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Linda Moulton Howe has been researching cattle mutilations for over thirty years, and in that time has seen some horrific cases and also compelling evidence that many of the attacks are being carried out by presences that cannot be explained away as predators, cultists or any other form of conventional assault.

This case, from Waddy, Kentucky, is one of the most absolutely terrifying and anomalous cases that Linda has ever researched. So take a journey with her and Whitley Strieber as they go deeper into the dark side of the unknown, and Linda interviews the perplexed victim whose animals have been mysteriously destroyed.

This powerful presentation offers a sobering reminder that the UFO/close encounter experience is extremely strange, little understood, and can at times produce truly terrifying cases. But nobody who is taking a responsible and thoughtful look at it should turn away. Many people have had powerful and useful close encounters with something. Others have not been so lucky. But does the same force account for both the good and bad sides of the experience?

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this week, Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe discuss the very latest findings in the search for answers to the animal mutilation mystery. For example, the mutilations happen on a geographical grid pattern, but why? And listen to what one of the few people who has actually witnessed a mutilation told her he observed.

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  1. Same field in cyclic patterns
    Same field in cyclic patterns sounds a lot like monitoring planetary conditions. “How fast and how bad is the biosphere degrading?” In 1987 my UFO contacts said we had 35 years to reduce nuclear radiations before we started seeing genetic degeneration. Now we have brain disorders and more children born with deleted chromosomes. And it’s not 2022 yet.

    Homo sapiens is only one humanoid species that walked the Earth, and the total humanoid species are only a small fraction of the many species in just the Milky Way Galaxy. We can forget the narcissistic fascination with Homo sapiens’ special importance in the cosmos.

    My only question is whether or not the ET master geneticists will be sorry to see us destroy ourselves, but even that question is a little too self-important. The better question is whether or not Homo sapiens will be able to make the leap to earn survival in the larger cosmos.

    1. Hi Phyllis,
      humans are only

      Hi Phyllis,
      humans are only one species in this petri dish. From my experiences, I was told that humans don’t seem to really evolve. Rather the species is in a loop. They will watch as this species completes yet another loop. Again from my experience and what I was shown – this is all viewed rather dispassionately, much as any scientist would view growths in a petri dish, perhaps frustrated (in human terms) that modifications to the DNA don’t respond as might be expected and defined in a hypothesis.

  2. To Linda Mouton-Howe: Thank
    To Linda Mouton-Howe: Thank you, thank you, thank you for your persistence, guts, and courage in following these world-wide mutilations. On some level, although animals are involved, including some that we use for our own consumption, these mutilations feel like murder to me.

    Genetics and harvesting aside, this all feels inherently wrong to me and one has to wonder if the most abhorrent forms of our own human behavior are being reflected back on us.

  3. You can’t help but notice the
    You can’t help but notice the high level of professionalism Linda brings to the high strangeness arena. She’s always a pleasure to listen to.

    I’m going through “Hunt for the Skinwalker” right now (the book Whitley mentioned about the Utah farm incident). It’s an eye-opening read to say the least.

    I can understand genetic harvesting to some extent. The ONLY thing that doesn’t seem to gel so much for me is WHY is this being done in such a barbaric fashion?

    We, as a species, can also do things that seem brutal (like hospital operations) with the higher goal being something good (healing the person). But, for as much as it is possible, we try to decrease the pain/suffering aspect of an operation (anesthesia, better equipment for less invasive, less painful, faster healing). We extend this even to animals through the veterinary field.

    The perpetrators of these acts don’t seem to care very much about what’s left behind after their harvest. It’s like having a surgeon that doesn’t care if you’re anesthetized or not. That’s the general feeling I get.

    If that’s the case it’s pretty hard, though not impossible, to place this phenomenon in the “good, but we’re just not smart to understand it” category.

  4. Is there any scientific
    Is there any scientific reason for taking the parts that so often are removed? If genetic testing was being done why kill the animal? Taking blood, hair and some fatty tissue would not require killing the animal if genetics or even environmental toxicology studies were being done.

    Is anyone familiar with this story?

  5. @Orson Green – Good point.
    @Orson Green – Good point. Logic would dictate that more advanced civilizations would have more non-intrusive/non-destructive ways of doing things… that is, unless they just don’t give a hoot.

  6. Saying that we won’t
    Saying that we won’t understand seems self-serving. It’s a dismissive statement.
    If we don’t understand, so what ?

  7. You might want to look into
    You might want to look into “The Law Of One”books by Ra by L/L Research,Elkins,Rueckert, McCarthy.Whitford Press.Avail on Amazon.We are being visited & not all visitors have our best intentions at heart.

  8. They may get my cats and your
    They may get my cats and your chinchillas or her ferret or his wild bengal tiger , my god will it it begin?—-or end there is no end—-bless the beast and the children!

  9. Cosmic has it about right, in
    Cosmic has it about right, in that the World owes a debt of thanks to Linda for her modest endurance and unbending volition in this area of study. Fair do. Another spellbinding programme that I have already listened to over and over again and every time I listen, I hear something I missed before.

    These mysterious devices that sometimes appear, I suspect that they are sometimes disguised, perhaps to invoke specific reactions or conscious states in the unwitting subject of the visit.

    Some years back, I awoke to find a man with a beard leaning over me, trying to pacify me like a child, and to my right was a perfectly flat face of a ‘Grey’… but with charcoal, grey and black sectioned areas on the ‘face’. It looked like a mask. I sensed it was some kind of device that was emitting extremely focussed energy of some sort, hence my suspicion that these devices can be disguised.

    Equally, memory and time travel; roughly around the same time as the midnight visit, I had an intense dream of the future where I witnessed a room full of reclining chairs with electronics and drips attached. The men in the chairs, one of whom I understood to be ‘a future me’, were a criminal cartel that dealt in the use and distribution of an engineered enzyme that facilitated some kind of time travel through exotic consciousness. This enzyme could allow whole body sensation and experience in dislocated times and realities. That sort of thing is exactly what someone like me would be involved in if I had the chance.

    Outside the room’s huge plate glass windows, I saw that the room was in a high-rise and vehicles were flying past in what looked like anti-gravity technology. It seemed that it was common ‘traffic’ flying past and was hugely reminiscent of the future-scape shown in Blade Runner, though it looked more mundane, no dazzling video displays on buildings.

    So, memory and time travel, has someone ahead of us mastered the memory barrier somehow? Good Lord what an interesting subject.

  10. Yes please, do a show on the
    Yes please, do a show on the doppleganger phenomenon and resurrection technology. This subject hits very close to home for me. I love it when Linda brings us a special report.

  11. ‘Humans walking among us that
    ‘Humans walking among us that are not humans.’ I understand that statement. I have encountered them from time to time throughout my life. When I told a psychologist about them I received a very disheartening psychiatric label that I’ve had to live with ever since. I don’t expect other folks to believe me but I know for a fact that there are “people” walking among us, in full physicality who also have the ability to read my mind, to know my every thought to the core of my being, and who are not exactly the kindest of folks. They used to always put me down for the thoughts I had. They have spoken audibly to me just as any “normal” human would. Not in my head but from their physical location just a few feet away just as one would hear any person speak to you. I don’t know who they are. I don’t know their purpose. They are of every sex and race and age. Maybe it’s as simple as them just letting me know that they exist and that they have certain abilities that “normal” people don’t. As interesting as my knowing of their existence has been, I cannot say that the difficulties I’ve had functioning in the world as a normal person because of them has been worth that knowledge. Yet it is a fairly important thing to know about. The ramifications boggle my simple mind. But maybe intellect is not the most important thing at play here. Logic certainly helps. But just maybe courage to face and acknowledge the unknown is our trump card. I’ve had countless bizarre experiences and only acquiescence, not intellect, has allowed me to keep a semi-sound mind. I just sure am glad I happened upon Unknowncountry, and that there are other folks who also notice that this planet is not exactly as described. Maybe we should have read the fine print in the brochures.

  12. Something that has never
    Something that has never added up about the mutilation phenomenon is –Why is any evidence left at all?

    C’mon folks, if these are cosmic cattle rustlers why don’t they just swipe these animals and never leave any trace? But a bull left flat on it’s back with all four legs sticking up in the air and horns stuck in the ground (indicating it was dropped from some height) plus no tracks around it? This smells like a set up to me. These beings are playing us for fools!

    Even if they are technologically unable to dispose of the carcass how hard would it be to place fake paw-prints around the animal to make it look like a natural predator? I fear what is being studied is ourselves and how we react to these (rather lame) scenarios…

    I’ll go as far as the guy who ran out in the pasture under the UFO. Really, you expect me to believe he ‘just happened’ to overhear a conversation between two aliens saying he wouldn’t understand why they were doing this stuff. Telepathic crosstalk, now there’s a new concept for the physics books! Jeez, anyone with any familiarity with this subject knows they can make you see, hear, feel anything they want you to, (or not)!

  13. Please don’t get me wrong.
    Please don’t get me wrong. The work of the investigators is truly admirable. It just seems we humans are being taunted with this. Look at the rancher who had the same thing going on 5 years straight.
    It was like an invitation– but who among us would be brave enough to go out to THAT spot on THAT night.

  14. What if these incidents are
    What if these incidents are nothing more than inserts in our reality to create drama?

    Read Whitley’s journal entry ‘ The Mystery of the Blue Book’.

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