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Come on a journey of discovery with a true pilgrim who crossed India and Nepal in search of his own soul and meaning, then returned to Europe where he found powerful connections between the gods of India and the gods of Northern Europe.

Aki Cederberg is a pilgrim in the deepest sense of that word, willing to give up everything for his quest, and to go wherever it takes him, even when that means facing death.

In this powerful edition of Dreamland, Aki takes us on his journey with him, describing what he found in ritual and in connection to hidden masters of the sacred.

Only on Dreamland will you hear a story like this, moderated by a host as knowledgeable as Whitley Strieber.

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  1. Oh my.. i can not get
    Oh my.. i can not get dreamland to play… i can get free dreamland to play but not subscribed…

    1. Subscriber download worked
      Subscriber download worked okay for me – try again 🙂

      1. I also could not get the
        I also could not get the subscriber version to play this morning with the built-in player at the top of the Dreamland page. So I downloaded the file and listened in Windows player and it was fine.

  2. Good attempt to discuss the
    Good attempt to discuss the ineffable. I was fortunate to have been taken by my parents to live in India as a teenager, and the experience got into my still-developing brain (and still-free consciousness) in a way that I’ve never been able to articulate; but so much of what the guest said, relates to my own inner experience throughout life ever since (I’m 71 now). Thanks Whitley for Dreamland and the space it affords for this kind of genuine exploration.

  3. Subscriber not working for
    Subscriber not working for playback

  4. I found the download worked
    I found the download worked fine from the main website, but not from the app. This seems to happen a lot.

    Whitley did a nice job of keeping this stilted interview moving along, from a guest that seemed to have no narrative in mind on how he wanted to present his experience or his book, and at least for me offered very little on this show other than he was satisfied with his own experience. Great for him I guess. As such, I have pretty much zero interest in reading the book, assuming this show is an indication of how good he is at telling his story and how much he wants to share that with others.

  5. I am not able to play the
    I am not able to play the download MP3 ether. I shall try the main website.

  6. Gotta say I agree with
    Gotta say I agree with BobinNJ. Whitley did a masterful job of trying to pry information out of this guy but I just didn’t get much from the interview. I also don’t think, based on this interview, it would be worth buying the book.

  7. I can only get dreamland to
    I can only get dreamland to play on the free dreamland. Won’t play for me…a subscriber.

  8. Thanks for the efforts. I
    Thanks for the efforts. I have the distinct impression that Aki C. was struggling with the context of the interview or even afraid to give away too much of the book. Some touch on
    a few of his personal experiences maybe…… eh. All in all, Whitley did do a deft job of pulling some color out of the interviewee. I would bet its much more colorful in the pages.
    Again, Aki C. seemed to have some detail knowledge when queried, but it didnt seem the jump off point was quite clear to him. Its all good.

  9. Yes, it did feel like pulling
    Yes, it did feel like pulling teeth but my impression was that he was finding it hard to put the esoteric into words (ineffable material). Maybe he was withholding since he did manage to write a book about it , but maybe Whitley’s questions just went deeper than what he’s used to, and asked for something beyond what he wrote. I wouldn’t trust anyone who sounded too glib about this, anyway. Whitley did a great job with a difficult interview and I was glad to hear what Aki C had to say.

  10. Thanks to Aki and Whitley for
    Thanks to Aki and Whitley for coming together on this one. I for one, loved the show, and would not have come across Mr. Cederberg’s work, otherwise. A real win, for me. I found the notion of the deity-as-anchor struck a (harmonic) chord with me; a useful bit of imagery that I will come back to.

    I often thought of Jefferey Kripal’s work as I read this: the human-as-two, especially.

    Good stuff.


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