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William Henry has created one of the most extraordinary documents about transformation to appear in years. It’s a book called the Secret of Sion that is filled with magnificent color illustrations of great religious art from the past, AND stunning explanations about just why the images, many of them created by artists with deep hidden knowledge, can literally open us to transformative experience.

Listen to this enthralling interview as he tells Whitley Strieber some of the secrets of Sion, and explains just WHY the paintings that he has found have actual power to change our energy level and draw us toward the mystery and power of Sion. And what is Sion, anyway? Listen to William explain. You will not soon forget this empowering interview, and don’t miss his extraordinary book.

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  1. Thank you Henry for the kick
    Thank you Henry for the kick in the butt, helping to remember who I am.

  2. It is so sad that those who
    It is so sad that those who claim to be so advanced in their thinking and insight abilities are so quick to base their writings and teachings on ancient religious lore. I also feel that the, so called, Internet frauds are not limited to the fringe of pseudo-psychics. They flourish on the Unknown Country site and Dreamland in particular. The reality of Jesus has never been proven; in fact, the Jesus story is no more original to Christianity than is the drinking of wine at weddings and festivals. William Henry has always raised my hackles because he is so much a hustler and opportunist. And Whitley knows it and profits by it.

    1. EDinWAState: So if Unknown
      EDinWAState: So if Unknown Country is so full of frauds and hustlers… then why are you participating here? 😉

  3. It’s still refreshing to hear
    It’s still refreshing to hear William Henry’s theories and alternative takes on so much ‘static’ mythology. He especially revived interest in Templar mysteries and the peripheries of Christian mysticism in a manner that is visionary and forward thinking without being derivative. Bravo William for being the only noticeable voice to illuminate and promote knowledge that is hidden in plain sight. Bravo… Personally, I now think of William’s work whenever I listen to Allegri’s ‘Miserere ‘, Couperin’s ‘Concerts Royaux’ (4th Movement) or Widor’s ‘Toccata From Symphony In F’. The majesty and splendor of Christian thinking and expression resonates throughout William Henry’s work and beyond. I say again, bravo William, bravo…

  4. Whatever William’s beliefs or
    Whatever William’s beliefs or motives are it really doesn’t matter in the great scheme of things. I believe firmly that even through the most twisted message (and I’m in no way saying his is twisted) that some grain of truth remains. You can benefit from even the most distorted piece of information if you know how to.

    For those who are unable to, other opportunities will be provided to them to awaken to their identity. Even those individuals who become sucked into the latest fad or cult will eventually find their way. It can be difficult to see the big picture when looking at life through the eyes of a human being, with its limited sensory input. But as I look back on my own life experiences, I know that the events were not at random and that everything I’ve experienced has led me to what I am today.

    Do people suffer because of cults or twisted ideas, it can sure seem that way to the limited scope of the human mind. We look upon these souls and weep for them because they appear lost. Who’s to say that what is happening is not part of something larger and the experiences gained by these will not carry over into another existence?

    TL;DR – Opportunist arise, especially now with the approach of 2012 and the ‘end times’ but even in the most muddy waters can a person find gems if they know where to look.

  5. Loved this interview. It
    Loved this interview. It explains how the Jesus narrative appears in different cultures and places through history.

  6. Madd Matt : I continue to
    Madd Matt : I continue to belong to this community because not everything on Unknown Country is fraudulent or tinted by religion. I am fascinated by and prefer the science investigations of various phenomena to explain the seemingly unknown aka; Linda Moulton Howe, Richard C Hoagland, Jim Marrs, Dean Radin, Lynne McTaggart, Dr Richard Greer (whom, I believe attempted to remove Whitley’s implant) and many, many others too numerous to mention.
    Yes, even Whitley (when he isn’t relating to religion and sticks to observable facts).
    “… that some grain of truth remains. You can benefit from even the most distorted piece of information if you know how to.”
    That’s the trick of the magician isn’t it? Knowing how to look?
    You are correct in pointing out (in so many words) that the Universe we, as a species, experience is filtered through a lens seen from only one perspective… everything else is guesswork or wishful thinking until science, or man’s version of science, discovers it, explains it or proves it.

    I do not doubt that reality is far stranger than we imagine it to be. And that’s just it… we imagine it because, despite our protestations to the contrary… we, simply and honestly, just don’t know.
    Whitley alluded to this : he said that when “Contact” really happens it will change everything, including and especially the way in which mankind thinks, to such a degree, that most humans will not survive it because of preconceived ideas of what they’ve been taught to expect about reality.

    I do not believe in the supernatural… if it exists, then, it is natural but man’s mind cannot yet accept or explain it.
    In my opinion, Religion, soothsayers, frauds and hustlers will exist as long as humans seek easy answers.

  7. Just a note to kindle users,
    Just a note to kindle users, if you buy Henry’s new book, and have Kindle for PC the pictures are all in colour except those that are actually without colour. It’s just the portable e-reader that doesn’t show colour.

  8. EDinWAState: Remember, most
    EDinWAState: Remember, most (if not all) religions started out as someone trying to relay a phenomenon they observed, it’s later that these accounts were distorted into what we think of religion today. I can hardly see how someone who’s interest into figuring out what these people actually saw is considered fraudulent, but from what you’re saying, William shouldn’t be looking into this at all, simply because there are religious connotations involved?
    Judging from what you’re saying here, you’re admitting that you don’t know whether the so-called supernatural exists or not, hence your stated belief in it’s non-existence. In which case, why are you accusing someone who has a belief that differs from yours as being a fraud? You have to ask yourself whether or not you’re seeking that easy answer yourself.
    To disagree with someone else’s opinion is one thing, and can, at times, be very constructive toward the subject. But to baselessly accuse those that you simply disagree with of being frauds is uncalled for. Unless, of course, you actually have proof that William is lying about what he’s found in his investigations?

  9. I think our interpretation of
    I think our interpretation of who Jesus is largely tainted and interpreted by mainstream religion. William Henry’s depiction of Jesus is much like that of Stuart Wilde’s writing, so, check out Stuart Wilde’s writing on his Internet site. Also, if you want to check out more information on Gnostics, check out John Lash on

  10. I live in Indonesia. What
    I live in Indonesia. What irritates me about Henry is that if he came here and heard the local story of how a certain mountain near Bandung is really a goddess that was frozen into place (it resembles a woman when viewed at the right angle) he would immediately presume that it somehow really WAS her, and then go off in all sorts of speculative tangents, which he would report as “hidden truth”. In fact, it was just a story that got started one day around a camp fire.

    A lot of myth is founded in truth, but humans really do sit around fires, and make stuff up. They do it today, and they did it 5,000 years ago. To categorically accept myth as fact, and then repackage and reinterpret it as a “revelation” has been Henry’s successful MO for a while now, but is it really truth, or just a one man version of “Dungeons and Dragons”?

  11. Even in the most distorted of
    Even in the most distorted of teachings and ideas, you can use it to further your own knowledge. So what if he’s using it to his own devices? He’s getting people to think and expand their minds, right?

    The only real damage comes when you close yourself off to other ways of thinking. At least that has been my experience. All of the “Spiritual” and “New Age” things I’ve read in my 29 years of existence has built upon each other.

    It also depends on the personality of the person. Are they able to look to the higher meaning or become trapped?

  12. stargates… light beings…
    stargates… light beings… expand Your mind… higher meaning… cosmic conciousness – ways to get lost.

  13. I am seventy years old and
    I am seventy years old and have been listening to Dreamland ever since Art Bell had it as a segment on his radio program years ago. During that time, there have been many, so called, investigators of the paranormal, most of whom predicted Earth shattering events, solar disasters, alien revelation, the return of Christ, Earth changes and so much more that it would take weeks and months to mention. All of the above guests had books to sell! And NONE of the predictions, revelations or premonitions have come to pass. Especially the disclosure of Alien contact! We have been listening to that dodge for over fifty years! There is, however, one investigator that I take very seriously : Linda Moulton Howe. She investigates and reports what she finds. She does not claim to know the answers or reasons behind the “High Strangeness” she finds. That is the kind of reporting that I find fascinating and newsworthy.
    To claim that every opinion is valuable is the biggest load of nonsense the public has ever been duped into believing. If I say up is down and black is white am I correct no matter how much I might believe it? Perhaps some word splicing philosopher, on an acid trip, can convince some of us but it will still be another erroneous claim. What is valuable about that? I have learned to separate the “wheat from the chaff” so to speak. Every once in a while, someone with real scientific investigative skills appears on Dreamland and makes my membership worth while (at least for me).
    Beware the visionary who has written a library full of books and hawks them continuously.
    I repeat : Religions, soothsayers, frauds and hustlers will exist as long as humans seek easy answers.

  14. EDinWAState: You still
    EDinWAState: You still haven’t answered my main question. You claim that William is lying about what what he’s found in his studies, but haven’t explained why. Fraud and is a pretty strong accusation. Since when is someone discussing their observation and interpretation of religious artifacts considered hucksterism?
    My aim here is not to convince you of what William is saying, but rather to point out that you’re treating someone badly simply because you don’t agree with the subject matter. Your beliefs are no more or no less valid than theirs, but to treat someone poorly simply because you disagree with them is, from my own experience, the same unacceptable behaviour exhibited by religious zealots.

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