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Unknowncountry’s web designer James Beeson is also a deeply knowledgeable researcher of the unknown, with unique insights and some very surprising information to communicate. He tells us about his life oddyssey, like so many of us being profoundly changed by an ultra-high strangeness event, and as a result setting out on a life-changing mission to do serious research into the unknown. He has had numerous anomalous experiences, and describes many of them, including one that involves a multiple witness sighting of an unusual object just a few months ago.

Beyond that, you are going to hear some of the most interesting and mind-opening ideas about crop formations, chemtrails and the unknown world all around us that you have ever heard in your life. James Beeson is one very remarkable human being.

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  1. Riveting Special Interview on
    Riveting Special Interview on Communion Enigma!

  2. The mothman report was posted
    The mothman report was posted 9th october 2011 in the Out There archive.

  3. I thought I heard Whitley
    I thought I heard Whitley state that you can buy ‘Solving the Communion Enigma’ for Kindle. At Amazon they only have it in hard cover. Where can I get the electronic version?

  4. Whether there are chemtrails
    Whether there are chemtrails – the purposeful spraying of some sort of chemical into the atmosphere – or not is hard to say. However, I am sure that our government is capable of doing such a thing. I live 20 miles from New York City, and we have air traffic overhead 24/7. Some of the contrails I have seen are very strange, especially ones which look like powder thrown into the air, or like a fireworks explosion. I don’t think it is a stretch to imagine that those contrails are chemtrails.

  5. Love these two streams. Can’t
    Love these two streams. Can’t wait to read ‘Enigma’.
    I would sure like to hear John Hogue on Dreamland and special interview soon.
    Just finished his ‘Predictions 2012’ e-book. What a ride. Definitely worth an interview or two.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful
    Thank you for this wonderful talk; it really struck home as I finished reading ‘Solving the Communion Enigma’ just a few days ago. It’s hard for me to describe the phenomena I experienced at certain points while reading it. I’m not prone to emotional outbursts, but at one point during my reading I experienced such an strong wave of emotion that I began sobbing. This lasted for a least 20 minutes – and was followed by a period of calm and peace accompanied by insights involving life purpose. It was literally exhausting. You have touched on something extremely profound, and I seem to find myself being deeply affected in ways I don’t yet understand. However, I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey!

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