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Recently, the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has offered the idea that the universe might have generated itself spontaneously out of nothing. Here, astrophysicist Bernard Haisch offers a vivid exploration of why that might NOT be true. Anne Strieber asks him about the God theory—does it still hold up? Or are we alone in a vast non meaning? Bernard Haisch says, "Is it possible that there is a purpose behind the universe? One that is consistent with modern science and especially the Big Bang and evolution?"


His answer is enlightening and surprising. Dreamland at its MOST provocative!


His books are the God Theory and the Purpose-Guided Universe. His website is

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  1. I just listened to this today
    I just listened to this today and I have to add my two cents here to say that I thought it was a moving interview. To hear what it’s like for someone else to acknowledge the need to live in our 3-dimensional world while at the same time coping with the astounding experiences within multi-dimensions, well… it was reassuring, once again, besides Whitley, I am not alone with the act of putting my experiences on the shelf to sit idly. I mean, what do you do with them? Really. It’s not like they are of any use to anyone but yourself. But they ARE astounding, nonetheless. And yet, we can’t adequately share them unless we are writers like Whitley with the knack for recording such detail in unparalleled skill. I suppose all we can do is meditate on them. But it sure is nice to be here to either listen or share where others understand the intensity of our experiences. Thank you, Anne and Andrea for your time spent putting this interview together. I am keenly interested in hearing what Andrea learned that she must never forget and what do the hieroglyphs in those hand-drawn books on her shelf have to say? Two questions I kept asking while listening to the interview. Would love to hear a second interview! 🙂

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