one too. I have heard Lee at other times, yet for me, today’s was the best! His personality and wonderful joy in what he does came through, along with his knowledge and experience. I am so glad you had him on.

    Is it me, or is something changing? It seems like there is something almost palpable going on… like the connections between the guests and the listeners are stronger… and the shows are building on past in such that it’s not adding things together … more like multiplying!

    Whitley, I didn’t think there was a “road map” you had of topics, guests, etc… that you set up and followed. Everything just seems now, as if it is “coming together” in some not yet visible way. And i wonder if your dear wife is helping us “see” more … or is it that over time those connections form due to more awareness/knowledge? It really doesn’t matter, i just think things are moving faster…or something… and maybe it is just me.

    Thanks Whitley.

  3. Excellent interview,
    Excellent interview, again!

    Question: Did the US invade Grenada to block the UN investigations in the Reagan years?
    – i.e., is there any correlation?

    The entire Grenda event has always puzzled me and many others. What was Reagan’s staff thoughts and reasoning?

  4. Shake the coffin
    Shake the coffin

  5. I think Carter actually has a
    I think Carter actually has a few things to say with regard to current circumstances which took root during his tenure as president. That administration was responsible for arming the mujahidin. Start talking about aliens and nothing he says is going to be credible.

    Personally, I don’t see it happening any time soon, here, in the US. Americans are typically so locked into their own world view that the big picture tends to pass them by, more often than not.

    We’re a powerful country, and truly blessed in many ways, but we are blazing a trail of political corruption, environmental destruction and genocide on a scale the world has never known. I wouldn’t believe a single word that came from the State Department, in regard to UFO disclosure. (Or even the UN, for that matter.)

    More likely, if they ever started descending en masse, we’d be rounded up and interned “for our own protection”.

  6. My conjecture is that
    My conjecture is that instantaneous teleportation from place to place will be possible, if a craft is hitched up to the void at low entropy. If not, it will fly apart. Interconnection+ Low Entropy is the key. A passenger might be glued to his/her/its surrounding craft while aboard, becoming one with it (and that’s how they remain aboard while in transit). It’s possible craft are organic for symbiotic reasons. All of the molecules in a craft would also be linked, as they linked to the void. Once the craft and its passengers are immersed in the void, instantaneous and time travel is feasible.

    The interconnection and flow of the Tao is the means for transport.

  7. Truly, I wasn’t enthused
    Truly, I wasn’t enthused about the subject matter, but since 1999, I’ve said of UC, what the heck–I’m jumping in head first! And, I’m glad I did. This serious topic was covered in a most enjoyable manner; I appreciated the humor and conversational tone of the interview. Thanks, Whitley, Anne and Lee.

  8. That was a fun
    That was a fun interview.
    Mace, im glad you picked up on that too. “Maybe these ships are organic?”
    I am under the impression they are, especially if they need to move the “organic” suits from point A to B. It kinda smacks of the failure of project rainbow. Stretching it a bit…
    (if im wrong, feel free to check me on it) I believe that they are organic just like the “organic” suits they wear. An energy being creating a 3D entry into this plane. Heres the kookie part: i have an impression that like the ship from a popular sci-fi show, it requires a “pilot”… another energy being. Kinda like pulling a buggy with a horse. energy isnt hampered by time/space. I had to put it out there.(rambling on the subject)

    1. ….unless the visitors
      ….unless the visitors arrive in an energy craft in a energy form then get their suits from a manufacturer here on Earth 🙂 Maybe they would need to initially inhabit an iPhone in order to make that credit purchase. 🙂 Best way for them to handle cash, in an intangible, digital form.

      Silliness aside, I believe it is possible to tap directly into the flow of the Tao in order to facilitate transmission across these vast distances.

      1. Mace, I agree with you…May
        Mace, I agree with you…May The Force be with you, ha, ha…

  9. …..coming soon to a theatre
    …..coming soon to a theatre near you 😉

  10. I know I’m going to ramble
    I know I’m going to ramble and I apologize in advance. I’m a relatively new subscriber and this is the first time I’ve listened to a Dreamland segment – really enjoyed the topic(s) and exchange between Whitley and Lee.
    Have read some of Whitley’s books – among them: Communion, The Greys (read that one 3 times – Whitley is such a great writer) and most recently, The Key (intriguing as hell).
    I’ve had my own experiences with “dead” loved ones, OOBEs and I know there is something more – it’s nice to find so many exciting topics on one site. Really need to get back to meditating on a regular basis so that I can be plugged in and more aware of the bigger picture.
    Ok, I guess that’s enough stream of consciousness for now. So happy to have found this wonderful site! Cheers, all…

    1. Hi Brigitta, welcome on
      Hi Brigitta, welcome on board. Have you read “Majestic”? Its one of Whitley’s more unknown works, but very good. The last section, “Part 4, the Flower”, is among his best work in my opinion.

      Old shows are archived in the subscriber section and are available there for subscribers. If you click on Linda Moulton Howe in the “shows by subject” heading, you can access her shows there. The Jeffery Lash case is excellent, as well as her shows on strange sounds. Linda always brings something fascinating to the table.

      Of course, there are a wealth of other shows as well. It’s a great time to be a subscriber.

  11. Excellent interview! Most
    Excellent interview! Most intriguing.

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