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Paul Sinclair’s first Dreamland on August 14, 2015 was a real marvel, one of the best and most well-documented stories of a UFO encounter (his own) ever put on the record anywhere.

During that show, he promised us that he’d bee back with more information about the ultra-high-strangeness that the community he lives in experiences on a daily basis.

This Dreamland is one incredible adventure led for us by a researcher who knows what he is doing. Enjoy a fabulous journey to an isolated corner of Yorkshire in England. But is it really so isolated? It would seem not…

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  1. You know, this incident in
    You know, this incident in Wilthorpe sounds like maybe it was an alchemical experiment conducted by the UFOs. Beaming lasers at the ocean, which boiled, then the military sweeping the area with metal detectors….was there a noticeable alchemical transformation that occurred in the ocean waters, perhaps even monotomic metals produced? Did they departing UFOs represent sections of the experiment that were timed, as the experiment reached its conclusion? Seems like there was a process at work here. It is believed by some that aliens regularly mine this Earth for resources, maybe this was an example of that. They may have been refining the ocean minerals, seeing what they could produce.

  2. May all have a year filled
    May all have a year filled with lots of love, goodness, and beauty.

    Fabulous show, Whitley! : ) lots to think about…

    Some people who post here, like Mace, have engineering, math, science, or something else they are really knowledgeable about which is pertinent to the info on the show. I am guessing, they have ways to think about these things – of which i have no knowledge – and they bring it to the table so i can begin to understand.

    i thought you were joking at the end about the pictures in your book…. raises a whole slew of questions… beginning with what is reality?

  3. Whitley and Paul Sinclair,
    Whitley and Paul Sinclair, here is an older Australian documentary. If anyone decides to view it, I would suggest watching it until the very end.

    There are some similarities in the beginning of this video in regards to the UFO’s and the boiling water under the UFO that Paul describes in this interview.

    From documentary:
    Some people said the water was steaming up.

  4. Brilliant show and brilliant
    Brilliant show and brilliant guest! Will be looking into Paul’s work further. Thank you.

  5. The shutter in the sky is a
    The shutter in the sky is a ‘barrier’ between our dimension and another. The ‘shutter’s can manifest Anywhere and at Anytime, on Earth. In My Mum’s case, she witnessed one a close hand. The case that Paul cites is the first time in thirty years that I’ve had cooberation of what she witnessed. She was in her lounge and something drew her attention to up near the ceiling close to the door. A Reptilian head was looking down at her, from the other side of the shutter. As soon as It realized that this Human woman could see her, It pulled It’s head back and closed the shutter, and It disappeared. Now that we are in the beginning of 2017, It’ll be interesting to see if more reports if this sort are reported.

  6. Great show, and Paul is
    Great show, and Paul is always objective in presenting his fascinating information! I hope that he follows up on the ‘Sinclair’ connection.

    While listening to this show, I could not help but wonder and do a quick ‘remote view’ of the areas discussed. I sensed some kind of doorway, or portal there, one that opens and closes ( ‘shutter’). That would explain the variety and type of sightings, as well as disappearances. A couple of questions that I have are about the 3 young men that went missing, and discovered days later. Does Paul know if any kind of autopsy was performed on the men? Did they drown, or is that an assumption?

    Also, I wondered about ley lines and other activity in that area. I did find this article referencing the ‘Wold Newton Triangle’, and Bridlington is right on the southern border of the triangle. Apparently, this area has had lots of strange occurrences, and ongoing for an incredibly long time. This dovetails with what I sensed, especially in terms of the variety of ‘high strangeness’ for that area.

    In addition, this area of England, in particular, is being eroded away by the sea at an alarming rate, and the second link below illustrates the effects of the most recent Ice Age on this area of Britain:

    In the 2015 interview with Paul, he mentioned having a strange man that he passed on the road telling him, “You bring the light.” Indeed he does!

    1. Thanks for the links, it
      Thanks for the links, it certainly does look like a special place. I’d like to spend a few days up there and see If I can feel any vibes. Although after hearing some of Paul’s stories I’m also a little nervous!!

      1. I’ve spent a couple of days
        I’ve spent a couple of days in Bridlington visiting family friends many years back. My overriding memory is of the sea being ridiculously cold, even in the Summer – it is the North Sea after all, so maybe not so surprising. Regarding some of the tales of people going missing there, near the coasts, if you accidentally fell into the sea and couldn’t get out for more than a couple of minutes, you could be in real trouble due to the cold.

        It’s not the kind of place I would pick for a holiday – but from what Paul has been saying I would definitely spend more time looking at the sky, or out into the sea, if I went back there!

        I have a question, about the Kindle version of Paul’s book “Truth Proof”…what is the quality of the pictures? I say that, just because many of the Kindle editions of books I have read, the quality of the pictures is far worse than the printed edition…which would be a shame in this case.

        1. the quality of diagrams are
          the quality of diagrams are ok in the kindle version, but the newspaper clippings are poor and virtually unreadable. It’s a great read though :0)

          I grew up on the coast and can verify that people die and vanish in odd but completely not high strangeness ways when the ocean, cliffs, wind, and rip tides are involved. So in many ways the missing people aren’t that surprising, but the activity around the military base in this book is way beyond normal, and so perhaps the walkers were distracted by something highly strange that in turn lead to a fatal accident?

  7. What a delightful
    What a delightful interview!!

    I love these UFO episodes. It’s fascinating to realize the UK is just as much involved as the USA in their Special-Ops activities with these incidents. Does anybody else see the parallels apparent in the government response (and involvement) when these events occur? The responses seem identical, –there really must be a breakaway civilization that engages on a continuous basis with this phenomenon.

    Are we as average witnesses being left behind? I certainly hope not. The visitors seem to want to include the ordinary person as participants, but the Spec-Ops seem to want to cover up and exclude those who are really intended to ‘get the message’.

    But wait… why would the the governments’ agents put on such a show to confuse the issue? I mean, aren’t they really validating the strangeness of the event by sending helicopters, vans, personnel, MIBS, etc., to these locations after the fact to in a sense validate the event as unusual. They are not stupid, it must ALL be part of the program.

  8. Nothing better than a
    Nothing better than a Yorkshire man telling the truth.
    Nothing worse than a Yorkshire man gibbering a load of sh-it. This chap should know exactly where his bloodline lies.
    I found out years ago that the Sinclairs (St Clairs) are related to the Stewarts (Youing Pretender: “Bonnie Prince Charlie”) and the present day “Royalty” in the UK. We do not know where the paedophillia problem creeped in…..but we are still researching………Ask Annie what the number 6233 means to her……She should know. Reply in a peronal message because we do not want to upset the listening puiblic.


  9. Years ago I bought what is
    Years ago I bought what is now a rare book called “Space time transients and unusual events” by Michael Persinger. His work studies environmental effects on human consciousness, focusing especially on altered states of consciousness and on the supposed experiences of UFOs & nonhuman intelligence.

    I don’t follow all his conclusions but he does have good data on energy lines/hot spots that attract high stangeness events. I feel the idea of ley lines is often overshadowed by high tech spacecraft visitations. Yet it would make sense for these ‘shutters’ or portals to be using energy fields to travel between dimensions. I wonder if the military already know about this and protect these hot spots?

    I bought Paul’s book and can recommend it to everyone who subscribes to unknowncountry. A great read, extremely thought provoking, and very well researched.

  10. I have to agree that the news
    I have to agree that the news clippings are not great to view on kindle, but i am pleased you found the diagrams ok. The area is strange full stop, but i am sure other locations around the world are no less so. I had so many more things i wanted to cover with Whitley but our time went fast. I do not claim to have answers to the things that are happening; all i know is that they are happening. It is so hard trying to explain things that are beyond our understanding. If the person or persons experiencing them cannot understand them, how can someone who has never touched on this high strangeness be expected to. My own experiences throughout my life leave me in no doubt that i must to continue searching for answers.
    I am more than happy to talk with anyone who messages me or finds themselves in the area. At the end of the day we are all we searching for the Truth that leaves no Proof.

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