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You can find all kinds of stuff on the internet, in books and at conferences about the magic of quantum this or quantum that. It’s become a sort of empowerment buzzword. But what does it actually mean, and is there any REAL way to empower yourself by re-invisioning your life by seeing it as a quantum-physical reality.

Cynthia Sue Larson comes to Dreamland with an excellent working knowledge of what quantum reality is all about, and discusses how to see your life in the context of the deeply indeterminate reality that actually governs this universe of ours.

In this provocative discussion, she demonstrates how to fundamentally rethink your life as an indeterminate reality, and how to navigate it in such a way that you consistently travel the paths you want to travel.

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  1. I’m reminded of Michael
    I’m reminded of Michael Talbot’s writing.

  2. JohnW…me too. Gregg
    JohnW…me too. Gregg Braden’s ‘Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer’ also came to mind (spoiler alert!) where he suggests that the act of praying, should be to try and feel what it would be like to already have your prayers answered…and to project that intense gratutude, rather than a sense of emploring lack…so, if you were desperate for rain, to try and feel those droplets hitting your face, the smell of it, the sound of it hitting the floor…and how that fullfillment would make you feel.

  3. This link isn’t working.
    This link isn’t working. Again. Argh.

  4. Why does it work for some and
    Why does it work for some and not others? The link is not working here again. New in a few weeks i hope!

  5. I remember precisely where I
    I remember precisely where I was, back in 2002 when I heard Mr Strieber’s appeal for subscribers. It was the honesty that won me.

    Here I am, all these years later, still making ends meet through spirit and through the light that radiates both without and within.

    We lived on Mars once, my brothers and sisters. How tall we were. How scorched the earth became. Yet live we still and peace is the word.

    The second light, the later light that waits, is dawning. Peace, brother Whitley. As we all wait, we all weave. There are no fat, wealthy weavers, only hearts who strive. In strife is hard won peace and in peace is the way ahead.


  6. Michael Talbot’s book, “The
    Michael Talbot’s book, “The Holographic Universe” has been a huge source of inspiration for me. I love the way Talbot describes the scientific theory of the holographic interpretation of quantum physics, and I also love the way he shares personal accounts of how he witnessed paranormal / metaphysical events throughout his life–such as waking up to find objects had moved around inside his room and house. Talbot also appears to have been the first to actually use the phrase ‘reality shift’ in exactly the same context as we currently use it (and Mandela Effect) today, too.

    It seems to me that when it comes to the way we engage in dialogue with Nature, it’s with our thoughts and feelings. And when we are hoping for physical reality to go the way we’d most like for it to unfold, what is really running the show are our subconscious thoughts. This appears to be the reason that our emotional / energetic state–and our subconscious beliefs–play such a powerful role in what we experience next.

    — Cynthia Sue Larson

    1. Cynthia, have you read ‘Real
      Cynthia, have you read ‘Real Magic’, the new book by Dean Radin? It seems to dovetail with much that you discussed with Whitely…Looking forward to reading your book! I have been aware of shifts in my own life, even within the moment and also felt them physically, although they are not as strong as they once were (But then, I’m getting older, and I’m sure that the options for the remainder of my life are fewer in number too!)

      Great discussion!

  7. That’s so wonderful to have
    That’s so wonderful to have gotten to spend time with Michael Talbot! While I did not get to meet Michael Talbot while he was alive, I have felt his presence with me many times, and I feel he had a hand in guiding me one day to trust my intuition as I was driving in my town to run errands one day in the 1990s. I was surprised to feel a strong intuitive sense to, “Turn right here, go up to that street, and park,” which I did. I then felt guided to, “Go inside that book store–the one on the right” (there were two book stores side-by-side on that street). Then, “Go downstairs, turn left, and turn immediately left… and stop,” which I did. I was now at a section of that store I’d previously not visited. Wondering what I was doing there, I got one more nudge, “Look down,” and there, right in front of me was an autographed hard cover copy of Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe. I’d been feeling heartbroken that I’d never gotten to meet him while he was alive, but in this moment, I felt he had guided me to this book, and that it was a gift from him to me, as well as further proof to me that love never dies, nor do we.

    I’ve not yet had a chance to read Dean Radin’s new book, “Real Magic,” but plan to. I am grateful to know Dean in real life, and grateful that he’s been reading and following my work for the past 20 years, as I’ve been following his. I’ve had some amazing experiences with Dean in his laboratory at Institute of Noetic Sciences, such as a time I watched a potted plant interact with him while it was hooked up to something akin to a polygraph machine for plants (as part of an experiment running at IONS at that time), and I was amazed to see the plant respond with evident excitement when Dean walked back to the room with the plant, and again when Dean gently stroked its leaves. I love Dean Radin’s previous books, and I’m very much looking forward to reading “Real Magic.” One time a few years back while I was talking with Dean, he expressed sincere gratitude to me for my work and my monthly RealityShifters ezine, because that has provided him with an ongoing window to the world where people all around the world are experiencing extraordinary reality shifts in their daily lives–and this phenomena is much broader and more widely experienced than is yet known to the general public.

    — Cynthia Sue Larson

  8. How frustrating to see this
    How frustrating to see this link functions for non subscribers in the 30 minute format but not the hour long version for subscribers.

  9. hey Whitley, CS
    hey Whitley, CS Larson,
    Firstly, thanks CS for being an active participant in the comments section. Every now and then a guest actually does interact with us.
    Some of the core concepts I heard reminded me of Matrix Energetics. i forget the author at the moment. Im working on seeing things like a program. when you turn on the PC you see a screen. BUT… behind it is the code thats running to create it all…Matrix style.
    I agree 100% on the visualization & focus on change.
    cool show, thanks for the chat.
    Note: the site link player didnt work, but the “download” link did. FireFox. Maybe its the browser.

  10. Looks like there is some
    Looks like there is some books I should read. Also, subscriber portion not playing on mobile device.

    AND I’m working my way toward Indian Wells I’M SO EXCITED

  11. While you could visualize
    While you could visualize reality shifting and quantum jumping as being something akin to playing with hidden code in ‘the Matrix,’ it seems to me there is deeper consciousness to the universe far beyond just being something akin to the Holodeck on the Star Trek TV show. I’m sure it’s possible to get some good results working within the idea of everything being malleable, but I’d recommend maintaining a respectful attitude with regard to the sentience of Nature and the Universe for best results–rather than assuming ‘it’s just like a computer program’ that is assumed to not be sentient, nor have feelings, nor be conscious. This to me is a vitally important distinction to make any time humans attempt to compare the universe to a machine, a program, or something we assume at some level we can completely control.

    — Cynthia Sue Larson

    1. Hey CS,
      I agree to an extent

      Hey CS,
      I agree to an extent of your point, and thanks for the post =)
      Considering some of my personal experiences, yes your view on the sentient part is spot on. i use the “program” as a visualization to find my “pattern.” I’ll check Amazon for your work. Thanks

  12. “…I’d recommend maintaining
    “…I’d recommend maintaining a respectful attitude with regard to the sentience of Nature and the Universe for best results–rather than assuming ‘it’s just like a computer program’ that is assumed to not be sentient, nor have feelings, nor be conscious. This to me is a vitally important distinction to make any time humans attempt to compare the universe to a machine, a program, or something we assume at some level we can completely control.” — Cynthia Sue Larson

    This is a superbly articulated, essential truth that has also come to me quietly and consistently throughout a lifetime of seeking. Whitley, Cynthia: thank you both for an extraordinary interview that is still literally sending chills along my spine. I have a feeling Cynthia’s work is going to join Whitley’s in being among my most important guiding lights/inspirations in this dark/heavy/challenging yet simultaneously light-imbued/wonderful/loving universe.

  13. P.S. The “Get her powerful
    P.S. The “Get her powerful book now. Click here!” link is broken. The current URL is: < https://%20https// > which, of course, is invalid, but the shortlink works if you remove “%20https//”.

  14. Link stil not working for me
    Link stil not working for me on mobile or full site viewed through mobile. New episode out tomorrow, hope we get to listen to that.

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