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Starfire Tor returns to Dreamland with another astonishing story: a prediction she made on the show on March 7 was revealed to be true in a scientific discovery announced on June 12.

This week, we start by playing a recording of Starfire’s March 7 prediction, then we ask her how and why she was able to do this.

Starfire has been coming on Dreamland since 2006, during which time she has made many astonishing predictions that have come true, but never has there been one more improbable and startlingly accurate as this one.

Listen as she tells us what she does to generate her predictions, and just what this particular one may mean for the future of mankind.

Toward the end of the program, Whitley Strieber springs a new timeslip on her.
Something that he has possessed for years has suddenly and inexplicably changed.
How? Is it because he has moved between timelines? If so, why does this happen?

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  1. i always enjoy the prophetic
    i always enjoy the prophetic shows with starfire tor and john hogue and the futurity shows too.

  2. John Hogue will be back
    John Hogue will be back shortly!

    1. Yay! I love the John Hogue
      Yay! I love the John Hogue shows!!!

  3. Is it possible that the comic
    Is it possible that the comic book may have been inadvertently damaged by a friend or a family member and replaced with a near duplicate? Were there multiple printings of that edition with slightly different covers?

  4. I dig the subscribers “how
    I dig the subscribers “how to” section…worth it’s weight in gold.

    IF star fire has workshops, I’ll bet we’ll have time slips by association like Whit & Annie did.

  5. As far as I understand it,
    As far as I understand it, there are 7 copies of the comic still in existence. There were no additional printings. No way could anybody have replaced it. It’s inside a case provided by the Certified Guaranty Company, which grades comics. These cases cannot be opened without showing evidence of tampering. The change took place while it was in the case.

  6. The water isn’t in something
    The water isn’t in something like an aquifer that we could tap to alleviate water shortages, but tied up in a rock called ringwoodite. It’s also very deep down. Given its depth and the fact that it’s in rocks, what comes to my mind is some method like fracking if we want to get it out. I hope we know better than that by now! Even if the water were more accessible, bringing it to the surface would ultimately add to sea level rise.
    Here’s a good article explaining the science

    For a good look at how bringing that water up might work for us, Stephen Baxter’s two excellent science fiction books, Flood (2008) and Ark (2009) were based on the earlier idea that the water might be “loose” and something might cause it all to be released to the surface.

    As for time shifts, I think it’s great that Starfire has created a way to document this in a way that correlates personal experience (memory) with external markers! I’ve noticed these all my life off and on; probably because I’ve read science fiction since childhood, it was a concept I was comfortable with – which I suspect is why I am more conscious of it rather than dismissing it. There never seems to be any purpose or meaning in these differences though. Like the two versions of the comic book, it’s not something that seems to matter. But then if it did, perhaps the difference in time lines/dissonance would be too big to tolerate. Doesn’t mean they don’t happen though.

  7. White Powder Gold; I’ve been
    White Powder Gold; I’ve been taking it for several weeks now and I recall Mr Strieber offering an opinion that it made him ‘more psychic’.

    I can respect that. One thing I didn’t expect from enhancing an already perfectly cogent farsight was that it would make me unhappy.

    Since undertaking daily ingestion of White Powder Gold, a mild unhappiness, (not quite melancholy), has slowly embraced me, with the care and quiet, clinging concern of a lover.

    Why mention this? Having the gift of, let’s call it enhanced farsight, seems to reap two harvests: firstly, oh, how manifestly terrestrial, but no news is good news… secondly, being sh1t-h0t accurate makes one a rather obvious target for those who’d much rather not have their plans uncovered, especially in advance.

    Fair play to Starfire; she sounds a perfectly nice Gal but all this could be viewed as spectacular naïveté, considering the times we live in.

    Please don’t think me negative or some kind of schadenfreude wainright, rather, expect the worst, (in this world), and hope for the best. We are not living in an age of building and advancement but one of sharp upturn of the plateau of ages, before a new vista presents itself before us.

  8. I just noticed something – if
    I just noticed something – if you look at that picture of Starfire , her eyes look very much like Jane Roberts eyes when she was in trance and Seth was speaking through her…

  9. Starfire is always
    Starfire is always interesting, however I cringe every time she mentions her ‘ discoveries’ as if her ideas are totally new and original. Many of us have been working with timeshifts and the ‘core matrix’ as she calls it for quite a while. I noticed shifts occurring a long time ago in tandem with solar flares, geologic activity, weather, etc., as have many others.

    I am very curious about her take on Malaysian flight 370, especially in light of the fact that on her previous interview air crashes were part of how she realized her ‘abilities’ when she was younger. I had some very strange synchronicities surrounding that event, beginning back in March on the day I listened to that last interview. So, why did she back off when asked about it?

  10. Seth discusses this in
    Seth discusses this in substantial detail in “Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul”
    Starfire is confirming Seth’s primary statement – that the self gestalt creates its reality.
    This occurs on both an individual soul entity and as a group “gestalt”.
    Seth spoke of this in the early 70’s….

    1. Yes. Seth spoke of it in
      Yes. Seth spoke of it in some detail, including specific methods to jump into other timelines.
      He also said not everyone is living in the same timeline…different people can live in/remember different pasts,
      each of which is equally valid [to the perceiver].

      The extra-dimensional beings called the Hathors channeled for decades by sound healer Tom Kenyon have also
      given instructions on how to jump timelines. I strongly suspect there are other [current] sources who are
      discussing similar material.

      Starfire is gifted and interesting, and yes, she has studied timeshifts in detail, but it grates on me how she talks about having “discovered” this stuff, even within the context of modern culture. (She does acknowledge other cultures such as Native Americans have this ability, while explaining and labeling it differently than she does.) It is ancient wisdom that is being rediscovered at this time . . . and not solely by her.

  11. We are lost in form,
    We are lost in form, identified with it and consumed with it. In truth however, our reality is beyond form. We are life itself and life is formless. We can always touch our truth and reality as the sense of aliveness, beingness, I-am-ness that pervades every scene; even night dreams–always. We are the dreamer which is ever present, but which never appears as an object in the dream; rather, it pervades the entire scene and all the objects and characters. Unlike life, all forms and structures have a beginning and an end. That includes memory and history (soul), which is just a form; just a structure. But what we are in essence is life (being): eternal and unaffected by form. All forms appear in being (life)–and being remains in a state of joy; in love with itself: the speckless mirror that is unaffected by the forms that appear in it. Form can never be perfect but the formless is perfect; infinite. Perhaps souls, as forms, are spread across multiple timelines; perhaps these timelines compete for the ‘good outcomes’; perhaps when one soul-thread wins out, another loses and suffers in a different time-line as a consequence; and perhaps it is all one soul’s combined history: the suffering and struggling of a form along side the suffering and struggling of many other forms. There is so much fear and suffering as a form, whether a ribosome, a cell, a plant or a little bug. Have compassion for your neighbors. If you can, for as long as you can, just be: be perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.

    1. LOREM, you posted……
      (in love

      LOREM, you posted……

      (in love with itself: the speckless MIRROR that is unaffected by the forms that appear in it)
      (Perhaps souls, as forms, are spread across multiple timelines; perhaps these timelines compete for the ‘good outcomes’)

      ………..In regards to MIRROR, I had this experience during the group meditation back in August 2013. Also, remember we take ourselves (souls) with us wherever we go in this endless and mysterious universe. Maybe we are always in direct communication with our other selves AND with our other selves seeing events unfolding from the past, present and future.

      Relax into a meditation/prayer/contemplation then listen to the insights your other and hopefully HIGHER self has to share with you…….Your post feels like you are already there.

      If I remember correctly, it was the ‘I AM’ meditation back in 2013.

      THE MEDITATION: There is a colorful neon sign that says, SUNDANCE.

      Now an image of a bearded man approaching from the left, he is pale/ghostly looking, has a white beard and white hair. His image starts to multiply, filling my line of vision. He says, “see, I am everywhere!”

      Shift…..Now we are both standing in front of a mirror/mirrors; a fun house maze of mirrors. He says, “see/understand we are a point of light reflected back into and from these mirrors. Our true point of light is currently here where we are standing but can be reflected in other forms and in other dimensions.” Now his image blinks out but I can still hear his voice, he says, “when this central point of light has been removed (the God self) none of our other reflections can exist.” I look around and the only image I can still see is my own reflection in the mirrors.

  12. It appears that part of the
    It appears that part of the scientific discovery was posted on March 12th, not June 12th. Here is a link to the scientific breakthrough. . Note the date in the article is March 12th. It is still remarkable that Starfire Tor was able to describe this scientific discovery a week before the evidence was published. This story refers to work preceding the discovery on June 12th and is referenced in the article posted by Kat8W above.

  13. I am just now getting to hear
    I am just now getting to hear this week’s Dreamland. I really hate to be the one to say it, but, since others have made certain comments, I am going to go ahead, and say it … Starfire comes across as the most egocentric, arrogant person I believe I have ever heard. I am only at 21:00 in to the Dreamland show, and I don’t think I can bear to listen to the rest of it, much less, to the one for subscribers only.

    Sorry, Whitley and Anne, but, I just don’t share your enthusiasm for her …

  14. I think some of the criticism
    I think some of the criticism of Starfire comes from her tone of voice. There are certain patterns of an astrological chart that make a person sound VERY CERTAIN, even when they have no intention of sounding that way and may, in fact, not be certain at all. This over certainty sound does grate on me–like she’s saying: This is THE ANSWER AND THE VERY LAST WORD POSSIBLE ON THE SUBJECT–and I try to realize it may be an artifact of her chart. Before I became an astrologer I was a business owner and realized that my staff would sometimes take VERY seriously things that I was just wondering about or saying without thinking. One time out of frustration I said “I think we should just stop calling customers, period. It’s a waste of time.” Then I wondered why no one was making sales calls!!! I learned to remind them that THIS is NOT important–it’s just frustration, or a mood, or in making other statements that I do NOT know this for sure–just guessing. I later learned it was my combination of Saturn (the Authority) with Mercury (the Voice and Mind) in the sign of Virgo–detail consciousness. Makes me sound like an authority with absolute knowledge of details. I spend a lot of consulting time saying THIS is a MAYBE–just a possibility and not a fact. Having SOME authority in one’s voice is very helpful, but Starfire seems to feel that she needs to emphasize the authority and might could back off on that a bit. Which is actually none of any of our business. Just something that might make her more “likeable” to some.

  15. Starfire’s tone of voice and
    Starfire’s tone of voice and manner of speech does present as somewhat arrogant & strident which is somewhat irritating. Richard Hoagland affects me the same way, but it doesn’t negate for me the quality of the information.

    I’ve noticed a few quite prominent timeslips/shifts throughout my lifetime. I’m one of those people who remember quite distinctly hearing & reading the news that Nelson Mandela had died at three quite separate times!

  16. Yeah, I kind of agree about
    Yeah, I kind of agree about the tone of voice. Stanton Friedman’s voice annoys me to no end, for example. Still, the computer metaphors have got to go.

  17. I had two time/place slips of
    I had two time/place slips of my own this spring: I was boarding a bus in my neighborhood, and after seeing the driver’s face, I reached down to pay my fare, but when I looked up again, a different driver was sitting there. I was also driving to the airport on morning shortly before dawn, and as I watched four small birds fly across the road, they simply disappeared.

  18. I agree with Fenix and others
    I agree with Fenix and others about Starfire Tor and her egotistical claims. I suppose she also discovered fire and the wheel in a previous life. Sure she “discovered” the “core matrix”, because she’s the one who made it up and all the “science” about how it works in the first place! I did not hear anything in her interviews or on her website to suggest that she really understands science at all. Show me one peer-reviewed scientific discovery of Ms. Tor, or whatever her name really is, or even one “credential” like a diploma. Her bio is remarkably free of any corroborating evidence of her supposed accomplishments and accolades.

    I’m also very unimpressed with this so-called prediction about water, as IMO it’s far from a match from what she suggested. If I understand it correctly, this is not a liquid ocean layer that was discovered, like we have deep underground aquifers all over the U.S., but a layer of material that has “an ocean’s worth of water” in its basically solid composition. Sounds to me like the energy and effort it would take to extract such water, assuming it’s possible, would far exceed that of desalinization of regular ocean water. Her prediction was specifically about relieving drought, and I don’t see anything about this recent scientific finding that suggests it’s part of a drought solution.

    Then there’s her choice of “cover photo”, and the assumed name of “Starfire Tor”. It’s all rather theatrical, no? The fact that the Striebers are so impressed by her is frankly surprising. She might have a greater than average psi capability, something I think most if not all of us possess, but IMO she’s spun it into something fantastical and lacking in credibility.

    1. That’s very well put – I
      That’s very well put – I agree with all of it. There is probably something to all this (as I said earlier, I’ve had time slip sorts of moments myself) but I tend to dismiss Starfire because of the style of presentation and the egoism. Also I’m tired of hearing about the Magic Castle story. It’s interesting and sounds convincing but honestly, consider the context. That place is built for magicians. I was a guest at the Magic Castle some years ago; there are illusions and tricks built into the walls there. They need to have the same experience in a more neutral setting.

  19. I’m surprised by slightly
    I’m surprised by slightly negative Starfire comments. Anne Beversdorf makes an excellent point (one that I was going to make!). I think it’s the medium, not the message that is irking some of the listeners. Starfire probably isn’t 100% confident in everything that comes out of her mouth (like any psychic worth their salt) so there’s a disconnect between the predictions and the over-the-top confidence she exudes. I have always sensed this (as Beversdorf does) and so I always cut her some slack.

    Some years ago, Starfire pointed out timeshift hotspots – one of them being the obelisk in Central Park (Cleopatra’s Needle). About 5 years ago, I had a timeshift experience while sitting on a bench by the obelisk. And it was Starfire’s information about that location that enabled me even to notice it.

    On a personal note….as an experiencer, I find it impossible to speak of my own experiences in an intelligent, clear manner. Which is why I remain ‘in the closet’. Kudos to ANYONE who goes public with high strangeness. We are all blessed to have such an erudite voice in this area (of course I refer to Whitley here). If only all experiencers and researchers in this field could be so honest, informative and well-spoken! But cut some slack for Starfire – I think her over-the-top enthusiasm for high strangeness is 100% based on real knowledge and experience.

    And I always look forward to (and learn from) listening to her!

  20. i am intrigued by the
    i am intrigued by the multiple examples of the mandela effect. does whitley know about this.

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