First Whitley spends a few minutes with Mia Feroleto talking about a remarkable conference to be held July 18-22 at the Pine Ridge Reservation near Rapid City, SD on July 18-22. You can learn more by emailing or calling 802-952-6217. Whitley will be in attendance at this intimate conference,read more

In the January 27th Dreamland, Linda Moulton Howe reported on one of the great close encounter experiences of all time, which happened in Utah just a few weeks ago. Her interview with the witness contains what might well be the single most useful message ever transmitted out of the experince, about who our visitors are and how we may find our way with them. The material is deeply familiar to Whitley Strieber, and here he shines what is probably as bright a light as has ever been shone on the inner truth of contact and what we can do within ourselves to be better able to understand it and make use of the message that it is bringing mankind.
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