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Most of us have had the experience of attempting to manifest something in our lives using thought, and we have had the experience of failing. Mitch Horowitz is one of the leading experts on how to actually make this work. In this “manual for miracles” Mitch lays out just how to determine and reshape our lives. Following in the footsteps of a little known group of esoteric seekers from the 19th Century who called themselves “the Miracle Club,” he weaves together a program that has worked in the past and can work for us today.

As the editor of Super Natural and Solving the Communion Enigma, Mitch has a very special place in the life of Whitley Strieber, and this lovely interview reflects their long professional association and friendship. Mitch’s ideas work!

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    Hey Guys, the download link is missing. Thanks.

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    Had the same issue; originally when I brought the page up, the link was not there. I reloaded the page and the link appeared. Maybe I caught it just after it was fixed, but might be worth trying?

  4. I loved the discussion on the
    I loved the discussion on the ‘Question’ (near the end) and how much more important it is than the answer we may come up with. Answers always lead to more questions.
    Ponder this question: Are we alone in the Universe?

    Whatever the answer may turn out to be, it is guaranteed to bring us to stunningly new vistas.

  5. Thanks for this interview,
    Thanks for this interview, Whitley. I remember in the 80’s when affirmations were all the rage I had a friend who chanted affirmations all the time, particularly when she got upset. One day she said her favorite affirmations and then asked “Why am I still in the same old shit?” I got it. She was trying to change something without using emotion that dispelled her doubt so her words were in dissonance with her thoughts and feelings. There was no way her affirmations had a chance. It is not about chanting the same words over and over , you have to feel it and know it. Belief and hope have nothing to do with it.

    Also, there is the element of disposition, why did you come to experience being human on planet earth. If your affirmations working would negate an experience you are here to have, then they will not work. It was said in the interview, there are too many variables/laws to consider the law of attraction working on its own as the be all and end all of laws.

  6. So, after listening to the
    So, after listening to the closing comments with Buddy on ‘The Experience’ regarding the importance of thought, I was thinking about a quote of Edgar Cayce’s when he said, “Thoughts are things, and as their currents run they become miracles or crimes in the experience of individual life.” [Edgar Cayce reading 906-3]

    THEN, as I was checking out the website for Mitch Horowitz I came across one of his books, “Mind as Builder: The Positive-Mind Metaphysics of Edgar Cayce” Paperback – February 25, 2017

    Mitch, this is a most excellent interview with Whitley and below is another one of your interviews…….

  7. Whitley, I know you are aware
    Whitley, I know you are aware that Seth via Jane Roberts went totally in depth in the idea that your thoughts create reality—starting back in 1963 and ending with Jane’s death in 1984. Horowitz does not understand the full scope of creating your own reality. It goes WAY BEYOND creating things in one’s life—and it is goes way into creating all of physical reality each moment. And it really has very little to do with positive thinking. Everybody each moment is creating their own reality nonstop. It has everything to do with beliefs and expectations.

    Jane and Rob documented for 20 years the whole Seth material from how it started on the ouiji board, ALL the testing they did, etc etc. Seth must have dictated 25-30 books, plus about 7 years of weekly transcripts from the Seth classes in Elmira—of which I was an attendee, one of the NY Boys.

    It’s not just total passion & laying everything on the line, etc that is behind creating the reality you want for yourself—people LOSE everything every day. It IS BELIEFS and EXPECTATIONS. You can focus on something as much as is humanly possible—BUT if you have strong beliefs counter to the goals of your passion—you will fail.

    Viet Cong commitment to winning, etc, is not simply why they won. It was the BELIEFS of everyone involved. You need a commitment to the win a war—AND THE BELIEFS behind it—in telepathic agreement with your enemy.

    When it comes to reality creation–we are already there. It is part of the ongoing mechanism behind the physicalization of physical reality and all of its event. It is NOT a hard, long difficult road…to create your own reality. It is natural and we do it each moment.

    With Annie, it wasn’t that her dying didn’t belong to the possibility of change—it was that she didn’t want to change—for she knew it was the right thing and the right time. We ALL choose our exact moment and method of our death. It was HER LIFE and she didn’t want to change her direction. There were BELIEFS behind this. ONE of them was to die and help you in the afterlife just as she is doing—and you telepathically agreed.

    Its not simply that there are things you can’t change—altho there ARE those things. But it is things you WANT to change PLUS the beliefs behind that change has to be in harmony with the change you want. A person may passionately WANT to be rich—but subconsciously and strongly believes money is evil or that he doesn’t deserve happiness, etc—and so he will never become rich. His beliefs MUST be aligned to his want or desire.

    Themes & motifs keep returning because the beliefs behind them haven’t changed.

    Prayer is beliefs—it is talking to yourself, inner self, whole self, higher self, entity, god—whatever word you like to use.

    Questions & answers are ALL tied into beliefs. You form your questions and answers based on your beliefs. You define and explain your experience based on your beliefs.

    Beliefs don’t mean forcing your beliefs on others. THAT is what Annie was talking about. Beliefs are the FILTERS thru which we see and create our reality en-masse and individually.
    And Whitley if you don’t wanna live 150 years—just know that it is YOUR beliefs that that it is a terrible wandering. Beliefs aren’t facts. Unrecognized beliefs are seen as facts.

  8. “The conscious purposeful
    “The conscious purposeful appropriation of one’s own soul force is the supreme secret. I first grasp the full force of the soul power of the Ego within me. Then I feel the burning desire and intense resolve to create something worthwhile. This desire, this Longing, implies in itself the knowledge that I can reach my goal. Then I make a fervent demand. This perfect faith opens the way for vibration to pass from the Dynamo which the soul center is, into my consciousness, and the inspired ideas are born.” ~ Puccini

  9. Awesome interview!
    Awesome interview!

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