The crop circle mystery has faded with time. The general media took their cue from British Intelligence and debunked the whole story using the lie that they were created by men with boards, and that all the more complex ones are created by other men with better boards.

They are a crucially important communication, but they are not for governments, they are for ordinary people–which is why governments and the media don’t want us to care about them or study them: They want to control the narrative, but the narrative doesn’t belong them. It belongs to the circle makers and it belongs to US. This is why they’re out there where anybody can see them. Somebody wants these beautiful, rich messages from the depths of other souls to be NOTICE–by us!

This week, Dreamland welcomes Darcy Weir and Gary King who, along with Stephen Bassett and Jaime Maussan, have created a new documentary called Crop Circle Realities that takes us on a wise, deeply moving and fascinating journey into the world of crop circles.

As it becomes impossible to deny that somebody is indeed here from some other world or reality, it is also becoming impossible to deny that the crop formations are indeed a message from an unknown mind. Listen and Darcy and Gary explore the possible meaning of that message with Whitley–and prepare to be amazed and awed. The message is not only real, it is powerful and full of beauty and hope as well as warning.

Video watchers, please note that a production error caused Gary King’s image not to be visible until 8 minutes into the video.

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  1. Fascinating Podcast. I was lucky to have attended the CC convention in Devies and was able to get into 2 crop circles in Hackenberry. I want to return one day, It is magic and it is REAL. The lay of the crop interwoven stalks and swirls says it all.

  2. Whitley, Darcy Weir and Gary King…….Thank you sooo much for this interview and PLEASE keep the Crop Circle research alive. Earlier today I watched a live interview;  Erich von Daniken interviewed Andrew Collins and I feel this interview to be most synchronistic with today’s DREAMLAND. He did not talk about crop circles but spoke of lights in the sky as portals around places like Avebury, Stonehenge and Bempton in Yorkshire to name a few. (About 11 minutes into the interview). This is (((ONE))) of the BEST interviews that I have ever heard Andrew Collins give. 

    If anyone would like to watch this interview, I BELIEVE IT WILL COMPLIMENT THE CURRENT INTERVIEW ON DREAMLAND….’Crop Circles.’ Again, I thank you Darcy Weir and Gary King and look forward to this year’s crop circles and have a feeling there could even be a few surprises.  

    Erich von Daniken Origins of the Gods… Contact with Transdimensional Intelligences.

  3. How can I rent or buy this documentary? I don’t see it available on Amazon or anywhere else!

  4. I enjoyed this show. Being a Brit I regularly visit Crop Circle country and plan on visiting Glastonbury in a month or so, especially the Chalice Well. Will be the first time up on Glastonbury Tor in 30 years. I was a boy last time I visited; now, older, I’m pairing with shadow and finding harmony and resonance where many others see loss.

    With regard to Crop Circles, well, I have my own take through personal experience of them but I’ll keep that to myself. Why? Why not?

    Mr Strieber’s new book about Jesus.. I didn’t hesistate to buy the Audio book. No, it’s not cheap but I stand by the decision. I travel a lot and it’s better to listen to Mr Strieber. In fact, it’s beyond better, it’s the whole deal. I don’t think books are dead, I just bought 2nd hand copies of the Valis trilogy and will keep them for a rainy day in Berlin, or perhaps another awkward trip to the Swiss Alps.

    People are investing in your work Mr Strieber, it may not look like it at times but none of us are going nowhere while we listen and, perhaps, manage to dance along to the pressure whistling in our ears.


  5. Oh, my! It has been soooo long…At last we’re talking about crop formations again!

    So much has happened regarding these miracles in the fields over the years for me, and I have learned so much about them. I have found new friends here at Unknown Country due to experiences shared over crop formations, even though I have not been in those fields physically. I was at the first Dreamland Festival in Nashville, where Whitley guided us through a beautiful meditation based on crop formations. In addition, Whitley and I had a shared crop formation experience with ‘Th Open Doors’ formation, which became the first of his Crop Circle Meditations on this site. For newer subscribers, those meditations are still available…go here:

    The connection with geometry and music is also important. In 2007, the late Stuart Mitchell composed ’The Rosslyn Motet’ based on symbols found in Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland—and cymatics. Go here to learn more:

    I was fortunate to get to speak with Stuart Mitchell back in 2006 and ask him some questions. The very first question that I asked him was if he noticed that cymatics and the symbols in Rosslyn were more than similar to many crop formations. He was quiet for a moment, then said that he had never thought about it, but that I may be right about the connection.

    There are many books out about crop formations, but if you want to get a taste of them through time, these sites are excellent, and will also show photos from different angles of many formations, which dovetails with what Gary King said about about entering the formations differently than other previous visitors to a formation.

    Crop formations inspire awe and a sense of wonder, and Gary’s mentioning of the importance of “humility and discernment” was spot on…There have been several great ‘Dreamland’ interviews lately. but this one with Darcy and Gary left me feeling really uplifted, warm, and just…GOOD.

    1. Cosmic has nailed this on so many levels, seen, & unseen.

      Before my current line of work, I was in a much tougher role. I spent the last two years of that role determined to be positive and constructive. I saw the way ahead.

      One morning, near the end, I remembered having a powerful dream during the night. All day I felt/knew something was about to change.

      Working with my good colleague John, we both saw a disc in the sky ahead of us in an almost clear blue sky. As we drove along, the disc folded in half & then a tree obscured the view. One second, no more, and the view was clear again. No disc in sight. We both talked about it and agreed that we saw the same thing. I knew change was coming. I felt deep down that she had spoken to me.

      Week or so later, new job, new people, new outlook, new choices, new, new, new.. but more peace.

      Cosmic highlights resonance & harmony. We fall into environment when attuned and new fellows greet us.

      We talk, here, between worlds, realms, whatever you wish to call them but it’s just people relating. People.


    2. I know you already know this Cosmic but I think it bears repeating…

      Most examples of Cymatic patterns are on a two dimensional plane, a drum skin, or whatever, which is very interesting to see…but what many people don’t realise is that this is a two dimensional representation of a very real but normally imperceptible three dimensional structure. This can be revealed experimentally, by having a tank of water with suspended particles…such that when the tank is subjected to a single tone, the particles coalesce at the nodes and interconnecting lines of a specific three dimensional shape. As the vibration increases in frequency, through an octave, so the three dimensional shapes that are created (with the suspended particles) cycle through ornate versions of the platonic solids in the sequence… tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron etc.

      In my mind, this clearly relates to crop circles and their two dimensional representation within fields of crops, which is effectively just a horizontal slice of a higher (three?) dimensional energetic structure, similar to the frequency-induced 3D Cymatic platonic solids.

  6. What was that about a new version of the sensing exercise, with associated animations by Steve Neill?

  7. Just for fun…

    As far as I can gather, the Arecibo message was sent on 16th November 1974 at about 1pm local (5pm GMT).

    Dates reported for the Chilbolton ‘Arecibo reply’, range from 19th to 21st August 2001.

    Just playing with numbers, I found that if you add 234567 hours onto the time of the transmission, that gets you to 08:00 GMT on 20th August 2001.

  8. If crop circles are a higher dimensional message, could that communication be bi-directional? I have heard that energies have been felt even in circles known to be made by us…so if we are starting to understand the language, what about trying to down some crops ourselves, to see if we can push an effect – a message – back into the higher dimension from whence it came?

    1. Sherbet,
      Some groups have tried that, and with some success. I personally know someone who tried contacting the circle makers (with success, and quickly), plus Dr, Steven Greer’s group had successes as well. I am not a big fan of his, but I was in contact with some of his people years ago and they were actively working and getting circles laid down ( They were in the USA, the formations appeared in England ).

      The experience that Whitley and I had on the ‘Open Doors’ played into that aspect as well, and even involved a photo that I took at The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, oddly enough.

      Then there was the ‘Mothership Glass’ formation…Really great advertising gimmick for an American company that produces ‘bongs’? Big hoax by a third party? A great joke by the circle makers themselves?

      P.S I purchased and viewed the documentary yesterday. I’ve been into this for so long that I didn’t see much in the way of new information, but it was a good refresher and reminder of things for me. I will be paying attention closely beginning today, in light of this new ‘Dreamland’ to see what happens in the fields. As of yesterday, I didn’t see any new formations for this year.

      1. Ah, that’s very interesting Cosmic… I will try and find out more. Thanks.

  9. Terrific show as per usual. I’m in Australia and are not be able to purchase these Documentaries.

  10. Thanks for another fascinating discussion. The Castle crop circle video looked convincing to me when it first came out, and still does. I had no idea that Castle handed the video over to an outside party like he apparently did. I remember that my interest in the video faded when I read that a “voice stress analysis” had been conducted on the voices in the video and that the analysis somehow showed that the individuals speaking did not sound as if they were under stress, and that therefore were not, in fact, observing the balls of light when speaking. Whether the test was actually administered or whether it was done correctly, I have no idea. I also remember the Master of the Key stating that the crop circles were our visitors’ way of introducing themselves to us in 2-D. (I think I have that language remembered correctly).

    1. Extract from ‘The Key’ :

      “… An example would be the much maligned crop circles. These are two-dimensional portraits of these
      beings, self-created. They are trying to introduce themselves to this age…”.

      So, not just a communication but a self-portrait from these energetic beings…but I’m not sure how that would be the case for the Chilbolton Arecebo reply, or the Alien disk message.

  11. Just an aside briefly but anyone that enjoys listening to old time radio should be pleased with this YouTube channel I stumbled across.

    It’s basically the motherload of OTR recordings and the chap that put this all up is definitely on my Christmas card list..

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


  12. SO, I am guessing that on May 23rd, the first sign-ificant Crop Circle will emerge. Anyone else care to take a guess?

  13. I was doing some research on the Arecibo message, and I was very disheartened to find that Wikipedia described the Arecibo response as a hoax, but did not cite any evidence whatsoever. I edited the message to clarify that it was only “presumed” to be a hoax, but minutes later my change was reverted. Not happy, and also not sure why the editor(s) would make such a reversion when the previous verbiage was completely unsubstantiated. Thoughts?

  14. Author

    Wikipedia Is full of lies and inaccuracies. The fact that your emendation was changed so quickly means that there are professionals watching that page who were immediately informed of the change. I would assume that the intelligence community watches over it.

  15. So happy to this subject coming back. I did a graphic art project for a class I was taking back in 1998 that included a crop circle. I lettered Hell with the o being a crop circle. No one got it and probably took my project all wrong. Fascinating and appreciate you and your guests.

  16. Great to see the crop circles being discussed on your show again Whitley. Gives me great joy!

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