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Michael Lee Hill is a lifelong close encounter witness. His earliest memories come from early childhood, then faded, then returned in 2005 when he started to see lights over Lake Erie. He has since filmed hundreds of hours of footage, which are on his YouTube page FrozenHill.

He has since led a life of close encounter and has become deeply involved in contact. Here, he discusses his life with fellow-experiencer Whitley Strieber, just the sort of event that is unique to this podcast.

Expect as deep a discussion of the close encounter phenomenon as you have ever heard. As Whitley says, “something is changing in the experience just now.”

Michael Lee Hill has been examined by a Harvard researcher and found to have blood that does not appear entirely human. His blood type is unknown.

You can get to know Michael better on his website,

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  1. I have been a Facebook Friend
    I have been a Facebook Friend of Michael Lee Hill for over a year. Nice to hear him on Coast to Coast!!

  2. This was an absolutely
    This was an absolutely amazing and wonderful program! I will undoubtedly listen at least once more. You have a prodigious knack Whitley, for finding just the right people at the exact correct time. Michael Lee Hill filled in all of the questions I have been yearning for and could never hope to find them all answered by one man. Please invite him on Dreamland again. I see you both creating a long and fruitful friendship. I hope so for both of your sakes. Amazing. Simply wonderful program.

  3. Oh,wow! I connected with so
    Oh,wow! I connected with so much of this interview, and also received validation on some past experiences that are beyond coincidence. Just to summarize:

    1. If any listeners would like a quick listen of music at 432 hz, I happen to have one posted on my website, that can also be found on YouTube. Go to: and scroll down to ‘Tempus Pacis’ and click on ‘Mix from One Mind 432 hz DNA Healing/Chakra Cleansing/Relaxation Music

    2. A Scotsman by the name of Stuart Mitchell and his father, Thomas Mitchell, discovered that cymatics was incorporated into intricate carvings inside Rosslyn Chapel. I was lucky enough to participate in a group phone conference with Stuart Mitchell in September 2006. I had noticed that some of the symbols in Rosslyn Chapel also reminded me of some crop formations that had appeared in fields in the UK. I asked him if he had thought about cymatics being a part of the crop circle phenomenon. He was silent for a moment, then replied, “I never thought of that before, but that would be an interesting idea to explore!” Also check out this link where Stuart describes how he and his father calculated the frequencies, and he also discusses the ancient and modern tunings (It all dovetails with what Michael Lee Hill discussed)

    3. I have been using the moniker ‘Cosmic Librarian’ since around 2005. What most people don’t know is how I chose that name. For quite a while prior to taking on the name ‘Cosmic Librarian’, a being by the name of Seshat had been a part of my life and meditations. She’s the one who told me use that name. Seshat was a very ancient goddess out of Egypt. She is often shown in ancient Egyptian art with a symbol over head that appears to be a seven-pointed star. While no one today really knows what the symbol is or what it truly represents, it does look like a seven-pointed star. Here’s a crash course on Seshat:
    Of course there is much more to this story too.

    4. One other life that I have remembered was as a member of the tribe of people (Mound Builders) that built the Serpent Mound in Ohio. In that life I helped design and build Serpent Mound. I remember that there was technology built into the mound. Oddly enough, it was the same technology that I remembered trying to recreate in an even older life in Egypt!

    Thanks for this interview with Michael Lee Hill, Whitley! I am still reeling! If you do ever want to put together a round table with him, let me know. I’m in! 🙂

  4. The link between 432 and the
    The link between 432 and the speed of light was interesting but I wasn’t happy with it only being within 1%, so I had a play. Anyway, the speed of light is 1079252848.8 km/h, which you can express as the following…

    (2.5*432*1e6) – (432*432*4) – (432*1.5) – (432/60)) = Exactly 1079252848.8

    Maybe you can play around with numbers other than 432 and get the same kind of thing…I know I was bored but I wasn’t THAT bored, so I left it there.

    Anyway, it was a great interview – thanks.

  5. I find the whole subject of
    I find the whole subject of cymatics fascinating. Just doing a quick Internet search for ‘cymatics’ images reveals some astonishingly complex three dimensional structures…and to think that they are created by just sound / vibrations. Not so long ago, they discovered that certain super-clusters of galaxies seem to coalesce at nodes and along lines connecting them, which form the shape of a tetrahedron, like egg boxes stacked one on top of the other…the tetrahedron is one of the classic cymatic shapes that vibrations can create.

    As far as meditaion and vibrations are concerned, I have noticed that if I make the ‘Om’ sound, as I shift the pitch of the sound, I can move the vibration that it creates up and down my body – the natural tone that I make seems to vibrate around the solar plexus. Just now I searched for a 432 Hz tone generator…and when I hummed at that specific frequency, the vibration was clearly right in the middle of my throat…an octave up and it was right between my ears. Previously I wasn’t sure about all this chakra stuff you read about.. now I am pretty sure there is something to it…and maybe 432 Hz could help facilitate some kind of activation…worth a try.

  6. This show reminds me of the
    This show reminds me of the work of Dr. A. True Ott who has done research in the 90s on how the 21 essential minerals exude sound frequencies. I have linked below a podcast in which he talks about the relationship between these minerals and sound frequency using magnesium as an example. These frequencies are also related to 432 Hz. His discussion of minerals begins about 21 minutes into the show. His discussion of 432 Hz itself begins about 34 minutes in. He also states that the frequencies if multiplied by different octaves can actually reach into the visible spectrum. To hear the podcast click on the link below and scroll down to radio show #229, October 8, 2014. (Note: There is a little bit of hawking of his mineral product, but the info he provides is fascinating).

    More on 432 Hz:

  7. Anyone interested might want
    Anyone interested might want to read the comments and articles associated with these SEVEN pointed star crop circles. June 2018…….Am thinking of the STAR NATIONS/STAR BEINGS……

    I copied that below from the web-page for June.
    The seven pointed star is a mystical sign of the Zuni, Hopi, Cherokee, and others of Native America. The Hopi knowledge and prophesies are important in understanding today’s world.
    Cherokee Medicine wheel (7)
    Bear Healing Drum, Cherokee (7)

    Here is the Enki/Ea Italian crop circle…….

  8. One last post. Since I posted
    One last post. Since I posted the 7 pointed star crop circles, two other crop circles have been seen. One reported on June 30th. I am certainly no expert on these circles but for me this crop circle looks like land being split or pulled away????? I would love to hear what other people think.

    THEN, this…….A Solar Winged Disk?

    Man made are not pretty interesting. I haven’t seen any comments/articles on their website..

  9. Love love love Dreamland!!
    Love love love Dreamland!! Great show. Bring Michael back on

  10. hey folks! Whitley, Michael
    hey folks! Whitley, Michael Lee Hill,
    these shows are getting so kookie cool. Thanks. one funny is this: that number 144. its supposed to be special… you know, a dozen dozens. what happens when you divide 432 by the dozen dozens? ummm 3. (easy math for simple folk like me) of course, 9 being the “big gun” is really 3 3s. Like the clock when I’d wake up some time ago when the clock was 3:33.
    I really enjoyed you guys chatting. And GRATS Whitley on the success from goFundme.
    The folks here just rock!
    Gobekli tepe HG

  11. Thanks, all. Lots of
    Thanks, all. Lots of interesting comments; more rabbit holes, for sure. 🙂
    I tuned my instrument at 432 Hz ( down from the traditional 440 Hz) and I can definitely feel more vibration, both from the body of the instrument, and under the fingers. I’ll leave it this way for a while, and see what happens.

  12. This is the quote, from
    This is the quote, from Whitley, that I shared with Michael (he refers to it during this interview);

    “When you are with them [the visitors] you are also with a part of yourself that had better have great integrity or you will suffer great fear. They cannot help it, if you come to them in an unsettled state, full of greeds & guilts & recriminations & unspoken fears. All of that will automatically be reflected back on you.

    The more love you have & are, the easier it is to be with them and the less & less they look like demons. They can’t help being mirrors, because of what they are. And, the result of that is; so many of us look at them and see something terrible.” – Whitley Strieber, excerpt from ‘Stories from a Life #18’

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