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Our Christmas Special this year is an hour with Linda Moulton Howe, and she and Whitley cover the world of high strangeness. They start with MK-ULTRA and the possibility that it is continuing. Linda starts with this: “from every direction, I am getting a sense that 2019 could be one of the world’s most tumultuous years, physically from the planet’s point of view, from the environment, from the government and possibly finally getting that headline that we’ve all been waiting for for so long, that we’re not alone in this universe!”

And that’s just the beginning! Listen and they dive deeper into high strangeness than ever before. This show is full of new material, new ideas and alive with the electrifying synergy that comes when Linda and Whitley connect!

We’ll be back on January 4 with our traditional John Hogue predictions show, then we’ll be exploring the story of those strange mummies found in Peru, and going on from there into a great 2019 on Dreamland, the oldest and–we think–the best podcast of its kind in the world. 

Learn more about Linda’s work and visit every day!

Note: Whitley has a slip of the tongue while discussing a missing time experience he had in May of 2017. He says May of 1986.

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Thanks for being part of this from all of us at Whitley Strieber, Jeremy Vaeni, Matthew Frizzell, Amy Safrankova, Nikki Thomas, Ted Alexander and me, Al Harlow. (BTW, I’m not the musician!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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  1. Linda and Whitley, shift your
    Linda and Whitley, shift your awareness from the energetic field of awareness (here and now) to the informational field. None of us beings are really here. The soul is NOT ‘inside’ our bodies, (how quaint) any more than we are in the robotic machines that are currently exploring Mars. Yet we see what they see, and communicate with these various probes as if we were there.

    Remember, energy IS information (and the reverse is true). This reality is a construct, and it is designed to make anyone feel that is all there is.

    The more accurate representation would be that there exists in a hyper-dimensional representation, a conduit between what we think we are and a higher level of reality. The, (OMG, I hate to characterize it like this), aliens are basically co-opting our communication channel between our avatars, (ourselves in 3D simulation) and our true position in the grand cosmic order.

    None of us are defined by the state of our bodies; cold, hungry, lonely, ill, etc., but that is what we are challenged with on a day-to-day basis, and our human condition is naturally of paramount importance. However, as sentient beings we have to see there are alternatives to this miserable condition. THEY know better; so why is their cooperation being withheld?

    It is well past time for those advanced beings (tongue in cheek here) to step up and at least clue humanity as to what our (and the planet’s) true potential really is. I guess I am searching for COMMUNION.

    1. Wow you are describing
      Wow you are describing something in your third paragraph that I have been shown myself in visionary states. That we are a kind of viewing /experiential platform for non 3d beings that have tinkered with human coding, shall we say, and activate their own experience through our DNA. However in my vision we are cooperating with the process, and in fact the ”me” ”you” and ”they” were all misnomers.

  2. Thank you both for this
    Thank you both for this interview. I too have been having many vivid dreams of being on a world covered with water. My impression was not being in the middle of the ocean, but on being on a water world. My heart skipped a beat when I heard Linda reporting this phenomenon.

  3. Just a note, You can go to my
    Just a note, You can go to my account and find out if your subscription is expired. If it has, pay up people! I am waiting for my statement to be sure payment has gone through. Worth every penny and more.

  4. Whitley and Linda – thank
    Whitley and Linda – thank you.

  5. Pure Gold…love it! I do
    Pure Gold…love it! I do like the idea that we may be nothing more than a kind of galactic vineyard. Our souls/consciousness the cosmic equivalent of grapes. Just as in wine (or cider) making you often need a mix of biter and sweet notes, combined with the right weather conditions to make the perfect vintage. Could peace and love be the sweetness, and violence the tannin? Which would have been the vintage years…producing the purest essence of human consciousness. Perhaps the moon is a massive soul/wine cellar where for the right price you can ‘taste’ Michelangelo finishing the Sistine chapel or Laird Hamilton surfing ‘Jaws’ for the first time…wonderful.

  6. Whitley and Linda, thank you
    Whitley and Linda, thank you for another great interview…….

    I found this you-tube to be interesting. It was recorded after the November 30th, Alaska earthquake……..2018

    Pole Shift? | Clues from recent quakes point TOWARD the POLES!

  7. This was an incredible show!
    This was an incredible show!

  8. I had to do a work-around to
    I had to do a work-around to access the website (12/25/2018, around 10:30 pm, MST) due to it being blocked “in your country.” Switched VPN from U.S. connection to one elsewhere, and it worked. Not sure what that was all about, but anyway, I figured the show must be pretty darn good if that was happening. I was not disappointed. Thank you!

  9. Peace, my distant friends.

    Peace, my distant friends.

    I have listened to this show over and over.

    After four days of absorbing this message of peace, I sat and watched the film ‘ALPHA’.

    Sitting alone, drenched in spirit from these past few days, I offer thanks to The One, to the Great Spirit.


  10. A pivotal show if ever there
    A pivotal show if ever there was one.

    Twenty years ago, as a young man, my dreaming became entwined with a well known French band. It doesn’t matter who they are.

    These two guys are powerful dreamers. They are dreamers. They say so.

    My mind became intertwined with their wonderful album, Moon Safari, and in time I came to accept everyone’s universal connection as normal. It’s easy!

    All those years ago, in dreaming, I saw a thousand foot high wave off the coast of California and my little blue uniformed dwarf friend said to me, in the power dream, “Ja! It said so in the Vedas!”

    All these years later and here we all are talking about this.

    Take a look at Air’s video “Kelly watch the stars”. A good pop song from powerful dreamers.

    Make your own mind up and prepare, as I have. Give yourself a chance.


  11. Having just posted this, I
    Having just posted this, I heard a subtle voice say “think about the witness to higher consciousness. A complete being respects the rest of existence.”

    That is full on channel and I have to shift my head at times to hear it clearer.

    There you go, business as usual. 0,0

    One people, one reason.


  12. You may enjoy also watching
    You may enjoy also watching the Air video “Sexy Boy” which predates 911, I might add.

  13. The question is: Who’s in
    The question is: Who’s in charge? Is this new media (and that is what it boils down to) ours or theirs? Maybe… This whole subject of contact is merely us playing with ourselves? If that is the case, then we can imagine all kinds of things that actually are nothing more than mere entertainment.

    The activities of the Visitors are really very like the way we as humans act toward each other, and have all the characteristics of a humanistic philosophy. They are NOTHING NEW and that is why we can’t make sense of it.

    They have no real agenda at this level and it seems to me, they are merely reflections of our own consciousness. WE ARE POWERFUL BEINGS!!! We can modify our reality just by thought, and that can spawn a myriad of side effects that we as humans cannot comprehend.

    Yet, in the end, this is just us –doing things to ourselves.

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