On June 28 in a field near Torino, Italy, a magnificent crop formation appeared. Like the Crabwood formation of 2002, this formation contains at least one message, and the one that we have thus far been able to translate should be considered carefully, as it echoes the warning in the Crabwood formation. Both formations contain readable messages in simple binary code. The Torino formation’s readable binary is in sixteen lines arranged along the outer ring of the formation. There is more code in the inner rings, but so far translation has not been successful. It might be significant that Turin is known as “the cradle of Italian liberty.”

Both formations contain similar warnings, essentially that we should be wary of extraterrestrials, a concern echoed by astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. Hawking has said that aliens “would be only limited by how much power they could harness and control, and that could be far more than we might first imagine…Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach..I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet…If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

The Crabwood formation’s binary message translates into English as follows: “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING” Torino echoes this concern with its message. It is in Latin, and appears to be a contraction from a famous line in the ancient Roman poet Virgil’s Aeneid. The first word is “timeo,” which means “dread.” The second is “et” which means “and” in Latin, but in modern vernacular is used to mean “extraterrestrial.” The third word, “ferentes” in Latin is the nominative masculine of “ferens,” to bear. Virgil’s line is “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes,” “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” It is a reference to the Trojan Horse, which was used to deceive the Trojans into letting Greek soldiers into their walled city. The soldiers then opened the gates and Troy fell.:

The Aeneid is about the journey of Aeneas, a refugee from Troy who traveled to Italy and became one of the founders of Rome.

So, does the Torino formation contain a warning: “Beware ET bearing…” Would that be gifts, perhaps? Beware ET bearing gifts?

In his book “Solving the Communion Enigma” Whitley Strieber pointed out that benevolent extraterrestrials and malevolent ones might both keep their presence in our world secret, but for different reasons. Malevolent ones might be exploiting us or our planet in some way that we don’t understand, but would object to if we did. So they would certainly keep their presence and activities secret. Benevolent ones would possibly have the same motive, the reason being that they would be concerned that the culture shock attendant upon our discovering just how advanced they really are would cause our own scientific and cultural evolution to be catastrophically interrupted. We would go from being masters of our world to supplicants in theirs. The result would be that one of the few things that might interest them about us–perhaps the only thing–which is our ability to innovate, would be lost.

He makes reference to a paper published by D.B.H. Kuiper and Mark Morris in the April, 1977 edition of the magazine Science in which they state, “knowledge, in a general sense, that encompasses science and culture, is likely to be most highly prized by an advanced civilization.” And then comes what could be the primary reason that the intelligence that is here appears to be so interested in concealing its observation of us behind a cloud of questions: “Before a certain threshold is reached, complete contact with a superior civilization (in which most of their knowledge is made available to us) would abort further development through a ‘culture shock’ effect.”

But the messages in these two crop formations don’t raise questions. The offer clear warnings, so it’s worth considering how advanced nonhumans might want to exploit us and our planet. There are really just a few possibilities. First, there could be something about us that has value. One of the darkest hidden veins in the close encounter lore is that we have souls, and they can be captured and used in what are essentially machines so extremely advanced that we cannot now even conceive of what they do. Another, better known fear is that they may be harvesting our sexual material for their own purposes. A third possibility is that there is something about Earth and what it contains that they wish to harvest, but which we might want to retain if we knew what they were doing.

None of these negative motives suggest that ET would ever want to reveal himself, not as long as the harvest, whatever it may be, can continue uninterrupted. So what would the motive of negative ETs be for revealing themselves?

Actually, it would be exactly the same as that of benevolent ones: if we are indeed in an extinction event, if Earth is going to become unable to support us, then both benevolent and malevolent ETs end up with the same motive: both would want to preserve the species and/or preserve the planet.

But they would probably go about it differently. Benevolent ETs, wishing to preserve our spontaneity and cultural vitality, would minimize direct contact while doing things to help us survive. Malevolent ones, interested not in preserving culture but only in making certain that we continue to survive, might be more open in their approach.

Thus is revealed the inner meaning and truth of the two warnings: if ET appears openly and wears a mask of benevolence, be careful, because that smiling mask is likely to conceal the most dangerous deception that mankind has ever known.

Image copyright 2015 Valeria Margherita Zanola
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  1. “Beware the bearers of FALSE
    “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING” from the Crabwood formation.

    Regarding the Torino formations,I feel that equating ‘et’ as ET is a bit of stretch, considering that the formation appears to be in Latin.

    The Crabwood formation did include a visual of what many would consider an ‘ET’.

    Both formations could be referencing something (or someone) completely different. They could even be referencing ourselves. There is much deception out there, and much of it is coming from the humans, including politicians, world governments, religion, etc. I personally do not fear an invasion by aliens or inter-dimensional entities near as much as I fear what we are doing to our planet and ourselves. What if our future selves are warning us about what we are doing to Earth with wars, industrialization, politics, and the destruction of our environment? There is lots of deception going on about the environment and climate change. ‘False gifts’ and ‘broken promises’ abound around the globe too.

    They, whoever or whatever they are, say there is ‘still good out there’, and that they ‘oppose deception’. So the messages are coming from a source unknown that apparently cares about us and our welfare, and they oppose the lies and deception that would do us harm. That gives me hope.

    There IS good out there, and that should be our focus. Find the good and also be the warriors that see through the deception and reinforce one another.

  2. “Beware of Greeks bearing
    “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”

    Considering the financial situation in Greece right now; the “fall of Rome”(Again?) comes to mind.

  3. “Conduit CLOSING” caught my
    “Conduit CLOSING” caught my eye. This fits w/my own conclusion that the portals/connections between worlds/timelines and between locations within a world are separating/closing in comparison to the recent past/present. imo, it indicates an “end” to the flow of something.

    Perhaps our “breakaway civilization” has been the receiver of these “gifts” (and many of us as the technology has filtered down) and this crop circle serves as warning and hope to those who have been badly deceived over many years.

    I was unable to find other views of the referenced crop circle. It seems a bit too perfect in its execution — which makes me question its origins. Some of the more complex crop circles seem to be generated thru technological means. They are spectacular in scope, but one needs to keep in mind who may have generated the message. Earth generated crop circles tend to have kind of earthy (lol) imperfection to them.

    “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING”

    Read the original source: http://www.unknowncountry.com/insight/new-crop-formation-ominous-warning#ixzz3f1T5NWRQ

  4. Do people still think these
    Do people still think these crop circles are not made by people ? they have been appearing for the last 44 years and still no one knows what they mean, is it because they don’t mean anything ?
    If you look hard enough you Will find what you want to find .

  5. Who in the world would be
    Who in the world would be doing this for all these years, and why? What people, and, above all, how? Some of the ones in England in recent years are man made and look like it. But things like the Crabwood and Torino formations cannot be made by people, I’m sorry. We do not have the technology to do it.

    I know some of the people who make formations. They do this for fun and for farmers, who then charge people to enter the fields. Crop circle tourism can be a valuable business if done right. But they do not trespass. They are not going into some field unbidden and pushing down a farmer’s crop. Why do this? To what end? So when this happens and the farmer is furious and the formation is filled with characteristic signs that it was created by unknown means, then you know that it is an unknown, and there are plenty of these, believe me.

    As to who or what creates the true unknowns, that also remains unknown.

  6. Regarding ‘conduits’, these
    Regarding ‘conduits’, these two formations also connect to the ‘Open doors’ formation. (I know you remember that one Whitley! We had an interesting synchronicity with that one!)

    When I attended the first ‘Dreamland Festival’ in Nashville, Whitley did a meditation on the last day that was about connecting with crop formations. I have never forgotten that feeling of myself flying over the crops and gently laying down the stalks myself. I felt like I was light, as a feather and there was a slight tickling sensation as I grazed the tops of the stalks. Vivid imagination? Yes, very likely, but it did feel ‘real’ in that moment.

    Another time during meditation, I asked the questions and was told that these formations were being made by time travelers. When I asked “From the past or the future?”, the answer was both and neither, but ‘All Time’.

    As with all of this stuff, I am very much about leaving the the questions wide open, just like those ‘Open Doors’ were back in 2007.

  7. I swear to GOD I have nothing
    I swear to GOD I have nothing to do with this…

  8. This idea of digital
    This idea of digital information, IMO, is almost proof positive that these are of terrestrial origin. The fact that people take it so seriously, and without any hint of skepticism (in the article above) I think is ridiculous.

    Other than binary numbers, digital information has no inherent meaning. It means what we assign it to mean. In this case, the “code” is no doubt relying on the ASCII system for translating numbers into letters. The letters then spell words. It’s the basis for what you’re reading right now, and it’s an entirely human invention, JUST LIKE ENGLISH!

    What that means is that the message is hardly hidden, and might as well have been spelled out in English letters in the wheat. That it is the merest of abstractions seems good enough for fooling people into thinking it’s like a DaVinci Code mystery, has otherworldly origins and must be of great significance.

    They are very pretty, and unless they’re “printed” from a satellite they look like a lot of work and planning to execute. I don’t know how they’re made, but I seriously doubt ET, mother Earth, spirit lights, or what have you would be using ASCII code to (barely) hide some important message in a wheat pattern. You should doubt it, too.

  9. So, I am sitting down to do
    So, I am sitting down to do my morning meditation, close my eyes and in my thoughts hear “Ezekiel’s Wheel.” Might this be showing us a STARGATE and how it works? Then again, probably only my imagination…..Just sayin’

  10. It will be interesting to see
    It will be interesting to see if the messages in the inner rings can be decoded. Could it be a calendar that tells us when these events may happen?

  11. If you believe in the
    If you believe in the possibility of a secret space program, or that the military is at least 50 years ahead of the technology we know about, why is it such a stretch to believe these circles could be made with technology imagined and created by humans? And I don’t mean time travelers. How can you say we do not have the technology to do it? Maybe we don’t. Or maybe we have no idea how advanced our technology is.

  12. I think it most likely that
    I think it most likely that the beings we are being warned about – if it is a warning – are certain humans among us.
    Remember that occult science teaches that for a civilization to make significant advances in science and technology that will end up being applied to contact with beings of other worlds – an advancement in the global spirituality of that race is first required.
    I really want to believe this is the case. It certainly explains why we have not populated any planets other than Earth (and maybe our moon and Mars).

  13. ^One of my ponderings for
    ^One of my ponderings for several years now has been the concept of “4th World”, “5th World”, etc. It has occurred to me that since the overiding paradigm of our mutually shared reality is 4th World (tho admittedly w/large pockets/bubbles of 5th World manifestation) — we are still most likely to interact w/the Universe on a 4th World level — i.e, we shldn’t expect non-earth beings to be much more advanced spiritually than we are — in fact, chances are that we wld encounter other civilizations/cultures with power structures akin to our own — along w/their unhappy, struggling, and abused inhabitants. Since most of these kind of greedy paradigm worlds tend to implode before they get off the ground/planet — I do not think we are likely to encounter many other civilizations either like ours or much more advanced than ours.

  14. I think Blue is on the right
    I think Blue is on the right track here. Assuming that the purported translation is correct, it should refer to those who brought advanced technology to our military-industrial complex, and/or those corporate entities who are herding us into accepting advanced gadgets (Google glasses, RFID chips, “smart” meters, etc) that are used to spy on, and control, the citizenry. We are experiencing exponential technological growth without the requisite spiritual progress, and it is leading us down the road to ruin.

  15. Regarding the Latin: “timeo”
    Regarding the Latin: “timeo” actually is the first-person singular, present indicative of “timere”, to fear; which is a grammarian’s way of saying that “timeo” does not mean “beware” but, “I am afraid of…”. Yes, “Danaos” in context does mean “the Greeks”, but “et” is used here in the sense of “even”. So here we are: “I’m afraid of the Greeks, even when they are bearing gifts.” Now, replying to the doubt whether the circle-makers do puns, “et” can indeed be taken as a perfect Latin abbreviation, either of “extraterrestria”, a neuter plural noun, accusative case, meaning “things that are not terrestrial”, or of “extraterrestres”, common-gender accusative noun meaning “persons/beings who are not of this earth”. So this may well mean: “I’m afraid of extraterrestrials who bring [whatever: gifts, digital info, offers of help etc.]”. Perhaps the maker[s] of this circle just wanted to keep the finite verb “timeo” as in the line from the Aeneid, or you could also conclude that the circle artist is in fact terrestrial or (as some have suggested) sub-terrestrial but not human. Maybe the artist is saying, “If I, a superior being dwelling beneath the waters or land of this earth, am afraid of E.T., whatever they seem to be offering as a gift, all the more you earthlings ought to have a wholesome fear of them.” This particular circle is not only ravishingly beautiful, but its message is gravely thought-provoking. Contact, if you wish, matus1940-at-yahoo-dot-com.

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