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First Whitley spends a few minutes with Mia Feroleto talking about a remarkable conference to be held July 18-22 at the Pine Ridge Reservation near Rapid City, SD on July 18-22. You can learn more by emailing or calling 802-952-6217. Whitley will be in attendance at this intimate conference, featuring 10 speakers and 25-30 attendees. Speakers will include representatives from the Dark Matter research facility in the Black Hills, and there will be a deep meditation and skywatch in the hills.

Whitley and Linda Moulton Howe both attended Contact in the Desert on the weekend of May 31, and proceeded to have a powerful, even extraordinary experience there. As Linda delivered her intensive on Monday morning with Whitley in the audience, an ultra-high strangeness event unfolded involving them both.

Listen as they discuss what happened and why they think that it happened as Linda was talking about messages warning of hostile presences that have been received by Rendelsham witness Jim Penniston in binary code, and in a number of crop formations, also in binary code.

What do these messages mean, and could it be that the continuing secrecy that surrounds the whole UFO phenomenon has to do with an effort to conceal the approach of something hostile to mankind, and/or to conceal the fact that the official world is powerless?

At the same time, as the messages also state, “there is good out there.” They discuss what that means and how to get into touch with it and get support from it.

In response to all this, Whitley has written a book called A New World about his experiences living and communicating with the visitors, who he regards as a positive influence in the very complex event that is unfolding.

For subscribers in the third segment of the show, he reads from this book for the first time. It will be published soon, but no exact date as yet.

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  1. Binary code in of itself is a 1 or a 0 and represents NOTHING. I could use it to represent a flip of a coin – 1 for heads. BUT string 8 digits together and then interpret with and ASCII table and you turn it into intelligence [ ie 41 is “a”]. Why would aliens waste time encoding anything – just say it!? to them ASCII is as foreign as English or any of language we earthlings use to communicate. why no just transfer the thought picture and skip the mumbo jumbo? Something strange indeed is going on.

    1. I agree, this use of ASCII-based binary downloads (and let’s not forget that binary crop formation) by aliens is extremely unlikely. If genuine, perhaps the intent is to create a puzzle (quite easily solved, though!), and in the solving of it more is gained somehow? Can’t rule that out, of course. But it seems more likely to me it’s a method used as part of a deception or disinformation campaign, to impress those who are not very rigorous thinkers (“oo, binary code!” — as if that’s some sort of universal language).

      I haven’t finished listening to this show yet, but I also question the sort of “high horse” condemnation of alleged immoral decisions made by insiders to supposedly keep humanity in the dark about really important secrets. I have great respect for both Whitley and Linda, but I am very unwilling to just jump to that conclusion.

      First of all, it’s really not clear if any insider knowledge that actually exists would be genuinely useful to people in a disclosure scenario. Obviously the visitors don’t think so or they would have perhaps been a little more transparent themselves?

      Further, let’s say a government-linked “breakaway society” exists and they know that we are all toast in some number of years due to an inevitable cataclysm. (I don’t believe this by the way, but that’s what Whitley and Linda put out here as a real possibility.) Isn’t that their hell to live with? Couldn’t the withholding of that information be considered an act of compassion? It’s most logical to believe that even a breakaway civilization does not have the power or technology to save a high percentage of humans in such a scenario. If they have a plan to somehow save some portion of human civilization, whether on Mars or underground or whatever, I’m basically in favor of that. But I’ll bet if any of this is true, there is no foolproof plan.

      From their hypothetical point of view, perhaps, at least billions get to live out life as normally as possible until the very end, which might be a very quick death in the black hole energy burst scenario. We all know we’re going to die someday already, but I think the thought that life goes on keeps us from being just depressed and hopeless. OTOH, broad awareness that the end of humanity itself is imminent and unstoppable could actually create a lot more chaos, suffering, and utter hopelessness than it would do good. And once convincingly disclosed, you can’t put that genie back in the bottle.

      1. BOBINNJ: There have been immoral decisions made on humanity! Specifically the US government and its citizens! Have you not heard of the Syphilis experiments. This is just one example. Doesn’t seem like a very high horse to get on to condemn the insiders. Sure there are good people in government making good decisions on our behave, but I’m not naive enough to think they have our best interest in mind all the time.

        1. I agree, Stan, I’d just extend that to governments in general, not specifically call out the US government.

          But IMO there is probably not a parallel between heinous acts, like the Syphilis experiments or the genocides of the world, and what we all assume are high level decisions to classify smoking-gun type UFO events and material.

          I know we all feel frustration that there may be proof of extraterrestrials and amazing technology being withheld from us behind a wall of secrecy and denial. I also would think this has all been an enormous burden and responsibility for those on the “inside”, because (most people don’t seem to really get this) widespread certain knowledge of a non-human presence here that has far superior technology really does mean an utterly new and different world than what we live in today. Who wants to officially be the one who flips that switch and rolls the dice?

          Last week’s guest, Leslie Kean, had it exactly right I think, when she said that unraveling all of that past to achieve disclosure is a process, and it seems that may be underway. IMO, the visitors themselves could help this occur by creating new events in a measured way that, in conjunction with more openness from the government, leads up to what is not so much disclosure of the past but an openness of contact that unfolds anew. It’s possible that these supposedly near-daily naval encounters are part of just that. If so, I expect things may ramp up to the next level soon. If I were orchestrating it, I think it would be a combination of more unequivocal video of craft, and some announced discovery of ancient alien artifacts, like perhaps whatever is causing the huge magnetic anomaly they discovered on the moon.

          1. Thanks Bob? (not sure that’s your name). This is uncharted territory with no prior experience to lead our way. Your well thought out response is appreciated. I suspect your knowledge underlies some experience with this subject?

        2. Hi again, Stan, you are welcome. Yes Bob is my real name, and as you can see I decided to use a real picture. Thank you for the “well thought out” compliment.

          I don’t have any insider knowledge, but I have done a lot of contracting work in test and analysis for the Army so I have a pretty good feel for how they operate, both good and bad (I mention this in the context of how it seems the conversation on this show painted the “power elite” with one very broadly negative and damning brush, where presumably the military figures prominently.)

          As far as my “knowledge”, I talked about some of my experiences on “The Experience” here a few years ago. I think mine are probably similar to thousands of others who’ve had some kind of involvement with the UFO/visitor phenomenon, leaving mostly questions and perhaps zero answers, and that’s given me a keen interest in the subject my whole life. It’s also led to a very open mind combined with science-minded skepticism, especially regarding the more extreme claims that are often not accompanied by convincing evidence.


          1. Any thought on why we have heard from the Air Force on the latest UFO stuff. I’ve read that fundamentalist evangelicals have a strong grip on the Air Force higher ups, and the Air Force Academy. Good or bad, I know that many of that religious angle see the aliens as demons. Who knows what they are? I personally think as humans, we have now way of defining them. They may not even share our good vs bad values.

  2. Author

    If you think about it what other method might be used to convey even that fairly limited amount of information in such a formation, there isn’t much else. Also, assuming that the motive force behind this is aliens and then trying to second-guess them seems to me to be an exercise in futility.

    1. I think the point about binary ASCII is that the ones and zeroes simply become letters, numbers, and/or symbols, unequivocally, in a system very recently invented by humans. The letters themselves take up a lot less space, so why the abstraction? It seems like it’s trying to convey some extra weight somehow, but does it?

      That said, my later thought in favor of another intelligence using binary ASCII in something like a mental download might actually make good sense. And that’s because it’s much less likely to get modified by the subject’s awareness and interpretation, because the binary has no more meaning in the mind than GPS coordinates naturally make us think of, say, Paris. And even after it’s translated using the ASCII table and the person is made aware of the translated message, it might be far less troubling to the subconscious. Whereas I can imagine the original sentences or imagery being implanted in the mind could be harmful or at least deeply troubling to a person.

      As far as second guessing aliens, I think it’s just part of trying to be discerning in a realm where we know there is deception, there is hoaxing, there is disinformation, and frankly there is some nutty material out there. It’s a sniff test thing, like finding a preposterous plot hole in a movie. While you’re right, with aliens we don’t know what’s preposterous or not, you yourself said in this show that humans are very clever and I think it’s OK, even advisable, for us to try and use our logic and intuition to help guide us along in this rabbit hole field of interest, at least on the human side of all this discussion. When dealing directly with the visitors, it seems this isn’t quite so easy to do, nor maybe even all that useful, which may be your point.

  3. I have experienced an occasional drop in air pressure type sensation since October of 2015. It seems to be associated with my tinnitus and with a strange but not unpleasant sensation I get in my head. However, I have never had it accompanied by any of those other strange things. Meditation seems to increase the frequency with which it occurs. It’s always very brief, only 2 to 3 seconds long. And always seemingly completely random when it happens.

  4. How WONDERFUL. The opportunity to be with LAKOTA. Lakota also have a strong presence in Wyoming and I am remembering ‘DEVILS TOWER’ then remembering…….Devil’s Tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Whitley, hoping you come back with some amazing experiences.

    First Whitley spends a few minutes with Mira Feroleto talking about a remarkable conference to be held July 18-22 at the Pine Ridge Reservation near Rapid City, SD on July 18-22. You can learn more by emailing or calling 802-952-6217. Whitley will be in attendance at this intimate conference, featuring 10 speakers and 25-30 attendees. Speakers will include representatives from the Dark Matter research facility in the Black Hills, and there will be a deep meditation and skywatch in the hills.

  5. Another interesting and engaging show – all 3 segments.

    Whitley I am hoping that the new book will be an audio read by you again also. Enjoyed the first chapter and look forward to the next installment.

  6. Listening to this show I was taken aback by the reference to 2020 and the potential for a rapidly shrinking time-frame.

    Second or third week in May I had a powerful dream about a black Cat shooting a ball of white energy at me which I instantly and instinctively blocked with my hands. The female Cat looked distraught afterward.

    Waking slowly out of this power-dream, I heard a man’s voice speak to me very clearly. The words were unmistakable, “One more year.”

    This caught my attention. I’ve been worried about my health since this happened, though I am in reasonable health. Listening to this show made my ears perk up.

    Could the voice have been referring to next Summer? June 2020?


  7. Author

    I try not to fix on the date but it’s hard. I think there’s going to be dramatic acceleration and climate change over the next 24 months or so, and it’s possible that the visitors will emerge during this crisis. If they do it’s not going to be anything like what anybody expects, I don’t believe. There’s not going to be a moment when aliens land on the White House lawn. They’re far more likely to come out of the closet.

    1. I agree, this constant contact by wisdom teachers and beautiful people will re-emerge and, in time, those experiencing this revived clarity will get on with life.

      It takes a bit of getting used to..

      One people, one reason.


  8. Maybe I missed it but it seems Linda and you did not really say what the strange event was you “shared” other than something weird and maybe an alien present in audience?

  9. Aliens could have used ANY language and we’d still misinterpret it! BINARY is not a language its 1 or 0 – just means two possible states of something like on or off. ASCII is a code that represents LETTERS and punctuation and symbols – STILL not a language! why not just send it in ENGLISH letters since that’s what we end up with – are they playing a game to see if we can do puzzles? seems irrelevant or maybe trickster or the CIA but come on seriously?

  10. It may be worth hopping onto Coast and appealing for the Woman who ‘heard you talking’ during Linda’s presentation to contact you Mr Strieber.

    What was possibly being said may be of great interest to many people.


  11. Back in 1975 when I was still living in New York City I had a dream about New York City being totally flooded. Shortly there after a friend of mine told me that he also had a similar dream.
    A year later I met a woman who told me that she had a dream of driving down lower Manhattan when all of a sudden she was over come by water.
    I’m sure that there are other people that had dreams about a devastating flood.

    1. About a year ago, I had a vivid dream, where I was in orbit, looking back at Earth, steadily moving away from it. I remember feeling very upset, horrified almost, because the entire planet was covered in water. I don’t recall the cause of the flood, or even if it was in the past or future…but I do I wonder where dreams like that come from.

  12. One thing I wanted to mention; of late, those connected through the bridge, whatever this actually is, have been referring to bodies as ‘Transports’.

    Does this resonate with anyone else?


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