Remember crop circles? We Americans have been cleverly misled by expert social manipulators into dismissing them all as man made. Starting with the absurd "Doug and Dave" explanation (two men created them with boards on their feet) to the modern notion that "its all just a tourist thing," we have been the victims of a grand deception designed to blind us to this ongoing miracle in the fields.

To make matters worse, a few formations really are man made, and some of them are fairly believable, at least from a distance.

Most of them, however, remain a genuine miracle and what the social manipulators want the least: something that causes us to face the unknown with a sense of wonder rather than a closed mind.

This week, veteran crop circle researchers Michael Glickman returns to Dreamland to discuss not only the reasons that the formations really are for the most part anomalous, but for the firs time to describe some of his own powerful personal experiences while researching them and working in them.

After Michael's show, listen to Chapter 13 of the Afterlife Revolution: Soul as Second Body. This chapter discusses the reality of second body and recent breakthroughs that strongly suggest that the Shroud of Turin is a record of such a body.

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