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Dr. John Alexander returns to Dreamland with mind-opening stories of his adventures into the unknown. Formerly head of the US Army’s famed non-lethal weapons program, John has traveled the world in search of answers to the mysteries of such things as mediumship, out-of-body movement and near death experiences.

Here, he and Whitley have a wide ranging discussion about everything from spoon bending to contact with the dead—but with a REAL twist: one of the cases discussed involves the time that Elizabeth Kubler-Ross (who was head of the doctoral committee who granted him his PhD) had a verified contact with a dead person who was not only physical, but who signed her name to a piece of paper in the presence of witnesses!

You won’t often hear a show like this—nowhere, at least, except on Dreamland!

To get his fascinating and mind-opening book, Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can’t Happen–But Did! click here!

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    Can’t play or down load today’s dreamland, what’s up?

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    Until they get the mobile site subscriber streaming and download link working, you can switch to the ‘Full Site’ and download the mp3 from one of the Dreamland links provided.

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    …even that link isn’t working for me now…and just received an email response that says they are having problems… “Unknowncountry is experiencing a partial site outage affecting some logins and our programming. We are working to repair it as soon as possible. When it is repaired and you can log in again there will be an announcement on the home page.”.

  4. Phyllis: I was unable to
    Phyllis: I was unable to respond to you on the “Kundalini explosion” comment section because of a problem with an ajax malfunction. Please read my response to you here….

    Fascinating. Excellent how intelligence can adapt to service those with specific needs in particular circumstances. I’m sure DNA is like a wellspring of information from the past. When I was 11, I had a vinyl record called “The history of steel”. I used to adore that record. I felt that when I was listening I could sense “eras of the past” and “the odyssey of mankind”. Perhaps it was my imagination at work, but it seemed very natural to me in content. Was I tapping into DNA recollections? I believe it is possible.

    I still have occasional kundalini explosions. Music is a huge trigger for me. I prefer mineral water and have tried fortified water and monotomic elements suspended in liquid. I do grounding exercises on a regular basis. I learned running energy technique at a local psychic institute and I investigated male energy techniques. I still use these today.

    1. Mace,
      “Music is a huge

      “Music is a huge trigger for me.”

      Ditto for me. Also various tones and frequencies.

  5. Speaking of music,
    Speaking of music, well…Wow.

    Just listened to the interview after downloading to iTunes. As the interview ended, iTunes went immediately to a song in my files by Enya called ‘The Celts’. I have a story about this song and how it opened me up listening to it in a loop back in 2001, but I won’t go into that now, but suffice that when the song came on a few minutes ago, I had to smile. The song was written and sung in Gaelic by Enya. Whitley, I feel this is for you from Anne, because I also remember that you discussed in the past that you and Anne had conversations in Gaelic. Here are the translated lyrics of ‘The Celts’:

    Life of lives,
    Beginning to the end.
    We are alive
    Life of lives,
    Beginning to the end.
    We are alive

    These lyrics are repeated over and over in the song.

    1. It’s a wonderful song,
      It’s a wonderful song, saturated with the elements.

      As the song weaves it’s course, one can almost see the ancestors dancing in mists as they drift across moors.


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    The first 35 mins plays for un-subscriber, and no mins play for subscribers…

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    If capacity to play / download doesn’t improve, I’ll have to cancel my membership. This is becoming a chronic problem.

  8. Please don’t cancel your

    Please don’t cancel your subscription. The site is sabotaged regularly by highly sophisticated hackers, most probably from one of the alphabet agencies. We keep up with it as best we can, and I’m hopeful that highers up will put a stop to it in 2018. It is long past time for it to end. It should never have been instigated in the first place. However, because of who is doing it, there is no way to stop it. All we can do is repair the damage as best we can.

    I assume they sabotaged this edition of Dreamland because Dr. Alexander is a retired US Army officer with access to sensitive information, although he doesn’t discuss any of that here. It has been repaired.

  9. We heard it all this time,
    We heard it all this time, thank you…z.

  10. I’ve only just gotten around
    I’ve only just gotten around to listening to this one. It’s so good I keep rewinding bits. But I can’t seem to find the file Whitley mentions will be in the subscriber’s section where he talks about getting chased out somewhere in the non-physical?

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