Robert Hastings and Dr. Bob Jacobs are among the most highly respected UFO researchers in the field. Now, with their new book Confession, they reveal another side to themselves: they are also abductees, and the most recent encounter was just a few weeks ago!

Robert Hastings is the world’s leading expert on UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites. He has gathered the testimony of more than 160 US military veterans since he started this research in 1973. In September of 2010, he co-sponsored the UFOS and Nukes press conference in Washington DC in which 7 US Air Force veterans discussed their involvement in UFO-releated incidents at ICBM sites. He is also the author of UFOs and Nukes. To go to Robert’s UFOs and Nukes website click here.

Dr. Bob Jacobs was personally involved in an incident in which a UFO interfered with a dummy warhead in 1964. He was in charge of a tracking station in California which filmed the launch and got film of the warhead being struck by lasers as it rose into the upper atmosphere at 8,000 MPH. While he was warned not to speak of the incident, he was not made to sign a confidentiality agreement and does not have a security clearance, and therefore is free to discuss the incident, which he began to do 17 years after it happened.

What neither of these distinguished researchers has discussed publicly before now is the fact that they are both close encounter witnesses. In this show they tell their personal stories, including a description of a harrowing high-strangeness event that happened to one of them in January of 2020!

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  3. These two gentlemen are the perfect spokemen for disclosure at this time! I don’t think the timing of these two is any coincidence. This a remarkable interview and it is a remarkable book as well. I commend them greatly for their COURAGE. Whitley once again brings his own special talent to the interview in seeding and revealing the levels of complexity of this subject matter. Thank you so very, very much gentlemen!

  4. Truly amazing dreamland this week. So fantastic and needed and timely.

    Something I do think about though, is would it really be that easy for the visitors to make themselves known? And would it really only take 10 minutes? How would they accomplish this?

    Faked videos abound and are better quality than ever before, there’s tons of CGI in movies and TV that looks real now, and the skepticism level is higher than ever before about what is fake and what is “real”. People are distrustful and disbelieving of anyone in politics or in media who doesn’t represent their narrow worldview. Even if a visitor appeared in person, and in a physical form, to every human being on earth and introduced themselves, I seriously bet that the majority of people would still be in denial and disbelief, and or/misunderstand it. The more scenarios I think about, the worse it gets, so I guess I’m with the visitors on this one right now.

  5. Author

    If numbers of their devices spent ten minutes above a great city like New York or London or LA, and carried out maneuvers that could not be duplicated by any known aircraft and were seen by millions, that would do it.

    1. Great show! However, I have to agree with Zoe and was thinking the same thing while I was listening. It must be a personal experience and happen on a consistent basis. Australia is burning, but not in Michigan. Although I care and am compassionate for the people and animals, I’m not experiencing it and will forget. This confirms what I’m learning from various outlets…we are here to experience and just knowledge won’t work anymore. What’s really true? Maybe that’s why during this time we are being pushed to step out of the box and question. It’s personal for each of us and we will need to learn to discern for ourselves.

    2. I just heard the audio recordings of Betty and Barney Hill hypnosis sessions. There were moments of intense fear there, total panic, and the psychiatrist constantly had to calm them down with great effort, especially Barney.
      So most probably the governments have commissioned studies be made by experts in field of mass psychology, and decided to feed the public the information the governments already have piecemeal, to slowly acclimate the public to the facts.

      We have seen how mass panic makes people behave like scared wild animals, even stampeding over other members of the human race.

      Above that, everything is arranged “Back Stage” from where as Who we really are even arrange the atoms… and on that level everything goes according to the Divine Plan.

      Listening to Betty Hill telling her story, the idea arose that the checking to see if she was pregnant by inserting a needle in her belly button symbolizes checking to see if there was a subconscious knowing in her of Who she really was as the potential spiritual new being that could be born in her consciousness. After all the belly button symbolizes our separation from our origin.

      She said no one would believe her (in this world), and that she would like to have something to take with her as proof. She was invited to look around and choose something she wanted. Her eyes fell on a book, and she said that is what she wanted. But the being asked her if she could read it, and she answered she couldn’t, but that she wanted it anyway as proof. So she was given it and felt elated, as now she could show proof of what had happened.

      Then she was shown through an oblong opening that the being made in the wall (just like the field of our vision when we open our eyes and see what we visually experience as our reality) a map of space (consciousness) with the planets (planes of spiritual development) on it, and under hypnosis told the psychiatrist:

      “So I asked him where he or what… where was his home port, and he said ‘Where’s the… where are you on this map?’, and I looked and I laughed and I said ‘I don’t know’. So he said ‘Well then if you don’t know where you are, there wouldn’t be any point of me telling you where I am’.”

      The cosmic humor! She was where her real Self which is not of this world is, where the being also is. But if he would say “I am were you are, and you are were I am” she would not have understood.

      “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.”
      “Father, I will that they also, whom Thou hast given Me, be with Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which Thou hast given Me; for Thou loved Me before the foundation of the world.”
      “And I have declared unto them Thy name, and will declare it, that the love wherewith Thou hast loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”
      ~John 17:16,24,26

      (Someone’s name stands for that someone’s self-consciousness of identity. In this case God’s.)

      From 21:00 to 26:55 here:
      “Betty Hill Hypnosis 01”

      I don’t see the book given to Betty in the archive here, but maybe it’s “housed in the black cabinets in Room 104.”
      ~Guide to the Betty and Barney Hill Papers, 1961-2006″

      But however that might be, she has sure brought a marvelous book back for us together with Barney which is her part of the story, to be read through our spiritual eyes not from this world.

      1. I just heard towards the end of Betty’s first report that the leader who had let her have that book had to take it back from her, as the others had decided that she shouldn’t have it, and they were in the majority. He said he wanted for her to have it, but they also had the right to decide.

        (Sounds like they have the democratic system.)

  6. wow. right out of the box… a “333” event. I had about 2 weeks worth of those. Funny part is, my clock was always 10 mins fast. So, it had to be awareness of the clock itself and not the actual time. Note: I dont remember anything of those nights… nothing unusual except the “333”.
    fantastic interview… its groundbreaking to have scientists say that.

  7. I really wish you had an app that subscribers could use to collect the podcasts. It’s hard to download on a smart phone. I travel a lot so that is how I listen…

  8. Author

    I wish we did, too, but I cannot afford the development costs.

  9. Very little new revealed and certainly not enough for me to want to buy their book. Hoping next week you get back on track. thanks!

    1. Poor Whitley. John, according to you he seems to be off track 49 weeks a year. Maybe we can get a GoFundMe page going so Whitley can get a personal GPS system that guides him through life and makes his journey easier.

  10. The podcasts are so evocative… <3
    Not an uncomforting idea to believe the beings we really beyond this virtual reality dream are arranging the atoms in such a way that the destruction of humankind is not allowed to take place, as even if through human stupidity someone pushed the red button, nothing will happen.

    The battle is taking place on the psychic -soul- level.

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."
    ~Ephesians 6:12-13

    "To stand" means "Not fallen for the lie, but standing in loving faith believing that God loves you and everyone so much , willing so much that also you and all others would have His peace and joy, that He is come in every one's human appearance. Now.

    The part that doesn't want us to come to the realization of our true Identity has been called "anti-Christ" in the New Testament. And it is telling that when speaking of the Son of God and Man it is not done in a past tense, but in the now by using the present tense: "is come":

    (1 John 2:19); “Who is a liar, but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denies the Father, and the Son” (1 John 2:22); “And every spirit that dissolveth Jesus, is not of God; and this is Antichrist” (1 John 4:3); “For many seducers are gone out into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh: this is a seducer and an Antichrist” (2 John 7).

    Even most atheists accept that once there was a historic figure called Jesus Christ., although they don't believe he was God. But which formal religion directly and openly teaches at this moment of writing that God as Son is come in the flesh -human appearance- now?

    Yet we are told to love who seem to be our enemies, for also they are God in human disguise. Even though they don't know that, as God in them is still growing in divine wisdom, stature and even favor towards Himself as God and man, as exemplified by this symbolic pointer as a reminder to us of what is really taking place beyond the appearances of this virtual reality dream:

    "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."
    ~Luke 2:52

    To symbolize the now of God speaking in human appearance:

    “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am."
    ~John 8:58

    1. To symbolize the Now of God spoken in His human appearance as a reminder to us of the divine truth of Who our true Identity is, regardless of appearances:

      “Verily, verily I say unto you, before Abraham was, I am!”
      ~John 8:58

  11. Certainly nuclear war is one existential threat, but what about climate change? Apparently, the severe climate events which are unfolding today are not enough to change the minds of the decision makers of the world. Can we expect a “shot over the bow” with regards to climate change? I wonder what such a shot would look like.

  12. In the human race we note a mixture of altruistic love on the one hand, and selfishness on the other. In degrees that range from people who go out of their way to help others and some even voluntarily undergo torture to death if with that they can save other lives, to people who torture others to death if by doing that they can obtain some personal profit, or just out of sadism which they find enjoyable. To the latter belong those for example who initiate and organize whole wars for their pleasure.

    So who and how are we really deep down in our essence? That is what many want to find out. Because they also know that will tell them Who and How our Creator is.

    In this virtual reality that is symbolized as beings not from this world performing tests on people. As well as beings also not from this world who already know that our Creator is pure unselfish altruistic Love, and want to unite themselves with us and us with them so that also we have the knowledge and joy they already have. As symbolized by the hybridization program.

    “A new being.” At first the humans experience being but that; humans from this world, having an earthy body. But then they come to know they are from heaven, having heavenly bodies.

    And from experiencing having life receiving souls, come to experience having spirits that give life.

    “And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.
    Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.
    The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven.
    As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy: and as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly.
    And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.”
    ~1 Corinthians 15:45-49

  13. Only something to think about. After listening to this current interview with Robert Hastings and Dr. Bob Jacobs, I thought I would post something I noticed a few days ago.

    Every day OR night since the end of 2019 but usually before I go to bed, I pull up and go to Something inside me wants to know at least one other person is still looking at this crop circle although it is from June 2019. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW THIS CIRCLE CAME ABOUT, IT JUST FEELS IMPORTANT. Usually there is at least one other person looking at it each time I check and no more then a few at any one time.

    A few days ago the count was around 39,600 views (if I am remembering correctly)? I wish there was a way to go back a few days for the actual count. Anyway, this morning when I checked it was at 40,210 so that means over 600 people have viewed it in just a few days. (If I indeed remember the first number being around 39,600). Also, I noticed this morning that the initial surge of viewers has stopped.

    I only want to share this (most likely there is a good explanation for the big increase). If not then it feels like those ANT PEOPLE are on the move; wondering what population is checking this particular CROP CIRCLE out?

    Thought this to tie into the interviews.

    Check out this clip. The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series covers this subject in Series 4, episode 9 (See a clip below).

  14. A bit strange it seems why someone who grew up and a mostly atheist family -the word “God” was never used by my parents, nor was there ever talk of spiritual matters- came to be interested in Christian symbolism and mystic literature. But a series of experiences that were arranged “Back Stage” took care of that.
    And I admit finding those texts once understood for what they point at quite powerful.

  15. Last one, about gods:

    Jesus: “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are ‘gods.’?”
    ~John 10:35

    “What God seeks, he being himself God by nature, is to make us gods through participation, just as fire converts all things into fire.”
    ~St. John of the Cross, Sayings of Light and Love, #107.
    (That “fire” is the burning love of God.)

    “Accordingly, souls possess the same goods by participation that the Son possesses by nature. As a result they are truly gods by participation, equals and companions of God.”
    ~St. John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticles. Stanza 39.

    “Preach these glad tidings to the world: that I, the Son of God, became man to make men gods;”
    ~Ven. Louis of Granada. Summa of the Christian Life: Selected Texts from the Writings of Venerable Louis of Granada, O.P.

    St. Athanasius of Alexandria was an author of the phrase about Jesus Christ which has become popular in Christmas homilies: “He was made human so that he might make us gods” ~De incarnatione 54,3, cf. Contra Arianos 1.39

    “For this they hear and observe, “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another:” not as those love one another who are corrupters, nor as men love one another in a human way; but they love one another as those who are gods, and all of them sons of the Highest, and brethren, therefore, of His only Son, with that mutual love wherewith He loved them, when about to lead them on to the goal where all sufficiency should be theirs, and where their every desire should be satisfied with good things. For then there will be nothing wanting they can desire, when God will be all in all.”
    ~St. Augustine, Homilies on John, Tractate LXV, Chapter XIII, 34, 35 § 1.

    “God loved us when He made us in His likeness, yet a much greater work is for Him to make Himself the image of man. He lowers Himself to us to take us with Him, He makes Himself man(kind) to make us gods, and descends from heaven to take us there, and, in the end, died for us to give us life.”
    ~Translated from St. John of Avila’s Spanish letter 67, Obras Completas de San Juan de Ávila.

    More examples:
    “Divinization (Christian)”

    In the mean time by coming to earth and experience being but humans we have completely sacrificed all we enjoyed, turning the experience of our original spiritual world into a place that is like a planet devastated by a full-on nuclear war. Compared to our world of origin experiencing being only a human existing on this earth is like dwelling in and passing through a dry lifeless desert.

    1. “What God seeks, he being himself God by nature, is to make us gods through participation, just as fire converts all things into fire.”
      ~St. John of the Cross, Sayings of Light and Love, #107.
      (That “fire” is the burning love of God.)

      Such truth!!

      I would also say that such burning love IS God. And it is already in us just as surely as it is in God. That Love IS God, and it IS us – simply because we are already One in truth. We get to play the joyful game of discovering this. God gets the joy and delight in sharing our discovery with us.

  16. Thank you for an outstanding set of Dreamland interviews during January 2020; each one has explored somewhat different subject areas from an objective and attentive point of view. In this most recent Dreamland interview w/ Robert Hastings and Dr. Bob Jacobs, a number of questions were voiced. Here are my thoughts on those questions: 1) Why have UFOs appeared in connection with the use of nuclear devices in spacecraft launches from Earth? In the books and other materials I have read on nuclear anything, I noticed patterns where there has been a proliferation of nuclear usage over time, much of it unannounced to the public, especially when the users are defense industry contractors. In other words, disclosure often lags years behind usage … the Hanford nuclear reservation is one example, but there are so many other cases as well. Thus, we have a very chronic and persistent theme in nuclear countries of nuclear technology being used in undemocratic ways. The UFO response to such “stealth” nuclear usage seems therefore to be to try to get the public to wake up to what Earth’s very for-profit defense contractors are doing, in some cases seemingly on their own initiative. 2) During this interview, it was stated, “No one’s near the moon,” but actually, isn’t that Chinese spacecraft still at work on the far side of our moon? 3) The climate crisis is accelerating, but not due to a generalized human death wish. In recent decades, its main causes are the actions of a few large corporations that are possibly controlled by a few human psychopaths. Over this last three years, however, Bloomberg News has been increasingly reporting on the growing popularity of climate bonds. Those bonds are funding many different kinds of climate change mitigation work. Further, in this last week, CNN, Bloomberg, MSNBC and others have begun reporting on the acceleration of fossil fuel disinvestment in an increasing number of corporations around the world; that’s a good thing. That disinvestment is happening in response to public pressure, much of which is being applied by our children. 4) In discussing AI, it’s important to keep in mind the assessments made by today’s AI grad students and AI grad school professors, that what is called AI today (by the media) are actually rather low-level machine learning software programs … many years (or generations?) away from true AI. 5) Due to concerns about smartphone addiction risks, I only use my smartphone in very limited ways, and I ration my total usage, not because of financial contract limits, but because I want to be certain that my smartphone usage remains totally conscious, hopefully intentional. 6) In attempting more open contact with intelligent life beyond Earth, what about encouraging more targeted communication with the neighborhood of the Sirius B star, the home area for the Nommo civilization? Such communication might include SETI radio listening, as well as the use of light technologies (lasers, etc.) recommended decades ago by the British writer and scientist Arthur C. Clarke. He said then, “Use light, the better spectrum.”

    1. On February 1, 2020, Indy said:

      | 4) In discussing AI, it’s important to keep in mind the assessments made by today’s AI grad students and AI grad school professors, that what is called AI today (by the media) are actually rather low-level machine learning software programs … many years (or generations?) away from true AI… |

      I couldn’t agree more. Current usage of the term “AI” is mostly just a marketing buzzword to sell a product (“Our product uses AI”) that still uses conventional (though perhaps wider) two-dimensional logical pathways. It will take a few more years before AI approaches what we now mistakenly assume it means.

      | 6) …communication might include … the use of light technologies (lasers, etc.) recommended decades ago by the British writer and scientist Arthur C. Clarke. He said then, “Use light, the better spectrum.” |

      An even better communications medium would be modulated gravity waves.

      The late Tom Van Flandern postulated in a lecture on a YouTube video that the speed of gravity might be up to 2 x 10^10 (20 billion) times the speed of light. (The link below starts at the right place where he discusses the possible speed of gravity.)

      Communication across the galaxy would be almost instantaneous, which would be the only practical method of ultra-distance communication in the physical realm.

  17. This is a good website that I check out at the beginning of each month. Here is an article that might interest a few of you relating to Tom Delonge/Vatican……

    “Vatican prepares conference on extraterrestrial life.”

    “This center is related to the organization founded by Tom Delonge, who participated in the public release of US Navy UFO videos.”

  18. Just now I saw this interesting article:

    “Profound Wisdom from an “Alien Video” by Whitley Strieber
    August 22, 2016”

    I don’t know if that was in reference to the video there is a link to posted at the bottom of the comments (longest URL of the two). But in the video that link leads to the figure speaking as an alien talks in a very demeaning way about humans, and calls the believe in God as the Creator “a superstition.”

    But maybe Whitley was referring to this following video, in which the alien is sad that the scientist who are requesting information from him -or her if they have a gender- are only interested in technical information for the making of weapons, not in the spiritual nature of man:

    “Area 51: The Alien Interview (1997) – Special Edition”

    The little being in that video has always touches=d my heart, while the one in the other video is cold compared to this one.

    Since comments are closed on that article by Whitley Strieber I post it here.

    1. Author

      The concept of God as an individual entity with a personality and aims like ours who happens to have created the universe probably is a superstition. My wife called God “the yearning” that underlies reality. She also referred to god as “mathematical,” and if you read books like Max Tegmark’s Our Mathematical Universe, it becomes clear that underlying all reality–all the forces of nature–is a mathematics which is itself responsible for the order of things. It’s easy enough to say that the God of the bible created this mathematics in some way, but that begs the question of where he came from and what he was doing in the timelessness prior to the emergence of reality. I don’t say the emergence of the “big bang” because that linear and deterministic concept is not sufficient to describe the immense and expanding array of universes which appear to comprise reality. So the idea of God that was referred to in this document is indeed a superstition–it is too simple to be accurate, but that does not mean that there is nothing in being that originated reality.

  19. Thank you for your kind response Whitley. Much appreciated.

    You wrote:

    “The concept of God as an individual entity with a personality and aims like ours who happens to have created the universe probably is a superstition. My wife called God “the yearning” that underlies reality.”

    I completely agree that there is no God as an individual entity really separate from us with aims like ours.

    Yet the separation has been experienced as completely real. But when we yearn for the real good, it is God yearning for himself in us, missing being Himself, experiencing being but a human instead of Who and How He is, and therefore Who and How we really are.

    If I may also respond to some of the other subjects you mention:

    That is what goes above our human understanding; an Absolute Cause that had no cause.

    To use the idea of dominos that in a long row fall against one another, looking at that, one might conclude they themselves are the cause of their falling. But each one’s falling is the result of the falling against it of the previous one. So if they could look and speak, then when one of them would look back and say “You are the cause of my falling” the other one would respond “No I’m not. I was pushed against you by the one behind me. My falling was only an effect. I’m not the cause, but part of a chain of effects. Even when we call it a chain of cause and effect, in it’s totality it is an effect.

    Just like with car pileups where a car hits the car in front of it while all the others before that one are waiting for the green light, the driver of last car of the row behind it all the others, who was the first one to hit a car, will have to pay for all the damage, or hopefully for him or her the insurance company will.

    None of the others will be held responsible of having caused the pile up; all of their hitting other cars was an effect caused by the first car hitting the row. So logic tells us there must be a cause having caused all we experience, a cause we don’t directly see even if it would be causing everything experienced right now.

    As for a Big Bang which originated space-time according to a cosmological model:

    According to that perception there was a cause before the emergence of space-time. The human mind cannot understand that. What can that be, a cause that is not in space and also not in time? Yet it caused them to appear as experience.

    All our imaginations of that consist of images based on space and time. Images of things that take op space, are in space, are in time, taking time to appear. So our imagining cannot be helpful for understanding what is neither space nor time, nor in space and time.

    Speaking of perception, we have never seen light come towards us for example
    Here we can use our imagination: imagine the photons as tennis balls. Can our skin feel the tennis balls coming towards it? Of course not. Our skin only feels tennis balls hitting it.
    So with our eyes. Before the light particles or waves reach them, they cannot be translated into signals to the brain. And so before the light particles reach the eyes they are not perceived.
    So to speak of particles or waves or light being observed as coming towards us is an imagination.

    As all visual images of this world are brought to us -or so it seems- as light particles or waves by a cause that is neither of them, for space-time did not exist before the Big Bang which was neither of them but caused them, so the world we perceive is an effect of a cause we don’t perceive.

    What’s more, according to neuroscience, what is not registered in the brain is not perceived. So according to that understanding this whole world and the universe is perceived in the brain.
    And only in the brain. Because what is not perceived in the brain is not perceived according to that model.

    Yet we perceive the world and the universe around the heads of others, and our own head when we look in a mirror or see our image in a photograph, film, or video.

    Which do we see; the translation in the brain of an energy that seems to originate outside of the brain? In other words the effects of a cause not perceived, as only the effects are perceived as a copy of an unseen original which is imagined must be the cause of the copy we see in the brain?

    Or do we actually see the world outside of the brain, so the supposed copy of it in the brain does not exist?

    For it can’t be both; either we see the copy in the brain of the original, or the original which is not a copy of it in the brain. We don’t see two things; the copy and the original.

    Al we can say is that all these are impressions of a cause unseen. Impressions in which brains and a world around then appear. I what? Some have called it “consciousness.”

    But who experiences dreams? is it not the dreamer? It is the imaginating unseen Self tht experiences all this now. As a creator and subject, the dreamer and the dreamed.

    Further we know from experience that we morally dislike -disprove of- selfishness and dishonesty. And that we like -approve of- unselfish love and honesty. Also of ourselves.

    As we know, dislike means unlike. So by saying we dislike something, we say we are unlike that which we don’t like. And when we say we like something, we are saying we are like it.

    We all have a conscience, and by observing our moral dislikes and likes, we see in what direction the needle of our moral compass points; always to how we really are, and how we but seem to be but are not. Our highest moral Ideal in us is doing that, because our highest moral Ideal is our true Identity.

    The One our moral compass points towards -what we morally like- is our true Self. What it points away from -what we morally don’t like- is not our real Self.

    I don’t mind calling our real Self God. Your’s, mine, and everyone’s real Self.

    By taking on the human experience we have all given our Life for the humans, to have it back again when also the humans would have it. Then we would also have it as the humans. Entirely to their benefit, as we would be but recuperate what we had volunteered to give up for the humans by imagining being but humans in a human world. Until as the humans we would begin to remember this, and thus Who we really are.

    A lot more could be said about all this, but this already is a long post. So I better stop here.

    A vague memory comes up of having read somewhere sometime something Mark Twain might have said, something like this:

    “If I were God, and would believe all the things people say about me, I would become an atheist myself.”

  20. Corrections:
    “Impressions in which brains and a world around them appear. In what? Some have called it “consciousness.”

    “It is the imaginating unseen Self that experiences all this now.”

    With my apologies, also if more errors would be in the text.
    Part of experiencing being but human. Not always very pleasant. Yet also not how nor who our true Self is.

  21. PS:
    With “an Absolute Cause that had no cause.” I meant “is not Itself caused, not an effect of another cause.”

    Not that that Cause has no cause in the sense of not having a purpose, so that the whole universe, this earth, and all living beings including ourselves, are purposeless. That it all exists for no reason at all. Just an accidental coincidence, even that the Cause symbolized as the Big Bang is now thinking about itself…

    One may believe that, but that is a belief against astronomical odds.

  22. I really hoped you (Whitley) would have asked what was revealed to your guest, just last week that horrified him, but you remained silent and never asked. I tried skimming through the ‘comments’ to see if someone else asked and you replied, but I ran out of patience. Can you please tell us why you didn’t ask or contact the guest and ask him to explain and then post it. This would be helpful. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t ask him at the time???? If I missed it, I apologize. I really enjoyed this show – the guests are very credible and I am ordering the book tonight. Thanks for this show subject being explored in such a profound way… !

  23. If UFOs began appearing regularly after our atomic bomb tests lit-up the cosmic radar demonstrating our nuclear capability, why were the detonations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki not prevented by “them” from occurring?

  24. It’s interesting to hear Robert Hastings describe how he observed his family around the dining room table, frozen in some kind of suspended animation. And that he was probably taken from the family into — and then back from — the cornfield to return to his family, who would have remained in suspended animation while he was gone.

    Hence, he would not have experienced any missing time. But his family would have, if they noticed.

    I wonder if something like that could happen in “reverse” — that a person could somehow remain in an active state while the entire outside world was frozen in suspended animation.

    What a lot I could accomplish if I could make that happen!

    How would you use that time?

    I could read as many books as possible to seem to develop knowledge super-quickly. I could use it to work-out in the gym, and seem like I instantaneously developed a great physique. I could apply to the CIA to be their perfect spy. I could stroll into Area 51 and see whatever I wanted. Many other things!

    However, it would have its drawbacks, too. If I used that ability a lot, I would appear to age faster than those in the sometimes-suspended (normal) world. Because while the world was suspended, my body would still age at the normal rate of time that I experienced. If I suspended the outside world for a year, I would consequently appear a year older than I should (to the regular world) when I un-suspended the outside state.

    You might be aware of the Twilight Zone episode that touches on this idea. The entertaining episode is called “A Kind of a Stopwatch.”

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