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A rash of unexplained explosive sounds is sweeping the United States. This week, we continue Linda Moulton Howe’s high strangeness reporting with her story about this phenomenon, it’s background and what, exactly, people are hearing. For the last two years, Linda has been reporting on strange booms, flashes of light, ominous trumpet sounds and similar unexplained phenomena worldwide. A phenomenon of unexplained flashes of lights and booms has manifested itself across the United States since October of 2012.

Hundreds of people at the same time are hearing the sounds of explosions accompanied by huge flashes of light, but no explanations are forthcoming from the authorities. In one case, a powerful boom was heard in Alaska, followed 26 hours later by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Not long after midnight on the same night (January 5), residents of Massachusetts flooded 911 switchboards with reports of a huge boom and flash of light, which was also recorded on at least one security camera.

Listen as a witness who saw something amazing in the sky in connection with the booms reports on what he and his family observed.

Subscribers, don’t miss the provocative special discussion between Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe that asks the question: are we witnessing the side effects of a space war, or even a war that is being fought in a parallel universe? Powerful stuff!

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  1. Holy sheep!!! What a
    Holy sheep!!! What a Dreamland series this was. this is one I will have to listen to a few more times to get my head around the concepts. Kudos

  2. I have seen this flash of
    I have seen this flash of light phenomena which i have interperted as a sprite. I don’t know what this means, but i’ll explain. in january of 1985, Im guessing it was around the time Whitley had his first concious experieces in his upstate n.y. cabin, I was in my bed in Houston ,praying and lo I saw this awesome flash of light like someone had just taken a picture outside my cold, December window. I asked my brother the next day, did you play a joke on me and flash something in my window?— he was clueless, of course not, and he would have never done anything like this. The flash was like a bright flash from an old bulb style maybe a 110 camera but it was bright! and the sound beforehand was like if you took two pool balls and and percussed them together rapidly, maybe like a rattlesnake speed , ratatatttttttattttttttt! and spark, flash! and on the wall was a diamond shape from the light! Of course i was freaked out but life goes on.

  3. I’ve had more than one odd
    I’ve had more than one odd ‘light’ experience, including red lights flashing right outside my second story bedroom window—NO sound…But that’s another story.

    In this same house, several years ago, my ex and I were attempting to sleep through a thunderstorm when a bright white flash, accompanied by the loudest boom I have ever heard, occurred. Within seconds a ball of light, about the size of a basketball appeared and hovered over our bed for a short while before disappearing. I asked him, “Did you see that?” His answer, “I don’t know. What did you see?” 🙂

    The next morning we had a brief discussion, and I surmised that we had witnessed ball lightening. Or did we? That was one odd night, and I honestly don’t remember much in the way of actual rain coming down. This house was also struck by lightening a few years prior to the ball lightening incident, resulting in enough electrical burnout damage for us to file an insurance claim. Frankly, I have experienced a lot since I moved to this house over 25 years ago. I have always been ‘sensitive’, but this location has really powered it up.

    Oh, and did I mention there is also an ancient Native American burial ground, discreetly hidden by the powers that be, right here in our neighborhood?

    There was also a mysterious boom here back in January 2012, that brought me up out of the bed.

    I do believe there are portals here and there, hidden in plain sight in spots all over our planet, and not just near so-called ‘Sacred Sites’.

    Great show, and as always, wonderful reporting and information from Linda Moulton Howe!

  4. Since a stroke in 2008, I
    Since a stroke in 2008, I have experienced similar things as Whitley and Anne, so when they speak, I pay attention. GREAT Dreamland and supplementary subscribers’ interview! Long live Uknown Country!

    1. “I don’t think there is a

      “I don’t think there is a difference between fighting over us, or fighting over the earth.
      We are the same trophy.”

      Not if what is of value to ‘the visitors’ has nothing to do with us. I suggest you read the novel ‘Great Sky River’ by Greg Bedford.

      Whit: It would take more energy than exists in the universe to punch a whole between the worlds, as a weapon might; that said, it seems pretty clear that Shamans, and other mystics; and I very much suspect your visitors have found a way to tune into the frequency of another dimension; slipping through, rather than punching through other realities. TRL

  5. Whitley and Linda. During the
    Whitley and Linda. During the subscriber’s interview, (which by the way was sensational) visual and auditory were key ideas for me. Could some words in the old and new testaments of the bible regarding those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear have a much deeper esoteric meaning? Our human eyes and ears are limited. Some animals/birds see, hear and perceive more then we humans do. Are we surrounded by life forms invisible to us? You both suggested this possibility and I believe you are right.

    The Bible: Proverbs chapter 20 verse 12 reads: `Ears that hear and eyes that see – the Lord has made them both.’

  6. I live in Memphis, TN. I’ve
    I live in Memphis, TN. I’ve seen the flashing lights, too, this month…. three times, outside the window of whatever room I was in, one little flash, like heat lightening, only there was no subsequent thunder, or any other unusual noise for that matter. I brushed it off at the time, but after listening to this, I will pay closer attention. I have felt a sense of anticipation for a long time, but can’t put my finger on why. Something is stirring inside this old lady, just not sure what!

  7. Has anyone considered the
    Has anyone considered the possibility of piezoelectricity?
    I once remember reading in the late, great OMNI magazine(!) that there was speculation that certain crystalline rocks underground, when placed under extreme pressure such as that generated at a fault line, could suddenly release large pulses of electricity. There was an example cited of glowing orbs or ball lightning seen in the area of fault lines preceeding an earthquake. As a spark this large would be a form of instantaneous lightning, there would also be quite an acoustic shock wave – BOOM!
    As an example of everyday piezo electrical generation, those fireplace lighters and some gas grills use a piezoelectrical spark to ignite gases like butane or propane.

  8. Just throwing this out –
    Just throwing this out – could this be Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) testing? I just read a rather disturbing Air Force study on DEW at laser, microwave and particle “frequencies” This paper isn’t even classified!

    Chadwick F. Fager, Major, USAF
    April 2007
    Blue Horizons

    Blue Horizons Paper
    Center for Strategy and Technology
    Air War College

    Human beings playing with fire, or something else?

  9. With SOUND in mind, I
    With SOUND in mind, I received this today from the A.R.E……

    Edgar Cayce’s Thought for the Day.

    Reading 378-14

    Think on This…

    The ceremony [sealing of the tomb of records at Gizeh] was long; the clanging of the apex by the gavel that was used in the sounding of the placing. Hence there has arisen from this ceremony many of those things that may be seen in the present; as the call to prayer, the church bell in the present, may be termed a descendant; the sounding of the trumpet as the call to arms, or that as revelry; the sound as of those that make for mourning, in the putting away of the body; the sounding as of ringing in the new year, the sounding as of the coming of the bridegroom; all have their inception from the sound that was made that kept the earth’s record of the earth’s building, as to that from the change.

  10. I love being a subscriber.
    I love being a subscriber. You can’t end a conversation like this one in a half an hour with all your questions answered. Well, being an avid Whitley Strieber fan, I also know it’s ok to keep the question open. The point is, I always want more, and the after show in the subscriber’s section satisfies me.

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