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Energy is changing. You can see it in the #MeToo movement and in so many other areas of modern life. Women are stepping up and demanding more equality, more respect and more space for themselves and their ideas. They want to be heard and they will be heard.

But what is driving this change? The feminist movement started it, but it has become more than a political movement, it is a cultural shift and a spiritual movement of great power.

Isabella Price comes to Dreamland to discuss the power of the divine feminine and what the goddess really means in the modern world.

A very long time ago, women ruled most societies. Then it was the turn of the men. Now there is something fundamentally new coming, which is a balanced society and along with it a new kind of spirituality.

Don’t miss this exciting discussion with a gentle yet powerful cultural revolutionary.

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  1. Such an empowering show– for
    Such an empowering show– for all of us..The topic aligns perfectly– literally– with Interntl Women’s Day. Thks,Whitley!

  2. For every action there is an
    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.It seems the election of Mr. Trump brought into being the Me Too movement. Rightly so. We are now faced with a pair of opposites demanding resolution.
    Imagine life without the ability to Self correct. Imagine being forced to live each day deep in every misstep ever taken. A life with no redemption. Existence with only the ability to continue to helplessly act on superficial information. Single minded in our own need to do something.
    The Goddess Kali represents our ability to Self correct. It is the creative principle allowing us to overcome corrosive thoughts and behaviors. It is considered feminine because it comes from within. It is manifested from soul activity and not external stimulation.
    Currently we are apparently faced with a pair of opposites and a seeming power struggle. However, we are One. The ability to remove false concepts is the very power needed to allow the masculine principle of truthful action. The pair of principles become One.
    It does not matter what one calls these principles. They are changeless and our very being. In a world divided they only look external. Resolution will come about by dropping the illusion of a duel nature and living from the understanding of one being. A simple practice of asking the question, “Is this appearance duel or singular?”. If the answer is duel, work on it until it is singular. We are by our very being and nature singular. It will always be correct path.

  3. Gospel of Q translator(s) use
    Gospel of Q translator(s) use the term, “Provider” versus “father”, another gender-free term, although perhaps less accurate than “parent” in translation.
    Wonderful guest, and a timely topic. This “re-formation” of light energy and the DANCE of the Frozen Light of matter, humorously and fiercely drawn together by The Flying Spaghetti Monster in a male version and a female version, and all beautiful rainbow variations — ALL in the same place, same time, strictly for entertainment purposes, then somebody had to get all serious, and somebody forgot that it’s about love, and nobody is “ahead” in a power-contest. Temporary imbalance to the gyro, but it’s a gyro.
    As more unsupportable barriers fall, those on a journey understand that the dark must be spotted, then absorbed, without judgment nor resistance. Vestiges of Pigletism reside deep, as with other barriers that we erect so well. (no pun).
    There has not been this much juice in the melon during our lifetimes, and the Steel Magnolias are on the march. A Gift to us ALL.

  4. Good show. . . AND
    I JUST

    Good show. . . AND


    specifically to go to Whitley’s workshop.

    8 hours left for the early bird price everyone

  5. “Such an empowering show–

    “Such an empowering show– for all of us..The topic aligns perfectly– literally– with International Women’s Day. ” ConcsiousB … Yes!

    This came at a great time for me. I have been down lately because I’m not selling enough of what I create but after hearing this interview,
    I realize that I’m not upset because I really need the money so much, at my stage of the game, it’s not a pressing need, its just pure ego. I am still looking
    for validation from the outside. Ms. Price speaks about making your life a creative endeavor, and I realize now there is nothing higher than that. Being creative in
    all you are. Will remember the sage advice. I also agree with Mr. Strieber. This is a safe place where we can speak and listen to stories that we cannot share anywhere else. Most of us live an isolated life because we can’t stand small talk and no one wants to talk about what interests us!

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