Science has always assumed that interstellar travel is impossible, but two separate studies in Physics Review D suggest that traversable wormholes may be more than science fiction. If so, then aliens probably ARE here and may indeed have been here for a long time. If so, then the real history of mankind has yet to be written, for it is must include the effect of their presence.

This week, Kathleen McGowan talks with Whitley about her beloved husband’s brilliant book, The Ancient Alien Question, revealing to us much of the information in the book that has not appeared in Ancient Aliens on TV.

The show starts of with a remarkable, lovely and totally unexpected few minutes as Kathleen and Whitley compare notes on how they do research with Anne and Philip, who are working with both of their spouses from the other side!

Kathleen and Whitley also discuss her upcoming book The Magdalene Way about the life and teaching of Mary Magdalene.

Visit Kathleen on her website. Click here. To get the Ancient Alien Question, click here. To get Kathleen’s novel the Expected One about Mary Magdalene, click here.

Lovely, informative, uplifting Dreamland. Enjoy! (Whitley mentions a “Canopus Meditation” in the show. What he is actually remembering is a discussion from 2010 with Philip Coppens about how to use Egyptian star knowledge. Click here to download and listen.)

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  1. Loved this interview; so much here to think about. Kathleen’s question at just before 1hr 9min is an important one. How did we so fundamentally lose our way? I will listen to this interview more than once and am anxiously awaiting Kathleen’s book! Thanks, Whitley and Kathleen!

  2. Interesting and facinating. I’m still trying to work out the energetic transformation that Jesus made at his death leaving behind the shroud. Richard Rohr in The Universal Christ also talks about the human potential for resurrection in the flesh and touches on energetic change. I’m assuming if this were to start occurring we would finally have risen above our “animal” existence since no creature I’m aware of currently bursts into holy light at death. And, this is all just a small part of the enormous picture. I’m finding it curious that this concept is coming to me all at the same time. Prehaps this is the tip of the mystery as to why our cousins are so curious about us. We have some amazing potential we have no idea about.

  3. I am very excited to listen to this broadcast but always save them for late Saturday nights. I have just received your book on Jesus and cannot wait to get into it, Whitley. I’ve been questioning who he was for a very long time and thought him to be a man who was taught to do do many things we too are capable of, so I’m sure I’ll learn much from your book. Ignore the nay sayers … and continue to enlighten us.
    Thank you…

  4. Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. ‘Thought for the Day.’ 

    Saturday, May 15
    “Yes, pray often for those who have passed on. This is part of your consciousness. It is well. For, God is God of the living. Those who have passed through God’s other door are often listening, listening for the voice of those they have loved in the earth.” 
    (ECRL 3954-1)

  5. I used to visit Phillip Coppens old website regularly, and he has been sorely missed. This interview with Kathleen was stellar, and it also covered a lot of ground…a lot!

    I’m glad that the talk ventured into Ancient Egypt territory too. Egypt has been on my bucket list since I was about 10 years old. If there are those who would like to read about an ancient Wisdom Keeper from Egypt, I highly recommend ‘ From Light Into Darkness: The Evolution of Religion in Ancient Egypt’ by Stephen S. Mehler, which includes information provided by Abd’el Hakim Awyan (now passed). This book is called ‘From Light into Darkness’ for a reason, going into how we lost our way. I posted a talk given by Abd’el Hakim Awyan on my own site a few years ago, but it is still available on YouTube:

    The Osirion is very remarkable and very ancient—and archaeologists are kind of mystified by it too. There are carvings that depict the Flower of Life that they cannot just explain away.

    Kathleen McGowan would make a great guest at the Video Meeting Room some Saturday in the future!

  6. This was one of my favorite shows ever. As I listened to it I found myself saying yes, yes, over and over again. There is so much truth in what Whitley and Kathleen speak of! I pray more people hear and understand it. We have missed the truth for thousands of years because we are so distracted by everything, our problems,drama and events in the world.
    In reality , we are the Infinite Being rather than the human being. We are the Infinite Being, having a human experience.
    You are. Experiencing a body, experiencing a mind, and having the experience of being a person, but they are not you.
    Awareness is who you are. You are awareness!

  7. I believe there is a difference between Manifestations of God (like Yeshua, Buddha, The Great Peace Maker, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Abraham, Zoroaster, Moses, Mohammad, the Báb, Bahá’u’lláh, and Krishna etc.) and regular humans in that They were all already fully accomplished souls before birth with no need to come back down here except to fulfil the mission of teaching us what we needed to know to reach the next stage in humanity’s maturity. Whereas we are here to develop ours souls for the next world just like babies develop the bodies they will need in this world already in the matrix of their mother’s womb.

  8. Interesting…Mary Magdaline a leader and great woman…etc…
    BUT, there was not a mention of MARY, the Mother of JESUS… also a great leader and woman of her time…. WHY NO MENTION OF HER?

  9. Author

    The reason is that the Mary of the gospel of Mary is almost certainly Magdalene. Thus there are written teachings to talk about.

  10. So, I have not been to EGYPT but it is alive in my imagination, anyone able to get there SHOULD. I did however visit PERU many years ago with the A.R.E. group and this BBC article caught my eye. Surely the same entities that left so much to the imagination in PERU must have been the same entities of ANCIENT EGYPT? While in Peru I had this feeling the ancients were standing with us, watching us observe the landscape. I left PERU wondering if those same entities terraformed and chose this particular landscape on our planet as a SAFE PLACE for what was going on at the time? I see that in 2021 the Peruvians are again trying to resort back to the sustainable hydraulics of long ago.

    I read this on the BC NEWS WEBSITE. “Why Peru is reviving a pre-Incan technology for water.”

    “Peru is turning to ancient indigenous techniques and natural ecosystems to keep its taps running, as climate change threatens to dry out its water supply.”

    “Like the slow food movement, slow water approaches are bespoke: they work with local landscapes, climates and cultures rather than try to control or change them.”

  11. Author

    Thanks for this! Totally fascinating. Also informative and possibly a sign of the future because the whole western side of the Americas is in drought. I have a feeling that’s a climactic issue rather than weather.

    If so everybody from Peru north two Western Canada is going to need to adopt some very new ways of living and saving water.

  12. I listened to this in my garden ~ throughout, two white moths were fluttering amongst the lavender and bleedings hearts ~ 2 souls ~

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