Linda Moulton Howe returns to Dreamland to discuss what Col. Philip Corso’s immortal phrase “a new world if you can take it” means to her and what it is going to mean in 2020 and beyond. Will 2020 be “the year” that the world faces the reality that there is somebody here whose nature we do not know and whose presence and motives we do not know.

Linda took over a hundred notes while reading A New World, and she goes through them in this fascinating show, exploring the information in A New World as only Linda Moulton Howe can, ranging over her lifetime of experience and research. The discussion of “resurrection technology” as it appears in Glimpses of Other Realities is stunning–and, for that matter, so is the entire interview! You will never forget, among other things, the story Linda tells of a witness who saw herself die, then return in a new version of her body and ask the agonizing question, “who am I?”

At one point, Linda says, “We have a brand new universe that’s coming. It isn’t just the headline ‘we are not alone,’ it is an entirely new relationship with the fundamental fabric of reality.”

Linda Moulton Howe at her dynamic and exciting best!

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  1. When I heard Whitley’s analysis of the 3 metallic screeching noises in this recording, I found myself nodding in agreement… it is in large part those associated with Earth, whose physical lives were completed, who support the new scientific and spiritual questions we explore at the dawn of a new decade, in January 2020.

    When you discuss the transition from beryllium-7 to lithium-7, I was surprised because beryllium, which is almost never found in concentration on Earth, is an extreme poison.

  2. Yes,yes,yes! What a remarkable, fantastic discussion! At one point when you mentioned the list of people such as Linda, yourself, Stan Friedman, and others, the late Dr. John Mack came through loud and clear to me, cloaked in that wonderful warm compassion of his! This was soooo cool…!

    …Also, the words that I have heard for years in my head at odd moments made their way into my consciousness:

    ” This is why we watch you,”

    Many thanks to Whitley and Linda!

  3. Whitley…. I was listening with my eyes closed and relaxed. The first sound caused me to jump like electricity passed through me. I was ready for the second but the third sound caused am image of black lightning on a gray background almost an instant before it happened. The third sound caused a jolting jump to happen after the image and after the sound was over. I lost part of the conversation. And….. the next thing I knew, the show was ending. This has been an odd sensation for me.

  4. Thank you Whitley and Linda for this interview/thoughts/conversation.

    So, as I am listening to this interview, I receive an incoming email from These few words describing the Betelgeuse event caught my eye, “IS THE END NEAR?” It isn’t of course at least I don’t think anytime soon???

    —— Forwarded Message ——
    From: “”
    Sent: 1/10/2020 2:39:35 PM
    Subject: The Fainting of Betelgeuse

  5. Having a hard time getting thru this. Linda is a great journalist – but a scientist? Not so.

  6. An astounding conversation that demands multiple listens. I think that the screeches were a collective voice that were underscoring the most salient points. My hair is still standing on end!

  7. Those sounds are interesting.

    Listening to them several times and comparing them to a tone generator app on my phone, it seems there is a frequency present of very close to 800 Hz, or a harmonic of that. I would be fascinated to have a closer look, as channelling my inner Dr. Eleanor “Ellie” Arroway, from the book Contact… There sounds like there’s data there.

    Just playing about with numbers, it’s also pretty damned close to a harmonic of 3.14 Hz…3.14x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2=804 Hz… I’d have to get a proper spectrum analyser running on my PC to see what was actually there.

  8. Thank you Whitley and Linda. I really hope that the being that was placed in Australia away from his family and friends survives the conflagration enveloping our eastern seaboard. We are a country led by climate change denialists and fear for our survival as a “democracy”.

  9. Come on Whitley – the electronic noises [not “inflections points” whatever they are] and have nothing to do with what you are saying – the ISP and carrier issues. I get them all the time and no aliens or government is doing anything. You are getting too paranoid or jumping to false conclusions. Your new web site was down and I suppose that was “them” too?

  10. Author

    Nope. They are inflection points as far as I’m concerned. You may get them all the time, which I doubt, but I most assuredly do not.

    1. Hi Whitley,
      As I was listening, I could hear some less obvious static sounds during the interview. I don’t recall where they all occured. However, it sounded like there was another fainter static sound during the last section with the replays when you first mentioned the scientist’s name who developed the EVP technology. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

  11. When Linda relayed the story where the visitors were removing the heart of someone apparently to place in a cloned body, I recall that the Ancient Egyptians claimed that it is this organ where the seat of intelligence lay, and that thinking occurred from here also.
    Did they believe that this was the seat of the “I”, the seat of the personality that we think of as who we are? Is this why the transplant in this context occurred?
    Another great show, thanks.

  12. Linda was amazing in this discussion. I began to think the whole conversation was channeled, perhaps. On my Zen page a day the quote:

    “After the ecstacy, the laundry.”

    This is the human condition.

  13. Matthew 6—
    28 “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? 31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

    I thought of this verse when you were discussing our unique, perhaps our greatest gift which the visitors treasure of our being trapped in time and their being outside of time.

  14. As we are changed by them, they are changed by us.
    This is not circular reasoning; it’s a spiral.

  15. Well said.  I also believe that we humans are the flower (well maybe still seeds )  of the universe or evolving to that.

    I certainly agree about  the human /like robotic entities referred  to in the podcast.
    In my encounter one was pushing at my forehead menacingly and with a robotic voice said: “DO YOU BELIEVE NOW??”  

    But when I pushed right back mentally and answered “I ALREADY KNOW!!” 
    I could feel it being  startled and even drew back!

     The entities may  know more technology, read our thoughts, mingle with the dead, but it does not necessarily mean they are all advanced spiritually.   
    Many seem to be  in a kind of muddle.  

    That is the equation we have in our favor. .  To protect ourselves just by being in this higher state. Some practical ways is to do the sensing excercises that Mr. Strieber and the Silva method talk about and just plain chanting or meditation/ by walking, special breathing, etc.

    But it is very important that we also reach  that “JOY” that Anne emphasized.

    Jesus, Yogananda and many others have experienced it throughout the ages but we have forgotten.

    It is our birthright.  But who is really happy here?  How to get it? That is our difficult quest.

    The higher our vibration the freer we will be and naturally make our soul stronger. 

    The best way I have found to describe this elusive joy is in  Paramahansa Yogananda’s classic  samadhi. To listen to it:

    I also find this breathing exercise helpful:

    Sorry.. I sure did not mean to get on a long tangeant

    The original reason was just to say what a treat listening to this dream team was!
    Thank you Mr. Strieber and Ms. Moulton Howe.

    1. Interesting thing, I had to download this episode for a second time because it mysteriously disappeared from my phone. I had listened to about 20 minutes of the show, went back to listen to the rest and it was gone. Not the first time something weird has happened to my phone in regards to Dreamland or The Experience.

  16. Just looking into this audio interference a bit more… I used a frequency spectrum analyser whilst running the audio clips of the noise and what I noticed was a peak frequency of 3188Hz. When searching the Web, this frequency comes up a few times associated with modulated signals… and by far the most interesting was a suggestion that one of the resonant frequencies of a typical human male vocal tract is 3188Hz.

    I don’t have the capability to extract any more info than that… If it is possible for an expert to de-modulate the signal, it would be fascinating to know the content.

  17. Whitley, I had to update my above comment. Many times when I listen to your show I will submit a comment before the show is over. Because I want to express what comes into my mind immediately as the thought is very intense. My above comment is an example of this.

    Continuing my listening, I too heard the strange metallic burst of noise at 01:26 and it happened right after Linda said the word ‘Spiral’! This shocked me as I felt I had been inspired to add the second line to my original comment. I posted that line previously to hearing that part of the show!

    Dreamland is not a one-way broadcast; instead I firmly believe it is a genuine dialog between yourself, the audience, and the Visitors themselves.

    The dialog is happening right now, outside of time.

  18. “Relief from the weight of knowing” That is absolutely mind blowing! I’ve always been a little scared following your journey whit… But nothing has jolted me like this soul manipulation of a clone from that man in Wisconsin! WTF? This is where I get kinda stuck. The thought of never seeing the people I love most, like my daughters and my wife completely blows me away! I don’t like that! That is terrifying beyond my capacity to endure. My love for my wife and daughters and my father who passed away in 2015 is so deep and so powerful… anything threatening that relationship puts me in a state of panic!
    Soul harvesting. Now that is CREEPY! “A new world if you can take it” I’m not so sure I can.

    1. Hi LST, I just got an image, reading your post. I saw a football game where players were being rotated on and off the field as they got tired, or the team’s strategy changed. Each player was either on the field, or on the sidelines -but still part of the game.

  19. Gaah, my original comment was deleted, (I think by me) that I posted about half way into the show.

    Anyway it was:

    As they change us we are changing them.
    This is not circular reasoning; it is a spiral.

  20. I had a dream the other night, i was on some sort of vehicle in the sky , kinda wide and circular , yea i know it sounds like your average UFO shape, but that’s how i perceived it, anyway i was standing up holding a baby, and a voice said to me, “Your going to get an upgrade”, i then placed the baby down , and then realised that the baby was me, or was going to be me , end of dream

  21. something you should look into
    also the sound that chimes in at certain moments sounds like an electric motor sound of some kind. a sample of one. high pitched, very short. unusual. not artifact from call, those are different more inline. i agree with the point that contact should be more from a mature sensible position and not like in our past of worship or blind fear. its time for us to grow up.

  22. Linda mentioned a couple of times that she thought there were some beings without souls… in one of the scariest and most vivid ‘dreams’ I ever had, I came face to face with one…and it REALLY didn’t like me. To to be fair, the feeling was mutual.

  23. A great show. It opened doors already ajar.

    I asked, this evening, having spent it dwelling on life, change and the few months ahead of me, why I seek solace in family.

    I’ve spent this evening reminiscing over The Waltons, The Osmonds, 70’s culture, etc. I know it’s not long for me now and that’s fine. ”One more year”… I heard that on waking last May. That’s ok.

    So, asking why I now seek solace in family, I heard/received tonight the instant/conscious/audible response ”to relieve hopelessness”.

    Mr Strieber recounted visitor’s descriptions of life as a coffin. Maybe that’s it.

    A chance to inspire through shadow, through forgetfullness.

    I love all of you.



  24. Mindblowing! One of the greatest Dreamland broadcast ever. I started hearing odd noises straight away. My first thought was bugging.

  25. Whitley: The 3 sounds are burst transmissions.
    take them to a sound lab and slow them down to understand.

  26. Finally got thru this one. Very hard – lots of conjecture but no evidence. Hoping next weeks gets back on track.

    1. What kind of evidence were you hoping for? Seeing as the vast majority of material on Dreamland is related to subjective experience, I’m not sure you are in the right place.

      How about attempting to provide proof that you are conscious? I know I am, but I can’t prove it to anyone.

  27. The description of the December 13th Dreamland episode contains the following:
    Next week on Dreamland its our Christmas-New Year’s Special: Scientists Deep Prasad and Ed Belbruno tell of their close encounter experiences and for subscriber Linda Moulton Howe reveals her findings after years of researching the mysterious bismuth-magnesium material that is now in the hands of TTSA.
    Will Linda Moulton Howe be presenting findings of the Bi-Mg materials? I have been hearing stories about these materials for some time. Have there been any definitive conclusions reached about the composition of these materials? Can any data regarding the materials be released and if so are there any scientific papers that will be published reporting the findings of the analysis?

    1. Author

      I don’t think that the analysis has been done. That’s up to TTSA. We did an analysis of my piece at Southwest Research. We reported on it on UC recently: Linda will be back to discuss this soon. We’d planned it for the new year show, but she was eager to talk about her impressions of A New World instead.

  28. Author

    Linda will be returning in February or March to discuss her experiences with the bisimuth-magnesium foam that she recently sold to TTSA. Whitley also has some of the material and has had it studied at Southwest Research in San Antonio, so it should be an interesting discussion!

    1. Wow, pretty mind blowing, and brings up more questions- would the clone going to Australia have all the memories of who he replaced? Why would he need more time? How often are they doing this? 3 bursts like 3 knocks!

  29. Hey folks,
    This has been one of the best informational discussions for me.
    1) stick with us, Von Hausenberg. Not today.
    2) for the past few years, i have been under the impression that the greys were “bio-roids.” Given that, an energy being using the suit to move about. Can the energy being exist and NOT be a soul? maybe……it would be beyond our ken.
    3) i also see these visitors/archons/watchers are really gardeners. When the frosts start to come, you take your planter containers and put them in a warm spot in the house or garage. when the world shifts, they are going to protect the garden(us) by intervention. once the cold threat has passed, they will take us back outside. I recall some science study that tied together major global upheaval with the structure of the skull of humanoid ancestors. in short, the world shifts, Man evolves.
    4) and lastly, because I dont know…. what if “they are us”
    What if …. they are coming back to redirect this species into a different direction, to save themselves which happens to be us. To not “be” in a closed box. Because i guess at all kinds of things. Ignorance is bliss?
    Great Great Great…thanks again!

  30. A few thoughts, placing the man/clone in Australia would entail a lot of detail manipulation as people don’t just appear. He would need a background, job, family, bank account, etcetera. Unless he just showed up as a homeless man. Also, I don’t think the physical world is the primary reality. After all, the soul/consciousness is eternal while the physical is temporary. If we do look at this as a game, often a very cruel one, we are merely players that come and go. Maybe the visitors are the caretakers of the game.Physical Time only exists for the game. Maybe being non physical beings, or of a different physicality they must take on the robotic bodies to interact with us..robotic may be easier to enter and leave than fully physical. Maybe they see a coffin because once a soul enters the game, it looses it self and becomes addicted to the physical. I could see where they would not want extinction, as this would end the game. I think the spirit/soul world is the primary reality here , not humans. Harley, you made my point so well. We are all one, with the one that is all. We are all players in this game, just in different positions. We and the visitors are one and the same. When they enter the game, we become the caretakers. Maybe?

  31. Didn’t Ann say that they could only see a little into the future? Maybe the future is just probabilities, and that’s what they see. If so, they can’t know everything and that’s what makes the game interesting.

  32. On a side note, the beach is my backyard. Having just taken a walk after a storm, the beach looks like it is covered in confetti, colorful plastic bits that are increasing dramatically every year. I watch the tourist happily walk, oblivious to the destruction all around them.

  33. Whitley, those three noises are definitely a data stream of some sort…sounds like a carrier being modulated at a high frequency….would be very interested in the content! Great talk with Linda….thank you!

  34. Interesting thing, I had to download this episode for a second time because it mysteriously disappeared from my phone. I had listened to about 20 minutes of the show, went back to listen to the rest and it was gone. Not the first time something weird has happened on my phone in regards to Dreamland or The Experience.

  35. If this keeps happening, it’s because your phone doesn’t have enough free memory. Download the File Manager app and log in through the app. You won’t have any more trouble with streaming or mp3 retention issues. Apple, in their wisdom, does not include a file manager as part of iOS.

  36. It occurred to me that the old looking child and the two evil looking men that followed Mr Strieber and lived near him in an apartment in San Antonio may have been strange guardians who had their souls taken out of previous bodies and placed in new bodies that had been grown for them.

    This may account for the ‘kid’s’ aged visage and the overall troubled nature of the three of them. One imagines that such a process would be emotionally discombobulating to say the least. They never actually did anything to harm the Striebers though, so I wonder..

  37. This is a virtual reality. Like a dream, which consists of many parts, each part being what each one of us experiences as this world and the humans we seem to be in it.

    Yet there must be a creative entity making it all appear. Just as in dreams there is a dreamer. And although in dreams it seems things are happening to us, in reality we ourselves are the creators of everything that appears in the dream.

    In that sense we are arranging every atom of this virtual reality dreamlike world to make it appear as it does. And also in that sense we are not really from this world. Which makes us extra-terrestrials.

    All this of course can be projected into this dream as symbols standing for our spiritual reality: who we really are, and what we are really doing. At least as creators of this dreamlike reality, which indeed is being experienced as completely real.

    So we have the modern digital techniques used to make things in movies look totally real, but are not, while they are made by the creators of those movies which we don’t see. And this is also appearing in this dream as a symbolic pointer to our not of this world reality and identity.

    As a well known teacher once said: “I am not of this world.” And reminding the ultimate Creator of us all as entities making this dreamworld appear as it does collectively said: “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.”

    For the intelligence and coordination required to make this all take place, that is also not of this world. Not to get into the required infinitely great courageous loving Charity towards the humans we seem to be.

    All that also to their benefit these new created conscious entities here may remember and begin to enjoy Who they really are, and what we are really doing, no matter how disguised as humans and what we as humans we seem to do. That we thus recuperate what we had given up for these entities -the humans- we were creating that also they would enjoy what we “Back Stage” already enjoyed.

    1. Correction:
      “and what we as humans seem to do.”

      Part of experiencing being but human; experiencing being someone who makes mistakes. And feeling stupid for it.
      No wonder someone wrote “Who will deliver me from this body of death?”
      And then gave thanks for Who he realized he really was.
      That piece of text also appears in this virtual reality as a reminder for us to realize the same is valid for us.

      1. As a last note from me, not to make it too long I hope:

        The Light symbolizes consciousness. It may also symbolize our soul, as the soul has the faculties of reasoning, remembering, and willing. And a new consciousness must go in a new mind, which can be symbolized in this dream as having a new body, to make us at least understand it somewhat, for minds we don’t see. But we can see light and bodies.
        Although strictly speaking, light itself is not seen either, only the matter that is made visible by the unseen light. A beam of what looks like visible light consists of fine dust or tiny liquid or vapor particles. The actual light or energy making them appear is invisible. And so are our consciousness and mind, as well as Who we are in truth. In this world we may only see the reflections of them, as if seeing the moonlight, which is a reflection of the sunlight so even at night in the dark we can know there is a sun as source of the light and its warmth, symbolizing consciousness and love, which are giving us life, the Source of all this being our true Identity.

        As the same teacher said it: “I am the light of the world”, and speaking to those who accepted that about him as well as about themselves he said: “You are the light of the world.”

        Because time is a part of this virtual reality dream, in which the cause of it is presented as being in the past, also those words are presented as being said and written in the past. But in reality it is all being created right now. And when we read those words, we hear them sounding in us as our own voice, in silent thought forms, symbolizing that they are translations of communications of our not from this world true Self.

        1. Author

          The spam filter is blocking all of your comments. We are posting them as soon as we see them. It will stop doing this when it detects that they are being approved.
          This is happening because of your .nl email address.

          1. The though arises that “.nl” is not my real country. And for me to believe it is because that is what my senses present to me is believing misleading “spam” indeed.

            The identification with our human appearance and its acts and all the rest of it is harmful and lethal to our consciousness of Who our true Identity is.

            Not that Who we are in truth can be harmed or killed. But our consciousness and enjoyment of it can and is for as long as we identify with our merely human character.

            And that in turn is reflected and symbolized in this virtual reality as there being evil alien beings. While the “alien” to Who we really are is the merely human we seem to be.

            Every morning when we experience opening our eyes and believe we are this human body and mind we have been abducted again by an alien surrounded by diverse other aliens who test us on the degree of disinterest of our love.

        2. Did I hear the sound of an alarm clock going off? Sounds like symbolizing: “Time to wake up!”
          : D
          A message from Who our true being is. Arranging the atoms so it appears here.

  38. Author

    That certainly is an interesting thought. Anne and I did have the impression that the “boy” was guarding us. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, he reacted very negatively when we went skinny dipping. He ran back and forth in the woods behind the pool gasping and breaking sticks.

    I wonder if you’re right about what he was. What they were. They were certainly sinister appearing and their ability to enter my mind was disconcerting, to say the least. But you’re quite right: they never harmed us or even threatened us.

    I must admit that I have regretted driving them off the way I did. I think that they may have had more value to me and Anne than we realized.

  39. I’m not seeing how to view the video version of this… the page says “To watch the FREE video version on YouTube, click here.” but that just goes to this page.

    It then says “Subscribers, to watch the subscriber version of the video, first log in then click on Dreamland Subscriber-Only Video Podcast link.” I do that and it just plops me onto the homepage, so I click SUBSCRIBER HOME and Subscriber-Only Podcasts, then I go to Dreamland, but the page – – with Dreamland just has a “Click here to copy link” which just shows the RSS mp3 feed… and no video link anywhere.

    Where am I supposed to view the video of this episode?!

  40. Author

    This program was audio only. It was created before Dreamland had video. There used to be an audio file on YouTube, but it is no longer there. The webmaster has put up a note to this effect on the show description.

    You can listen on the regular audio streams.

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