Sexual encounters with strange entities are often mentioned by experiencers, but most people shy away from the topic. Author, healer and counselor Erin Montgomery joins Whitley on Dreamland to discuss her own intimate close encounter experiences, and her interpretation of the meaning behind them – all captured in her new book – Dirty Little Secret: Confessions of an Alien Contactee.

She goes on to talk about her lifetime of experiences with the ‘paranormal’, meeting hybrid children, and the apparent involvement of humans/military figures in abductions. 

In the third half hour of the show, Erin and Whitley discuss Stockholm syndrome, which causes victims to bond with their oppressors. and dealing with the trauma associated with abduction experiences. Erin passes on advice on how she managed to heal and move forward, and Whitley closes the show by reflecting on a powerful and shattering recent experience he had that seemed to hint at some sort of invasion.

What on EARTH – if this is even happening on Earth – is really going on here? Listen to Whitley and Erin tackle that question and many others in this remarkable interview!

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  1. Erin sums it up best with this line:

    “Are they here because WE are missing DNA and they need us to have it ,or are THEY missing DNA that they must get from us”

    Ponder on that…its something to stew & chew on.
    My guess is either we are an evolutional lab or they came all this way with all this effort, because THEY are missing crucial survival DNA.

    And will this DNA be necessary for future changes for us or them to survive?

    (great show BTW)

    1. Interesting questions. I doubt we will ever know unless the visitors publish a book entitled “WHAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT”.

        1. The problem is that even Alfie didn’t know or she was not at liberty to tell. One of Dionne Warwick’s best songs.

    2. Yes, very interesting and heart felt conversation. The cutting edge of trying to understand.

      Nephilim, Greek Gods and Humans, Tantric Goddesses and tales from India of half breeds, indigenous tales from everywhere,… This is human history and it is a crucial conversation on a difficult subject. Taboo covers the topic and keeps us ignorant.

      Humanity seems to be in a new phase. The Extinction Level Event on this planet is proceeding while humanity squabbles. So many possibilities.

      1. Humanity as a whole will care about the planet and all the life on it when the air conditioning can no longer counter the increasing temperatures and the price of bread rises to $25 for a small loaf. I always think of that old saying about how humanity will do the right thing once all other options have been tried first. Both the standard New Age and Republican party suggest we just deny everything until we have no other choice. Most people just don’t want to be bothered as long as their TV shows are on at the correct time and there’s another brewski in the frig. I do wonder if there is a computer simulation anywhere that shows what would happen within 1 week if all electricity in the USA was gone. I suspect total barbarism.

  2. What a wonderful guest! Erin is intelligent, insightful and without any sense of aggrandizement. There was no layering of political or conspiracy BS on top of her experiences, unlike the deleterious Dolly. Instead, she was down-to-earth (which may be a form of pun considering the subject matter) and very interesting. Whitley, I did notice that you tended to start the next question or comment before Erin had finished her sentence, which seems very unusual for you. Perhaps it was due to the technical communication issues. Hope you were feeling OK, since you seemed a bit tired to me. Aren’t we all? THANK YOU for a great interview!

    I have never been regressed because I have reached a level of emotional stability at great cost. I don’t want to mess with that, since I am responsible for caring for someone else every day. I do have long ago memories of waking up with my penis so sore (without any conscious erotic activity) that even the touch of the top sheet in bed caused great pain. I also remember a time as a late teenager where I masturbated and then felt their presence AND THEY WERE ANGRY I had done this. The sense I got was that I could have waited and just given the ejaculate to them instead of wiping it on a face towel! I have always had a sort of hang up about sex, although I was able to function normally in a marriage. I just was never able to immerse myself in the experience. In that, I am confessing that I feel I have missed out on an integral human experience while going through the motions. I know of no earthly reasons for this, although I was raised by a couple right wing fundamentalist sex phobic parents in a small town in the Midwest. But I think there is much more to it than this. It is as if I imprinted sexual activity with a need to be alert and on guard at all times.

    1. …ahhh small-town Midwest. You know that’s where all the sanity is kept locked away, right!? And of course, there’s the pervasive sinfulness of spilled seed. What’s a boy to do?

      And yes, we all seem a bit tired. But I do wish we had a clearer understanding of it all. These glimpses of another reality certainly are getting exhausting.

  3. When Mr. Strieber mentioned white pickup truck it struck me to the core. My daughter was killed by a huge white F150.

    For some reason this huge pickup reminds me of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse biblical story.

    How fitting that the horse would be a huge truck in our times. It represents all of the excess and greed of this century.

    In this case I feel the horse in the dream represents conquest disguised as an angel. Note that Mr. Strieber could not get on it.

    “The four horsemen of the apocalypse are four biblical figures who appear in the Book of Revelation. They are revealed by the unsealing of the first four of the seven seals. Each of the horsemen represents a different facet of the apocalypse: conquest, war, famine, and death.”

    1. In the 20th century, I would say the perfect symbol for American greed and excess would be a gigantic Cadillac from the 1970’s. Remember what huge barges they were back then? Usually, there would be a little elderly blue haired woman peeking up from behind the steering wheel. LOL

  4. Even if the experiences are not “real,” there is still the problem of why so many people are having these experiences at this time? The horrifying face that was really an angel as perceived through the filter of fear reminds me of the Tibetan notion of a wrathful deity, whose apparent wrathfulness is how enlightenment appears to the ignorant. This is the Tibetan explanation of the demonic.

  5. Great show! Many thanks.

    Whitley, I’m totally mystified by your reaction to the white object on the bathroom floor. Just walk away, and go to sleep? Perhaps you can enlighten me, on how you feel this is the correct response.

    From my perspective, I’m immediately reminded of Anne’s comment, “It’s like you’re intentionally ignoring us.”

    Personally, if I encountered such an object, I would take the absolute opposite approach. I’d immediately get myself right down there on the floor, in a comfortable half-lotus, and invite the object over into my energy, for a friendly hello, and then a chat or whatever else might unfold from there. I’d have zero fear of any negative outcome.

    And I couldn’t even remotely imagine doing otherwise, as it would feel – frankly – totally rude to walk away from something that is obviously going out of its way to at least say hello.

    IMO, the underlying truth of your response is demonstrated by the subsequent dream. Fear fear fear. And it is surprising to me, on so many levels.

    Erin’s words immediately after you related the story are so wise. So very wise!

    In all my venturing with the ‘others’, I’ve only ever found beings who, ultimately, are just intimately concerned with our well-being. The amount of personal care, feeling, and consideration is just endlessly astonishing. They always have the time. It’s always been on me – as Erin is getting at, very directly – to overcome the fear and unfamiliarity of it all and take them at their word.

    It’s never been anything but pure love, going endlessly deep. My own absolute stupidity about this has sometimes made them verge into a kind of despair, “My GOD! How can this possibly be happening!! How can he be so BLIND!!”

    After all they have done for me, I finally understand how they could be so despairing. I was always one small step from being a totally lost cause, from their POV.

    But I’ve finally broken through my own resistance. Finally.

    “The impatient must be patient.” As the MOTK said. No joke. 😉

    Our endless thickness with our own resistance to the blindingly obvious truth must certainly be frustrating for them. Being intentionally ignored, one must wonder about what’s *really* behind that intention.

    1. One night I woke up and went into the bedroom suite bathroom. Hovering over the bathtub was a huge glowing blue ball. The blue was like you might see in an old neon sign. I acknowledged it, relieved myself, walked out of the bathroom and got in bed, falling promptly to sleep. Why? These events can become so common place that we can reach a mental state of complacency. “Yes, I see you floating there, but I need to pee and I’m tired”. True event. I have no idea if there is more to the event than I remember.

    2. By the way, MY consciously remembered encounters have always been of the variety of WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MAN. Then they are gone. No feelings of cosmic oneness or universal love. Just small entities doing a job with efficiency with little regard for what I may be experiencing other than sometimes a sense like molasses flowing over my brain, sedating me. You have to understand we all may not be dealing with the same entities or phenomena. You may have always experienced THE SOUND OF MUSIC while I felt I was in INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS.

      1. Yes I fully take on board the real nature of your experience, Will. And so many others like yours. Mine have spanned the spectrum. But certainly the core reality is Love. It’s always been there for me. I kinda had to migrate fully to it.

  6. Author

    I went to sleep because I encounter similar things every night. It is part of my life. It was not an occasion but simply another incident. Perhaps I should’ve handled it differently given what happened later. But who’s to know?

    1. I think the answer to the “who’s to know?” question is the same as the answer to the “who are you?” question. You only know these answers if you are living them. AS you are living them.

      Could that white object have been a being, perhaps even an angel, wanting to be part of your evening? A companion, right there, simply as part of the greater process of life?

      Turning your back on a spirit that cared enough to at least follow you to Texas (and wasn’t immediately negative feeling, like the smoking boy) kinda feels like turning your back on the flow of life. At least to me. YMMV.

      Even the sun rising every day can eventually feel boring, I suppose. Does the spirit world need to go “lights out” on us, just to get our attention these days? I really hope not.

      Lately, I’m finding it possible to respond to meaningful incidents pretty much as they happen, as they are communicated to me. These events can be extremely powerful, and for a time, I actually found myself just going, “yeah yeah, OK I hear you” and then moving on.

      But I was actually fooling myself. In truth, I was quite afraid of the level of power (pretty much effortless, and infinite) that was being thrown in my face so casually. My nonchalant response was actually a kind of shrinking away. Hiding.

      When I finally got truly used to this communication and started to directly acknowledge, internalize and respond, more or less immediately, to whatever was going on, then things got truly interesting.

      “Who knows?” I know! Because I’m paying attention! It is LOVE. And only Love. It is almost unbearably beautiful how badly it wants to be part of my life, and wants me to respond to its reality. But it certainly works, as a “going thing”. Angels over for brunch, and with me when I go out to dine.

      Remember RAFT? This is really quite deep, if used as it is on offer. Again however ~ YMMV.

      1. And I will speak the unspoken. Of course the REAL truth wasn’t that I was afraid of *their* power, as they were and are communicating with me.

        I was deathly afraid of the fact that I knew, without any doubt, they wouldn’t be speaking a word to me, or showing me a speck of their immortal flesh, unless they knew damn well I was perfectly capable of responding to them, totally in kind.

        I honestly have no doubt whatsoever that they feel exactly the same about you, Whitley.

        A few years ago, they communicated – a bit indirectly, because I was still “avoiding direct eye contact” – something to me that ultimately revealed the reality of just how level this playing field really is ~

        “We do bleed.”

        1. “– something to me that ultimately revealed the reality of just how level this playing field really is ~”

          How level do you think it is? I would like to think we could hold our own out on the field, but the levelness seems obscured…quite on purpose? perhaps.

          1. Heh. 😉 The levelness is obscured all right. Because the playing field is grossly tilted in favor of humans. A human being can transform the entire Cosmos into a perfect paradise, under even the most difficult circumstances.

            In fact, they do it again and again! I’ve never – ever – once seen an angel do such a thing. I’m not even sure they’d know where to start.

            So many examples. Almost all unknown. A few known. Read The Key. Read Jesus A New Vision. Of course, you can read all the great teachings of the great teachers, but the power of this miracle is everywhere in human culture.

          2. In a FLASH. That’s how quickly any one of us can do this transformation. What God-awful power indeed. Most often it is something more subtle, more determined, more hidden, and definitely *never* spoken of.

            Some try to capture the feeling – which is also the method – in art and music. And many other forms, more or less epic. My own sense of all of this, by now, is just an unspeakable gratitude that shakes me to almost complete oblivion.


  7. In the show Ms. Erin said that she was guided on how to energetically protect herself. Would love to have a show solely on that subject.

  8. Because the beings required Erin to give love to the babies, it indicates that they are incapable of it, otherwise they would have done it themselves . It appears their show of concern has developed over time from observation and not because they are actually feel it Perhaps the hybrid program is to create a form of their own race that feels emtion, especially love .
    As Anne said the only thing we take with us to the other side is love .

    1. You actually also described the human psychopath. A psychopath is born with a basically dead amygdala, which gives us our beautiful abilities to love selflessly, be grateful, generous, kind, compassionate, etc. In studying psychopaths, researchers have found that they lack any ability to feel such emotions. But they learn very quickly to mimic such emotions based on what others are doing. Yet inside dwells the brain of a reptile without the amygdala.

    2. I am taking Whitley’s books with me to the other side along with a thumbdrive full of his interviews!

  9. Am I the only one who thought Erin’s voice was a close match to Mary Trump? No political intent here, just an observation that the voices seem a close match to me.

  10. I find it amusing at this point that the title of the interview includes SEX but no one but me has even brought up the topic! I guess we are still very Victorian beneath our facade of 21st century sophistication. SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX. Just wanted to startle everyone.

    1. Sorry Will. I’d break the internet if I tried to describe even a fraction of a percent of that reality lol. And I just can’t have that on my karma!! ☺️

    2. When I first saw the title of the interview, I thought this stuff will get Whitley some more subscribers…put sex in the title and BAM!

  11. What an intriguing interview! I find the possible military “connection” to be a bit concerning with both Whitley’s and Erin’ s experiences. The military “theme” seems to keep coming up in so many of these happenings. Thank you, Whitley and Erin.

  12. On a lark, I googled alien human porn. Yes, folks. There are sites that have alien and human sexual simulated (I hope) scenes. I did not pursue this topic any further.

  13. I have one thing to add that fits VERY well with what you said (Whitley) about the face perhaps being that of an angel in a sort of disguise (and Mr. Duncan here saying it relates to the Tibetan notion of a wrathful deity): some years ago I noticed this very face on the grass in our yard (my son had it as a Halloween mask) but I was seeing it upside down. I encourage anyone who reads this to grab this “Scream” face off a net search and rotate it 180 degrees. The new image is the total opposite of what it usually seems: namely, an image of the Goddess, hooded/robed, sitting relaxed, hands resting on her thighs, with the “nose hole” now a heart in the center of her chest. Couldn’t be a more divine, warm, comforting image…see for yourself! The implications perfectly match the thoughts shared.
    Outstanding interview as usual, on a very important topic. I heard one NDE interview where the individual said we are all in orgasmic ecstasy in our non-corporeal state (assuming we are not wallowing in fear/shame/regret/ etc.) on the other side. Could this ecstatic state be wedded even with our form based experience, in this “particle” version of the cosmos we sit in? Perhaps that is part of what is unfolding, and represents the “upside down” version of the hell we have previously seen it as when we collectively forget what we all in fact have sprung from…

  14. Author

    Wow, it is so true! I wonder if the creator of the face realized this. There are so many eerie things in the movie world.

    I was worried that I was saying too much when I posted the comment in the show. Boy, am I glad I did. Thank you!

    1. Indeed thank you as well. I have never forgotten the force of that lesson, and as a young man had a similar encounter in a dream. In it I saw a hideous witch like old hag of a woman, who was telling me she was going to drag me back to the haunted house of my childhood. I actually felt compassion for her as I apologized that I was not afraid at all and had released fear as a menu item (for the most part) after my nearby death experience. Suddenly she morphed into a dark skinned woman, beautiful to behold, dressed all in white and said “congratulations, you win the white umbrella” whereupon we were transported to a clean/elegant white room and I was presented with just that. So when I saw the Scream mask could in fact be seen as a hooded/robed dark-skin goddess with a velvet, mysterious heart I felt it was no coincidence, even if the designer was not consciously aware such an artistic/mystic masterful message was in that creation. Perhaps if the sun apparently goes dark (volcanic?) we will remember that all creations can be viewed as blessings from some perspective. Evolution’s engines are upon us…

  15. “Couldn’t be a more divine, warm, comforting image…see for yourself! The implications perfectly match the thoughts shared.”

    This is totally amazing. What an excellent discovery! I cannot stop looking at it that way. Beautiful.

    “Could this ecstatic state be wedded even with our form based experience, in this “particle” version of the cosmos we sit in?”

    Yes. 1000000% ~ YES.

    In one of the deepest breakthroughs I’ve ever had during my focused meditation practice (basically it’s a kind of mind-body energy shift or transformation) the first signal of “success” was when my total being was ‘slammed down’ somehow. Like being suddenly dropped down an elevator.

    Super hard to describe, but this shift took my whole energy and slammed it downward in five ‘steps’ – like being hit with a massive internal tsunami wave with each step ~


    and with each wave, EVERY cell, every atom, of the entire scope of my body and being felt like it was zapped with absolute ECSTASY – a perfect combination of sparkling electric, chill-cold, and sheer bliss.

    It was very much a particle-type feeling. Not a field.

    Trillions of particles.

    In the very next moment I was no longer a body, at all, but instead within the inner space of some kind of … exotic machine. A sense of massive internal space, with three gigantic turbine-like engines slightly below me. Like the huge turbines within the power station of a dam. But this lasted only a few seconds. I was radically startled, and wasn’t able to hold my focus.

    The whole experience was just extreme, startling, shocking as heck.

    But that sense of being a charged cloud of ecstatic PARTICLES was imprinted on my being to a degree that I cannot forget even slightly. I very frequently experience my internal energy as a smooth field. This sudden, new and completely distinctive sense of being particles was definitely completely different.

    1. Thanks for the link! Fascinating experience you shared as well. As a child, one of my few OBEs involved glorious particles (in a sense) as well: I was on the John with my eyes closed. Suddenly, I found myself standing across from my body, looking back. Everything looked in form as it had, but was composed of scintillating golden/amber particles of luminous sand or grit like dust. It was breathtakingly beautiful, but at some point I wondered how it was possible to be outside my skin, and shortly found myself back in it.

      I do feel that we are all ultimately golden beings of magnificence, even when we are lost in this “funhouse” mirror maze, seeing our images upside down and terrifying. May we all awaken to our true essence as these illusions shatter in thunderous changes now dawning.

  16. I imagine that the meaning of your dream will continue to reveal itself as time goes on. The fact that your familiar environment was gone might have given opportunity for the unsettling event and dream to happen. Rilke also said not to ask for the answers but to live in the questions.
    When you’re in a new place, do you do a cleansing of your room before you go to sleep? If not, that could have been a factor. Either way, I think your elemental goodness would hold some protection for you.

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