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In this mind-opening interview, one of the world’s leading crop circle experts tells the story of the incredible experiences that happen in and around crop formations—including the time she herself disappeared and approached a house via a front gate that hadn’t existed for years!

This wild and wonderful interview will restore your interest in crop formations and cause you to realize that the constant debunking, the stupid, sneering press, the efforts of intelligence operatives to discredit them and the growing number of fakes don’t matter a bit: the genuinely mysterious formations are powerful, amazing and full of wonder!

Join Lucy on a marvelous journey into one of the world’s great mysteries, and don’t miss her beautiful new book.

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    “Too many automatic redirections were attempted.”

  2. Another fascinating show. But I must have started dozing off. I seem to remember Whitley saying during the podcast that he anticipates the government may be admitting the presence of the visitors “soon” but, if not this year, then in 2020. Am I incorrect? I tried re-listening to portions but did not hear again.

    1. Sergio, I’ve just listened to the whole thing and if Whitley did say that, it wasn’t in the Subscriber version.

      1. Thanks, Sherbet. Must have been a dream state I was in . . . .maybe peppered with a little wishful thinking.

  3. The healing properties of some of the crop circles that Lucy mentioned is quite an exciting prospect and such an important area for future research… If only I had the money!

    On that subject, I remember a long while ago hearing an interview where there was a suggestion that the draining or invigorating effects within a circle, were also apparent within a know fake. If true, that is truly extraordinary and would mean that healing effects could be generated at will…I seem to remember that fake being a replica of one that had appeared in a previous season but I can’t recall whether it was in exactly the same position as the previous one.

    Following the thread about circle shapes generating real effects, I can’t help wonder whether it might be related to the Issac CARET document shapes, reported at length by Linda MH (, where specific symbols, when written onto a special material, would automatically perform an action, or generate an effect. Sounds out of this world…

    … But what if the Earth were such a special material and the crop circles were CARET-like symbols, able to automatically generate healing properties, by vitue of their shape alone? Maybe that is indeed the didactic intent of the circles?

    Didactic definition:

    The Issac CARET program…

  4. The photograph below was taken by Lucy Pringle, but it was viewed by many. Here’s a close up of the Binary Circle:

    Military Helicopter Over Crop Circles (Nice short video) Colin Andrews……..Also, (THRIVE, another short video worth watching).

    The light phenomenon is discussed and filmed in the video below, there are many floating around on youtube, and many pictures have been taken of this type of light which seems to go hand in hand with multiple crop circles. Military activity into ‘strange’ phenomenon is nothing new so the video below shouldn’t surprise you, especially now that it’s been disclosed that the military have been ‘chasing’ these objects for years.
    Military Helicopter Over Crop Circles

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