Linda Moulton Howe’s new documentary Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice is available on Vimeo and Amazon Prime. In this interview she and Whitley go deeper, exploring the hidden meaning of the enigmatic story of a possible alien and very ancient presence in Antarctica. It would, of course, be the ideal place for aliens wishing to involve themselves with us but avoid contact to hide. Can that really be true, though, and if it is true, then what does it mean?

Whitley and Linda are at their provocative best in this marvelous interview–really, an rediscovery of some long-hidden truths. When they compare notes and share their knowledge for the first time, the result is thrilling and disquieting. Not to be missed!


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  1. No disrespect but you keep calling Linda a scientist and that does not make her one. A reporter? yes. And investigator? yes.

    1. Author

      If I called her a scientist it was a slip of the tongue. She’s a reporter and that’s what I’ve been calling her since we met in 1988.

    2. I’ve just listened to the subscriber version of this discussion and not once did Whitley refer to LMH as a ‘scientist’. In the introduction, she was described as a ‘science jounalist’…but I heard no other reference thereafter.

      1. Author

        I did the same thing because I was concerned about a slip of the tongue. Mr. Trubilla is wrong, as I would think he knows perfectly well.

  2. tough listen – no facts – her “science” is confused … hoping next week gets back on track.

    1. Presuming the men interviewed by Linda are legitimately military and who they claim to be, then how is their witness testimony not factual? And what does getting “back on track” mean to you? Personally, I appreciated the interview very much.

  3. A lot of what Linda (and Whitley) has to say is correct. But I–and my star family–feel the need to comment.

    So, there were 2 races who initially created this planet (with angelical help): Sirians and Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are probably your blondes. Sirians are very tall with the elongated skulls. Souls from these races have incarnated, and are STILL incarnated here today. It is really important to understand this family connection.

    As this progressed, other races began to take notice. Martians actually did invade, and are largely responsible for Atlantis’s fall. They suck at emotional intelligence. You probably know a few.

    The Anunnaki, to be very clear, are the bad guys. They’re the reptilian assholes who created the dominant religions of hierarchy and obeisance. They are also shape-shifters, and can look however they want. They are running our governments now. The grays are hybrids of Anunnaki and humans. “Some” may be benevolent. But I would be wary.

    The structures referred to were built by Sirians/Pleiadians and others, who love us and have our best interests at heart. They have been here since dirt, and so have some souls. Whitley, you’re Sirian. Confirm with Anne.

    So yeah, a lot of good stuff here, but they *really* wanted to clarify, because it’s literally painful to attribute the good parts to the assholes. Take care.

    1. I have a bad feeling about this…to quote a popular movie meme. I don’t think we need another dogmatic belief system based on the words of “enlightened” beings that seem to be right out of the DC comic books I read as a boy in the early 60’s. Sirians, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Republicans… just can’t understand the situation without designated good guys and bad guys. While I enjoy such conjecture as entertainment, I find it too simplistic to possibly be an explanation of reality. This reminds me of some of the Billy Meier material. God love him! He made me laugh. At one point he proclaimed that the Pleiadian damsels travel light years to earth because they just love our cosmetics. I hope Trump doesn’t start a trade war with the Pleiades! Seriously, please stop it. And Whitley, the human race may be too young for beliefs but we are a belief making species, ready or not. The best we can do is seek to promote belief systems that enhance the integrity of every human being and other life on the planet. Seems to me that far too many belief systems rely on scapegoats for group cohesion, e.g., there is great spiritual depth in the 2000 years of saintly devotional meditative practices (the mystical side) of the Catholic Church, but they simply will not stop bashing gay people on an almost daily basis on EWTN and other media propaganda arms of the Catholic Church. “Everyone is welcome….unless you happen to be wearing rainbow underpants!” LOL

      1. Author

        I stand by my comment about beliefs. We have to observe and question, especially when it comes to things that don’t seem to fit.

        1. Yes, but the vast majority of human beings need beliefs because the majority of human beings are externally focused. Look at our culture which idolizes the extrovert and seems to give a second class status to the introvert. Everyone in grade school is taught to be a great leader, but no one is taught how to lead (except through the example of competitive sports) except through an external focus. While this may sound elitist, beliefs are necessary for most humans because without them they are rudderless. If you want to use the analogy of soul ages, I would suggest that the majority of people on Earth are young, if not baby souls. (Paging Donald Trump!). The beneficial role of religion that introverted folks forget is that religion provides a basic set of rules for people who have no internal sense of right and wrong within themselves that they are in touch with. Imagine “Loving your neighbor as yourself” being seen as a shocking revolutionary message! In the Roman Empire, it was practically unheard of, although early Christianity certainly did not create it from scratch. Look at the big deal that the 10 Commandments are, as if no one would have considered that we should not kill, steal, lie or bear false witness against others. But western civilization acts as if the 10 Commandments were a totally revolutionary way to think. To an introvert, it all seems quite absurd. But we share the world with a huge vast majority of people who never look within, never search their souls, and are run purely on their emotions, not logic or intellect. As condescending as it may seem, these people need a basic belief system to guide them. Our role is to provide a belief system that is ultruistic and compassionate. You won’t see any of this in the American media. We are constantly told to live purely for ourselves and our own ego. Perhaps eventually, when enough chaos hits the fan, people will want to go back to those basic quaint ideas about how to treat your fellow person as yourself. Then once again, simply being nice to other people may be seen as a major revolutionary thought! But to claim that humanity at large does not need beliefs is ivory tower thinking. I invite you to visit Compton on a Saturday night and then report back on how a vacuum of validating beliefs has led to the law of the jungle and a constant fight for the supremacy of the ego. Our cities are being ravaged by this vacuum. Of course, perhaps this just isn’t obvious in Santa Monica. (I got lost in Compton one night and feared for my lily white life. I wish I was exagerating). If a viewpoint does not work practically in the world inhabited by the vast majority of humankind, then the viewpoint must be re-evaluated.

        2. Hello Whitley, I just wanted to comment on this subject of beliefs. I feel like the idea that we are too young a race to harbour beliefs is probably correct. This concept has stayed with me and has begun to color my perceptions of the world. This single idea has pretty much shaken up my whole idea of our world. There is the question of the nature of reality. Do I really see reality? I don’t know. Can I believe (beliefs) what I see, hear and touch? Can I even believe that a circuit I designed is actually working. Maybe I live in a simulation where it works because I want it to work. The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper. I have to admit I don’t like living where I can’t know reality. Whatever reality might be. I think that my quest for reality is not going to be fruitful. I will have to be satisfied with just knowing love. Speaking of which, time to go downstairs and have supper prepared by a woman who loves me. Then she will read to me because she loves me. This is good enough for me. The more I think about this the more I feel….screw reality.

  4. Author

    Be careful. Remember what Anne said, “The human species is too young to have beliefs. What we need are good questions.”

  5. Good show.

    I’m not good at out of body travel, but the next time I’m fully out of body I’m going to ask for help in going there and seeing for myself. That may sound cheesy and silly to some of you, but what other tool do I have to discover the truth for myself?

    I’m going to listen to this again. My problem with large structures under 2 miles of ice is that wouldn’t that much ice destroy any structures on the surface? I mean look at what glaciers do to land. They can literally carve out valleys. I don’t know, instead of saying I believe or disbelieve, I’m going to try and find out for myself, as silly as it may seem. I firmly believe Out of Body travel is real, but I’ve never been able to go where I wanted. Wish me luck.

    1. Um…are you subscribed? If not, you need to be! This was explained in the extensive subscriber section of the interview.

      1. Yes, I zoned out through part of it. I am listening to it again. . .

        Ha ha. Of course there’s a problem with my subscription and now I can’t listen to the subscriber portion again.

        Well, when it’s fixed I’ll listen to it again and not zone out. It’s Whitley’s voice, it induces a trance like state for me sometimes. I usually end up having to listen to each show multiple times because of this. Which is great really.

  6. It’s not working in the here although it is working in the free area. Can you fix that please, since i’m paying to not hear the ads! Thanks!

  7. I am humbled by the intent and information presented here.
    There is so much deception, discernment can be a difficult process.

  8. In dreams anything can appear to take place, so likewise in this virtual reality dreamlike (Dreamland) world.
    And just like in dreams everything in them is a symbolic out-picturing of a reality beyond them, a reality only seen after waking up from the dream, so in this virtual reality.
    The thick ice caps symbolize the cold heartedness of this world, in the mind, North Pole, and in the body, South Pole.

    Those not from this world symbolize Who we really are, but as which we experience being but humans, so we don’t feel the infinitely great joy and love of our true Identity. As if we were separated from our Source Self, like whomever exist below the ice is separated from the sun, the sun symbolizing God, Source of warmth -love- and light -divine wisdom- which together give life.

    Speaking of portals, who’s inner voice do you hear when you read the following thoughts of God in human appearance as recorded in ancients seeming scripture, the bible?

    “I am the door.”

    Mystics seemingly of old have written that God in His humanity is the Door to His divinity. And we are His humanity. It is God Who is imagining and experiencing everything that makes up this virtual reality, including imagining and experiencing being each one of us.

    I’ve used the words “seeming” and “seemingly” because it’s all being produced now in a reality beyond this one where there is neither space nor time. Including the production of things that appear as being old, and having been produced in a far distant past.

    To us it seems the cause comes first, followed by its effect. But in truth its simultaneous, Cause and Effect are one.

  9. “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)”.

    This includes being beware of false gifts and promises that won’t be kept by humans. Including our own to ourselves. Anything less than God or helps towards realizing God in ourselves and our neighbors is not a truly worthy gift.

  10. The evil ones” are the ones who keep us believing we are but human creatures. When we believe that, we are the “evil ones” to ourselves and our neighbors.
    As this is mostly a subconscious activity, it is symbolized in this virtual reality as done by “aliens.”
    The humans we seem to be are “aliens” (biological robots) to Who we really are.

  11. After having heard the above fascinating podcast, this interview is also worthy of a listen:

    “Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer – Antarctica”

    Now it’s also time to see Linda’s actual movie…

    Oops, too bad, can’t see it in the Netherlands via Amazon. And using the link to Vimeo it says “Hey, we recognize this email! Want to log in?” followed by a long code.
    Luckily I could just go to Vimeo using another tab, log in, copy/paste the title in the Vimeo search bar, choose to pay via PayPal, and now I have the video screen of the movie on that other tab, ready to roll…

    See ya all later…. ; )

  12. Given the levels of technology required to build such a structure, why is there an assumption that it could only have been created before the ice was present? There is talk of many underground bases around the world… so what is drilling through and building under solid rock compared to creating a void and building under ice? If the suggestion of gravitation manipulation to support those massive areas is correct, then why could the same technology not be employed to support a void in the ice, whilst pouring a basalt structure beneath it? Which leads to the question… Would there be any significant benefit in building it under the ice in the first place? Protection, or stealth perhaps?

    If so, maybe it is not as old as Linda suggests.

    1. Did you listen to the entire interview, or just the free part? Linda and Whitley went into all this in the subscriber section of the interview, which was extensive. They pondered if the builders actually also created the ice that covered it in order to protect it.

      1. I did listen to it all, thanks 🙂 but none-the-less, there is still the assumption that the building was done before the ice was present, thus dating the structure to 31 million years old, or whatever the exact figure was. What I am suggesting is that given the ability to manipulate gravity, rather than 31 million, the structure could be just 200 years old for all we know. Dating the appearance of the ice does not necessarily date the structure.

        Another way to illustrate my point is… Let’s suppose we find a bicycle sticking out of a canal. We also know that the canal was built in the 1830s but of course that doesn’t mean the bike is that old…it could’ve been chucked in there a year ago. Dating the canal doesn’t date the bike… Which is contrary to Linda’s assumption that the building pre-dates the ice. If high technology means you can create a structure on the ground with or without ice, then there is no real way for us (reading about this) to make any assumption regarding its age.

        1. Author

          That crossed my mind, too. There’s no certainty that the structures, if they exist, were necessarily built before the continent iced over. For that matter, as I mentioned during the show, it’s clear that the Piri Reis Map is an accurate representation of part of the antarctic coastline that has presumably been under the ice for a very long time. So, are we even right about the ice?

        2. “What I am suggesting is that given the ability to manipulate gravity, rather than 31 million, the structure could be just 200 years old for all we know. Dating the appearance of the ice does not necessarily date the structure.”

          Thanks for the clarification. Your comments make more sense with this. Good point.

  13. That was (is) a very interesting film Linda made. So many ideas were invoked that it would take too much writing here to get into it all.
    But basically there are two opposing forces at work in us. The merely natural earthly human force, and the supernatural divine force. Identification with the human body-mind and its behavior keep us on the ground so to speak. In that sense it is the “enemy” to the conscious realization of our true divine Self.
    Yet as our divine Self we willed that also other beings would have what we enjoyed, so we imagined being those other beings; in this case humans. Knowing beforehand that we would at first fully experience being -and identify with- those humans. In a sense making ourselves experience being our own worst enemies, as identifying ourselves with the humans the merely human consciousness would replace our original divine Self-consciousness, in that sense “killing” us, torturing us spiritually to death. We would always subconsciously compare our human self with our divine Self and find ourselves as a human never being able to be ideally good, let alone perfect, never good enough that we would really be forever completely happy with ourselves. Often we would morally condemn ourselves for our human weaknesses, selfish character, and too many imperfections to name. We would also project our human faults on other humans, as well as our subconscious or conscious self hatred, and others would project theirs on us.
    Compared to our original state of infinitely great happiness -which in a way as far as our consciousness and enjoying goes was destroyed, as if drowned by a flood of tears in a valley, or after a nuclear devastation of our home planet- undergoing the experience of being but human was going to be hell.
    Yet we came anyway, each one of us experiencing being only an imperfect human creature, doing imperfect human things…
    Now also as the souls in this world -which are new creations, not existing as such before- we may remember Who we really are, and What we are really doing. That also the souls in this world may know and enjoy that their true Identity is infinitely courageous, intelligent, wise, creative pure altruistic Charity. A Being willing to go out of Its way, even through hell in order to create a whole new race of beings which can then also begin to enjoy the infinite potential of what it means to be what has been called God. For it is God Who is reading this now in this virtual reality appearing as but a human… recuperating what He gave up by taking on this human experience, so that now also the soul of the human can begin to have what as God He already had, but not as the souls of humans yet, all to their eternal divine benefit.
    Much divine love indeed.

  14. you said recently one of the groups you were in contact with may be ”aliens.”

    could you describe these beings? you seemed not to be referring to the little blue men or the greys.

  15. Nothing to believe in this and most of it nothing to do with science. Linda is drifting away. Go ahead and delete this but i do hope you get something next week based on verifiable truths instead of wild guesses that really conclude nothing.

    1. Did you listen to the entire interview, or just the free part? Linda and Whitley went into all this in the subscriber section of the interview, which was extensive. They pondered if the builders actually also created the ice that covered it in order to protect it.

    2. Do share with us, John: what exactly do *you* know about the subject matter of this particular show?

      With all due respect, having followed Whitley and Linda and their work–and all the other work done by so many others–I’ll take their speculations over your critiques of them, as your critiques are essentially void of any substance whatsoever. What facts do *you* have to offer to counter what has been presented here?

  16. Linda reports about an ancient conflict between non-human forces. I would encourage people to look into the messages on the Law of One.
    They speak about the dualism of the “service-to-self” vs “service-to-others”. At the lower frequency levels, races align to one side or the other, and young races (like ours) must follow one or the other on their own accord along the path to enlightenment. I believe this is the eternal battle we are sandwiched between; the service-to-others side guiding us through noninterference vs the service-to-self side giving us gifts, making promises, and provoking wars in secret to bind us to the dark side of service-to-self.

    1. Oh yes. The RA Law of One channelings that proclaim that homosexuality is caused by overcrowding in large cities and men having too “sensitive” a nature. Total nonsense.

      I did an extensive study of the RA Material in 2016. Here are some problems I have with it. 1. RA built the Great Pyramid with thought forms over night, but made it look as if it was constructed
      by humans with chisels. Did RA also fake the graffiti inside the pyramid where the builders left
      their names and little messages? Did RA fake the remains of the workers’ villages that
      archeologists have found surrounding the Great Pyramid?
      2. RA claims that what he calls 3
      rd Density Humans have only existed for 75000 years. There is
      scientific evidence of human habitation much earlier than that. Strangely enough, artifacts have
      been found that go back a million or more years (HIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY).
      3. RA claims that Humans once lived 900 years. This may be true if ancient humans considered
      each month a year.
      4. RA totally ignored most of the planet in their contacts, including great civilizations in the Far East,
      and only focused on the Western World. That makes no logical sense unless RA is racist. .
      5. RA said the 4D Harvest would be in 2011. It did not happen. Carla, the channel, firmly believed
      that all entities on Earth had to become polarized by December 2012. Nothing happened. I do not
      think a Harvest is imminent.
      6. RA claims that small infants are responsible for the karmic results of their actions.
      7. RA claims that gay people are a serious impairment. He claims that homosexuality is invoked by
      living in large urban centers. RA claims that there is no sexual energy transfer except between a
      vagina and a penis. In all their discussion of sexual energy transfer, gay people are totally left out.
      8. RA claims that Orion created the Nazca lines and Easter Island Heads using only thought.
      9. I don’t think that the Confederation had anything to do with the Tunguska Explosion.
      10. . I don’t believe that 6th Density entities have sex on the sun, creating babies that we see as

    1. Author

      What beautiful stuff! Don’t miss these videos, folks.

    2. the expanding earth theory is much more supported by evidence than shifting plate techtonics. heres a lecture that outlines the evidence by james maxlow. antarctic moved due to somepole shift not actual plate shift. the planet grows from all the mid ocean ridges some small percentages every year. for some reason usually scientist resisting change sadly, the correct model has not been widely adopted. fyi

  17. I love the idea of the photon resonance ‘hug’… the only problem being I live in the North of England, so seeing the Sun is like finding a bag of hens teeth 🙂

    I wonder whether I could do a grey cloud and rain hug instead?

  18. Super interesting!
    I was not very old and had a small AM radio. I would listen after I was supposed to be asleep to alternative topics. One time I tuned into the topic of Aliens and it sounded plausible at the time.
    Now I’m 55 years old and still intrigued!

  19. The comments here are fascinating because I see one belief system being presented as FACT after another. Everyone has their “trooth” (copyright pending). This sort of bothers me because everyone seems so blasted confident that their belief system is the correct one, often based merely on a book like the LAW OF ONE or their personal interpretation of a Bible. This human capacity to grab onto a belief system that suits our particular personal psychological nature and then cling to it for all it is worth is really dangerous. This is a serious vulnerability in the human character. We are constantly being bombarded by belief systems. We take one and run with it, evangelizing the world via the internet or our peers at work. How do we ever rise above this? Is ultimate reality always going to be seen through a glass darkly? Will we then settle for seeing a false reality through a clear glass instead? So many belief systems. I feel like I am going to suffocate on them all. Is the best we can do is to be agnostics about everything?

    1. Dylansdad, are you done? Please tell me you are.

      Because if you are, then stop assuming that I take this story as gospel, because I don’t. I too have doubts, and it doesn’t mean I have to rant about them either.

      1. I do not understand why you took my comments personally. I was not referring specifically to you at all. I was speaking to the gestalt of all the comments here. I honestly do not even remember what you wrote.

    2. Some among us have had experiences that gave us certainty about certain things.
      Suppose you have been asked to do something for others to help them come to know Who they really are, so they can begin to enjoy a knowledge that nothing this world offers can give them, but in order to accomplish that you would have to sacrifice your Human life. And you would accept and lay your body down to die. But you wouldn’t die, and didn’t understand why you were asked that. But again your heard the voice ask: “Are you sure you want to do this?” And you answered “Yes” and laid your body down again on the bed to die, and waited, but again nothing. So again not understanding you sit up again. And again you hear that voice ask “You really want to do this?” And again you answer “Yes” and lay down again.
      Suppose this is repeated many times, until it suddenly dawns on you that when it comes down to it you are a being that has and is but pure altruistic Charity.
      Next you understand that what you learned about yourself is valid for everyone, as it was a reflection of what we all have done by taking on the human experience.
      It’s called an “initiation.” And only one out of a series that leave not a shadow of a doubt about Who you are in reality and with that Who everyone else is in reality. Resulting in the greatest respect and love for everyone.
      I wish everyone had those experiences. It would mean the end of hatred and all personal conflicts, including wars.

      If you like you can admit to yourself you don’t know whether what I shared is true or not about all of us in reality being the One as Whom we have given our Life for the human souls. That as the One Who is our true Identity we all have given up everything that made us really happy, a happiness that is infinitely great, as is the Charity of Who our true Self is, exchanging our great joy for the merely human experience. To have our Life and happiness back but when also the souls would have and enjoy it. Then we would enjoy it also as the souls. Entirely to their benefit, as we would gain nothing from it, only recuperate what we had given up for them by experiencing being them as each one of them.
      But if you would like to know whether that is true or not, you can state to the intelligent energy -which is keeping you alive as a human- that you don’t know, but would like to. See what happens. You have nothing to lose but not knowing in case you find out… for now you don’t know.
      You don’t have to tell anyone about this, except the intelligent energy giving you life.
      (I would not think there is no intelligent energy, only dumb energy that gave you your human existence, because that would suggest you were right, which luckily would not be so.)
      ; )

  20. @ Dylansdad- I appreciate your comment. It is indeed a frustrating situation. We create loops in our heads so we can have identity. We pounce on belief like cats on mice. Unfortunately, these belief loops set us against each other. We are all like toddlers frowning saying “No! I do it!” Have you ever watched a room full of ungoverned toddlers? Good grief!
    I’m responding mostly to your last question about the best we can be is ‘agnostic’? Agnosticism, like Atheism, is only yet another belief on the assumption that we can’t know. Rather hopeless.
    What really needs to be understood by each of us from top to bottom is that we DON’T know. The best any of us can do is have strong suspicions.
    Anne is correct. We must cultivate questions. Continually.
    …and don’t give up.
    …and don’t settle.

    1. Thanks. You got it, while others just reacted defensively of their own belief system. I guess I do not believe that humans are capable, at our present evolutionary level, of knowing the truth about the greater reality any more than my dog can understand what I am doing right now (he is snoozing at my feet, having given up any attempt to make sense of much of what I do). Humans create stories that they tell themselves and others to explain reality. Continuing to do so is the best our species can do. Waring over our man made stories is common and the ultimate stupidity. When we give validity to our story via some supernatural source or a subjective experience (I had an experience that explained it all to me. Let me know tell the rest of you….and we end up with Joseph Smith – Mormonism – and countless other dogmatic systems all imbued with supernatural pedigrees). I’ve read a lot of the testimony of Catholic Saints. A good number of them were bat shit insane (a good many OCD cases and psychosis). I do believe in supernatural experiences, but I find them subjective and would never have the arrogance to proclaim that MY experience was the ultimate truth for humanity. But many others have never had that psychological hang up to prevent them from evangelizing the world about their particular brand of the Truth.

      1. DYLANSDAD, I thought you unsubscribed, are you back? I’ve only been here a short time, but enjoy reading your points of view on topics. Hope all is well.


    Astronomers want public funds for intelligent life search

    His backing for the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (Seti) marks a sea change in attitudes to a field regarded until recently as fringe science.

    Dr Beasley made his comments at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Seattle.

    The director of the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville in Virginia said that it was now “time for Seti to come in from the cold and be properly integrated to all other areas of astronomy”.

    1. I wonder whether SETI’s name has been their main downfall regarding funding?

      Anything with a whiff of ET has clearly been shunned over the years.

      I wonder how many astronomers’ guilty pleasure is to sit down, crack open a beer and watch / read Carl Sagan’s ‘Contact’?

  22. WOW!!!
    No words suffice…
    simply ” thank you, Whitley and Linda.”

  23. Your interviews in 2020 have been a World Series of ”hitting it out of the ballpark.” The energy level is inspirational to all listeners who have a willingness to open up their hearts and minds, so our souls, in turn, can grow. Keep on laughing at the static, humor keeps us light and as I listened to your show, I felt the warmth of the sun come through my window and soaked that warmth in. Thank you Whitley and Linda!

  24. No disrespect intended but I don’t know about this. Linda was fed disinformation by a known military disinformation agent back in the 80s, this to me has the ring of disinformation to it as well. I’m not questioning Linda’s personal sincerity but what about her source?

  25. Author

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  27. This is off subject but I would like to say a few words regarding Whitley’s new book, “NEW.” I loved it. Since this is not a book review I only want to say a few things and there were MANY thoughts that came to mind as I read it. The Tanda, confined to living in a limited world created to keep them ignorant. (FOR ME, THAT WOULD BE US/HUMANITY). YET, there is something inside them that rebels and knows there is so much more, at least Joe does. Such a struggle in a strange new world and so much intelligence eager to
    . Again, Whitley…….I thank you for the generous gift.

  28. Mind-blowing, captivating and HIGHLY important discussion here, Whitley and Linda. It’s good to be back home at Unknowncountry.

  29. As Whitley often repeats folks “Love, Compassion and Humility”. I find Humility keeps my beliefs and opinions within bounds most of the time or best, with a sense of humour!! Love all the above fascinating and spirited conversations. Help Unknown Country! Please become a member.

  30. I swear, i just gobble this stuff up!
    thanks Whitley & Linda. Aces.
    Genetic harvesting: I also heard something about the Olmecs as well… being collected and moved but into another reality. i dont recall the details.
    how about this: we are the Eloi. And, as Whitley said, we were made to procreate faster. Like hybrid crops. You have good root stock, you can clip some off and plant it elsewhere. why do you water your lawn?
    Last questioning: they are after souls. how does the “higher self” fit into all this?
    Beautiful stuff. if you want, just “be.”

  31. Whitley, I logged in and out 2xs, not getting the whole interview??? My subscription usually generates an email on the 19th, tomorrow, please fix.

  32. Author

    Please send an email to about this. I do not know enough about the mechanics of the subscriber area to fix it. Nikki Thomas does know and can certainly make it work correctly for you. She also keeps a record of all these issues.

  33. How to beat the demons… yes. After all is said and done the important thing is to have a higher vibration than them. “Make our soul stronger” as Mr. Strieber often says.

    Ms. Howe, I was delighted to hear you say how you connect with the sun. I have always had a strong affinity with the sun as a real friend.
    In the morning i step out and greet her for a few minutes and speak with her. She has always been there for me when asking for help. She answers in synchronistic ways.

    By the way Ms. Howe, I often get complimented that I look younger than my age and now i think I know your secret as well. I do not know what I would do without the UnknownCountry site. It brings so much information for those that have been on the path for a long time.
    Much obliged.

  34. So much to say, but I’m limited…One thing that I would like to hear is a bigger discussion surrounding the Maya. Yes, they had an advanced culture that pretty much vanished, but the people themselves did not completely leave this planet, and there are many Maya still remaining here, especially in Guatemala ( we have an adopted family member from Guatemala who is Maya). So, if the Maya were taken to start a new world, quite a few were left here. Why? Is that possibly part of the experiment? Lot of interesting questions, if that happened…And they are finding more and more Mayan settlements, cities, and temples buried in jungles.

  35. This is one of the best shows with Linda and Whitley together that I have heard on Unknown Country. Thanks to both of you for your work, your insights and thoughts, and your choice to take the high road over the low. It means a lot to me, and many others.

    Though I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this show, my favorite part was the discussion about souls, and soul growth. I tend to believe that Linda is on the right track about the competition for souls, based on my own personal experiences and insights. Not going to go into detail about all of that here; it’s too personal and this isn’t the place for it, anyway. But suffice it to say that I have felt, and thought, for decades, that there is a battle going on for my soul. I had this “insight” long before I began any serious study of spirituality or of what I’ll just call the “UFO/ET subject.” I felt this with the kind of knowing that you feel deep inside yourself–your soul!–and don’t care if anyone else believes you know it, or not. Hearing this discussion here came at a very good time for me and I am deeply grateful for it. While the “nuts and bolts” aspects are mildly interesting, the deep matter of soul work is the most important aspect of what we are dealing with on this planet, I think.

    On another note…regarding the structures under the ice…it occurred to me that perhaps one good aspect of global warming may be the exposition of the structures and whatever else comes to light (literally) due to the ice cover being blown. It crossed my mind that it’s analogous to chemotherapy to cure cancer: while the poison (global warming) could kill the patient (Gaia’s current life forms), it may not, if it kills the cancer (the secrets) quickly enough. It’s kind of a gamble. Think of it as the “healing crisis of the Age of Aquarius.” What does not kill us will make us stronger…getting the truth into the light.

  36. Really fascinating especially about the self-actualizing software that can build things in the nanotechnology. A lot of this doesn’t really surprise me. The parts of it being seated and other groups being relocated it’s in with a few different ideas I’ve had over the decades. Not a surprise we’re genetically engineered as well. One of the best interviews I’ve ever heard, great work Linda! And Whitley has always really great ideas and insights. Looking forward to seeing the film. I found the part about the portal under the Indian temple really fascinating and a good reminder that who knows what is down below us. I always figured there was a lot of hidden stuff in the Himalayas do the remote location and religious richlife there. I’m sure that there are more portals in all kinds of other places that we don’t know about, but that maybe the some of the government’s know about. Really pretty brain-bending interview, love all the ideas and concepts, really good for the abstract part of my brain

  37. The idea of symbols forming a programming language, which is used by self-activating / self-actualising materials, originally came from the ‘Isaac’ s Caret documents’…and the sightings of drones with weird symbols on their ‘wings’…

    …which Linda has reported on with several related articles.

    Some believe both to be a hoax; Personally, I’m not so sure.

  38. Hi – I’m unable to download and save the link – I’ve NEVER had trouble before and I’ve been a subscriber for the better part of 14 years! Any suggestions or are there any problems with the site this week? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Nikki is off but I did my best to look into this. I tested your account, went in as you and downloaded simply by clicking on the download link to the right of the downloadable file. It worked normally. Have you maybe installed a new firewall, updated your browser or turned off cookies? You can easily turn them off in the privacy settings of Firefox without realizing you know that you’re doing it. Without a cookie to identify you, the site will think you’re not logged in.

  39. I’ve been away for a while but recently renewed my subscription. Dreamland really is NEXT LEVEL. I love it. Thank you both 🙂 Many years ago I bought a king james atlas (published by the Times newspaper) consisting of dozens of rather attractive plates. I removed the one of the Antarctic as it looked rather abstract because it only had a few place names around the edge, the rest of it was just blank. I framed it and have had it on the wall for years now.

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