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Judika Illes is an explorer in the world of spells and energies, and has great wisdom to offer about how to use the energies all around us to make our lives more productive and more true to our own aspirations. But she’s also a sort of supernatural polymath in that she understands a great deal about the dark side, including the “safe” fear of things like horror stories and the “real” fear of facing the unknown.

About 15 minutes into the show one of those wonderful, mysterious Anne Strieber Moments takes place when she says in the context of the discussion “Having a body is not the only reason you’re alive.” Listen to find out why she said it and what it means.

Judika and Whitley explore the enjoyment of scary stories in safe circumstances, the go deeper into the true meaning of curses and the dark arts, and how to live a life in concert with the good energies that abound in the world, just waiting for us to notice and embrace what they have to offer.

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  1. A subtle bliss sensation
    A subtle bliss sensation developed in my feet, head and neck while listening to you three talk. What a lovely show. And thanks for the synchronicity. I’m clearly in the right place.

  2. I read your book, Catmagic,
    I read your book, Catmagic, this summer, Whitley. Always amazed how you can stuff so much wisdom and mental images in each page. It’s astounding.

  3. Thank you Whitley and Judika
    Thank you Whitley and Judika Illes for introducing me to Margaret Alice Murray. After checking a few websites, I am totally fascinated with this woman. A few questions and thoughts here and if anyone wants to jump in and add to this post, PLEASE DO.

    I read that she came into this world under a WATER sign (13 July 1863, Cancer) then died 100 years later under another WATER sign (13 November, Scorpio). She was also born and left the physical on the 13th; a really big day for the Knight Templars.

    Just wondering if the third WATER sign Pisces was also a big part of her birth chart? If so, is this unusual to have three strong water signs in a birth chart?
    At dawn on Friday, 13 October 1307 (a date sometimes linked with the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition).
    Margaret Alice Murray (13 July 1863 – 13 November 1963).

    Cancer: June 22 – July 22
    Planet: Moon
    Element: Water
    Quality: Cardinal

    This Moon-ruled sign rules the home, family, motherhood, and children. It’s also in charge of emotions, so expect any Cancer planet to operate “from its gut.” Cancer specializes in instinct. It’s cardinal water—good at emotional beginnings and keeping private. But the world is a scary place to Cancer planets—they’re emotionally vulnerable, sensitive, and easily hurt. Cancer planets often long for their safe nests. Because they love with the energy of the Moon, Cancer planets say “I love you” by tending to your needs for food, warmth, or a place to sleep. They offer the very best hugs in the zodiac. The problem with Cancer planets is that they often become needy or unable to function unless they feel someone or something is dependent on them. They are moody, but it’s their job to be —they’re Moon-ruled.

    Scorpio: October 24 – November 22
    Planet: Pluto
    Element: Water
    Quality: Fixed

    Water signs are gifted by being able to sense. Cancer uses its instinct, and Pisces uses its intuition. However, Scorpio operates on its perceptive abilities. Planets in this sign are detectives, experts at the delicate art of strategy. Your Scorpio planets sift through every situation for subtle clues, which they analyze carefully to determine what’s really going on. Because they’re good at spotting clues, they’re also gifted at sending equally subtle signals back into the environment, and at imperceptibly altering a situation by manipulating it with the right word or movement. Scorpio planets are constantly searching for intimacy. They want the real stuff from all encounters. No lighthearted Libra chit-chat—they want to bare their souls. They seek out intensity and crises. They can be relentless, obsessive, and jealous—remember that this is fixed water energy, so Scorpio feels things deeply and forever. Give your Scorpio planets what they crave: the opportunity to walk fire and to experience life-and-death situations. They’re wells of limitless energy.

    Pisces: February 19 – March 20
    Planet: Neptune
    Element: Water
    Quality: Mutable

    Pour a glass of water onto a table, and you’ll see how mutable water flows into every comer. With no walls to contain it, Pisces, like this water, bonds itself emotionally to whatever is exposed. This is the source of Pisces’ well-deserved reputation for compassion. It is also the source of a tendency to escape reality. Planets in this sign are ultra sensitive, feeling anything and everything. They’re psychic sponges that often need time alone to unload and reassemble themselves. Exposure to others, especially crowds, is exhausting co your Pisces planet. It’s in tins sign that you may find a tendency to take in stray people and animals, but also where you’ll need to watch for the possibility of being victimized or taken advantage of in some way. Pisces planets are not known for their realistic view of the world—they see the best in any person or situation—but when reality steps in they sometimes can be disappointed- These planets are the romantics of the zodiac. Let them dream in healthy ways.

  4. Thanks, Carolee! Really
    Thanks, Carolee! Really interesting comment.

  5. Yes, thank you, Carolee—
    Yes, thank you, Carolee— those are some super interesting points. I love those descriptions of the signs.

    I also find Margaret Murray to be fascinating and I’m so glad to have been able to help introduce you to her. I will try to see whether her natal chart is available and, if not, I’ll try to cast it myself and will let you know.

    It is not necessarily unusual to have all 3 water (or fire or other element) signs well represented in an individual’s chart. Charts come in all permutations—- some are very focused in one sign or element, while others have more diverse forces represented.

    That said, the water signs, in particular, are strongly associated with psychic abilities, spiritual inclinations, and interest in the magical and occult arts. When you see water signs appearing prominently in someone’s natal chart, it indicates that this person is likely to share in these abilities and interests. I’ll give myself as an example: I was born under the sign of Cancer (July 3) and while the moon was in Scorpio. So two of the three water signs right there. Pisces does not figure prominently in my own chart, but it could have— had I been born two hours later than I was, I would have had Pisces rising.

    The number 13 is such a magical number— traditionally the witching number, possibly because it reflects the 13 moons/months in one lunar year, as opposed to the 12 months of the solar. Clearly, the number had significance to Margaret’s life and could be taken as another indication of her sincere interest in witchcraft and metaphysics.

    I will do a little digging tomorrow to see if Margaret Alice Murray’s birth chart has already been posted on-line. If not, I’ll see whether I can find the information to post a complete chart for her. — Posted by Judika Illes,

    1. Thank you Judika Illes,
      Thank you Judika Illes, for your generous heart. With so much water in your birth chart it appears you made a commitment to help people and have found/chosen your vocation/life work wisely. I was once told if the Zodiac could bequeath a song to Cancer (her moon children) this would be it.

  6. Thank you, Carollee. I’m
    Thank you, Carollee. I’m sorry it took so long. I finally found Margaret Murray’s chart. Here it is:,_Margaret

    Margaret’s natal sun is in Cancer (20′) as is the planet Mercury. Interestingly, Dark Moon Lilith is located right on her sun, also at 20′ Cancer. —- Judika (wishing you and everyone else reading a blessed and happy 2017!)

  7. Hola, Waren mit Eifer bei der
    Hola, Waren mit Eifer bei der Sache: Levin Bast und Richard Struppek bauen eine Eisenbahn, die später tatsächlich mit Solarenergie angetrieben

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