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Join Whitley and neuroscientist Robert Davis as they explore the latest experimental evidence and theories of our continued existence after death–and the fascinating, provocative connection between the visitors and the dead that was such an important part of Anne Strieber’s work.

The case studies that Dr. Davis discusses are pretty amazing especially when they are supported, as happens in this interview, by evidence-based scientific theories that include the multiverse, biologic brain activity, and the consciousness-brain connection.

This is not only a fun and exciting show, it goes deep into the reasons why we should expect to have an afterlife, and how we might also expect to hear right now from those on the other side. Like Whitley and Anne’s Afterlife Revolution, Dr. Davis’s Life After Death is all about opening a door that we’re supposed to believe doesn’t even exist, into a much larger and more true vision of reality and the journey of the soul.

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  1. STAR TREK Fans,
    I know this

    STAR TREK Fans,

    I know this is off-topic but please if you have an opportunity, watch the first episode aired of this amazing show. It’s called ‘ The Man Trap’ and somehow I feel it really explains the whole phenomenon that we are studying.
    This is so weird I don’t know how to elaborate much more, but if you have NetFlix it is easily available.

    Gene Rodenberry was an absolute genius, and yes, I feel he MUST have had downloaded some of this material. Either that, or his concepts may have influenced our perceptions of reality in unknown ways.

    If you can, watch the entire episode and see how many archetypes that are touched on.

    1. Jeez, this has gotten real
      Jeez, this has gotten real weird. I am watching the next episode after ‘The Man Trap’, it’s called ‘Charlie-X’ and the correlates are astonishing! Please help me figure this stuff out, it’s TOO close to what is happening in our milieu. The whole UFO phenomenon is here, right under our noses!

  2. Dr. Davis made passing
    Dr. Davis made passing reference to the concept of “torsion fields” but did not elaborate further. I wish that he had.

  3. Hi Brock, regarding tortion
    Hi Brock, regarding tortion fields, you might want to read this excerpt from David Wilcock’s self-proclaimed masterpiece (…rolls eyes…) on torsion-field pioneer Dr. Nikolai Kozyre, that was featured in NEXUS magazine.

    The magazine article is here…

    …which is an excerpt from the much longer original here…

    Whatever one might think about David Wilcock, he is an excellent researcher, drawing together seemingly disparate information into a cohesive whole..that starts to paint a picture of a connected universe that links life, sacred geometry, magnetism, gravity, time and consciousness by unexpected but natural means. Much of this information is either mostly lost to, or shunned by modern science…so, pinch of salt at the ready…see what you think.

    I haven’t yet listened to this week’s Dreamland, so I don’t know how the above article might relate to the main subject of Robert Davis’ discussion with Whitley but I hope you find the information within it helpful and at least interesting.

  4. Wonderful show; full of good
    Wonderful show; full of good information and discussion. So much ground covered in such a short time.

    The topic of mainstream culture’s resistance to the liminal has always captured my attention.

    Years ago, while in college, I had the good fortune to have a professor who used Thomas S. Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” in a class. ( ).

    Kuhn’s models of paradigms, and how they change I find particularly useful. (Not without a wink and nod, Kuhn’s ideas and language have since become mainstream.).

    We have reached, to use Whitley’s words, the edge of the world. And we all see the events and points of data that are out there, beyond the walls of the castle (and there, be dragons…).

    Where our place in society, and our livelihoods are at risk: best to deny the aberrant points of data, the dragons, than compromise our place in the hierarchy, our place in our socially-constructed world. Safely inside the walls of the castle, that’s where mainstream everything resides; academics, politics, etc. No surprises there.

    We are the curious, we know there are dragons, and leaders like Dr. Davis, Whitley, Jeremy, and the many guest on their shows are the folks pushing the boundaries of the current paradigm and moving the discussion and the thinking in the direction that events and the phenomena themselves seem to be taking us.

    I suspect there are well funded and quiet groups of very curious and very bright people who are working, behind the scenes to gain a better understanding what is being experienced by so many people, and what cannot be explained or understood in terms of the current paradigm.

    Bravo for a fantastic show.

    The reading list is getting quite long… 🙂

    Thanks, again.


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