Last summer, we explored the hidden treasure of Jesse James with his great-great grandson Daniel Duke on Dreamland. (For more about that show, click here.) Now Daniel and his sister Teresa are back with another great summer show at a time when we really need a chance to kick back and just enjoy a fascinating story. Their mother insisted all of her life that her great-grandfather Jesse James had not died in 1882 at all but had lived on in Blevins, Texas under an assumed name. When she went public with her claims, she received death threats and the FBI became involved. A 1995  DNA test was done, and the results were claimed to conclusively prove that Jesse was in the grave in Kansas.

Now Daniel and Teresa Duke have taken up the challenge with their new book, the Mysterious Life and Faked Death of Jesse James. They take us on a deep dive into a story that first seems impossible, then–maybe possible, and then–well have a great time with Daniel and Teresa, they are terrific researchers!

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  1. this is a serious and unironic question , so please don’t laugh, but, could you ask anne or the implant why architecture became so soulless after WW2? It can’t be survivorship bias as we have photos of Western cities going back to the 1830s.

    Was it down to trauma influencing the pioneers or a reflection of where the human spirit is going or a reflection of it? love to hear an answer from the dead or the visitors about that

    1. Author

      How interesting that you would suggest that I ask Anne this. As it happens, she was quite a student of architecture and was most interested in this very question. She loved the Tom Wolfe essay From Bauhaus to Our House that gets into it.
      The dehumanization of architecture was initially a reflection of Marxist influence. Unfortunately, the corporate world soon realized that soulless boxes were cheaper than real buildings. Thus the dreadful look of the modern world. It’s very sad.

      1. Frank Gehry literally said: ”Life is chaotic, dangerous, and surprising. Buildings should reflect that.”

        I wonder how many people would buy a house on a chaotic and dangerous-looking street? It seems very much wrapped in greed, narcissism and novelty

        the famous clinical psychologist jordan peterson said beauty is a pathway to the divine, which is why we’re so scared of it

        be interesting what anne knows about architecture now she has crossed over

        1. Author

          “Architecture reflects the spirit of the time in which it is designed, and the skill of the people. Modern architecture reflects the rising numbers and declining significance of the individual in an overpopulated world.”

          As I have said, I am no channeller, and as I read your post, I thought to myself, ‘I wonder if she even cares about architecture anymore?’ A second later, what you see here rolled through my mind. It may or may not be
          Anne’s thought, but it isn’t mine.

    2. As a Interior Designer I disagree. I have worked with all styles in my forty-five years in this profession. It always comes down to what makes the home owner comfortable. As an example years ago Ralph Lauren’s home was featured in a design magazine. It was modern and very simple, all in white and natural wood. The only accessories were a couple of trees. It made perfect sence to me. A designer who creates colors, patterns, furniture, etc. all day comes home to a space that clears and calms his brain. Architects also design for the setting, going back to Frank Lloyd Wright. Buildings are often a backdrop for the magnificent views and intended to blend with rather the dominate nature. The simplicity of modern design can bring peace and tranquilty such as found in many chapels. In this respect it does reflect our curren time. The more hectic life is for some people the more they need the quiet of modern design. Everyone is not the same. Personal situations and preferences can vary enomously as I have seen in my career.

  2. As God -our true Self- in everyone we have the complete right to remember this:

    “Heaven or hell, life of death, as God I was willing to experience also this out of unconditional Charity for and as the soul of this human appearance.”

  3. Speaking of architecture, our bodies and minds or spirits are the temple and altar God is experiencing having as each one of us.
    By taking on the human experience and no longer consciously experiencing Who we really are it has cost us our Life and divine happiness. But we lovingly willed also other beings would have our original Life and joy; the souls of the human beings.
    Reason it was written that our bodies and spirits are God’s:
    “What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you and which ye have from God, and that ye are not your own?
    For ye are bought with a price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

  4. This show made a nice departure from the maelstrom of negative media projected at us by all the media outlets worldwide. UC of course avoids that, even if some of us get sucked into it from time to time.

    Way back when, Men were Men. I can’t imagine how gritty life was back then in the ‘Wild West’. I’m a typical Brit really and hearing these tales of frontier lands always makes me consider the reality of those days.

    What an enormous country America is and so I guess faking your death would be quite easy. It makes you wonder how any bandits got caught. I guess they didn’t take off far enough.

    A compelling story and more enjoyable with those fine southern accents.


  5. A great interview, provided by a great interviewer.

    Thanks Whitley! I appreciate your acumen as a well developed interviewer and broadcaster.

    I was thinking at the beginning, that the young lady was going to be really tough to get anything out of.
    However, I am struck by what a gracious and kind host you are. And you really drew out a lot of fascinating details about the Jesse James story!

    The Civil War is my second favorite subject; and I think you can relate to that …

    Thanks, great show!

    P.S.- I also dig the way you deal with those other guys on their shows!

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