For subscribers, Whitley discusses the coming disclosure process and asks the question, “will abductees be thrown under the bus?” It’s a provocative and, as always, extremely well informed report by one of the world’s leading experts–if not the leading expert–on abduction and close encounter phenomena. (And if you have yet to read his latest book on the subject, A New World, now is the time!)

In the first hour,  Whitley talks to Bigfoot researcher Mike Dupler. Dreamland has covered the Bigfoot question many times over the years, but never with somebody quite so intimately involved as Mike Dupler. Mike has had more than one close encounter with the mysterious beast, and has found things in the forest that defy explanation. Listen (and watch, on our YouTube Channel) as he tells us about his explorations and experiences.

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  1. Whitley, you communicate this complex, nuanced material as well as I think anyone on earth can.

    Assuming that the visitors do influence minds, and have done so to cause the government to issue its upcoming report, what is the visitors’ aim with a report that will likely fall short of concluding that these UAPs are the products of an extraterristrial intelligence? (I assume that will be the case but could be wrong, of course).

    If the report concludes that these objects could be foreign (e.g., China/Russia), a previously undetected natural phenomena specific to earth or simply unknowns, then knowledge/acceptance of the visitors’ presence thoughout our world would seem to me to stay exactly where it is, with the majority not accepting and the relatively few of us accepting. Or do you believe the visitors see the report as an incremental step toward making their presence widely known, with the intent that the report would spur us to reach further towards them so that we can one day have the co-equal relationship you’ve referenced before?

    Hope that I make some kind of sense. Welcome your response but happy to listen again to this week’s Dreamland if you addressed the above in your segment. Thank you.

  2. It’s amazing how little we still know about our own planet and we’re going back to the moon and trying to get people to Mars. We know a sliver about our oceans as well. I continue to ache over the destruction of the life systems we can and are detroying mindlessly and heartlessly. I do believe that the All Creator never forgets a thing it designs and all will be saved somehow. But, our potential destruction of our world is a stain on the soul of humanity. I hope our large, hairy cousins stay well hidden.

  3. Great show.

    This Bigfoot issue is a troubling one..

    Reports of big dark figures carrying children away have been around for a good while. Maybe they are not accurate, maybe they are.

    One can’t help but wonder if this was such a problem previously when Bigfoot, if they exist, were around in numbers, that people took care of the perceived problem.

    I’m not sure that I have an opinion on this as I suspect that there is another form of life on the prowl, as indicated in Missing 411 Hunters (‘the predator’ discussion) that has the capability of invisibility.

    It seems to be common for Bigfoot to be referred to as mostly a big cuddly Eco-friendly wookie or thereabouts but if, & I stress IF, they are carrying off children then..

    If they were previously almost killed off then it’s hard to blame folks back then, even if that sort of a solution is not the only way of dealing with clashes of exigency.

    I’d personally be happier looking for a more evolved pathway to harmony but it’s easier for us to talk like this these days I guess.

    Living here deep in the English countryside I can’t say that I’ve been chased by a Bear lately though we do have a black leopard (‘panther’) on the loose in these here parts. I just splash on some old Brut aftershave & it leaves me alone as I wander through the hedgerows listening to Roberto Auser’s superb soundtrack to Love & Saucers (documentary on the artwork of David Huggins):

    I so wish Mr Strieber would have David Huggins on Dreamland.


  4. just freaking wow Whitley on the disclosure—since 1947 I guess its loooong overdue and I thank my government for not letting me know until now since I likely would have pursued a different career path and would have been more looking up than I already do in wonder about our own Moon and the planets and all the possibilities of life beyond our ball of dirt and organics and water. i have always tried to keep you in my mind since I was about 16 or 17 years old Whitley, reading Communion and Transformation that people who knew me would call me dumb or gullible because I believe you and what had happened to you. Now with all that is happening it reopens everything that has been suppressed since we have suddenly been awoken to realize that we have all been essentially lied to about UFOs or maybe I should word it as misrepresented by our government likely for cold war reasons especially if we really do have some of their ufo tech from crashes/captures. I just hope if any visitors were alive after any crash contact that we tried our best efforts to return them to their comrades.
    With the disclosure and the timing of everything going on it absolutely fascinates me that President Biden isnt saying something to help prepare us for what should be a mega wake up call to realize that our history may indeed have been manipulated by outside of this world forces. I see how out of control that might make them seem but were we ever in control? Instead jeff corbell and Dave Fravor , you Whitley, George Knapp, Luis Elizondo, Harry Reid, Sen Marco Rubio and many more are sounding the bells and whistles and not many right now are even hearing them. i ask people in my day to day working for a govt contractor, “hey how about those UFOs?” and I get twisted faces and questions like “what are you talking about?” because the general pop isn’t getting the message. I feel robbed of this information and the whole world should feel that way maybe. But I am glad it took leakers to get this into the light and give understanding. But if I know people it will be that 50% enjoy the idea of alien life HERE and studying us or helping us and wanting to meet them. The other 50% will generate anger and disbelief that they are evil or demons or something of that nature. The Bible talks about lights in the sky and amazing things in the final days. I fear this group will have their fingers on the trigger instead of looking very clearly at reality as again I fear the day we start trying to capture or worse to the visitors. This situation minus the pandemic and knowing what i know and my own experiences my side of life, is INCREDIBLE what has been revealed and with Biden and other top officials not talking in the White house to the people it causes me concern. Biden was part of the Obama administration and they already likely knew what was going on as well. I wonder what he will say after the Pentagon report appears on stage?

  5. And then there this –

    This guy thinks the UFOs are fallen angles returning to earth for the end times.

    No wonder so many people have given up on understanding what is happening!

    As a matter of fact, after reading Whitley’s book on Jesus I’d love to host a debate between these two. What a show!!

  6. research the Andazi

    Survivorman (Les Stroud)) and Todd Standing did a series about six years ago or longer.

    I haven’t heard anything new here…..

  7. Is ultimate reality just a coffin? It frightens me that some visitors see it that way. Is that what will happen to us, too, eventually? Having to live through others so as to keep from going insane from the claustrophobic universe? Or is that just the viewpoint of a certain group of visitors, and not the actual truth of the matter? I’d hate to go through many lives just to find myself wanting to claw myself out of a universal coffin. I know there’s more to this, but it is a first-impression fear I have.

  8. Author

    I think that the destiny of consciousness is an enveloping transcendence.
    If that observation of mine is correct then someone has missed their destiny and seeks to recover it by joining the path of ours.

  9. Breathtaking podcast as always, Whitley. I have two questions that I don’t know if you can answer but I will ask anyway:
    1. I have no doubt that the Visitors are correct that “many of us are going insane.” My question is, what is causing this to happen?
    2. I also believe that they experiencing wonder through us. I was wondering if they have said or indicated if there are other races, species etc. on other worlds that they are also involved with now or have been in the past.

    1. Author

      One thing that’s causing it goes back to the TicTac revelations in 2017. It was right after that the QAnon became much bigger and kept growing. I think that this was because people for the first time fully began to realize that there really were a lot of secrets. Unfortunately, they have no standards by which to judge the truth and so kinds of crazy ideas began to be believed by a lot of people. There’s also other things of course, but I think it is probably a significant factor.

      As far as using us as a source of wonder, if I am right about that, my guess is that they probably do it all over the universe and have been doing it for a long time. It may simply be the way they live, like farmers cultivating fields. If this is true then they probably have many many fields.

  10. Author

    One thing that’s causing it goes back to the TicTac revelations in 2017. It was right after that the QAnon became much bigger and kept growing. I think that this was because people for the first time fully began to realize that there really were a lot of secrets. Unfortunately, they have no standards by which to judge the truth and so kinds of crazy ideas began to be believed by a lot of people. There’s also other things of course, but I think it is probably a significant factor.

    1. Author

      I’d love to have Stan on. I’m going to see what I can do about that people

  11. In reference to the idea that Annie might have “KNOWN’ all along that this was about Communion, I feel compelled to stress that Knowing is a more masculine trait and that ‘Intuited’, ‘felt’, or ‘sensed’ might be more accurate. If one contemplates the phenomena: it has a much more feminine set of mental processes and trying to use logic and reason instead of feelings and intuition will not be very productive.

    1. Yes, I am sure she was. I still believe that women are more adept at making intuitive leaps rather than logical calculated deductions (which have limited potential). A brilliant woman can then intellectually verify that their intuiting is genuine. Many who are involved with the unknown and the sentient presence are also intuitive regardless of gender.

      It appears that humanity needs to transition out of the patriarchy to survive and this means that the feminine way of knowing through feelings must be adopted by all. By honoring the innate feminine nurturing qualities which transcend words, humanity will have a chance to change the road to hell that we are following. You have expressed it perfectly in the primacy of Humility, Compassion, and Love.

      One does not need to prove that Communion is the intent if one can feel that it is true; yet one may look at the long history of ‘revealing enough to be enticing’ to see the evidence that they have not sought any form domination with their power, rather they have been of service to give us a glimpse of our potentials.

      Thank you for your excellent sharing to subscribers about the coming disclosure and may we all pray that truth is revealed rather than more complex lies.

  12. Some women are intellectual and intuitive. That’s called balance. More of them than many realize. Let’s hope that others begin to understand the truly sacred feminine…

    1. I agree, balance is where the true empowerment is. Unfortunately I see more women gaining balance than men in our society. It seems many indigenous cultures had a better balance, though the rigors of life did mandate role separation.

  13. “Our beloved New Observations podcaster Mia Feroleto has had serious heart surgery. Please send her prayers and good wishes!”

    Mia, thinking of you today and hope you are HEALING……..Blessings to you.

    1. So sorry to hear that Mia has had this health issue. Sending my prayers to her for a speedy and full recovery. I know that Consciousness and Contact is coming up in July and I’m sure she’ll want to be at her healthiest for that event.

  14. I’m with you on the Q Anon thing, Whitley. It’s a bridge too far. I also don’t understand the angry letters from followers; sending angry letters isn’t quite the best way to go about changing someone’s mind. Keep up the good work, Whitley!!!

  15. I heard a Bigfoot/Sasquatch in Porcupine, SD. The dogs outside were barking so loud it woke me up. Then outside went silent, very quiet, then a scream that almost sounded like a baby crying but in a much deeper voice. It stopped after a minute. The next morning, a Lakota relative asked me, did I hear Sasquatch? I said I heard something like a screaming cry. Then he told me. And it was on their rez often. They do exist.
    Sending healing thoughts to Mia for a miracle recovery.

  16. I forgot to mention that the TV show in the 70s with Lee Majors as the 6 Million Dollar Man had 5 episodes about aliens and bigfoot, and how they are connected. I just watched the 5th one yesterday – what synchronicity. Bigfoot was apparently a friend of the bionic man in an earlier episode.

  17. I cannot wait to listen to this interview. What amazing comments, as always! Thank you Whitley! And thank you everyone for your love and support.

    I got home from the hospital a couple of days ago after the worst and one of the best experiences of my life.

    Yesterday, I recorded an almost 50 minute overview of my experience for the New Observations podcast which can only be described as my own person hero’s journey in the sense that Joseph Campbell describes it. I am healing but it is a miracle I am still here. The brother of a friend who had the exact same procedure four weeks before mine died a couple of days before my surgery. I had to fight very hard to be released from the hospital where I had my surgery and was transferred to Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston where I received extraordinary care.

    I can tell you for sure that the Angelic Realm and all of the Elementals showed up in large numbers to provide protection for me and that Steiner is the most accurate in terms of his discussion of the Kingdoms.

    We have entered a new place in consciousness and it is the aware, awake and searching people who gather here at Dreamland who are leading others to our new world. Please keep in mind always that your efforts are directly impacting the morphogenetic field.

    A quick word on our upcoming conference in South Dakota. This will be the last of these events. The information that we share will be integrated into our residency program for artists and writers who come for one month at a time as opposed to a four-day weekend. There is no doubt that this event, our fourth, will provide a culmination experience. Pine Ridge is opening up and we have been invited to visit. I look forward to being back in South Dakota!

    Sending much love to ALL of YOU. We are blessed to be alive at this moment in time.

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