Ray Grasse is one of the pre-eminent astrologers of our time, with a specialty in world astrology that looks at life, culture and nations from an astrological perspective. In the first hour of the show, he tells us about his life experiences, which include a mind-boggling story from an unknown Roswell witness who gathered the remains of bodies in the autumn of 1947, apparently from a crash that remains to this day completely unknown. THEN, in the subscriber part of the interview, he explains that we are at a pivot point of change ruled by Pluto, and details what this means and what to expect. There is a reason that Whitley Strieber has called him “one of the world’s great astrologers,” and the clarity of this information tells us why. To read one of Ray’s startlingly predictive articles from 2019 in Mountain Astrologer, click here.

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  1. Another fascinating and inspiring podcast! Nice to know that I’m in audio company with fellow mind oriented Gemini’s. I also did mushrooms & blotter 10-12 in my 20’s and had similar experiences as Ray described.( Never know who will be driving the ‘trip’ car-lol)
    The religious and the secular /Piscean & Aquarian “battle” of our transitioning of the next 2,000 years. So much makes sense in a larger Macro way. Also the return of Pluto, not seen since 1976 Revolutionary times… this appears to be the state of our country and of course the parallels of Olde England and Ancient Rome… with the USA.
    What a great start to the Labor Day weekend- so glad I’m a long term subscriber! 5-star interview! a top 5 for the year…

  2. Ray is the very best astrologer I have ever known. His writing and photography are available on the New Observation Magazine website: http://www.newobservations.org, Issue #138 under Earlier Issues. He was a speaker at our conference in Wasta.
    Thank you for this interview Whitley!

  3. The buried secrets will be the truth about Wounded Knee. It is in the process of coming out.

  4. Fantastic discussion. I wonder whether Ray’s analysis of the 2022-2031 time period is actually homing in on our billionaire oligarchs’ global genocide scheme, which has already begun and is on schedule to be complete by the late 2020s. This is what Elon Musk’s cryptic tweets regarding the end of the world, which he made on August 23rd, are a reference to. I suspect that the revolution that Ray foresees is not a conventional revolution or civil war, but rather an uprising against the oligarchs and their control over society. Because it’s them or us.

    1. Humanity is doing a fine job of annihilating itself through its many destructive habits and tendencies. I’ve been trying to tell people for a decade that we are actually in an oligarchy, so not arguing with that observation; however, climate denial and lack of awareness of and respect fot the intricate web of life in addition to the tendency to think and behave more like chimps engaging in clan warfare, are two of the main problems that we should really be concerned about. It is these unfortunate tendencies, among others, that the oligarchs are able to easily exploit and use for their own gain.

    2. That’s my take too, Mark. I saw a recent post abt a summit to build support & awareness for a General Strike.

    3. The oligarchy doesn’t have to do anything but deny climate change. They don’t need wars.

  5. O day, arise! The atoms are dancing
    Thanks to Him the universe is dancing
    The souls are dancing, overcome with ecstasy
    I’ll whisper in your ear where their dance is taking them
    All the atoms in the air and in the desert know well, they are in a frenzy
    Every single atom, happy or miserable
    Becomes enamoured of the sun, of which nothing can be said

  6. Interesting interview. Made me think of a series on Netflix called Katla. An icelandic take on visitors/changelings. They had a different take on how they come about and how we should deal with them. I won’t spoil it for people that might want to watch it, but they are something we need to let go of in order to move on with our lives. They are both good and bad, painful and healing. “A new world if you can take it”…can you destroy a part of yourself in order to grasp the new world? Who knows…

    1. I started watching Katla . It was very atmospheric and I liked the characters and their back stories . I got as far as episode 3 . Think I will go back to it and continue .

  7. Thank you for another great discussion. Whitley–or anyone who cares to offer an opinion–I’m very curious what your opinion is of Mr. Grasse’s statement that after an initial period of hyper-awareness after death many of our dead exist in a dream-like state until the birth process pulls them back into the physical. I found that the statement makes some intuitive sense to me. I say that in part because very recently I had a reading from a well-known and established psychic. At the end of the session, I asked her if she could channel my mother, who died of cancer in 1989 when I was 14. I had been inviting my mother to participate for at least a week before the session. What came through, however, was nothing like the powerful wisdom that Anne relays through Whitley. Instead, it was quite literally a comment about the challenges my wife and I face in sharing housework. The message was not inaccurate. In fact, those challenges are at the core of a good deal of the friction in our partnership! But that was all that was relayed. I somehow felt disappointed. Afterwards, I realized that the message could very well be what I needed most but I was left with a strong impression that it was not my mother in a fully realized state of being. I almost felt like I was talking to myself, as strange as that sounds. In my mind’s eye, I visualized her as a shadow of her former self. So when Mr. Grasse mentioned a dream-like state, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was accurate.

    1. Your comment reminds of an experience I had a few years ago, and which I almost brought up while talking to Whitley. While on the threshold between waking and sleeping one afternoon, I had a clear impression of my deceased mother in her current state (it’s been 11 years since she passed). She looked younger, and seemed content – yet was only semi-conscious, almost as if in a trance. I tried hard to get her attention, but she didn’t really notice me, and went on about her business. It was really touching to see her, but also frustrating that I felt unable to really make a connection. Make of that what you will.

      1. Thanks for your comment. I’ve heard of more than one person having very similar dreams/visions. I believe that Whitley has said that meditation, where one concentrates their attention on the body, is a way to maintain consciousness more or less intact after death. If that’s the case, it’s a shame that meditation isn’t more of a centerpiece in western religions. For example, as a Cathoilic growing up, it was not, to my memory, even mentioned as a way to commune with God.

        1. I seem to remember that in the Christian churches I was part of in my early twenties, meditation was never really discussed and from what I gathered, behind the scenes, was actively discouraged, due to a certain degree of perceived risk…of what exactly, I never really understood.

          Without going into the reasons why, as a family, we left the Church soon after, which is when I started to introduce myself to meditation…and my ‘eyes’ started their process of opening.

        2. Yes, that semi-conscious bardo realm state is what we want to avoid by developing our spiritual consciousness and energy body to be strong and bright and aware. Fear/paranoia and anger/resentment will not benefit us there. We create our world through our thoughts and energy, on whatever plane we are inhabiting. I recommend the books by Stafford Betty on the afterlife, (as well as Whitney’s
          book obviously). As an academic with an advanced degree in theology working at a university, he researched documented letters and transcripts about the afterlife experience conveyed by way of legit mediums going back over a hundred users. When you combine that with the wisdom traditions of both Each and West, in which humanity was a creature of creative agency and responsibility (for example Plato’s model of the underworld via Pythagorus, Tibetan buddhist afterlife guidance scriptures, S. American shamanic practices to create oneself as a rainbow jaguar that leaps belong the murky realm upon crossing over, etc) , you have the knowledge available if you want it. Or you can drink of Lethe and be a wandering shade for awhile. . .

      2. I’ve had quite a number of dreams about my Uncle, who passed in 2001, and in many of them, he seemed only partially conscious and sometimes quite confused.

  8. p.s. For those here interested in the life-after-death process, I’ll share something an early teacher of mine, Goswami Kriyananda, said on the topic:

    “After the death of the physical body, the individual’s personality becomes less and less attached to outward awareness and superficial thoughts. It rapidly re-associates itself with the strongest
    emotional energy of the past incarnation. After the completion of the death-process, the conditional self-awareness progressively recollects itself through the instinctive and involuntary patterns of its soul, i.e., its memory banks.

    As the astral body awakens, patterns of the mind from the accumulated past lives arise in a series of progressive experiences, which, for most people, very closely resemble its earth lives. The earth lives resemble the astral lives. In short, the mystic is saying the earth life is the spiritual life. Im-prove your earth life and you will improve the astral life. Improve the astral life and your spiritual life will improve.

    When re-embodiment manifests, the memory track tends to return to the same plane of conscious-ness with the same karmic patterns. In short, little has been learned from the earth life or from the astral life experiences. In most cases, reincarnation is simply a continuation of the process of cause and effect that produces karmic patterns that manifest in the earth life and in the astral life. Generally, karma created in the earth life needs to be fulfilled in the earth life, and karma created in the astral life needs to be fulfilled in the astral life. For the average earthling, the karmas are really of the same patterns. It’s just like living and dreaming. We dream what we live, and live what we dream.

    Unless something is done to gain a greater degree of awareness of the self, the reincarnation cycle is just that—a cycle. However, if we dive deep into the dream state and become more aware of the dreamer, the cycle becomes a spiral. If we dive deep into meditation and become more aware of the meditator, the cycle becomes a spiral and we begin to become free.

    When we pay less attention to the dream symbols and more attention to the dreamer, when we pay less attention to the meditation experience and more attention to the meditator, when we pay less attention to living and more attention to our selves, we will have reached liberation. There is an in-dependent and separate individual consciousness embodied in the astral body that moves through the reincarnation cycles. It is, therefore, valuable to realize the process of the laws of self-conscious awareness.”

    1. Whitley and Ray Grasse. This morning after a night of dreaming, this book was etched into my mind. For me A VERY IMPORTANT BOOK that I discovered as a young woman. Feeling like I was supposed to go to it this morning, I opened it to a note made in 2004. (((The note: See dream 8-26-2004 titled…….ASTROLOGY CHART))). I have included the dream as well as some of the book INITIATION.

      On 08/20/2004 I had a dream about seeing my car in another dimension and a man giving me advice. Jo, one of my lucid dreamer sisters suggested that I incubate on the man in the dream and this is what I dreamed last night.



      DREAM: I am in an office but it does not look like any place that I have ever worked. There is a half wall to my right separating me from my CO-WORKER; I look up and see that she is facing/ looking at me. Her hair looks much like mine being the same color and style. I stand up and look into her cube and on a wall she has an astrological chart separated into quadrants. The North is GREEN, the South is RED and the East and West are both GOLD; there are other charts of the cosmos on her wall as well. Strange charts that I do not understand.

      CHANGE: I am sitting at a desk looking into a drawer at stacks of old work papers and files that were important to me at one time but not anymore. I am supposed to be retired but find myself at this desk. Now in the middle of the floor I see a moving dot that is coming closer to where I am sitting. It gets larger as it approaches me and I realize that it is actually a sparrow. The little bird looks up at me and I can see that it has an injured left wing and cannot fly. It is able to hop around and fly a little but cannot get the proper lift under its wings that it needs to really take off and fly. Now as it turns to leave I can see that it has red feathers under the left wing. People are now coming into the room and I tell them to be very careful not to step on the little sparrow because it is at a disadvantage right now because of the injury.

      Note: During this dream I am aware of being watched or observed.
      Also, this morning while cleaning the bathroom (a mindless activity) St. Francis came into my mind but especially, “WHERE THERE IS INJURY YOUR PARDON LORD.”

      End of Dream EXPERIENCE…….


      ‘Now,’ says Ptahhotep, This Nothing therefore contains Everything. In this condition both together form a perfect unity. Within this unity something can only become recognizable if it becomes separate and distinct from unity. ‘Now watch as I draw, with green paint, the form of a leaf on this surface. The form of the leaf was already there on this stone surface before I drew it, but you weren’t able to recognize it, because the positive form of the leaf and the negative nature of the background were still at rest within each other. They were completely identical. The form of the leaf was not yet separated from the Everything that is contained in this Nothing. When the leaf appeared on the wall, it became separated from the Everything, and therefore recognizable. ‘And remember something very important: the fact that this leaf appears in green colour means that it has left behind in the Everything its form in the complementary colour, in this case red, as its invisible, negative picture. Whatever you see as you look about you is only recognizable because it has separated itself from its complementary half and the latter has remained behind in the invisible, unmanifested state. ‘You can achieve knowledge only through comparing the two sides, positive and negative, which have become separated from each other. As long as these two sides are together, resting hi each other, you can’t perceive or recognize anything. ‘Observe the visible world. It is only recognizable because it has separated itself from the unity in which the Nothing and the Everything are still at rest within each other. In other words, it has separated itself from the absolute unity we call God. The things in the world about us are only recognizable because the positive appears separately from the negative and we can compare the two together. There can be no perception unless unity is split into two halves—one of them manifested and the other, its reflection and complementary half, unmanifested —so that both become recognizable through comparison! Now follow me.’    

      1. Thank you for sharing this. I have cone to think that the “Fall” is referencing the descent into the world of pllarity/duality. In other words, that is the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” and we partook of it when we chose to descend into the primate form. And our consciousness, as it exists in our true daimonic form, this split because these evolved monkey bodies can’t really contain that kind of energy. They don’t have the hardware.. This separation from that Unity/Oneness of our true nature does cause suffering but also some great opportunities. Problematical, we forget that unity and let the worst of primate thinking take over. Thus all the poo slinging. But our daimonic selves can be awakened and restored to great extent. That’s the good news!

  9. This is from my book An Infinity of Gods – this is a portion of my conversation with the mystic Shelly Trimmer, who had been a student of Paramahansa Yogananda’s. Here’s something Shelly said about Yogananda and one of his disciples, which might be of interest to some here:

    SHELLY TRIMMER: “Yogananda told me that when one of his disciples was dying, she made him promise he could come and see that she was all right over there. Now, he had a little difficulty finding her, since it’s not very easy finding someone over there, and when he found her, he called out to her—several times, in fact. In her semi-dreamlike state she was tending a garden, but she looked up at him, and thanked him for coming. Of course when he came, she woke up just a little bit more, but then she went back to her semi- sleep stage and continued gardening. You see, we gravitate to those things over there which suit us, in other words. Another example would be a man who worked hard all his life. He might just sit and rock back and forth in his rocker, because his idea of heaven would be not having to go to work. See? So they’re in a semi-dreamlike state, and like a broken record they run over the important events in their life. Eventually the sum total of their life experience causes them to desire to be reincarnated again. And they are drawn—instinctively, you might say—to the new body which is contiguous with their nature, so that their astrological code and their genetic code is a representation of their natures and expresses their particular level of balanced self-conscious awareness. So that they don’t feel like a fish out of water, see? As it is, we are all a little bit alone in this world anyhow, we feel just a little bit like we’re a fish out of water. This is basically a lonely place. You’re born alone and you die alone; it doesn’t matter how many people are around you.”

    1. Ray Grasse, with sooo much gratitude for this special interview, I would like to close it out with the quote below. AGAIN, I THANK YOU!

      ‘The difference between dream and reality is only that what you accept on one level of consciousness as reality immediately turns into a dream when you awaken on a higher level of consciousness and realize that it wasn’t reality at all, but merely a projection of the self, in other words a dream. Every dream is reality as long as you believe it to be real. The one and only reality, the only objective reality there is, is the self: God!

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