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During the final days of World War II and on into the early 1950s, thousands of prominent Nazis escaped from the ruins of Germany. They were helped by a variety of institutions, including Russian, British and US intelligence agencies, the Catholic Church, and wealthy sympathizers and supporters. But where did they go? What did they do? And what poison have they left behind? And, above all, was Adolf Hitler among them?

Explore the secrets of the Nazi ratlines with legendary Sinister Forces expert Peter Levenda, as he takes Whitley Strieber on a profoundly disturbing and important journey into the sinister labyrinth of the Nazi survival…and its power in the world today.

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  1. veddy interesting!
    veddy interesting!

  2. The subscriber interview was
    The subscriber interview was certainly interesting, and also quite creepy even if only half of it is actually true…

  3. The word Apocalypse actually
    The word Apocalypse actually means Enlightenment…just like the Bible book of Revelations…so this year 2012 is actually “the time when all secrets will be revealed”.
    Can’t wait for all the rest of the skeletons to come out of their closets.

  4. Hi Whitney,
    Your latest

    Hi Whitney,

    Your latest dreamland, the Matrix and how to get out. I have quite a different problem. I am locked out and I need to get in. I can’t find a job after a degree and many years of satisfied employers. I am at a lost on what to do. I moved recently from Texas where the unemployment was so low I was unable to qualify for unemployment benefits. The field that I have a degree in has a high demand for employees and I can’t get an interview. So, I am on the outside looking in and I am full of life and don’t want to die. Now, what do I do. I am on the border of being homeless with no one to give me an interview for jobs that I qualify and over qualify for. Help me understand.

  5. Rose, please look for the
    Rose, please look for the email I just sent you. I surely wish that I could help you find that job you so badly need. My prayers and hopes are with you.

  6. I don’t think Hitler actually
    I don’t think Hitler actually converted to Islam per-say to get married in Indonesia you have to be of the same religion so people “convert” in simple little ceremonies to satisfy government regulations all the time especially “bulai’s” which I sure was the case here.

  7. this was one of the most
    this was one of the most riveting interviews i have heard in a long long time. only a handful of times has dreamland totally blown the top of my head off and filled it with new fascinating information, and this was one of those times. this book is absolutely on my must buy list. thank you whitley and peter 🙂

  8. Wow — this interview
    Wow — this interview reinforces everything I have learned or suspected about politics in the U.S. (and I have been a very active participant for a many years.) I have thought that right-wing “Christianist” conservatives and the KKK had remarkable similarities to Naziism. I first noticed them over 35 years ago when I met a real American Nazi, son of one of the founders, while I was living in New York.

    So much of Fox “News” reflects the principles of Nazi propaganda. I have had the eerie feeling that the Nazis were and are here in the U.S., laying the foundation of their long-term plans for a “bloodless” coup.

    I really wish I did not have this awful feeling that there is so much truth to all this.

  9. If the accounts are true
    If the accounts are true regarding the German doctor and the American boy – I have to ask how did those two end up together in Indonesia? Why was this boy there and what was going on? It seems clear that the Nazi’s – at some point – swung into another operation once they realized they weren’t going to win the war. My feeling is that if the doctor was indeed Hitler he must have been doing some sort of operation to have affected that boy to become a serial killer.

    This episode really sent chills up my spine as the information implies that everything Hitler and majority of Nazi’s ended up is not the case! Total rewrite of history! Wow. Thank you Whitley and Peter!

  10. On 9/12/12 at 2 AM I was
    On 9/12/12 at 2 AM I was searching for “Surabaya grave site” video on google after having been to Peter Levenda’s page, while listening to his 5/18/12 interview on Dreamland. I clicked on the first link, ostensibly a YouTube video called “At The Surabaya Gravesite”, not noticing that the URL given in the search results gave only an IP address, not a domain name. When I clicked on it, it went to; I therefore immediatly suspected the URL was hacked, so I went to my history and saw that the URL given for the intial link I clicked on was listed as follows (note that it is not a simple IP address; when I clicked on my browser’s back button to return the original google result page, the url given was no longer an IP address but rather a redirect url; the url that it sent me to was a google product feed url that ended with the term” utm_campaign=Intel_Ultrabook&utm_term=78564-10090″

    *Note that the Campaign says “Intel Ultrabook” – !!! That means an intelligence agency, or someone pretending to be, is using the term “Ultra”, the code word used by the Allies to refer to their monitoring of Nazi matters cryptological.

    Subsequent searches on Google for “Surabaya Grave Site” have not produced a hacked url result for this YouTube video; perhaps that means that my visit to page resulted in code injection that may have only activated if I searched for the video further on Google, or even more likely, that my history file was accessed to see if I had been to Levenda’s site when I searched on google for the video which resulted in the hacked url result being invoked.

    What does this all mean? Some person or persons don’t want us know this matter, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why 🙂 . Kind regards, jc kaelin

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