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Steve Colbern is a specialist in nanotechnology and an expert on implants, and here he tells Whitley Strieber the story of his findings, including the story of an implant that Dr. Roger Leir’s surgical team removed from his own body!

He and Whitley have a searching discussion about hybrids and also speak frankly about why it would be that they both have such a calm attitude toward the visitors, given the extreme nature of some of the things that have happened to them.

This discussion between two experts, both of whom are close encounter witnesses and both of whom have implants, could not have happened on any other program in the world.

Steve explains some simple methods of determining if you have an implant, and is open to discussion with individuals who believe that they might have implants. He can be reached at

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  1. Wow, a lot to take in! Still
    Wow, a lot to take in! Still not quite sure what I think. Certainly a show and a guest to ponder for a long time.

  2. Interesting show, but never
    Interesting show, but never really addressed the question in the show title, re: getting implants out or leaving them in.

    This and generally related abduction experiences would make a great subscriber roundtable discussion, as Jeremy Vaenni has termed, but he’s clearly moved away from the reality of the UFO experience and focuses now on concepts of indigenous people mysticism, awakening to what is essentially the awareness state when we’re dead (which I believe is not why we’re here), and the supposed incurable evils of the western mind leading to our imminent demise.

    Whitley, maybe you could have a subscriber roundtable that gets back to the basics of our relationship to this extraordinary phenomenon?

  3. How much of this story is
    How much of this story is from hypnotic regression? He refers to it a lot.

  4. Listening to Steve talk, he
    Listening to Steve talk, he sounds rather too sure about the Visitors’ intentions / motives / practices for my liking…almost like the ‘keeping the question open’ door has been firmly shut behind him…at least that’s the impression I got, rightly or wrongly. I’m not going to go down the whole hypnosis memory retrieval rabbit hole, that Jack asked about above but maybe that has a bearing on Steve’s surety.

    1. Sherbet, I feel the same
      Sherbet, I feel the same way…

    2. I agree, Sherbet. Interesting
      I agree, Sherbet. Interesting to hear his opinions on it, apparently based on things he says he was directly told by the “aliens”. But where did these memories come from? That part was not so clear. And if it really did come from aliens, I don’t exactly trust them to tell the truth.

      I also don’t accept the whole imminent “dieback” theory at face value, which Whitley has also proposed although from a bit different angle. We shall see, I suppose.

      I think what’s so interesting about humanity right now, which was a subject that came up from Whitley, is that we’re probably at some critical points in our development, on several fronts: 1) we developed weapons that can destroy ourselves and most life on earth; 2) we made the internet; 3) we are quickly developing AI; 4) we will probably soon have the ability to implant interfaces between us and machine intelligence, i.e. the over-dramatically termed, “singularity”. For #5, It’s also possible that several forces like this are waking us up to a larger awareness of our souls and our built-in psi abilities, including bridging the living and the dead. If all that isn’t interesting to other intelligent beings, I’m not sure what else would be. It’s certainly not crap like “Real Housewives of NJ”, “Survivor”, or Donald Trump’s tweets.

  5. Hi Vinny, I’m pretty sure
    Hi Vinny, I’m pretty sure you’re correct. If you go to the website there is a contact page with Steve’s correct email address (as you’ve stated) and the same telephone number as mentioned in the Dreamland show. The incorrectly spelled domain is still available, if anyone is interested!

  6. Hi Whitley, thank you for
    Hi Whitley, thank you for this interview. I have to say I’m confused and forgive me if I’ve missed something, but I’m pretty sure you have attributed your implant from some human intervention. But now you mention that the Visitors may be monitoring you through your implant? Please help to clarify. Is there a connection with human government and implant monitoring?

  7. Now THAT was a show. Hey
    Now THAT was a show. Hey Whitley, Steve C.
    Holy Cats!
    I would like to go on and on, but all the subscriber info was WHOOSH! If one didnt subscribe, MAN! you missed something.
    I have heard of the Sphinx in the area of serbia or some such. There was supposed to be a huge cave with “giant” sized carved seating. At a table, there was some manner of projection that would display 2 races of peoples( 1 off world) and the hybrid of the 2. Now, this may be total nonsense, but the more I hear – the more it seems to be true.
    I could sit for hours and hash this. Next time. My curiosity would be if Whitley’s implant turned on during this exchange.
    Gobekle Tepe

  8. Whitley and Steve Colbern, I
    Whitley and Steve Colbern, I know this is a bit off subject but want to post it anyway. Last night I was checking out ‘Ancient Origins’ and saw, ‘The Mahābhārata.’ I know this is nothing new for most of your subscribers but I liked viewing it movie style and wanted to share for those interested. At 2 hours 45 seconds into the movie the age of Kali is mentioned.

    For me this is a special gift from ‘Ancient Origins.’ A 5 hour movie that can be viewed over the period of a few days.
    Published 15th July 2012 –

    And now we are living in the dark times of the Kali Yuga, when goodness and virtue has all but disappeared from the world. But when did the Kali Yuga begin? And when does it end? In spite of the elaborate theological framework which describes the characteristics of this age, the start and end dates of the Kali Yuga remain shrouded in mystery. The popularly accepted date for the beginning of the Kali Yuga is 3102 BC, thirty-five years after the conclusion of the (((great battle of the Mahabharata))). This is remarkably close to the proposed beginning of the current “Great Cycle” of the Mayan Long Count Calendar in 3114 BC.
    Vimanas are also described in the (((Mahabharata))), another ancient text. In this case, measurements are given for one of the vimanas. It’s described as having twelve cubits in circumference, with four strong wheels, approximately 20 to 25 feet in circumference, about seven feet in diameter.(6)(0)

    “They roar like off into the sky until they appear like comets.” The Mahabharata and various Sanskrit books describe at length these chariots, “powered by winged lighting…it was a ship that soared into the air, flying to both the solar and stellar regions.”(18)

  9. I have to say after
    I have to say after re-listening to this that I’ve formed a rather disturbing picture in my mind. I’m not an experiencer, so maybe I’m not dazzled by the flashing lights etc. but it really sounds like the visitors are bad news. Wanting to take over the world…weeding out the genetic strains they don’t like…working people like slaves. I hate to say it Whitley and Steve, but are you sure you’re not working for the Nazis?!

  10. The environmentally-concerned
    The environmentally-concerned tall whites sound intriguing, but I have to echo the concerns of orangeluckypierre: the greys and blues sound harsh, controlling, perhaps ominous. I haven’t yet listened to the latest Dreamland about visitors on earth, but the implications of this episode trouble me.

  11. Has anybody kept a list of
    Has anybody kept a list of “things aliens told an abductee/contactee that turned out to be wrong, a lie, or a dead end?” Off the top of my head I can think of many. Why do we still put so much interest and faith in their word?

    It would be even cooler if a list has also been kept of “things they told us that were proven to be true” and compare the two.

  12. I have to agree with Sherbert
    I have to agree with Sherbert and Cosmic Librarian that Steve sounds way too sure about his opinions regarding the aliens. And this is just personal opinion, but he didn’t seem like a nice open guy in Patient 17. Even during this interview, the way he called non-experiencers ‘normals’ wasn’t nice. It reminded me of the derogatory term ‘muggles’ (people who don’t practice magic in the Harry Potter series). In any case, it seemed like a way to put himself above the average person.
    While it is interesting to explore the Hollywood-style conspiracy of bad aliens trying to harvest humans, it seems a bit too simplistic. Indeed, Whitley hints at it meaning more when he says that the visitors come to our bedrooms and what’s so interesting about our bedrooms except for the fact that that’s where we dream and are intimate and alone. It hints at the experience being of a higher level than the purely sinister and physical way Steve sees it.
    Whitley, I am also surprised by the fact you find that stick figure video to be real. This video does a good job at saying how it could have been done
    One more thing. Steve’s description of a potential hybrid could be any number of people I’ve met in my life.
    I am utterly interested in implants and look forward to further discussion about it.

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