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Judy Carroll describes herself as an ambassador for benevolent aliens who seek to help the people of Earth. Listen to her story as she tells it to Whitley, who listens with interest and a open mind. Judy’s message is about where mankind has been in history and where we are going. She is fearless in staking her claim to her role, and delivering a controversial message that she deeply believes to be true.

She says that she was requested back in 1995 by ETs to tell her story of her contact with them, offering a message designed to improve our lives through a deeper understand of consciousness, love and fear.

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  1. Whitley and team,

    Whitley and team,

    Wonderful show. I will share with others my impressions, as I listened, letting Judy’s stories wash over me.

    Judy noted that our holy books are all multi-layered parables. This strikes me as the right direction. As a conveyance of truth, a multi-layered story, like a multi-faceted gemstone, can be viewed from many perspectives, still retaining its beauty, its original complexity, allowing viewing from many perspectives, while not overwhelming viewers who might not be acustomed to viewing beautiful gemstones of fractal complexity.

    Whitley, you stressed not getting caught up in the details; that it’s important to focus on the message, the wisdom. Judy echoes this, when she says about how we will know when we are dealing with negative entities and energies, “You’ll know”. This strikes me as the right perspective. Thirst is just as easily quenched by water from an earthen cup, as it is from a golden chalice. 🙂

    Great show. Keep ’em coming. 🙂


  2. I enjoyed listening to Judy
    I enjoyed listening to Judy but my perception as to why the aliens are here based on my personal encounters are not as positive. I believe that aliens are connected and have a group consciousness just as all planets are interconnected and dependent on one another.
    How we treat our planet impacts everything in the cosmos. It is no coincidence that UFO’S often appear around man-made or natural disasters. Just as they are often found hovering around nuclear military facilities. They are here for their own purpose and their intentions vary depending upon the species. I believe that aliens have been observing and manipulating our DNA for a very long time to create hybrids because their planet has died or is in the process of dying. I also believe that telepathically they can change our mindset and program us to do what they want us to do.
    When I was a child they tried to take my soul but didn’t succeed because I am strong emotionally. They experimented with my emotions because they don’t have feelings.
    I feel as though my abductions interfered with my ability as an adult to have normal intimate relationships.
    I have found positivity in all the negativity though. I have seen and experienced things that most people could never imagine. I am open minded and can think outside the box.
    I am a survivor like all abductees!

  3. It works fine now.
    It works fine now.

  4. Honestly, I am having trouble
    Honestly, I am having trouble correlating last week’s interview with Steve Colbern (visitors want us or hybrids to be their workers, possible Stockholm Syndrome of experiencers, visitors demanding and forceful) with this week’s remarks by Judy Carroll (visitors tend to be enlightened and benevolent, only want us to grow, except some counterfeits who abduct people). Yet if they are so benevolent, why the hybrids and wanting us to be their workers?

    1. Human beings are all across
      Human beings are all across the spectrum of personalities and agendas. Why would other beings be any different? Or maybe our individual frequencies are attuned to only certain other beings? Or are we are attracting what we need to wake us up, and that would certainly vary from person to person too?

      And what about the group of people that are non-experiencers? Are they here for window dressing, and without souls?

  5. A polar opposite
    A polar opposite understanding of the gray visitors when compared to Steve Colbern’s interpretation. When one looks at the crop circle with the gray holding a disk having a message of deception and hope, you have to ask, is the message coming from the grays or is it about them. I find it ambiguous at best. Again, no transparency in what we are dealing with. If one is looking to the outside for clarification I’m afraid it isn’t there.

    Judy’s message of love and understanding is one that rings true. Are the grays friend or foe? Not clear who is friend or foe. Christ admonishes us to love your neighbor as thyself and to love your enemy. That’s a pretty big challenge put to us. Am I up to to, I don’t know, but one worth trying to attain.

    Rick Man

  6. I always try to think about

    I always try to think about the situation by turning it around and asking what it would be like for people on another planet who could not travel the stars if we were able to do so and found them.

    Depending on how easy it was for us to get there, they might find a whole host of different approaches to them. Various religions might send missionaries. There would be anthropologists, biologists and social scientist involved, and who knows how many other scientific disciplines, some of which we probably haven’t even invented yet. And there might be criminals as well, especially if there was something about us or our world that had market value.

    The grays I met were tough cookies, but their aim was very clear: they were waking me up. They tried all through the fall of 1985, then finally dragged me out into the night and basically shook me until I was forced to acknowledge their presence. Then they stood back and patiently waited.

    When I eventually responded by walking out into the woods at night, the relationship began–or rather, began again, because I had known them as a child.

    On the other hand, I know plenty of horror stories involving them. Had I been a different sort of person, mine might have been one, too. I also know stories–which may or may not be true–of really bizarre things happening.

    So my conclusion is that they are addressing us much as we would address a more primitive species that we might find among the stars, with what is good in us, what is bad in us and what is just plain ugly.

    I either got the good guys or made the best of a bad situation. I cannot know which. I do know this, though: they woke me up and introduced me to a higher level of being and experience, for which I am deeply, deeply grateful.

    1. Whitley, what I find most
      Whitley, what I find most interesting about your experiences are the control factor. I sense that you believe that you had a reciprocal relationship with the entities that you bonded with. In my case, I was an unwilling participant under the control of the entities. Many of my abductions happened in places that I was drawn to for no apparent reason. Most of the abductions happened in remote wooded areas or in deserts. For example, I went to the outback in Northern Australia and don’t know why I felt compelled to keep going back. I actually traveled 4 times from Boston to Australia and had a deja-vu experience as well. I remember how I felt compelled in my college days to go to a remote school in the middle of nowhere during the summer to take a course. I was all alone in a dorm with nobody to converse with. I did this for 2 summers. I remember when I felt compelled to go to the Black Forest in Germany and I got lost in the middle of the night when I was abducted. I am sure that my implant was how they were able to manipulate me and put me under their control. I feel as though my experiences brought me to the depths of Hell but in the end I was able to ascend and see higher beings. As a child they would bring me to the lower realms via astral projection where demonic creatures lurked. There they tried to take my soul but I always bounced back. As an adult, I now see beautiful orbs and I see the white light which I call my Guardian Angels. God Bless you, Whitley.

  7. Thank you, Whitley. Speaking
    Thank you, Whitley. Speaking personally, I am grateful not only for your experience but for your profound insight.

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