Over the weekend of July 25-26 I traveled to South Dakota for the final edition of Mia Feroleto’s Consciousness and Contact conference. It was held in Wasta, SD, some distance from the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux reservation where I had the experience of seeing a parallel reality, which I reported on in my book A New World.

 Since the July, 2019 experience, I have  been able to see this reality under certain conditions and in certain places. Specifically, it requires closing my eyes in a sunny place and waiting. After a time, another landscape will sometimes appear, but not always. I have also had a couple of brief incidents of physical movement into this other world, but I have not been able to repeat them, nor do I know why they occurred.

I was eager to find out what would happen this time, especially because I have lost some vision in my right eye. Would this cause a problem or not? Or was the amazing experience of 2 years ago something that might repeat?

South Dakota is relatively flat, consisting of broad areas of low hills and few trees. The sky there is immense. Given the need for a lot of sunlight to enable to effect to unfold, it offers ideal conditions.

On the first day, I saw nothing. The second day, Saturday, brought a little more seeing. On the third day, Sunday, I had the amazing experience of seeing a town and what I believe must have been a farmstead.

What was new was the fact that these observations took place not on the reservation but in areas well away from it. In 2019, I saw much more detail on the reservation than off. This time, I had very little observation while on the reservation.

 The observation of the town took place while going south out of Rapid City toward the Pine Ridge reservation. We were on Route 79 and had just passed over SD Highway 16. As we drove along, I was keeping my eyes closed when to my right and considerably below our level, I saw a street with buildings on both sides of it.

As we passed this street, I saw free standing buildings, one with very narrow windows, three stories tall, and with a peaked roof. Then we intersected with the road in the other world, and I was able to observe that it was not graded, but hugging the contours of the land. It was made of concrete slabs, like early highways were made here. It was weathered and pockmarked. When it curved off down the hill that we were crossing on the graded highway, our car seemed to take flight, and I had the uncanny sensation of rising into the air just the same as I’d experienced during the 2019 experience.

Beyond the town, I saw what I think was a farmstead. The architecture of the buildings was very massive and so strange that I’m not sure I can render an accurate description. Was it a human place, or is there more than one intelligent species in that world? I cannot say, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was not a human place.

We went to an event on the reservation. I was unable to observe the other world there. As we were driving back in the night, I was observing the trees that overhung the highway and thinking that we could not be on the road we came in on. But then I realized that there is only one road in and out of the reservation. There is no part of that road overhung with trees, but there they were, big as life. I did not have my eyes closed. I was seeing them in normal vision. Nobody else could see them.

Many years ago when we would drive the New York State Thruway on our way from Manhattan to our cabin, I would see something similar. I never thought anything of it. It was just an odd effect that I couldn’t explain.

Now I wonder how long I have been seeing this other world without being aware of what I was looking at.

The vision of the town told me a lot about the other world. First, the town was much smaller than Rapid City, which in our world is a small city.  Second, the road was old and primitive. Obviously, the other world is not as technologically advanced as ours. I had the thought that they are well aware of the dangers of putting too much stress on their planet, and are being very careful. They are there for the long haul, I think.

Overall, the seeing this time was not as detailed or extensive as what I experienced in 2019, but it was more informative. I got a clear impression of a much less developed world that was also much healthier, with more and larger trees and a much smaller human footprint.

I still cannot explain why I see these things, or what I am seeing. The mirror universe idea is just that–an idea. I can affirm, though, that I am describing what I see as clearly and accurately as I can.

This is one very mysterious universe we live in!

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  1. Too many questions regarding this experience. Gosh-darnit, Whitley, after all these years why can’t you have an experience that is cut and dry and easy to explain? (Ha-ha!)

    1. Author

      I wish I knew! I have decided that I must be some sort of mutant. All I can do at this point is try to describe my perceptions to the best of my ability and not worry about why I have them. The key here is accuracy.

      1. fwiw, I think keeping things in question is vital (as Anne would say), especially since we have no real foundation to form an educated opinion on these matters yet. Perhaps we will in the future, if we manage to keep ourselves from sliding into the muck of extinct species.

        And it will be vital to preserve this website and all its contents and comments for posterity, where they can one day evaluate how close we were to the truth of things or how far off we were. (I’d like to think if we keep it all in question instead of being adamant that we knew the answers to everything, our future generations will be kind to us instead of laughing their –blanks– off!)

      2. It would be so great if you could work together with a sketch artist to get some sketches of what the Town and farm buildings look like. You make it sound like the town was deserted… did you not see any sentient beings?

      3. Your description of the alternate world reminded me for some reason of Bob Monroe’s description of ‘Locale 2’ in his out-of-body journeys…

      4. What an amazing, terrifying experience you are having here on Earth…and a ton of uncertainty.

        Not for the faint of heart!

  2. Love this. It almost sounds like visioning the past like seeing a ghost. But then there’s the strange architecture. I wonder if they can see us? What would they think of us?!

  3. Extremely, extremely fascinating.

    It’d be really worthwhile if you could really try to detail the buildings of that farmstead as best as you can while the experience is still relatively fresh in memory.

    You know how the passage of time has a way of making experiences forgotten. It’d be a shame for such an extraordinary vision to just kind of evaporate without much further description.

    Did the architecture and landscape of the farmstead and small city seem anything like that of the world you slipped into decades ago while driving on the highway in New Jersey with your son’s friend and encountered what seemed like otherworldly houses?

  4. I wish you could convey this to an artist so we could get an idea of what you saw. Would be pretty cool.

  5. Author

    None of the buildings were anything like what we saw in New Jersey. The architecture of the farmstead seemed dark, curvy and just extremely unusual. At least, that’s what I think. The seeing this time was not as clear as 2019 so I’m not absolutely sure.

    It would be hard to describe what I saw to an artist in such a way that they could make a rendering. If I could find the right artist I could certainly try though.

      1. Considering this idea more… Carbon fiber or carbon composite materials could probably be formed in a whole variety of ways. They could look like just about anything perhaps.

        The darkness or curvy nature of such material could be distinctive. Or they could have the ability to be formed in extremely unusual ways that other materials could not. Or would have a much harder time achieving.

        It may be impossible to say with any sense of accuracy.

        Such a fascinating experience though, and thanks so much for this report.

  6. Whitley – “I still cannot explain why I see these things, or what I am seeing. The mirror universe idea is just that–an idea.”

    This strikes me as important, because it shows a willingness to not jump to conclusions. “I don’t know” always rings true to me.

    Your most recent experience, and the one from 2019, have thoroughly perplexed, shaken, and intrigued me. The detail that strikes me as somehow very important is the light. A dimmer world, or reality, universe, etc. Your description of it has created a feeling in me that I can’t reconcile. A literal physical loosening. A combination of uneasiness and calm, almost a longing (just being honest here). I really can’t put it into words like I want to, but maybe that’s the point.

  7. I think it’s possible that timelines can converge or diverge, even moment to moment. A lot has happened to our reality/timeline since 2019, which could affect what appears to be a parallel timeline.

    That being said, I had a fascinating dream a couple of days ago about my sister and I rescuing and taking care of baby thunderbirds. They were quite large compared to most baby birds, even those of raptors like eagles and hawks, as to be expected of thunderbirds.

    1. What an extremely cool dream.

      Owls and Thunderbirds and Sphinxes, oh my!

  8. So Whitley, I have been thinking about what you wrote…….”Was it a human place, or is there more than one intelligent species in that world? I cannot say, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was not a human place.” In 2019 while at the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux reservation and in 2021 you were able to see into a different dimension or reality. I remember hearing you report on seeing vegetation and buildings BUT did you EVER at any time see any type of entity that looked human or non-human? If not I wonder why? This is sooo interesting to me. Are they there but cannot be seen by human eyes?

  9. Author

    In 2019, I would see little sparks of light in the distance, which I think may have been what I was seeing of people. After I got home, I had a lucid dream of three very dramatic looking young Lakota men in traditional clothing. They were having a good laugh about me.

    A few months later, as I have reported previously, I had something more than a lucid dream, which involved two what seemed to me to be physical transfers into the mirror universe. On the second of these, I saw a man dressed in blue, whose skin was also blue and whose face was sharply angled and not quite human. Interestingly, we have just published an account from a dying man in the Insight section that concerns his seeing what appeared to be a human being, but which turned out to be one of these entities. They are humanoid, not the short, dark-blue kobolds I have described elsewhere.

  10. So many ‘gods’ and avatars are often depicted as blue beings (Hindu and Buddism comes to mind). The Egyptian god, Thoth, was also shown as blue. So, that the beings in your dream were blue is fascinating!

  11. Whitley, thank you for including your observation of the farmstead in your report. If you can recall any further farmstead details, such as whether any outdoor crops were being grown, and if so, whether those crops can be identified, please discuss that as well. The “larger buildings” on the farmstead that you saw reminded me of today’s indoor Ag functions, such as the germination of sprouts, the growing of seedling plants, and the like. One other thought: Perhaps you are looking at Earth’s future, in a climate dominated by intensely acid rain for a few decades, where much Ag work has to temporarily move indoors.

  12. I see you looking back into this reality from the other side of a fractured mirror . Thoughtful and curious . You are wearing a light brown corduroy jacket , light tan pants it is late spring where you are standing .

    To your left is a boulder about neck high and to your right shoulder high brush .

    the air is clean and fresh , the sky is a dark bright blue . You turn and walk away into a new world on a path through a forest on clean earth deep in thought of your newly found surroundings .
    Before you went another , the one that fractured the mirror , the one that cleared the way with only a bow and his thoughts .
    He peeled away a membrane of of living existence , the last barrier blocking your way to finish his task before returning here to finish his role in the great play of this world .

    In the near future he will leave this place but not upon the same path you have found to your new world , instead he will once again be sent to travel the stars and perform his task of another great play waiting to be lived out .

    Your journey is just beginning my friend and it is a great one .

    1. Author

      Oddly enough, I am sitting in an airport reading this. I am wearing a light tan jacket and light brown pants.

  13. Perhaps it is the future. After some cataclysmic/apocalyptic has occurred and humanity is starting fresh.

    1. I think so too, like in J.Edwin Carter’s near future novel: LIVING IS FOREVER.

  14. From your previous descriptions of this place I thought it was our world but in the past. Now I realize that I wasn’t reading or listening carefully enough. Somethings are the same, such as the general locations of roads. But others are completely different – a “separate reality” to use Carlos Castaneda’s title phrase; like the alternate reality in New Jersey. While there could be a time shift it’s much more involved than that. I wonder whom you’d see in a mirror.

  15. The conference contains a number a number of lessons from Don Juan. Getting people outside of their conform zone’s is part of the experience in order to facilitate access to a “separate reality.” That is why there is so much push back from some of the attendees. They are very uncomfortable with some of the demands placed on them. However, this particular year, all of that discomfort was made use of as part of the grains of friction used to help clear away stuck trauma on Pine Ridge, particularly at Wounded Knee.

    1. The parallels between the visitor experiences and Don Juan’s teachings are many.

  16. The mirror universe is so very intriguing. I wonder what might happen if you tried to see it while at other Native American holy places, such as Mount Shasta in California, or the so-called Devil’s Tower in Wyoming? If you ever happen to visit such places in the future.

  17. This reminds me a bit of the place Robert Munroe visited, where he lived the alternate life inhabiting another man’s body.

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