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Jesse James was an outlaw. He was murdered by his friend Robert Ford on April 3, 1882. He had absolutely nothing to do with buried treasure, knew no esoteric secrets and was never called anything remotely like James Lafayette Courtney. And he wasn’t connected with the Masons, and certainly had no idea where the legendary treasure of the Knights Templar was buried.

EXCEPT his great-great grandson Daniel Duke says different! Listen as Dan tells us the amazing secret story of his great-great grandfather, whom his mother, after extensive research, convincingly shows in her own book, Jesse James Lived and Died in Texas, that Jesse did not die in 1882 in Missouri but in 1943 in Blevins, Texas—and that Dan’s research into some mysterious maps and information he has left behind reveals that he knew some of the deepest secrets there are, including the location of the Templar Treasure, the secret meaning of Andre Poussin’s painting Et In Arcadia Ego and much more!

This is Dreamland in its treasure hunting mode and at it’s very best. As Whitley says, “fasten your seatbelts folks, you’re in for quite a ride!”

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  1. Guess I missed the connection to Templars and Jesse James which might have been interesting. Nothing mentioned about the staged [?] o faked [?] death and what really happened? Did any one ever ask him if he really was Jesse James? Hardly call this “fun” but to each his own interpretation.

  2. An intriguing and enjoyable show. I would like to see an account of the recovered stashes he mentioned and what the authorities at the time made of it.

  3. Good Lord I enjoyed this show.

    It went great with a breakfast of Yorkshire Tea and Crumpets. Superb remedial listening after a long, long working week.


  4. Great show. I understand the search this man is on. My wife and her cousin have been amateur genealogists for 40 years.
    Their family has been in the U.S. since the 1700s.
    The trails that they have followed have been varied and winding.
    I loved the different path you took.

  5. Just wondering about King Solomon and all of his riches/gold. Daniel probably included this in the book and I am thinking of a connection to Francis Bacon.

    King James Bible
    Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold,

  6. It is difficult to decide what was more enjoyable, the fantastical subject/story, or Whitley’s delight with the tale. I’ll choose both.

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