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This is Laurence Galian’s first visit to Dreamland, and he has a powerful message about how the power elite hold us back and what we can do about it. He calls himself a ‘quantic vibrational therapist,’ so Whitley starts out by asking him to explain what in the world that means. And that begins one of the most mind-opening interviews that has ever been presented on this program.

A soul-breaking message is constantly driven into our minds from every direction: ‘you’re powerless, you’re a follower, you don’t have any real freedom of action.’ Laurence says that this is very far from true, and that the way to freedom lies not in politics or state revolution at all, but rather in understanding something totally unexpected, that we live in frequencies, and learning to change our frequency is learning to change our lives.

We’re on a precipice right now, but we have the ability to step back from it and find a new way. Laurence is about finding that way.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Whitley!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Whitley! whatever you and Anne do to celebrate the day have lots of fun doing it. i’m looking forward to the shows, thanks.

  2. Whitley,
    That was a really


    That was a really wonderful interview. Thank you.



  3. I get something valuable from
    I get something valuable from all the Dreamland shows and this one gave me something as always. Thank you all.

  4. Laurence’s telling of his
    Laurence’s telling of his childhood ‘Kreskin’s ESP’ game, the fascination with UFOs, and his interest in science parallels my own childhood in a way that is uncanny. I still have my deck of symbol and color cards from that ‘game’, and that was an incredibly long time ago.

    True story: I was a whiz in my science class in middle school, and I had a wonderful teacher too. Mr. Kindsfather was an engineer that just loved teaching. He didn’t tell jokes, or try to be a buddy with young people, he was just an excellent teacher and we all liked and respected him greatly. Although I was his star pupil, he indulged my proclivity for ‘out there’ interests. Anyway, after I received my ‘Kreskin’s ESP Game’, I did a talk in our class about parapsychology, and J.B. Rhine and studies and experiments that were done at Duke University. I asked for some volunteers using blind-fold tests using that deck of cards used by Kreskin, but really developed at Duke University. The class was blown away by one kid in particular that got a hit every time with color coded cards. Even Mr. Kindsfather was impressed and gave me an ‘A’ for the presentation. He also was nice enough to not roll his eyes when my science fair project was about UFOs. I also remember, vividly, reading ‘Incident at Exeter’ as referenced by Laurence in the interview too. This was way back in the 60’s, and since that time I have wondered about Mr. Kindsfather, his interest and support in my out-of-this world interests, and the profound affect of his accepting nature. In those days, few people, even teachers, took little interest in encouraging girls in math and science. I was in Mr. Kindsfather’s class for two years, and the second year in Advanced Science, an ‘elective’ class. The last week of school, I remember one day in particular as the other kids were busy working on their final assignments, he discreetly called me up to his desk and proceeded to tell me that he recommended that I go on to study sciences and engineering. I was 14 years old, and no one had ever spoken to me so earnestly about my potential. I have never forgotten it, and I can only hope that he would not be disappointed in me now and the path that I chose. I do not have a degree in anything, but I am still a scientist and engineer with a ‘day job’ public health.

    Thanks so much for this interview! It reminded me of who I am.

  5. Another way to look at living
    Another way to look at living with dualities of good and bad, divine and wretched, light and dark, yin and yang, etc, is order and chaos, or organization and entropy.

    If we have complete order, then everything is crystallized with repeating structure throughout space and time. Nothing changes. Dynamics disappear. On the other extreme, total chaos lacks any predictable structure beyond the tiniest quanta of existence. There is nothing to hold on to, even if you somehow had grasping hands, eyes or a mind. Hugging air would seem solid in comparison.

    Between these extremes is beautiful life. Sure, crystals and tv static can each be appealing. But the fractal forms of your arteries, trees, mountains, coast lines, snow flakes, and solar flares, along with emergent patterns found in your daily movements, family travels, social development, and evolutionary trajectories all make life interesting, exciting, sublime, powerful, and worth living.

    Whether you are happy or sad, good or bad, up or down, change happens and opportunities persist. With too much change, there is no emotion, only confusion at best. On the other hand, maybe I would like to be happy all of the time, but then that would get boring. Then I would become unhappy. Besides, I need something to compare my happiness to. Otherwise, I’m just there without joy or sorrow.

    Another point mentioned in the subscriber interview is that experience is important. Reading, watching, and letting others act for you don’t work. Talk is cheap, often ambiguous, and usually confused. We take our own steps and that is worthwhile. Robert Anton Wilson talked about how religion used to say trust our priests, don’t try to experience it yourself, while science was about anybody testing reality. Now, the roles are reversed, somewhat. We can test various religious and spiritual practices. Yet science is often considered out of reach. Leave it to the highly educated experts with their expensive equipment. Just trust them. As a scientist, I can assure you, don’t believe the hype. Truth is there, but scientists are not infallible arbiters of reality. They are no closer than you.

  6. Whitley. Today as I was
    Whitley. Today as I was checking out Laurence Galian on the net, I typed in…..Laurence Galian star ancestors….. An interview from last year came up from DREAMLAND and guest Nancy Red Star. The flute is enchanting and the interview with (Adam Teller-Star Ancestors) is priceless. He speaks of ancient myth and wisdom. Also, refers to a rainbow.

    Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland | Star Ancestors: ET in the … Cached
    Star Ancestors: ET in the Native American Tradition. … Posted by Laurence Galian on 14 May 2013 at 18:48 .

    Nancy Red Star brings the theme of the ‘sky elders’ from Native American tradition and discusses the rich relationship native peoples have with them. The wisdom of the sky elders is a deep part of the native American traditions, and here Nancy Red Star explains those teachings to us and reveals what she describes as a survival plan for walking into the next world.

    Nancy is a daughter of the Cherokee, a descendant of the Red Man, Vann, Parker Mathews bloodline. She is a frequent guest on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and is the creator of the feature documentaries Star Ancestors and the Trap-Line Song.

    You can learn more about Nancy and her work at

    The film Nancy refers to in the interview is ‘Koyaanisqatsi, Life out of Balance.’

    Read the original source:

  7. I would like to somewhat
    I would like to somewhat qualify Anne’s remark’s about why people are chosen; the visitors told me I could help a lot or help a little I just needed to find my comfort level and determine my own level involvement. I think many others are having such experiences and find themselves in the same boat here. Alexister Crowley has always been on my radar when I heard of him and I think he deserves more respect and credit than he is given. I’m suspicious of his “bad reputation” but things aren’t always as they seem.

  8. Can’t say I enjoyed either of
    Can’t say I enjoyed either of these interviews. Lots of fluff and double talk. Sounded more like a mutual love affair. Nothing learned here.

  9. I think he said something
    I think he said something very valuable in this interview do not turn away from the dark and suppress or ignore it. We all learn from experience and stuffing negative or traumatic experiences never works instead we have to face them learn from them and integrate them with the positive or great experiences of our life. Much of life is learning how to balance these polarities in ourselves and growing from our understanding of such experiences. A balanced human is a beauty and joy to behold. I wish we would teach people how to process their experiences and understand that darkness and light occur in everyone’s life but the trick is to bring them into equilibrium and see how one complements the other because its the only way to obtain a full understanding of the experience otherwise all you have is an unbalance and it will impede you from reaching higher plateau’s in your life’s journey.

  10. This is awesome…..So
    This is awesome…..So awesome as a matter of fact, I am posting it on REVELATIONS and DREAMLAND…..

    Team USA’s John Brooks saw game-winning header coming in his dreams
    NATAL, Brazil – As dreams go, the one John Brooks had on Saturday night was pretty darn improbable. Brooks, a back-up central defender who wasn’t expected to see playing time in this World Cup and who rarely ventures out of his own half of the field, dreamed that he would come on as substitute and score the winning goal against Ghana.

  11. I found the tweeting birds
    I found the tweeting birds very annoying, and Laurence Galain stammered a lot as well. That detracted from whatever he had to say. Regarding the discussion of good and evil, I didn’t get any understanding of how we are to balance them. Does this mean we are to pardon ourselves for our sins and faults, or does it mean something else, such as overlooking evil in the world. This was not made clear.

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