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Remember crop circles? We Americans have been cleverly misled by expert social manipulators into dismissing them all as man made. Starting with the absurd “Doug and Dave” explanation (two men created them with boards on their feet) to the modern notion that “its all just a tourist thing,” we have been the victims of a grand deception designed to blind us to this ongoing miracle in the fields.

To make matters worse, a few formations really are man made, and some of them are fairly believable, at least from a distance.

Most of them, however, remain a genuine miracle and what the social manipulators want the least: something that causes us to face the unknown with a sense of wonder rather than a closed mind.

This week, veteran crop circle researchers Michael Glickman returns to Dreamland to discuss not only the reasons that the formations really are for the most part anomalous, but for the firs time to describe some of his own powerful personal experiences while researching them and working in them.

After Michael’s show, listen to Chapter 13 of the Afterlife Revolution: Soul as Second Body. This chapter discusses the reality of second body and recent breakthroughs that strongly suggest that the Shroud of Turin is a record of such a body.

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  1. Thank you Whitley for this
    Thank you Whitley for this Dreamland. (Easter Special: Crop Circles and an Excerpt from Afterlife Revolution).

    As usual, I am looking forward to this crop circle season and I TOO think it is going to be EXTRAORDINARY.

    Also, thank you for reading CHAPTER 13 from the Afterlife Revolution, this was a lovely Easter Gift…….


  2. Truth is beautiful…as
    Truth is beautiful…as evidenced all through this show. Thank you..Anne.
    The love with which you hold not only your family –but also your listeners… is remarkable. We should all be so.
    You are a blessing just as you have been so blessed.

  3. What a lovely excerpt from an
    What a lovely excerpt from an absolutely lovely book–lovely due to its sheer historical uniqueness, profundity of message, and absolute elegance of language. A masterful work long overdue in the study of ourselves, where we fit into the firmament, and what that firmament actually might look like in its dazzling totality.

  4. Excellent show. I still get
    Excellent show. I still get Lucy Pringle’s crop circle calendar every year, and subscribe to her email newsletter.

  5. Wonderful show.
    Thanks for

    Wonderful show.

    Thanks for talking about the general resistance to crop circles as an expression of “other”. I sometimes think the only thing more enigmatic than the phenomena themselves is our endless resistance to it. I am very thankful for your work Whitley, Anne, Jeremy, and the family of subscribers. I would love to hear from those social scientists who are actively engaged in studying this mysterious phenomenon, of which crop circles are clearly a part. In particular, I would love to hear about how they understand humanity to be changing in the presence of the phenomena. If anyone can point me to any reading material, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for a lovely show.


  6. Lucy Pringle still sells her
    Lucy Pringle still sells her Crop Circle Calendars.
    Just GOOGLE her address.
    I have bought her Calendars for years since Whitley quit supporting her Calendars.
    They are beautiful.

  7. Years ago, when Communion
    Years ago, when Communion first came out – the only channel for this discussion was very narrow. We bought books. Read them. And the only discussion we would have about them would be if someone asked us what we were reading and continued the conversation past the first question.

    Now we hear from you weekly. We hear from Jeremy. And on YouTube we are bombarded by “content,” which popular providers feel they need to produce regularly or else go back into obscurity.

    Veracity is marginalized along with the increase in bandwidth. We have sources we trust – like you. And then in seeking more, we’re deluged with “stuff” (some of the most interesting to me are videos which are “read” by computer voices, so that the producer can’t even deign to expose the sound of his voice – why would any of those be believable?)

    There have always been debunkers. Just as we seek to maintain status quo in our society, we seek comfort. As your guest said: we fear that tomorrow won’t be like today, as much as we seek change and fortune. We fear natural disaster. We fear economic meltdown. We fear war (as we should). We’d rather face the demons of disease, poverty, and misfortune than accept that our world religions may be best subject to modification.

    The irony is that we are the children of change. Compare us now to the America of Washington and Jefferson and, sure we see the similarity in political and religious thought patterns, but even in my life time, to imagine the computing horsepower we now have in our pockets would be tantamount to science fiction.

    Things will change. We can’t stop it, but apparently we are successful in its delay.

    And the physical motion of that delaying force are the haters and debunkers – who feel they are protecting life itself.

    As the peaceful among us would say – we must find a way to love them. In the end, we are sharing the same air, water, food.

    But we have these channels now – we who believe curiosity is a fundamental creative force for positive change – the fundamental element of the consciousness of the universe.

    Be curious. Learn. Stasis is failure. That’s the message I’ve taken away from seeing our subject investigated, now out in the open, beyond someone seeing your Visitor on a book cover beside the easy chair in the living room and asking, “what’s up with that?”

  8. One of the most fulfilling
    One of the most fulfilling Dreamlands I’ve heard. I’m always astounded how lucky I am to have the opportunity to hear these shows–and they are consistently at a higher level than any other podcast I can find.

  9. For you newbies out there, be
    For you newbies out there, be sure and check out a series of Whitley’s crop circle meditations from 2007 in the archives. Some enduring personal connections were made for me at that time. In addition, for those of you that attended the first ‘Dreamland Festival’ in Nashville in 2008, I’m sure you all remember the crop circle meditation that Whitley led near the end of the festival.

    For those who are interested, take a look at the Cochno Stone in Scotland…Lots of ancient carvings, drawings, and even cave paintings from various cultures are clues as well, but you can see what may be consciousness connections to contemporary crop formations.

    Lots of wisdom in this show, by the way!

  10. I all I am a long time

    I all I am a long time subscriber. I will be at the CC conference in 2018. Staying at the Bear Hotel. Does anyone who attended know of a guide or service who can take me into a circle if one should appear?

    Thanks Guys!

  11. You raised the question as to
    You raised the question as to why there are so many adamant and sometimes vile debunkers. These signs whether crop circles, ufos, ghosts, et al. seem to be very personal experiences, tailored to the individual, and almost always unprovable. Perhaps they are designed that way so that the individual soul can either choose to believe or reject the signs. I tend to believe that each soul must choose its own path either progressing into more of a spiritual path or remain rooted to the earth. “for many are called, few are chosen,” perhaps the ones that remain rooted to the earth will perish with the physical. Perhaps these signs are not presented to save the entire population, but to allow us each to chose our own path.

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