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For the first time, one close encounter witness interviews another about his experience! Calvin Parker joins Whitley Strieber for a discussion about what it’s like to have a close encounter experience, and the results will leave you wondering how anybody could ever deny that this happens. PLUS, UFO researcher and publisher Philip Mantle joins them to talk about his longstanding relationship with Calvin, why he considers his story so important, and Calvin’s new book, which he has published through his company Flying Disk Press.

Then later, Stefanos Panagiotakis joins us from Greece to talk about a newly discovered witness whose story has only recently emerged. It seems that Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson were not the only people having high-strangeness experiences around Pascagoula on that night in 1973. Stefanos will tell the story of another witness who has thus far remained under the radar.

When will we face the fact that these events happen, and accept as a society that they are an important part of the human experience, and in urgent need of deep and organized study. 

The image on the right is the figure of the female alien Calvin saw, which he had drawn by an artist and says is close to what he observed.


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  1. This is the second interview
    This is the second interview that I have listened to recently with Calvin Parker.

    I like this guy! Mr. Parker, thank you so very much for coming forward with your story of the abduction event you experienced. I am very grateful and intrigued.

    My impression of the other witnesses that were interviewed nearby, is that these beings were trying to find someone who was receptive (the antenna) and they would be able to interact with certain humans who had the ability to interface with them.

    The other reported incidents at the time seem to be attempts by the Visitors to find a compatible subject and these people were rejected for whatever reason. When they came upon Charlie and Calvin, something worked and the result was this abduction event.

    Thank you Whitley for getting back to the UFO subject, as I see it as the most important avenue to understanding what we as the human species are going through!

  2. Please pardon me for bringing
    Please pardon me for bringing up a topic that is totally unrelated to the above subject, (I’m on a roll here!). That is the discussion regarding ‘Disclosure’.

    Why is it that when we discuss this, it is always the premise that those who supposedly know the real information don’t want it exposed to the general public? Steven Basset. Grant Cameron, et al., consistently approach the idea that it is a choice by the Government not to let the E.T. reality be exposed.

    What if they are not in charge of this game? It seems apparent that the Visitors do NOT want their involvement with humanity openly considered as a fact, (which it is). We can easily surmise that perception control of individuals (Mind Control, aka. MKultra) is feasible and may have a great effect on those in power to not allow them free will on this subject. I just want to say that with all the controversy surrounding this putative secrecy, that they may actually be prevented in their ability to disclose what they know.

  3. I also find the story of
    I also find the story of Calvin Parker’s isolated encounter compelling. Listening to him, I have little doubt of his sincerity. And the absolute strangeness of the encounter itself lends further credence.

    Whitley, did I hear you correctly during the first portion of the interview to say that you also have encountered these particular beings?? Or was it just that you were also drugged and levitated to a craft? Along those lines, have you, Whitley, ever heard of other encounters with these creatures? If so, how do they differ from the grays?

  4. Also, during another
    Also, during another interview Mr. Parker gave regarding his abduction, he mentioned that someone had created an accurate rendering of the female alien who examined him aboard the craft. I would love to see that. Anyone know where it can be found online?

  5. Terrific show. Down to Earth
    Terrific show. Down to Earth talk about an out of this world anomaly. Ordering the book for sure.

  6. We asked Calvin for a copy of
    We asked Calvin for a copy of the image of the alien he refers to in the show, and have added it to the show description above.

  7. I lived in Biloxi MS and my

    I lived in Biloxi MS and my father was stationed at Keesler AFB. I know this area as we water skied on it when we got tired of the Biloxi River or the Ft Bayou River in Ocean Springs. These Cities are all along the Gulf Coast. The man from Laurel is authentic and I can tell by his accent he is from North of Interstate 10.

    Id like to share a story of an incident that happened to my Father in Biloxi. He walked outside to the mulch bin to throw away some water melon rinds- looked up and noticed the stars where half blocked out. He saw a silent large black triangle craft sitting silently in the sky.. it was huge. He saw it’s wing tips(?) begin to tilt back & forth almost like a wing tip salute(?) Then the Black Triangle ZOOMED over the house and he ran through the house to the front drive way as it disappeared over the treeline and out over the Gulf.
    When he came inside this was a no nonsense man who spent years around all kinds of aircraft around the world and he was white as a ghost and freaked out excited. He never talked about any UFO’s only football & golf. So this was all new to all of us.
    This was about 1983.(??)

  8. Thank you for posting the
    Thank you for posting the image, Whitley. The encounter is a haunting one.

  9. Really a great show and
    Really a great show and Calvin was totally sincere!

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