First Whitley spends a few minutes with Mia Feroleto talking about a remarkable conference to be held July 18-22 at the Pine Ridge Reservation near Rapid City, SD on July 18-22. You can learn more by emailing or calling 802-952-6217. Whitley will be in attendance at this intimate conference, featuring 10 speakers and 25-30 attendees. Speakers will include representatives from the Dark Matter research facility in the Black Hills, and there will be a deep meditation and skywatch in the hills.

Whitley and Linda Moulton Howe both attended Contact in the Desert on the weekend of May 31, and proceeded to have a powerful, even extraordinary experience there. As Linda delivered her intensive on Monday morning with Whitley in the audience, an ultra-high strangeness event unfolded involving them both.

Listen as they discuss what happened and why they think that it happened as Linda was talking about messages warning of hostile presences that have been received by Rendelsham witness Jim Penniston in binary code, and in a number of crop formations, also in binary code.

What do these messages mean, and could it be that the continuing secrecy that surrounds the whole UFO phenomenon has to do with an effort to conceal the approach of something hostile to mankind, and/or to conceal the fact that the official world is powerless?

At the same time, as the messages also state, “there is good out there.” They discuss what that means and how to get into touch with it and get support from it.

In response to all this, Whitley has written a book called A New World about his experiences living and communicating with the visitors, who he regards as a positive influence in the very complex event that is unfolding.

For subscribers in the third segment of the show, he reads from this book for the first time. It will be published soon, but no exact date as yet.

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