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The strangest and most improbable thing on Earth is the human brain, and the greatest mystery is that of how it functions with the mind. Does the brain create the mind, or partake of mind? Listen as innovative theorist Carl Calleman offers a truly remarkable theory about who we are and where we came from.

We look back to the dawn of human civilization, and at the pivotal mental shift that created early civilizations. Dr. Calleman describes what inspired the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Jews and Mayans, outlining a new theory about the historical, psychological, geophysical, and neurological roots of the human mind.

We may finally understand why monuments such as the pyramids and Stonehenge were built at the same time, and why the pyramid is such a perfect piece of engineering.

Listen as Carl Calleman discusses his thrilling theories about how the mind uses the brain, and what the mind is–not an artifact of the brain at all, but a part of the Earth itself that uses the human brain, but is not dependent on it.

Carl’s website is Get his book from, or your local bookstore.

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  1. here comes another great
    here comes another great show. a real mind unbender. i had an idea that we weren’t through with the mayan calendar yet. thanks.

  2. Interesting interview. I
    Interesting interview. I would have 1 question: 9th wave? Would that correspond to the ..what was it again, 9 levels of existence that the Egyptian religion talks about? Ba..Ka.. etc.
    Thanks for the peek into a usually unvisited subject.

  3. Just thought you might like
    Just thought you might like to know that the low bandwidth regular Dreamland is actually last weeks interview,dreamlanda_07_04_14-2.mp3. I must be the oñly one still with low end broadband.

  4. It would certainly be
    It would certainly be difficult to build the Great Pyramid today, but I think it would pointless because we would not know what we were building.

    Whoever built it, did know what they were building.

    Whitley states (correctly), that many measurements of the Great Pyramid reflect to extraordinary exactitude the planet. ‘It is a model of the Earth’. Great insight, Whitley! What happens when you build a perfect model of something — is that it will RESONATE with the original object you are modelling. The next question is what is the nature of this resonance? Energetically (vibrationally) or possibly in some informational fashion we don’t understand?

    Fascinating comments about ‘straight lines’. Primitive man did not observe many straight lines in nature. The only exception might be seeing straight shafts of sunlight breaking through the clouds after a storm. So this could be a new concept (archetype) in human minds.
    The idea of the Earth as Mother as our source would be an earlier archetype but possibly the idea of the Sun as Father correlates to our understanding of straight lines.

  5. This resonates with Julian
    This resonates with Julian Janes’ “The Breakdown Of The Bi-Cameral Mind And The Emergence Of Consciousness”, a book which was savaged by the psychological community when it came out.

  6. I also use low brandwidth.
    I also use low brandwidth. Thanks for head’s up, Horselover.

  7. I would also be very
    I would also be very interested to know Karl’s opinion about the 9 waves corresponding to the 9 “souls” (or more accurately the 9 components of the human machine that was posited by the Ancient Egyptians).

  8. Hi, Cya here… I’m sorry if
    Hi, Cya here… I’m sorry if I seem a bit strident at times…

    Unfortunately sometimes my enthusiasm will come across as shrill. I am grateful to be allowed to post on this site!
    Never having seen a UFO myself (well, except maybe once), I feel this is probably as close to the ‘Real Thing’ as I ever will get.

    Now, I was castigated on the Communion facebook page recently when I attempted to debate someone about an article that had been published. It was not my intention to insult anyone, (Ad Hominem attacks are just not my style). But, every time I tried to reply, people seemed to take it personally. This is not the way science moves forward.

    That said, I would like to see some discussion here in the Comments Section about thoughts on the Mayan (and Egyptian, Minoan, etc.) cultures. The Santorini event was an epoch making event in human History. I wonder how the Mayans were affected. We need to determine scientifically what their level of knowledge was and what type (scientific or metaphysical) they posessed. Then reexamine the artifacts we can study:

    Jump-in to this video at about 20:48 mins. and please reply any ideas you have..


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