Dreamland this week: There is a void in the Great Pyramid at Giza. What is in it? What is it telling us about the lost past and maybe the future? Renowned expert Scott Creighton reveals research that suggests that what may be found in the void is going to not only turn our understanding of ancient Egypt upside down, but that there might also be a message for us and for the future still to be found in the pyramids and on the Giza Plateau.

This interview goes way beyond the story of the void, delving into what the ancient Egyptians may have been trying to tell us via messages encoded in various ways at Giza and other places in Egypt. The interview touches on a strange book originally published in 1957  called The Adam and Eve Story, which was originally classified by the CIA for unknown reasons. It deals with pole shifts and axial wander, which may be the cause of the great flood and upheavals that have been recorded in the past. You can read and download a copy of  the complete and uncensored Adam and Eve story by Chan Thomas here.

But to get the FULL STORY, you need The Great Pyramid Void Enigma, which updates and expands Chan Thomas’s research and goes far beyond it. Learn about the different types of pole shift, including those that have caused vast floods and destruction in the past, and will do so again. Don’t miss this great book! Click here to explore and order.

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  1. Say the secret void and win $100. (Sorry, couldn’t resist. It was a great interview.)

  2. If the Void was intended to contain both ancient mummies and tools to continue civilization after a deluge, why would we expect any such tools to still remain in the Void? Wouldn’t they have been removed after the flooding and used to rebuild the kingdom?

    1. Author

      So far, there doesn’t appear to have been any entry into the void, so if something was placed there, it would still be there.

  3. Whitley,
    I have So many questions!!
    If the pole shift is an inevitability why do the visitors keep telling us we need to “save the planet” from environmental catastrophe?
    Is moving “up” in frequency through an expanded, aware, consciousness experience, a way to live in a higher dimensional, stable, “earth” environment? That’s probably a Grant Cameron question!
    Is it possible that the visitors are working to recreate physical humanity through both the storing of our “seed” and expanding AI to house a form of human consciousness?
    Is this coming inevitably why the visitors are engaging us so openly now?
    I believe that the universe is benevolent, but we are in a chaos, creation, incubator frequency of sorts. We are still becoming as a species and this is a womb space in which to do that.
    I look forward to hearing other peoples thoughts if they’re willing to share. I’m fairly new to all of this and hope that my questions are relevant.
    Thanks Whitley! I appreciate being able to be a member of such a thoughtful, cutting edge community.

    1. Author

      When the visitors started emerging in the 1970s and through the 1980s with the message of environmental danger, I think that there was reason to believe that we could turn things around. But beginning with the Reagan Administration, climate change became a political issue in the US, with the result that we argued with each other about it rather than providing the decisive world leadership that only this country can offer.

      Right now, it looks as if we have outrun their warning and climate change is upon us. Can we still turn it around? In the west, perhaps. But what about the world’s greatest polluter, which is China? They are now led by a very nationalistic and expansionist government that appears to have little interest in the subject.

  4. Really fascinating discussion! I first read about the ‘void’ in the Great Pyramid several years ago (2016?). I have ‘memories’ of (very) Ancient Egypt as well, and more than one life. I feel rather crazy at times about all of it, but suffice to say that that my memories involve assisting a very well-known man at that time in attempting to re-create the technology of the Great Pyramid. Even stranger was a person who was a guest interviewed by Whitley years ago that I became personally acquainted with, and who told me about my relationship with the man in Ancient Egypt! It was totally weird, because in those days I did not share that information with anyone, including those close to me, because it was all just…too strange.

    I read through Chan Thomas’ book fairly recently, but will read it again. I became in interested in different mythologies when I was in 6th grade, and began seeing connections and similarities thereafter. Even the work of Joseph Campbell goes into this, and anyone who does not see the similarities between legends/myths/religious beliefs/and various sacred texts needs to take a step back and wonder about the implications. Yowzah!

    Climate change was on my mind when I was in high school, and I went a few rounds with my dad at that time about it, as well as pollution of air, water, and land. He worked in the oil fields of Texas and California, so…He did some pretty hard work to put food on our table, and my concerns rang hollow for him. To put more perspective on it, I graduated from high school in 1971, so a long time ago. And here we are now. In my senior year, I also had a vivid dream of watching the planet burn as I watched from the safety of a spaceship, realizing that while I was ‘safe’, everybody and everything else on my world was being destroyed. While so many have had visions of inundations of water, I had the opposite.

  5. OMG ! OMG ! OMG!(more acceptible that what I was saying in the car which was prefaced with “HOLY …”
    Scott Creighton is SO spot on!
    Forget the grain of salt… grab the pound bag!
    Cosmic, this may or may not resonate with you then….
    Firstly, I think I need to send Whitley my CD. Im not selling it .. I just need him to look it over.
    This was a SUPER HUGE epiphany for me.
    ok, Im gonna make this as short as I can.
    – Yes, there can/will be a water event
    – No, the pyramids that are scattered across the globe are there to stop physical water
    – the water is the river Styx. like the water that you DONT see… its the realm of the moon… the OTHER world.
    – Kamara, a walk in, that started me on a path with Dr. E. He lived 26000 + years ago.
    – the Schumman resonance
    – it was the 2nd destruction of Atlantis 26000 years ago.
    – they cant find atlantis because its gone… a different kind of flood.
    – the energies in the air were different than they are now.
    – vimmana
    – thats why the physical flood left a mark on the pyramid because it was already there! They are scattered all across the globe like dimples on a golfball.
    Ok, now I have to attend my family. You guys cant see how rushed I am atm.
    Sorry for the rush… I may have more later
    Gobekli tepe

    1. Since I have a moment…
      The world has shifted resonance before moving away from where it was- some of the “other” realities we can sneak a peek to. Operation Rainbow had a glimpse of a remnant of the last vibrational shift. It was floating between realities.
      I could mention Fourier, sine waves, and converting colors to sound. I could post about the Book of Ani which Ive mentioned before with the seated deities. But, I get the sneaking suspicion that it doesnt really matter. Its ok. I’ll post the empty comment: It is WHAT it is.
      “Its in the music” : “3am eternal” by the KLF
      Yep the realm of the moon… seen as water, the other side of the coin… the subconscious realm where psychic lives …. I heard that interview and all my lights came on in my head. I dont travel among the stones… or touch the carvings… and I might be way off…
      Ask and ye shall receive
      Seek and ye shall find
      Knock and the door will be opened unto you.
      Listening to this show for YEARS ….listening to Jeremy V. … listening to William Henry …listening to Art Bell … listening to the Wind. The puzzle pieces fall into place. This show… Jeremy… the MOST VALUABLE source of the puzzle pieces.
      And to add to it… the listeners.
      Thank you so much.
      Gobekli Tepe

  6. Thank you for a very interesting show! Loved learning of new facts concerning the changing axis.
    Also Whitley have to give you a lot of credit for making the show go on no matter what pitfalls come your way! Please keep up the good work!

  7. Although hard to find due to being out of Print. Mary Summer Rain’s books talk about the pole Shift and one of them even has maps showing which parts of the States will get flooded. J Edwin Carter’s downloaded novel, Living Is Forever, talks about life after the event, how humanity might rebuild itself. Afterwards, the Native American way of life will regain ascendance.

  8. The effects of plate tectonics on climate change has been thoroughly documented. More important to this issue is the reverse, climate change influences on plate tectonics. There are mechanisms that stress faults that could trigger dramatic plate movements. Removing massive amounts of weight through ice melt results in rebound. Global sea rise through transgression creates weight over continental shelves. In addition, there are papers about the effects of La Nina and El Nina on earthquake activity. A climate induced pole shift through the warming of our planet could certainly catch us unaware. I know Whitley has addressed this topic before. Maybe it should get more press.

  9. Its all boiling down to the equalization of the gradient, weather its the North Atlantic current equalizing sea water with fresh ice melt, or Hot air domes and cold air masses along the jet stream forcing the wide variations. The gradient differential is there to move the air & currents.. if it equalizes it grinds to a halt.
    Europe freezes and The West Burns.

    1. It’s not a survivable situation in many areas, particularly heavily polluted ones that rely on wind circulation. These are very dangerous times indeed.

  10. I went to Fed Ex store and printed out the downloadable Adam & Eve story by Chan Thomas. Reading it now..

    fascinating stuff 18k 11,500, 5000 so many upheavals
    on earth

    wonder why the CIA banned it for so long? Any body know?

    Is this in the same category as LMH’s presentation at a dreamland long ago regarding the CIA banning The Knowledge of the Greek Gods by ?? Lawrence
    ?? Otissliss? I cant remember the other book as well but I have been looking for it ..

    again what info is the CIA so worried about? The truth of our origins? The status quo? Lost secret knowledge?

    1. So guys I read this CIA banned book by Thomas Chan put out in 1993. He makes a prediction that the next cataclysm ( and also Edgar Cayce 1999 AD…) ( Hales Mathematics 2000 AD) (Nostradamus 2000 AD)
      will be in 2000 AD….

      Unless we are using a different calendar NONE of these guys are right. It always goes this way when ever any prophet or soothsayer or researcher/psychic try’s to put a date on and event.

      Its 21 years later… we are passing the galactic center into the age of Aquarius,,, and all this is rubbish.

  11. Author

    What isn’t rubbish is the geological evidence that a terrific upheaval happened around 13,000 years ago. This was caused either by movement of the planet on its axis or by deglaciation, or both.

    As we still don’t have a clear understanding of how or why the sudden deglaciation occurred, only that it did, even the theories proposed by the geological establishment or just that —theories.

    I agree that specific predictions are not supportable, but not that it could not happen again. It seems to have something to do with rapid polar melt and that is happening at this time.

  12. Correct ! The evidence is not rubbish – but putting a roman calendar date on it always is! Geological evidence is everywhere. As 5+ of Graham Hancock books outline ( yes – big fan here )

    What I always call into question is trying to predict any date ( within a 6 months to a year) in the future.

    Either we don’t have the ability , or time is not linear, or the ethers will not allow it. Its why I never trust anyone putting a date on major upheavals. You would think that remote viewers or credentialed physics like Natalie Sudman or Marla Frees could come close , or a ball park – none can…
    Is it decades or centuries? If I had to give an educated guess I would say by 2030-2040 if Trend continue we are in big trouble!

    A great topic for a podcast- and not just psychics but futurists etc…..When is the SHTF date? When is the switch flipped?

  13. Whitley is right to emphasize Earth’s “upheaval that happened around 13,000 years ago.” The most likely factor creating such a planetary change is Sol, our sun. So I look forward to reading Whitley’s book about the sun when I can.

  14. This was a great episode! Loved the interview. I dowloaded the link for the subscriber special video feed and it appears to be the “free dreamlander” version. It cut off at around an hour.

    1. My bad. I used the YouTube channel link and not the saved video link on my YouTube app from above. Great interview.

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