Renowned adventurer and explorer Alex Chionetti joins us to describe his journeys deep into the legendary Tayos Caves of Ecuador. For years, explorers have challenged these caves to give up their secrets–but are there any secrets there, or is it just another blind alley in mankind’s long quest to recover the wisdom of the ancients? Alex has spent thirty years of his life exploring the mysteries of the lost civilizations of the South American jungle. Here, he describes not only his amazing findings about the Tayos Caves, but also his discovery of two lost cities and much more.

Why is the ancient language of the Shuar people who make the caves the center of their culture connected to the middle European language Maygar? How is it that Japanese sailors reached the west coast of South America long before humans were supposed to be able to navigate the oceans? Or did they?

Entertain these and many other questions on this exciting trip into the deep past and one of the great mysteries of our time.

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  1. FASCINATING! Vintage Whitely! But new and fresh. Love to hear stuff by someone who has been there and done it rather than hearsay and rehashed end of world nightmares. This is are hidden history slowly coming out into the light. Keep on keeping with KNOWLEDGE instead of guesses.

  2. ok, that was interesting. Im with ya John. But alot of times, you have too much distance between the dots to cleanly connect them. like …..
    The mystery rock near Los lunas NM. (with the permission of the indians who own that property) that one was still up for grabs, but I think Dixie Perkins had the translation right.
    what I “think” doesnt mean its true or correct.
    But a library of metal…. wow, that must have been something just to touch.

  3. I have only heard the opening few minutes… I was so shocked I put the interview on hold! I am confused because for the last3 months I have been writing the 3rd book of my trilogy and the central theme is finding an ancient city underground, then today before I listened to Whitley I was editing my book, using Word, when inexplicably the entire file – the entire book- just vanished. I had been saving every 5 minutes, as I editied, yet the file has gone! The title of this third book – a science fiction novel – is Interdimensional Worlds. I am really concerned because I do not want to lose this book.
    lyn willmott

    1. I hope you can recover your lost files! Save, save and save again.

  4. Whitney…just a brief comment re: the Atacama preserved skeleton that Dr. Steven Greer presented in his crowd funded move/documentary Sirius…I believe, you may not have much knowledge of who this gentleman or his life long dedication to Disclosure is… I have followed his work since the World Puja site was up and running…because if so, you would not have reacted so strongly in this interview, when Alexs’ mention the Atacama beings, and the preserved skeleton….you, flatly announced that it was found to be a fetus a couple of times to be exact…which lead me to believe your info. was probably gained from articles in the New York News a while back and a scientific paper written….Please take the time to watch this video….here Dr. Greer outlines the whole story, the behind the printed word story (the science paper written, as well as the article in the news paper)….I truly believe you will have a change of mind/heart….

    1. Author

      I have watched the video and I know Dr. Greer’s work and history quite well. I also know Dr. Garry Nolan, who did the DNA analysis on the fetus. He is a good friend and I know him to be a scientist of the highest reputation and integrity. He has shown conclusively that the DNA material provided by Dr. Greer was human. This is not stated in the film you make reference to.

      1. Well, Whitney…it is wonderful that you are compelled to believe your friend Dr. Nolan because of his status and integrity…..still, I truly find the information Dr. Greer presents in this video believable and, on it’s own terms, compelling….add to it all, the x-rays of a human fetus, in comparison to the x-ray of this little being, well, there is no comparison, in my opinion, for what it’s worth, and yes, I’m not an… Then add to it the evidence Dr. Greer presents, from eminent specialists that argue that this Being is not a human fetus….deformed or otherwise….Has human DNA?…obviously I can’t say…but, who knows where we humans originate from…anything is possible. I hope Dr. Greer has/had success in procuring the original sample from the University (where it was sequenced), I highly doubt they would…but who knows. ….. The good thing, personally, Whitney, is that your interview with Alex, and my need to comment, lead me to finally sign up, and log in….I’ve enjoyed this exchange, and have enjoyed listening to many “free” interviews in the past, and am looking forward to listening to your “full” interviews from now on…besides ordering your new book…A New World….and well, we have chatted in the past, re: an experience I had after reading Michaell Clellands’ blog a few yrs. back….a vivid dream of being whipped out of my body on board a craft. an owl…and a rock….Barb Cowling….

      2. dna across the universe may have alot in common with our dna. i wonder if its hard to tell human from “alien”. i suspect there’s alot of seeding and hybridization going on all over the place. our distant myths and legends can tell us as much. wish we knew more about our own dna.

      3. I haven’t followed Dr Greer very closely. I appreciate the Disclosure Project, and found videos of public gatherings with apparent UFO appearances interesting. I thought it might be enlightening to try to join one of these group summonings with Greer or the guy who had people gather in central WA. Forget his name.

        On the surface, close encounters of the 5th kind might seem similar to your practices, though I appreciate you not saying you know visitor intentions or generalizing about their feelings.

        I don’t like divisions in any field, and don’t want to stir the pot of this already contentious area, but before closing I want to say that I am interested in any insights you care to share about Greer and these subjects, either written yourself or through worthwhile links.

        1. He’s obviously a very controversial figure. As to whether or not his CE5 experiences work, we will have a person on Dreamland on February 7 who has participated in some and will report on his experiences.

          1. Thanks, looking forward to it.

  5. I recall this controversy. I think that Dr. Nolan’s findings were presented after the documentary was made. I googled Garry Nolan Atacama and found his report on the TTSA website, and also a story that says that Greer has implied that he was bribed by the Defense Department to lie.

    I don’t know who to believe, but if Whit vouches for Nolan, then, on balance, I’m going with him. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time, attended Dreamland festivals and personally talked to both Whitley and Anne. They are sincere and have the highest integrity, imo.

  6. Decades ago I visited Cuzco, Machu Picchu, and Sacsayhuaman. In Cuzco I saw the Temple of the Sun inside the church that was build around it, hiding it from outside eyes.
    What really intrigued me was how they could have shaped stones with their irregular surfaces that fit so perfectly against the stones under, above and next to them

    Alex Chionetti mentioned melting stone, and recently I saw a video on that subject:

    “Impossible Ancient Stone Work In Peru That Proves They Melted, Shaped and Fitted Huge Blocks Perfect”

    Still that is a symbolic rendering of the arranging of atoms we do from a level of consciousness we are not conscious of normally.

  7. yes,the Korikancha or Temple of Santo Domingo is a marvelous piece of architecture and archeoastronomy…

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