Famed UFO analyst and researcher Richard Dolan joins Whitley for this searching exploration of just what our visitors may want. You’ll learn about the mysterious microcephalin gene that is what caused the human brain to grow larger when it appeared about 40,000 years ago. But where did it come from? It isn’t a Neanderthal gene, so is it a sign that we were genetically manipulated, and if so by whom? At about the same time, there was a stunning explosion in things like stone tool making skills and cave art, some of which is just as sophisticated as modern painting.

So who are our visitors? And what are the in-depth reasons that they are here and maybe have been here for a long time? But more than either of those questions, this powerful interview asks the question: who are WE?

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  1. Gosh, this arrived by way of my e-mail as I was listening to this interview. Whitley was talking about his book, “SOLAR FLARES.” 

    WEAK IMPACT: As predicted, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on Aug. 27th (0100 UT). The impact was weak, lifting the solar wind speed by less than 50 km/s. Nevertheless, the CME’s arrival did power a magnetic substorm over Canada with some brief but beautiful auroras. A stronger CME may be on the way, propelled by the “solar tsunami” explosion described below. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

    SOLAR TSUNAMI AND CME: Sunspot AR2859 erupted on Aug. 26th, producing a C3-class solar flare: movie. The flare, however, was not the main attraction. The eruption also caused a massive “solar tsunami.” Watch the shadowy wave ripple across the sun in this false-color ultraviolet movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:


    1. MAJOR FLARE WARNING: Sunspot AR2860 is big, angry, and it’s directly facing Earth. The active region just unleashed a significant M4.7-class solar flare (Aug. 28 @ 0611 UT), probably hurling a CME toward Earth: movie. If current trends continue, a major X-flare could be in the offing, so stay tuned. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.


      1. Interesting…….

        THE DANGER OF SUNSPOTS THAT DON’T FACE EARTH: Big sunspot AR2860 is about to disappear over the sun’s western limb. This makes it uniquely dangerous. Scroll past this image of the departing sunspot taken by Romanian astronomer Maximilian Teodorescu to find out why:

        Sunspots located near the sun’s western limb are magnetically connected to Earth. The sun’s magnetic field spirals around like a lawn sprinker–a shape known as the “Parker spiral.” Look at this diagram. Lines of magnetic force coming out of the western limb curve around and touch our planet.
        If there is an eruption today while AR2860 is passing through this danger zone, the debris will be funneled back to Earth. The resulting radiation storm could pepper satellites with high-energy protons, fogging cameras and causing reboots of onboard electronics. At such times, shortwave radio propagation can become difficult to impossible. During extreme storms, passengers and crew in commercial aircraft may be exposed to radiation.

    2. My biggest question is, why are these “fresco’s” Alway’s seem to be in the back of dark caves, when some are Picaso level art work?

      1. Arnie,
        Caves are access to the womb of the Great Mother. Art is a creative endeavor.
        Take it from there.

  2. Whitley, it seems to me that a dose of Gamma radiation could have been the actual cause of the new Human gene allele (variant) that was mentioned to have occurred around 45k years ago. On a larger scale, I suspect periodic, large, (close by in astronomical terms) Supernovae are the main driving force behind the rapid changes seen between long phases of equilibrium in the fossil record ( – punctuated equilibrium).

  3. I had the privilege of spending some time with Sgt. Clifford Stone “Stoney”. One of the things that really stuck with me is connected to part of today’s podcast with Richard Dolan regarding ‘human-looking aliens among us’….

    Clifford was speaking of folks telling him how much they would love to meet an alien. His response – as he told me – was often: “Are you sure you would recognize and know it was an alien” (or something to that effect)

    In my life experience, among all the ‘normal’ weird people, I’ve interacted with – there have been some exceptionally unusual ‘high strangeness’ types I have experienced. I wonder…….?

    When Whitely mentioned he had the thought that one that he encountered looked very ‘ugly’ – and she ‘shrieked’ – it also reminded me of something else Stoney said. “They have families, and have feelings” – and the one he helped escape – really wanted to go home to his family, and it affected Clifford to tears, the empath that he was. This entity was willing nonetheless to give up his life to avoid harming any of the human personnel at the site he was being held, and then told Clifford how far away physically was needed to avoid harming any humans during his potential extraction by his fellow ‘visitors’. So, if we are related via our DNA in some way – why wouldn’t they want to ‘keep track’ of us, and help out in the obscure ways some of us are experiencing. Could we be “Humanity 2.0” – or something like that….? I wonder.

    Ingo Swann’s art is magnificent. ‘Penetration’ is a must read, IMHO.

    1. Yes, ‘Penetration’ is an amazing account, and I trust Ingo Swann.

  4. Fascinating discussion. Richard’s comments about a global police state, perhaps combined with a global genocide plan, are terrifyingly realistic. My only disagreement is that I think it will happen in years rather than decades. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who was once Colin Powell’s chief of staff and has spent many years in the halls of power, has made statements along these lines. I strongly suspect that this is what Elon Musk’s cryptic tweets regarding the end of the world this past week are about. When someone who has the capacity to end the world starts talking about the end of the world, we need to all sit up and take notice.

  5. Because the phenomenon is so elusive, it reveals first and foremost what lies within us.

    The morning panel on August 21nd at the MCC, that brought together the standpoints of Dolan, Elizondo, Summers and Blumenthal, was an excellent example of this fact. A scientific evaluation of this encounter could advance the UFO community extraordinarily.

  6. One reason why the discourse around “The Phenomenon” has qualitatively developed little in the last 70 years is IMHO the lack of mental discipline and professionalism of the actors.

    Logical, coherent thinking must be learned and cultivated just like any other profession. In the same way, the use of the tool “language” has to be reflected upon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhetoric

    Physical experiments give a decided feedback, white paper or language constructions do not. Faulty thought constructions not only do not collapse (physically), they can easily be expanded into complete cosms that no longer have any basis in collective lived reality. Hence we have something like more or less recognisable “conspiracy theories”.

    A cardinal mistake that all builders of such theories make is the thoughtless use of “subject presuppositions” in their mental constructs. That is, subjects (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subject_(philosophy) ) are placed in the constructs where there are no subjects at all, but only collective processes (e.g. the Government, the Pentagon, etc.pp.). Lack of knowledge about the complexity of today’s democratic organisational systems with inclusive participation do the rest. The “word-subjects” defined incorrectly in this way are then used in the “technical” tool of language as real operating subjects, although they are purely fictitious. They are erroneous set-ups of meaning by (human) subjects untrained in language, sociology and cultural history. The fictitious cosmos that is created in this technically correct way is very personal and reveals all the interests and reaction patterns of an individual, but no longer the collectively lived reality that was collectively created over time.

    Free speech is a beautiful thing, but IMHO it slows down collective development based on correct knowledge. Very few people are able to speak flawlessly off the cuff in this way, as the Morning Panel with Dolan, Elizondo, Summers and Blumenthal on 21 August 2021 mentioned in the previous post clearly showed.

    An extraordinarily fruitful start here could be the scholarly analysis of these four standpoint-constructs; e.g. starting with an analysis of the use of the terms “they” and “we” in the contributions by Richard Dolan (“they”) and Luis Elizondo (“we”).

    As a way out of this linguistic dilemma, David Bohm had at the time put forward the practice of the so-called Bohmian dialogue (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohm_Dialogue), which he had copied from native tribes. In the less complex communities of the time, recourse to so-called “tacit knowledge” may have worked in this way, but nowadays it seems to me that this is hardly sufficient…

    I therefore warmly welcome Danny Sheehan’s approach of establishing the New Paradigm Institute as a “universitas” in the best academic sense.

    P.S. As an introduction to the collective process in the field of Western faith traditions, I highly recommend: Michael Barkun, A Culture of Conspiracy, University of California Press 2013 (2nd ed.)

    Sorry for my English… I’m a German native speaker. The translation was made by DeepL

    1. Kein Problem, Danke für dein Beitrag. Ohne das Deutsche gesehen zu haben, aber mein Eindruck ist, dass der Übersetzung gut gelungen ist. (No Problem, Thanks for your contribution. The translation seems good).

      1. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
        Great to hear!
        There are two major german philosophical terms in this argument you hardly can translate:
        Subjektvoraussetzung (“subject presuppositions”)
        Bedeutungsstiftung (“set-ups of meaning”)

        May be that helps to understand my argument better 🖖

    2. I think you have a very valid point. However, it seems to me there is a difficulty here. The experience of workers in a cognate field – the study of psychic phenomona is that any attempt to reify these things ends if failure. While it would be desirable to do what you suggest, trying to conduct a scientific analysis of the UFO phenomena might fail becaue the phenomena might not be susceptible to such analysis, particularly if, as some writers suggest the phenomena has extra dmensional origins or is in some why spiritual in origin. Certainly proper analysis is important, but in the end the possibility that it will be like catching fog in a net cannot be ruled out.

      1. I wanted to add.
        Ingo Swann
        coined the term remote viewing and even mentions perfect looking humanoid types back then.
        But the fascinating part is on how the secret govt was dealing with the phenomenon.
        There is no question that there are aliens running the show behind the curtain. Like a monkey with a shiny object, government thought it worthwhile to collaborate.
        They gave them the keys
        willingly or unwillingly and lost control.

        If not, How does government/ Men in Black show up so fast to the scene when there is an alien occurrence? This involves telepathy.

        Many folks have had encounters near government bases that are not coincidences. One reason might be for aliens to abduct and experiment close by.
        There has been credible remote viewing witnesses used to try to find out the level of pain that a human can encounter.
        Why would they be asking ?
        But hey fellow humans all is not lost! At the end of the day these are just sentient beings like us. Some are empathetic, some are greedy sons of b###s.
        However there’s a real power
        In the universe that is benevolent
        and full of So much Grace.
        Lets us tap into that
        Let’s be as human as we can which means heighten our sense of humor. Let’s play more.
        Let’s be more aware of manipulation.
        As much as I love movies there is a level of sex included within the first 5 minutes and violence that used to be shown only in x rated before.
        But we meekly accept what is given.
        let’s find more gentle forms of entertainment.
        Even if we have to go retro into old ones
        For relief!
        Let’s be radiant beings.

        As always thank you for this wonderful interview. 🤗

      2. Thank you for your profound thoughts 👍 👍 👍
        What we can improve is our discussion about the phenomena and raise it to a scholarly level.
        As Mark Sims said yesterday: “raise quality”
        And Zenka Caro said: “change culture”
        That’s it folks 🤩

      3. Thank you for your profound thoughts, too 👍 👍 👍
        Let’s improve quality – that’s what the MCC Campus is all about…

  7. Could the human-like beings embedded in the elites be pushing governments to spread the word of “equity” and ” wokeness”?

    1. Because democratic values like equality and spiritual values like equanimity mayter to them? Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

  8. At my job I have touched thousands of people, and yes some have not been right. One in particular stands out. I called him “a bug in an Edgar suit.” He looked normal until I touched him. The “skin” felt like a form of rubber and where the bones should have been solid, they flexed like thicker but still rubber. It was about 12 yrs ago, but still perplexes me. The body I was seeing simply did not match what I was feeling inside it. This has happened twice in an 18 yr career. The whole exchange with this person left me then and now questioning if they were human.

    1. I love it that “Edgar” wanted some bodywork. Lll. Was he tense? Watching humans and trying to blend is stressful I imagine!

  9. Great discussion. It’s Interesting how many of us are Obsessed with early man and Earth history as well as cosmology.I wonder if we can blame Von Daniken? Just kidding. Probably not. I have heard that there were ancient Chinese emperors who maintained scales and reptilian features proudly for a long while until they diminished from the bloodlines. Also let us not forget the concept of the “blue blood” of the pharaoh and the weird elongated heads. African tribes would try to mold their babies heads into those shapes to help their future status. I watched the new national geographic documentary on Gobleki Tepe and the absurd linear time notions of the archeologists about the interpretation of the iconography. Those poor fellows are really confused! The underground schematics from the magnetic resonance scanning devices is truly incredible. If you’re familiar with Doctor Who, it looks like the Gailianfrayan symbols of the Time Lords. And also some of my art doodles, lol. It is becoming increasingly clear to me in my studies of many decades that we cannot approach these topics solely with the linear mindset of our current brain. Our brains have changed drastically in our perceptual abilities since the stone age I believe, but unfortunately not in the area of the Amygdala’s response to threat and fear for survival which seems to have intensified. Perhaps this is because the other part has devolved that balanced it out, that cosmological connectedness and awareness of the interrelatedness of all living beings, including plants and animals. If we can’t think like that, we can’t understand them, and it is always going to be about perceived threat and survival and dominance. It’s a sad trajectory for humanity as a species.

  10. I can’t believe Mr. Dolan doesn’t know about already-invented new energy (post-petroleum) technologies going back 50 years or more. If there is another solar flare like the 1859 Carrington Event, perhaps those alternative energy technologies will come out of hiding. Unfortunately, it might take a catastrophe like that for new energy technologies to escape into the public.

    1. Might sound like a dumb question, but would a solar flare stop solar panels from working, or is that what everybody should have to counter such an event?

  11. Wow! Dynamite interview ! I’ve read Alien Agendas twice and am about to reread for the third time having listened to this interview this evening.

    I remember when I read his book the first time I actually wrote in my diary about the book. Point is I seldom write in my diary except to record stuff that has really caused me to think and in this case to feel slightly uneasy.

    Thank you so so much Whitley for this fascinating interview! I am definitely going to join his website.


  12. This show convinced me to take the dive and get a copy of Vaclav Havel’s book, “The Power of the Powerless,” because we’re going to need that kind of information, and put it on steroids.

  13. i was was pleasantly enthralled with this interview-i mean like all in until.. this fucker started heaping praise on tucker carlson! i don’t give a fuck what tucker carlson says about this subject that means so much to humanity as a whole at this critical moment for us all-he’s a heartless bigot-racist,anti semitic,homophobic,anti woman-pro insurrectionist traitorous piece of garbage-i was excited to visit mr.dolan’s website and possibly support it with a membership-that is until he started in with this tucker carlson bullshit-i’ll be telling all my friends and family to stay away

  14. Author

    WHAT?? Unless I was in a coma but still talking I didn’t hear a thing about Tucker Carlson in this interview. I don’t talk politics. That’s not what we do here. So where is this coming from? We focus on information, and as far as I can tell Mr. Dolan’s information was very solid. As long as the interview is well done and the information seems solid, I don’t really care very much about the guest’s politics. It’s not part of my show. But you make him sound like a far right extremist. I’m not so sure I would be comfortable having any kind of extremist on the show. He didn’t come across to me that way at all.

    One or two guests have mentioned that Tucker Carlson is more open minded about UFOs than most TV people. Dolan may have said that, but I don’t honestly remember. He certainly didn’t praise Tucker Carlson beyond saying that he was open to UFO stories or I certainly would have been concerned about that.

    1. i love that the show’s not political-i cherish that about unknown country- dolan’ s info was solid and thought provoking in the best of ways-but he tarnished all that when he heaped praise on tucker carlson- who is a the traitorous unamerican bigoted piece of garbage-like i said he was-i was directing all that at tucker not your guest btw-sorry for the confusion but-what was so disappointing was that dolan was so spot on and so thought provoking in the best possible way until..he praised that pro insurrectionist facist pig carlson-i will go back and listen again-maybe iam being way to sensitive to the mentioning of that clown and his ilk in any positive light but-i strongly feel there should be little to no wriggle room for that kind of thing when we’re talking about those who are actively seeking to destroy our constitution..our country and all it truly stands for but-i’m sorry if i went to far with what my old mum would’ve called “all that effin’ and jeffin’ if i’m wrong or went to far-iam truly sorry-thanks Whitley

  15. It’s so clear that we all may have different perspectives on the subject of ETs and their agendas. I believe it has everything to do with frequency and varying access to different levels of ET frequencies. I’m sort of surprised at some of the limitations on Richard’s and Whitley’s preferred and agreed upon views. We can’t see beyond our own frequency, and that is a huge limitation to understanding subjects of interest, and resonance with information that is offered. I know these guys both have open minds, so I would advise them to look further into the paranormal world of ET channelers. If you want to more about the history of the Greys, checkout the Galactic history offered by Lyssa Royal Holt. She’s been channeling a Pleiadian being for over 30 years.
    The Greys destroyed their own planet and had to go underground, which turned them into pale, big eyed humanoid beings. They decided that overt emotional responses were the very cause of the destruction of their planet, causing devastating wars. As a result, they bred emotion out of their species. They needed our genetics to bring that back, and at the same time, didn’t understand our fears at all. They didn’t know they were scaring the crap out of the abductees. I was one of those.
    The story goes on in greater detail.

  16. Oddly, right after listening to this interview for the second time (and listening to Dolan speak with Mike Clelland on The Unseen last night) about the potential future oppression and control of humanity through technology etc., I read a chapter in Suzy Hansen’s book The Duel Soul Connection, in which she observes her 7-year-old son on board a Grey ship being trained to telepathically receive information downloads from a Grey and then transfer it in images and script into a fellow human’s mind who is also trained to telepathically absorb then recode info into another’s mind. The Greys informed Suzy that this was for the future when this generation would likely need to communicate information in such a way as to avoid surveillance. Fascinating synchronicity! And maybe an ominous confirmation of what is being discussed here.

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