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Behind every myth, fairy tale and legend–hidden within the art, song and structures of ancient times–is an encoded layer of wisdom, science and truth. In this interview, Marie D. Jones explains how ancient cultures conveyed cutting-edge scientific knowledge in their origin stories and myths. She also tells us why this knowledge was hidden by such groups as the Templars and the early Freemasons, and explains how she and her co-author Larry Flaxman have decoded these hidden messages.

Marie and Larry are frequent Dreamland guests, and have also appeared on Coast to Coast, Discovery, and the History Channel. They are writers for Intrepid Magazine. You can explore their work and exciting ideas on their website,

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  1. What was the holy grail?
    What was the holy grail? Perhaps it was the secret Jesus and Mary held. They knew how to reach or utilize their godlike powers or divinity (cosmic and universal forces) while they were incarnated as a human being. What would this be worth? It’s of course priceless but how can one obtain it? Through the process of ascension and this is accomplished through the diligent, honest and heartfelt cultivation and development of higher consciousness. This is what Jesus knew and made him special and it is in my opinion the holy grail. The E.T.s have also been trying to awaken us to it but too many think its woo-woo and nonsensical better think again! You see how Jesus and Mary did it well any human has the same potential. These biblical figures knew the roadmap to achieve this goal and the real power of it and so consequently were able to tap into such universal and cosmic forces. Its time this secret gets divulged because I believe secret societies and occultists are harnessing it and want to keep the masses ignorant of how to really access their divinity. The religions are but a sham when the real truth gets divulged.

  2. People have been so duped and
    People have been so duped and lied too. Baphomet was a representation of the unified, developed human living in harmony with the world and its environment but the church has vilified it as the devil to discourage the truth. Do your research on Baphomet and its connection with the Templars and Cathars and you’ll see how Baphomet ties into Jesus and his message of ascension and the development of higher consciousness. Baphomet stands for essentially the same thing as ascension its just a much older representation of the same idea. Hermetics and alchemy are forgotten knowledge and a lost art to most and that’s a crying shame. I do not believe Baphomet is a representation of the devil as it is commonly portrayed. The image has been misrepresented and corrupted to hide its true meaning and knowledge.

  3. Right after the Mitchell’s
    Right after the Mitchell’s ‘Rosslyn Motet’ came out (2007), I participated in a teleconference with Stuart Mitchell. The chaldni patterns that appear in Rosslyn Chapel tie in directly to cymatics, which is the study of visual sound and vibration as demonstrated here:

    Here is more information about the Mitchells, Stuart’s composition, and his father’s research. (Be sure and watch the video about the Stave Angel at Rosslyn Chapel)

    As we discussed Stuart’s work, I asked him if it had occurred to him that many of those chaldni patterns resembled some crop formations? He said it had never thought about it previously, but that, yes, he could see how they might be connected and was surprised that he had not thought about it himself. There was one pattern in Rosslyn that led me to a series of synchronicities, including a crop formation that turned up later in the season. ( I realized that it also resembled the Mayan Lamat symbol) A few months later I attended an event where I came upon a book with the same symbol on the cover. The writer was at the event selling her book, and I started up a conversation with her that was quite odd and interesting too. She was from Australia, had many strange experiences in her life, and the name of her book was ‘Invoking the Light-Lift the Veil of Illusion’. I still have an autographed copy of her book that I purchased that day, and the symbol on the cover of her book was one that came to her in a vision.

    While the Mitchell’s may not have discovered all the secrets of Rosslyn, I do feel that they made some headway regarding some of those symbols, and I also feel there is more to these symbols than any of us know at this time.

    Whitley, Stuart Mitchell would be a great ‘Dreamland’ guest.

  4. It is indeed possible to
    It is indeed possible to travel back and forward in time using conscious projection.

    Some years back, I awoke inside a powerful dream-projection and saw a room before me with reclining chairs very similar to a dentist’s chair, though with lots of wiring and technological devices around them.

    There were about 5 or 6 of these strange chairs, in a line, facing large windows. It was clear that we were many storeys up in a building and outside the building was a city, very similar to the futuristic city portrayed in Blade Runner, with enormous electric signs and video displays. There were also vehicles slowly moving past.. again, they looked just like the levitation vehicles in Blade Runner ( )

    A man was laying back in one of the chairs with a headset of some kind on, which covered his head with large goggles set into a helmet. I somehow ‘knew’ I was that man, and that he was part of a criminal cartel that was dealing illegally in some kind of exotic Enzyme that allowed projection of conscious forwards and backwards in time.

    I suspect that they can physically interact with the temporal zones into which they project their consciousness. Perhaps this is what contemporary Governments are really worried about when they fear ‘who walks amongst us’.? Remember, it’s hard to hide things from those in the future as they have the benefit of both hindsight and technological advance. Makes you wonder if the increasing secrecy and oppression in Western society/Atlantis is, in part, an attempt to block secrets from the eyes of those who will come after us, and whose eyes watch our every breath from afar…

    The old Dynasties must fear losing their control of both history and their grip on the life energies of this World. How they must fear going into the dark night, without promise of return through inbreeding enforced reincarnation.

    At that point, one has to wonder are any of us really ‘us’? If others can view through our eyes, what else can they do? Ha, good job I’m not paranoid.

    It is interesting though. Being involved in that kind of projection, even if with a criminal gang trafficing illegal Enzymes, is exactly the kind of thing that would grab my fancy, so I can’t help but wonder if conscious projection across lifetimes, through time itself, may depend on some kind of matching personality too.

    Anyway, great show. People love considering such anomolous quandries and it’s only now, 28 years (28 yrs yesterday) after my Dad’s untimely passing at age 51, that I really understand why he loved reading about this area so much. He always had a little book or Reader’s Digest concerned with this stuff next to his bed.

    1. Von Hausenberg, regarding “If
      Von Hausenberg, regarding “If others can view through our eyes, what else can they do?”

      You might want to turn that around to “If I can view through others’ eyes, what else am I doing?” 🙂

      I go through periods of intense dreaming where I don’t see myself at all, but experience in another reality and through another body. This lucid dreaming is not watching myself as someone else, but being someone else, but fully aware of ‘me’. At times in a waking state or during meditation, I experience this as well, along with the typical view as if watching things going on in other realities as if obversing from outside—much like viewing a movie and watching the story unfold.

      What governments and old dynasties really fear are those of us right here, right now, that are becoming more conscious and aware of reality day by day. The ‘matching personality’ that you refer to is probably your higher self or soul. In a sense we are all Avatars spiritually and in the more mundane sense as gamers playing multiple roles.

  5. I’ve known about SlenderMan
    I’ve known about SlenderMan for a while now. Let’s hope he stays a myth…

    1. Well if we created the myth
      Well if we created the myth of SlenderMan, then maybe we should un-create him or just give him a ‘makeover’. Start calling him ‘Skinny Guy’ and he will become a lot less intimidating. 🙂

  6. Better yet we can create an
    Better yet we can create an Archenemy for SlenderMan in the form of a fire breathing dragon. Now that would be interesting….

  7. Slender Man?!! Is anybody
    Slender Man?!! Is anybody really buying this? These girls have glommed onto this as an excuse for their sociopathic/psychopathic behavior seeking celebrity status…well, they will get their 15 minutes of fame followed by decades of anonymity. Fortunately they were stopped before reaching ‘serial killer status’.

  8. i agree with you cosmic
    i agree with you cosmic librarian, in a sense we are all avatars…it is all in your perception of the world you are seeing and acting in or worlds – one, many all? what is your intention in the worlds, is it the same in all of the worlds? is it the same intention you have as the original viewer?

    1. @pagansessence, the
      @pagansessence, the intentions are not identical, but similar, to mine in this reality because on the soul level they are just other aspects of myself. Some are men, some are women, some are…? It’s like I take on their point of view, but as ME. It’s actually kind of strange to experience and difficult to explain.

  9. I agree w/Marie that many of
    I agree w/Marie that many of the more famous secret societies were secret because they were trying to save important knowledge from being destroyed/adulterated. There was/still is a hidden (tho rapidly becoming exposed) power that that seeks to keep us ignorant of our past and mankind’s innate abilities and spiritual nature. Jesus tried to expose these forces when he saw them. He tried to demystify spiritual power and teach people that we all have the potential to do incredible things. This, imo, is the intent of the group of souls incarnating through Mary’s bloodline. They seek to help free souls from their entrapment in matter and remind them of their true origins. I have come to the conclusion that many of the soldier/monks (Cathars, Templers and others) were enlisted to both protect and keep secret that bloodline. However, I also believe many of these secret societies became infiltrated and overtaken by dark forces — just as the Catholic Church itself did (if the Catholic Church ever was free of dark forces seeking control over humanity). The ideas these societies tried to preserve became distorted and used to serve evil purposes.

    Re: the Holy Grail, which is symbolized by a cup (which is an occult symbol for a womb) — in this case — Mary’s (Jesus’ mother) womb and the bloodline that she and Jesus represent to us. Because their bloodline/s was targeted by the dark power, it was necessary to both hide it and protect it. Mary had three children after Jesus — 2 boys and a girl. When one realizes that souls travel in groups, it is not hard to imagine that a soul group may reincarnate in certain bloodlines. While those totally immersed in 3D technology may feel that its the bloodline that is key, but — a body is like a car — only as good as its driver (the soul). True, some cars may be “better” than others, but, imo, the driver and the experiences that shape a particular lifetime are far more important.

    There are many advantages to cultivating (i.e., incarnating over time in) a particular bloodline — in Mary/Jesus’ case — their bloodline is quite a mixture — pulling in bloodlines from all the strands of humanity (rather than being restricted to a particular ethnic or racial group). If anything, this is what gives the bloodline most of its power — because one can bring up/call on all the experiences and knowledge that that bloodline emcompasses.

    I am curious tho about Whitley (and Marie’s) contention that Jesus didnt die on the cross and that he was married to Mary Magdalene and fathered children with her — what is it that made Jesus so special then? Reminding people that we exist, unequivocally, beyond death (kinda the whole point of a public execution/death/resurrection and appearances in public) is pretty much what made Jesus famous. Magicians of all kinds flourished in Jesus’ day — some better than others. Reading the Bible in our day and age make Jesus’ miracles seem pretty awesome, but such things were not unheard of in the day.

    Also, the idea of the “virgin” is more about purity of soul (for instance, a soul who comes back to this world by choice and not because of its attraction/attachment to material things) as well as a reference to what science currently calls a “black whole” or the Bible referred to as “The Void”. Many NA tribes call this Great Mystery. (In myth, concepts that run along a continuum often become smooshed together.) The word virgin represents the idea that FROM nothing (the virgin/Great Mystery) came something (God — the universe, Great Spirit) AND just like God (or what I call the Godhead) can express through an individual — so can Great Mystery (or the Virgin). That the Divine Feminine might express itself as a fully realized sexual being should not be such a big deal and does not in any way contradict the idea that its soul remains a “Virgin”.

  10. I think you explain it quite
    I think you explain it quite well, Cosmic Librarian. I wasnt sure what to make of such dreams for quite a while but I came to the same conclusion as you — alternate timelines/lives. Whitley brought up a point a few years back in connection to memories of “alternate lives” which very much resonated with me and confirmed my suspicions about these kinds of dreams. A few years ago I was remembering parts of dreams intermingled w/”regular” memories. Along w/these dream memories came a lifetime of memories associated w/the setting/characters of the dream. The full force of the memories wld only last a short time (less than a minute) and it was a bit overwhelming. I was/am not able to recall the “outside of the dream” memories after that but I guess they are all there somewhere.

  11. I have also heard Nostradamus
    I have also heard Nostradamus knew how to look into future time and I believe he had certain abilities of an adept to do it. Time travel is indeed possible but when you look into the future all you can do is derive is a general idea of what may occur and the exact future can not be known. Reincarnation might be a quantum fluctuation that is built into our universe. I once asked the visitors why me and they said they could learn much from me because I was going to succeed in my life and its goals in a high percentage of the universes from what they saw at the time. I thought this was a very strange thing to say but perhaps this validates the idea of parallel universes and they also said I’d fail badly in other versions of the universe. So it really makes you question reality. I remembered what the visitors said here so this is why I strive to do my best in my life choices. This is a real eye opener.

  12. What a nice gentle soul she
    What a nice gentle soul she is.

    1. DR MARK A FOSTER….. I am
      DR MARK A FOSTER….. I am glad you posted this. I found myself being pulled into Marie’s voice. Mesmerizing.

  13. I enjoyed reading Cosmic and
    I enjoyed reading Cosmic and Pagans thoughts. It seems about right that we are the others we view from within.

    Last week, I started sleeping with the sound of running water playing. First night? Dreaming exploded into multiple versions of myself, all looking the same but not the same. If ex-girlfriends still call me an @$$hole, boy, they should meet some of the complete tw@t versions of me walking around in other parallels, lol. Aye caramba!

    Good Lord this is an interesting area. I know where Cosmic is coming from with regard to reality slips becoming almost commonplace and completely observable, once you understand the arena most people sleepwalk in. We’ll all deal with this in different ways at different times of life I guess. When younger, I’d react to noticing such slips by drawing inspiration from them and feeling an energy boost.

    Lately, I don’t know what to think or feel. I’m doing ok, have plenty of ideas that are manifested to fruition, keeping busy, happy enough, etc, blah blah. Can’t quite seem to snap into that feeling of awe and excitement that all this mystery used to inspire though. Maybe I finally accepted that this magic is part of the path and one of many ways to move into and beyond life in an endless and wonderful journey of rediscovery and (to quote Mr Strieber) of return.

    All of your comments and input to these shows, I read and re-read carefully; considering subtle omissions as well as placements of ideas and principles and as I go about my business during the working week, I often think of all of us pottering about doing our various roles.

    If, somehow, all of our different perspectives could be engendered or encoded into the core matrix of a single being, I wonder what this (hopefully) wise entity would look like.

    This maybe..?

    I’ll take a few days down in Glastonbury this Summer, methinks. Mr Striebers account of the Chalice Well stuck in my mind. It’s been 25 years since I last sat on Glastonbury Tor in blazing sunshine and just hung out.


  14. She is very funny and nice.
    She is very funny and nice.

  15. ‘Slightly off subject, but
    ‘Slightly off subject, but I’ve been following Dr. Paul LaViolette’s blog where he is tracking the progression of the G2 cloud orbit and its possible impact on the Milky Way’s galactic core. (“Computer simulation of binary star following the G2 cloud orbit: Core impact less likely”.

    I thought one of the responses to his blog was particularly fascinating:

    “I was wondering if you have read a book titled Through The Curtain by Viola Pettit Neal. I have followed your metaphysical ways of thinking for years and since you speak of Padre Avondios prediction I will point this book out to you and the others here. In the book, Viola explains how she had sessions or “night classes” as she called them .. imo somewhat like Edgar Cayce but she was conscious at these “classes”. The book was not written until after her death at her request. Most of these “classes’ occurred in the 1960′s. She speaks of an etheric cloud which comes in and changes everything according to one’s vibrational frequency. Susan Rennison posted a few chapters of the book in her website dealing mostly with the current earth changes. All stated in the book, in my opinion, is exactly what we have experienced for earth changes, social changes, and the incredible obvious visibility of evil at this point in time. If you have not read the book, you will want to read these chapters…simply amazing. Therefore, I am not at all surprised that this G2 cloud you speak of will not cause a great deal of damage.. as Viola explains in the “night classes” the change will come “without too much damage”. Thank you for all your work.

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