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Robert Moss is one of the great dream teachers. He tells us about his discoveries going through the gateway of dreams into other universes and levels of existence that are very real, and very, very important. This is because the whole next level of human existence is going to center around what Robert is experiencing and teaching right now: that communication between this and other world, including parallel universes, other times and what we call the world of the dead can be normalized, and the human experience can become much larger, much richer and much more empowering.

Dreamland is about empowerment, and Robert is one of the most powerful voices of empowerment in the world. Don’t miss this striking show, or Robert’s new book, The Boy Who Died and Came Back.

Robert’s website is

“This is a thrilling, personal account of the farthest reaches of human consciousness.  Robert Moss shows us that our mind is more than physical, that it is not limited to the here and now.  Being infinite in space and time, it is immortal, eternal, and soul-like.  Moss continues to be one of our greatest explorers of consciousness. He is that rarest of authors who bring hope and meaning to every reader.”

–Larry Dossey MD, author of One Mind

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  1. To all my fellow
    To all my fellow Dreamlander’s:

    This is an important and necessary interview!

    Also an interesting synchronicity in that it’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks to write Whitely and request he do an interview with Robert. I have long connected the dots between these two extraordinary human beings. Today is the first time I hand a moment to concentrate and I was intending on writing Whitely today!

    I have read and worked with Robert and cannot speak highly enough of his work – he is the real deal and I encourage everyone, (especially those in the meditation group), to read any and all of his remarkable books and attend any workshop he’s giving in your area.

    Whitely, I’ve been a subscriber since I re-discovered you in 2007 and was able to attend the first two Dreamland weekend’s in Nashville, wish I could have attended them all. I don’t post often – just not the type, but I want to and Ann to know how deeply the two of you have impacted my life. I ALWAYS

  2. Thank you Whitley and Robert
    Thank you Whitley and Robert for such an excellent and inspiring show! Especially the subscriber section. I’ve been having so many remarkable and vivid dreams lately – this show could not have come at a better time. True magic.

  3. Dear Whitley and Anne,

    Dear Whitley and Anne,
    Having spent a long afternoon deeply immersed in my Kindle with “Miraculous Journey,”
    this interview seems especially precious and timely. Please know that you are both much loved and appreciated. I thank you both for sharing your dreams and your love.
    You have never been public figures to me, but rather my “radio friends.” It’s odd to think we’ve never met after sharing so much. Prayers, and visions of all good things to you both.
    Blessings, N.Jo

  4. Thank you Whitley and Robert.
    Thank you Whitley and Robert. This interview is
    like a dream come true to me. I’ve been a dreamer
    all my life and it’s been difficult for me to talk about it.
    I enjoy Robert Moss on facebook and now hearing him
    speak to Whitley gives me the courage to go deeper into
    my dream life. Blessings to both of you.

  5. Yes, Mr Moss is an
    Yes, Mr Moss is an enlightening character and I’ve listened to him many times over the years, mainly on Coast, talking to Art.

    I’d respectfully ask Mr Moss to speak slightly slower though, as he has so much rich information to impart in a short time frame that his tempo tends on occasion to accelerate, creating a mild sense of frustration on my part.

    However, he strikes me as an all round good bloke and, as a Brit, it’s always nice to hear my antipodean cousins talking on shows. Overall, bravo Mr Moss and keep on trucking…

    One thing about dream warnings… now, I’ve had some warning dreams lately, not dissimilar to Mr Strieber’s dream and have formed my own opinion on this. I have suspected for some time that certain ‘groups’ can project into our dreams (perhaps using technology) and use a person’s cultural studies and practices of dreaming to both harass and intimidate them.

    No, I have no proof, just a feeling.

    I suggest as many of us as possible devote energy to ‘looking into’ who may be behind Mr Strieber’s dream to get to the bottom of whoever these A..Holes may be. We all know that their identities can be shown to us. Hiding isn’t easy when remote viewers and Psychics tune in, is it?

    I agree with N.Jo Tufts comments above completely, BTW.


  6. Von Hausenberg wrote: ” I
    Von Hausenberg wrote: ” I have suspected for some time that certain ‘groups’ can project into our dreams (perhaps using technology) and use a person’s cultural studies and practices of dreaming to both harass and intimidate them.”

    Read the original source:

    I felt as tho Whitley’s dream was a candidate for this technology partly because of its timing and partly because of its format. The whole “wake up” episodes in the dream are embedded into the dream so the dreamer will more likely remember the separate episodes. However, my feeling is that is is all one dream. I have had several of these kinds of dreams — all very lucid and real feeling — which means, of course, they were real, but not always the kind of real we think of as real, imo.

    I like the conversation between Morris and Whitley about the whole timeline manipulation that can be assessed thru dreamworlds. (Also, the whole different kinds of dreams/dreamworlds and how the visitors have access to some/all (?) of these worlds. I have had numerous experiences/dreams regarding this kind of thing and I think Whitley floats freely between timelines as well. I think that is wld be unwise for Whitley to focus too much on this dream. It may just be a warning — and one that shld not surprise him — that there are people out there who wld like to see him out of their world (for whatever reasons). My solution is usually to give them what they want — a world without me.

    Whitley brought up some important points. If you feel you are under attack — dont under/over estimate your importance. Many of us feel we are under attack as the 4th World separates — along w/all of those who are screaming into their future. As we move further into these times, I am again reminded of God’s advice to Lot: Dont look back. Also, it is imperative to place importance on the most important things in our lives right now and less on worldly things except as in how we can help each other (which does include material things — such as making our world a better place to live in one attitude at a time . . .

    I totally agree w/Morris about the feeling a dream gives you. I also think you have to give a dream time to see how your feeling develops after the intensity of the experience begins to fade. Unfortunately, there is also talk of a technology that can alter your brainwaves from a distance and sort of override it putting you into a state you previously felt when the brainwaves were recorded (hope that makes some sense).

    I dont like to dwell on all the technology because I think it further draws one into those worlds in which technology dominates. But it is something to consider more intensely when one buys into certain uses of technology.

  7. About Whitley’s dream: my
    About Whitley’s dream: my first connection was about “doors”. . .a light on under the bathroom door in the two realities, then Dora ( door-a) appearing with a message. Awakening . . .then opening the two doors . . . then facing a death threat (facing mortality ?) . . . .awakening and opening the door to the light of afterlife, realizing death on the physical realm is unavoidable . . . if it was my dream and I wanted to look beyond the literal warning, that’s one way I’d start to look at it.
    Much love,

  8. I think with all the
    I think with all the connections to dreams and than the electronic fog discussion recently heard on C2C we are seeing a new physics developing and opening up to humans. I call it interdimensional physics and find it highly exciting. Could it be the way to time travel that science will discover?

  9. Great Show,thank you both.
    Great Show,thank you both.

  10. loved this interview thank
    loved this interview thank you

  11. The language of dreams is by
    The language of dreams is by no means easy to decode. I’ve been exploring the unconscious recently (as well as parallel universes) and this is the second time I’ve done this type of work. This first time was about 40 years ago, and I was searching for the “dreamweaver.” Like all conversation, and I’m living in Mexico and studying Spanish, I know some subjects are everyday themes of conversation (in other words, very easy to understand the context and easy to translate). While other conversations are quite subtle and advanced communications. To grasp the meaning of these subtle conversations are much more difficult to understand. Dreams are as varied as conversational themes are varied. I have found that CD’s and mp3’s of nature sounds (like ocean waves, rain & thunder storms, stream & jungle sounds) are breezes which gently wave the veils between the realities. Also, I consider coincidences as wonderful examples of conscious lucid dreaming. Thanks Whitley for another magnificent interview. You always amaze me with new information about you and your life. Thank you for transporting our lives through interviewing such fascinating individuals as Robert Moss.

  12. Really great show, thanks
    Really great show, thanks Whitley. The poem from Yeats at the end brought tears of joy to my eyes and opened my heart.

  13. Doorways are a common theme
    Doorways are a common theme for Whitley. In the dream of assassination, Whitley saw the light coming from underneath the doorway and made a decision to open the door and the dangers within. There is a doorway on the masthead of ‘Whitley’s Room’ as well.

    And let’s not forget these postings on the links shown below. Whitley and I share a connection on doorways. Oddly enough, several years ago on Christmas Day, I took a walk with my son. As we chatted, I remember glancing up and seeing a wide open doorway, with light shining forth, in the western part of the sky. Since my son and I were having an important discussion at the time, I did not feel right interrupting the flow of our communication by pointing out what I was seeing, but I never forgot it.

    Dreams are doorways, and they can present themselves whether you are in a waking or sleeping state. I seem to experience them equally in both states.

    Excellent interview!

  14. Robert is right being aware
    Robert is right being aware of these other worlds doesn’t make you immune from mistakes but is does you very limited and more restricted than you need to be. Many talk of the right vs. left brain consciousness but I believe its the heart that opens the door. Is the heart an entirely uniform organ or perhaps is there a right and left side to it (a receptive vs. processing side) because without the heart opening the door to establish a gateway between these other worlds your brain won’t have and experiences to process.

  15. sincerest apologies — pls
    sincerest apologies — pls exchange Moss for Morris in my comment above. Interesting connection Sidney — door/a / Dora.. Roger — good point about the heart. I think 😉 we should always try to see things thru our heart’s perspective. imo, mind is over-rated. Its an important tool, but not the most important tool, so to speak.

  16. One of your best shows ever!
    One of your best shows ever! God Bless you and Anne.

  17. My soul is deeply touched by
    My soul is deeply touched by you and this interview. My deepest love to you and to your dear beloved wife Anne.


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