Irena McCammon Scott returns to Dreamland with one of her most astonishing stories yet. The Pascagoula event of 1973 is among the most famous UFO abduction cases of all time. To men, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson, were fishing at night when they had what has become known as one of the most extraordinary abductions ever recorded. But it turns out that MUCH MORE happened that night–much, much more.

Listen as Irena McCammon Scott takes us through the UFO Flap of 1973, which includes an underwater UFO (USO) that was investigated by the US Navy, an explosion heard over the eastern US that may have been one of the loudest sounds ever recorded on Earth, and at least one other abduction and possibly more!

Beyond Pascagoula is deeply researched and filled with insight about one of the major UFO flaps of all time–now almost entirely forgotten. But not here, not on Dreamland and Unknowncountry! Get set of a fascinating, sobering and truly extraordinary journey with a truly expert researcher!

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  1. Irena, thank you for this interview and for the additional information. I think I posted these few websites after your first interview but want to post them again since it was such a big/ongoing wave in 1973.

    Why Do Ufologists Largely Ignore the Most Scientific Field Study of UFOs Ever Conducted?
    by Dr. Greg Little…….,missour.html

  2. Even though the Pascagoula encounter is not the most detailed or lengthy one on record, there’s something about it that has always truly fascinated me. Maybe it’s the down-to-earth nature of Parker & Hickson, the audio recording of them at the sheriff’s office, the extremely odd beings that they encountered, or the all-too-real personal trauma they endured in the months and years following the abduction. Overall, the feeling is one of absolute authenticity. I wonder if either of them ever underwent hypnosis to determine if more than they remembered happened during the abduction? Looking forward to the Calvin Parker interview.

    1. It was a very big deal on the local news in New Orleans. It was the lead news story on at least two local stations. I was in elementary school at the time, and my clear memory is of the news treating the reports from the scene with legitimacy. No smirking, no little-green-men jokes, just reporting what they were being told.

      Part of that seriousness may have been due to the event’s proximity to Ingalls shipyard. My uncle worked there, and they were building some of the most advanced ships (at the time) for the US Navy.

      1. Interesting how the media’s reporting has changed over the years. I’m going to look for those news reports online. Thanks for your comment.

        1. I remember WWL and WDSU reporting. Could have been WVUE, too.

  3. I have wondered if the various ‘flaps’ over the years are related to something in our timeline…

  4. I listened to this show over and over. It spun me back to 1976, a very hot summer here in Britain.

    Beautiful sunny day, all us kids were out on the school playing field during lunch break. Suddenly an enormous boom or explosion happened in the clear blue sky. Kids started running and screaming back down into the school.

    It was like the biggest clap of thunder ever (yes, I’m recounting a child’s memory of the event). No one seems to remember it at all though.

    It was like the time growing up in Wales when out with sisters and cousins walking in the countryside we suddenly heard a loud booming ‘giant’ shouting at us from up above in the trees. No one could see anything and one of my cousins started shouting back. This is another oddity that no one remembers. Very odd.

  5. This reminds me of a strange Light and sound Phenomena that occurred in Nordic countries last November 2020 around 10pm that was described as ‘turning the night to day’ for some seconds, accompanied by a blue flash and a boom sound (as described by friends in Stockholm). It was reported to have occurred over a MASSIVE land mass that went over the central part of Sweden over to Finland. It was recorded by peoples outdoor cameras and of course a lot of people that witnessed it were terrified. However what is super strange to me is the seemingly lack of news coverage on such a phenomena, however i found the report on one Swedish newspaper (see link to Aftonbladet) . If it was a meteor burning up, which has been suggested I would have thought this would have had more attention. I have included the link and you will see a small film of the flash occurring and non Swedish speakers can put the text on translate.

      1. Yes, that is a INCREDIBLE amount of light and so makes it stranger that it seems to have been ignored….

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